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Looking for exciting new tools to simplify the blogging experience? If so, keep reading.

We decided to get the scoop on today’s hottest blogging tools.

We asked 22 pros to share their favorite new finds. Here they are…

#1: InboxQ

Mitt Ray

Mitt Ray @MittRay

A great blogging tool I discovered a few months ago is InboxQ. I like it because it helps me come up with better blog topics. This tool helps you find questions people are asking on Twitter.

InboxQ lets you create campaigns with different keywords. Usually the best thing to do is to create campaigns with keywords from topics you specialize in. So when someone asks a question with those keywords, you will be updated about it and you can answer the question.

You can work on these questions and come up with better blog topics in your area of specialty. For example, I have two campaigns: one on white papers with keywords like white paper, whitepaper, etc., and the other on social media with keywords like social media, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, etc.

When people type in questions with these keywords, I get an update. If I find them interesting and I think my audience will like them too, I write blog posts based on those questions.


Use InboxQ to find the questions people are asking on Twitter.

Mitt Ray, founder of Social Marketing Writing, author.

#2: Content Idea Generator

Rich Brooks

Rich Brooks @TheRichBrooks

The Content Idea Generator (v2) is a Google Doc that will automatically find news and related stories for your blog from a variety of sources… everything from Google News to Reddit, from tweets to public Facebook updates and more.

While this tool works just as well for podcasts, email newsletters and YouTube videos, I’ve been using it for generating new ideas for blog content.

You can get started here.

content idea generator

Use the Content Idea Generator to get ideas for your blog posts.

Rich Brooks, president of Flyte New Media.

#3: Diigo

Michael Stelzner

Michael Stelzner @Mike_Stelzner

For the blogger who is seeking a cool way to keep track of interesting articles for later blog posts, check out Diigo.

This cool tool allows you to highlight and store interesting content for quick retrieval down the road.  You can even embed notes to your saved content.  It supports mobile devices like the iPhone, iPad and Android.

Michael Stelzner, founder and CEO of Social Media Examiner.

#4: Disqus

Leo Widrich

Leo Widrich @LeoWid

The most powerful blogging tool I have discovered recently is Disqus 2012. It is the new version of Disqus and I am absolutely blown away.

It helps me to really create an awesome community around our blog. You can up-vote and down-vote comments, see recurring commenters and have much better threading than in the old version.

Plus, everything is in real time and it feels as if the post and comments are much better connected with each other. One last point I love is that you can show related articles at the bottom of the post and see top commenters at a glance.

buffer blog

Use the latest version of Disqus to grow your community.

Leo Widrich, co-founder of

#5: Flickr

Heidi Cohen

Heidi Cohen @HeidiCohen

Photographs are eye-candy that helps attract attention and lures readers into your content to find out more. While incorporating your own photographs into your blog posts is optimal, you don’t always have an appropriate image available.

Flickr, the granddaddy of photo-sharing sites is highly effective for this purpose.

Unlike other options such as Google Images, Flickr’s advanced search enables bloggers to find images with creative commons that allow commercial use. It’s recommended that you check the rights before selecting an image, and some can be altered and some can’t.

Also, always respect other people’s intellectual property by including a photo credit with a link to their Flickr page or whatever they’ve requested.


Use Flickr to find the right photo to attract attention in blog posts.

flickr advanced search

Flickr’s Advanced Search closeup of creative commons. Here’s what you need to check off!

Heidi Cohen, actionable marketing expert, president of Riverside Marketing Strategies.

#6: Focus Booster

Jason Miller

Jason Miller @JasonMillerCA

Focus Booster is a tool that many bloggers use to increase writing productivity.

I’m the first to admit that I have an incredibly short attention span. My creativity thrives in short spurts of activity with frequent breaks. With Focus Booster I can concentrate on writing and turning ideas into blogs.

The app is based on the Pomodoro technique, which recommends you break up your work time into 25-minute chunks separated by 5-minute breaks to improve mental agility.

The essential aim of the technique and this app is to reduce the impact of internal and external interruptions on focus and flow. The immediate benefit is to block out common distractions to productivity, such as constantly checking your email and social accounts.

Although the Pomodoro technique recommends 25-minute intervals, you may need to experiment to discover your optimal session length.

focus booster

Use Focus Booster to improve your blogging productivity.

Jason Miller, social media manager at Marketo, regular contributor to the Modern B2B Marketing Blog.

#7: Google+ Circles

Mike Delgado

Mike Delgado @MikeDelgado

I use Google+ circles to brainstorm and store blog post ideas.

I have a circle called “Blog Ideas” that I use to store articles, media or blurbs for future blog posts. Nobody is in that circle, so I’m not bothering anyone with my random thoughts.

It’s just a way for me to easily store ideas and quickly find them later since all the content is indexed.

google plus circle

Create a Google+ circle to store blog post ideas.

Mike Delgado, author of, social media community manager at Experian.


Paul Colligan

Paul Colligan @Colligan

On occasion, we post something on Twitter that I’d like replicated on my blog.  Sure, one can post wherever he or she wants, but this is the Internet and automation is almost always awesome.

IFTTT is a (free) web service that lets you connect “Channels” (their terminology) together so that if something specific happens, IFTTT can produce another desired result on another connected Channel. As a result, I can tweet and blog at the same time if I want to.

In the video below, I demonstrate how IFTTT is set up so that if I tweet something with the hashtag “#CT” (an abbreviation for the term “content timeline”), IFTTT  will automatically publish that tweet to my blog.  This requires no special software, so I can effectively “blog via Twitter” using any Twitter client (including Siri).

It should be noted that you have to give IFTTT access to any Channel you want it to interact with and the security implications should be examined accordingly.

Paul Colligan, expert in content creation and podcasting.

#9: Alltop

Jim Belosic

Jim Belosic @shortstackjim

Alltop collects headlines of the latest stories from the best sites and blogs.

We write about Facebook and this is a frequently evolving platform. Although big changes—like the recent implementation of the Timeline design—are easy to catch, it’s news of small feature upgrades and updated restrictions that can fly under the radar.

Using Alltop means we don’t have to jump from one social media news site to the next. This aggregated news site provides insight and inspiration on the topics we like to address on our blog. And ultimately, it keeps us and our readers in-the-know and current with important Facebook trends and practices.


Use Alltop to stay up-to-date on the news that matters most to your business.

Jim Belosic, CEO and co-founder of ShortStack.

#10: Digg Digg

Brian Honigman

Brian Honigman @BrianHonigman

My favorite blogging tool has to be Digg Digg. It’s a wonderful combination of robust sharing with simple implementation almost any blog owner can figure out how to install.

The plugin allows you to add the social sharing buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn and more, in any combination.

Now there’s no need to download a plugin for every social network’s sharing buttons, when you can download one plugin that has everything needed to make your blog content as shareable as possible.

My favorite feature of the tool is that it can be displayed however you want: horizontally, vertically, static or even move alongside the page with your readers. This gives your audience the option to share your content on their favorite social networks.

Did I mention it’s also free? It’s the best way to get your content seen by the masses with the least amount of overhead.

digg digg

Use Digg Digg to share your content.

Brian Honigman, digital marketing manager at Marc Ecko Enterprises.

#11: Instagram

Chris Garrett

Chris Garrett @ChrisGarrett

Use Instagram pictures to draw readers into your blog posts.

I have been using Instagram a lot in combination with Flickr to provide images for my articles. Most people know that having an eye-catching picture helps draw people into your article, but it is difficult to have your pictures stand out and provide the appropriate impact.

Using Instagram on my phone allows me to quickly and easily take a nice-looking photograph, which I then upload to my Flickr library. This integration with Flickr and Facebook makes it easy to grab a photograph, with the added advantage that Instagram creates images with a square shape that works nicely in a blog post, and a small download size, perfect for use on the web.

A lot of people laugh at the more extreme use of the Instagram filters, but used lightly they can add even more pop to your pictures that really lift them from the norm.


Use Instagram pictures to add visual 'pop' to your blog posts.

Chris Garrett, founder of Authority Blogger, VP of educational content at Copyblogger Media.


Don Power

Don Power @DonPower

As the editor of a multi-author blog, I have to provide a lot of feedback to my writers. The browser extension allows me to make a complete, static copy of an article before I make any edits to it. I then send a URL to my writers where they can see that unedited copy, and compare it to the edited version I save in WordPress.

It’s a great way for writers to see before-and-after versions of their articles so that they know exactly what I’ve changed. You can also include additional markup like highlights, arrows and text boxes for even more detailed feedback to your writers.

Markup io

Use to track edits to your articles.

Don Power, managing editor of Sprout Social Insights, professional speaker, social media consultant.

#13: MarsEdit

Stephanie Sammons

Stephanie Sammons @StephSammons

MarsEdit is a tool that is available as an application in the Mac app store. I learned about this tool in Michael Hyatt’s book Platform, which by the way is a must-read for any blogger out there.

MarsEdit is a desktop blog editor that you actually purchase and install on your Mac (the app costs $39.99).  MarsEdit allows you to write your blog posts without touching your browser. This prevents you from being tempted to jump into email, Twitter or browsing the web. There are no distractions! You can simply FOCUS on completing a post.

Have you ever lost your post edits online when working inside of your blog dashboard? It has happened to me too many times to count and it won’t happen again with MarsEdit. Additionally I don’t have to deal with a clunky interface.

MarsEdit works with WordPress, Tumblr and more!

mars edit 3

Use MarsEdit to focus on writing your blog post.

Stephanie Sammons, founder and CEO of Wired Advisor.

#14: OmmWriter

Jeff Korhan

Jeff Korhan @JeffKorhan

OmmWriter is a text editor that combines a simple, yet artful, interface of attractive backgrounds and captivating audio with intentionally limited features that together encourage one thing—writing well.

There is a magnetic quality about OmmWriter that makes it easy to sustain the writing process until you find the shape of your article.  After that, editing and inserting tags and media are a snap.

OmmWriter is a free application that is now available as an iPad app or in an upgraded version for a small fee.

OmmWriter is a powerful tool that I find invaluable for staying fully engaged within the writing process.

Jeff Korhan, professional speaker, consultant, columnist on new media and small business marketing.

#15: Optin Skin

Andrea Vahl

Andrea Vahl @AndreaVahl

Optin Skin is a plugin that allows you to add an opt-in to your email list or a special offer to the bottom of every blog post.  You can really customize it to have your own personal look and feel and they have a lot of premade templates.  It only took me a few minutes to get this up and running.

When people get to the bottom of my article they get a little reminder to sign up for my free report and get blog updates via email.

optin skin

Use Optin Skin to create an opt-in box like this at the end of your blog posts.

Many studies have shown that people ignore the sidebar, so when you are putting your opt-in right in line with your blog post, you can get people on your email list who may have missed the sidebar opt-in.

The other thing I like about the Optin Skin plugin is that you get stats on which posts are encouraging people to sign up, how many signups a day you get from the plugin and you can get even fancier and split-test your messages.  Good stuff!

optin skin stats

Optin Skin gives you stats to track the people opting in.

Andrea Vahl, community manager for Social Media Examiner, social media coach, speaker and strategist.

#16: Photo Pin

Debbie Hemley

Debbie Hemley @dhemley

Photo Pin’s photos are free and come from creative commons. The tool makes it very simple to search creative commons photos, shows you a preview of the photo and then provides you with the option to download the image in multiple sizes.

One of the greatest features is that Photo Pin gives you the attribution link (in HTML) so that you can add it to the HTML editor of your blogging software.

For example, I recently used this photo of a woman at a computer.

woman at computer

Use Photo Pin to find pictures to use with a creative commons license like this one.

After downloading the image, I copied and pasted the following attribution code onto the HTML editor of my WordPress blog:

photo credit: <a href=””>Ed Yourdon</a> via <a href=””>photo pin</a> <a href=””>cc</a>


Insert the HTML code into your blog post.

When the page is previewed, you can see what the formatting and links will look like:

photo credit: Ed Yourdon via photo pin cc

attribution preview

Photo Pin makes it easy to include photo credits.

Debbie Hemley, social media consultant, blogger.

#17: Podcasting

Marcus Sheridan

Marcus Sheridan @TheSalesLion

I recently discovered the power of podcasting to use in conjunction with my blog.

The beauty of podcasting is that it allows bloggers to form deeper relationships with many of their regular readers, as the process of listening to a podcast is very different than that of reading a blog article.

For example, I recently had a listener tell me, “Hey Marcus, I wanted to thank you for keeping me company on my way to work the other day, it made the drive go by so much faster.”

Now obviously I was not physically “with” this person on his way to work, but rather with him in the sense that he was listening to my voice from a podcast episode.

Hearing statements like this since starting the podcast has helped me realize that it’s an incredibly intimate tool to use in conjunction with regular textual blogging, and many of your readers will naturally want to “listen” to you if they already enjoy “reading” you.

Marcus Sheridan, thought leader, social media speaker.

#18: PopSurvey

Tim Gray

Tim Gray @tngray99

One of the most important aspects of successful blogging is engaging your audience and understanding their interests.

While creating original, relevant content is a great way to start, most business owners need help to figure out what their potential audience is talking about.

PopSurvey is a great tool that helps develop these insights while engendering a greater level of engagement for any blog.  PopSurvey enables you to easily create and embed surveys into your blog to help you better understand your audience and customers. The tool also provides custom reports to evaluate your audience’s responses.

A free version allows you to conduct two surveys per month and collect up to 100 responses. The premium, unlimited version is $24 per month.


PopSurvey enables you to easily create and embed surveys into your blog.

Tim Gray, social media strategist with Blue Mountain Media.

#19: Storify

Ben Pickering

Ben Pickering @bpicks

Storify is a great way to curate articles and opinions on any given topic or capture reactions to an event in real time.

Storify can help illustrate a point with third-party content and comments or help bring to life an event by pulling in activity from the news stream or Twitterverse.

We used Storify on our blog at Strutta to share news and tweets during a conference.


Use Storify to curate real-time news like this example at a recent conference.

Ben Pickering, CEO of Strutta.

#20: Trello

AJ Kumar

AJ Kumar @ajkumar

Trello is a free project management alternative to Basecamp.

It’s intuitive to use, and it’s great for breaking down overarching client accounts and projects into smaller, actionable tasks.

It’s also a good option for bloggers working with remote employees, as the delegation features the program offers are simply outstanding.


Use Trello to manage your blogging tasks.

AJ Kumar, co-founder of Single Grain.

#21: WordPress

Eugen Oprea

Eugen Oprea @EugenOprea

When I think of my favorite blogging tool, one word comes to my mind: WordPress. I consider WordPress the best investment a business can make to help promote its products and services.

WordPress is the best content foundation for your online marketing efforts.

It integrates well with all of the other tools you’ll need to promote your business.


Use WordPress as your blogging platform.

Eugen Oprea, online entrepreneur, blogger.

Louise Julig

Louise Julig @ThoughtsHappen

My favorite blogging tool is the full-screen editing mode in WordPress.

It clears the screen so I can concentrate on just the creative part of writing without thinking about the formatting, categories, tags, etc. It’s like a clean slate for my ideas.

Louise Julig, Social Media Examiner’s case study writer, freelance writer.

#22: WordPress App for iPad

Sara Hawkins

Sara Hawkins @saving4someday

WordPress app for iPad (and iPhone) allows me to use my time waiting in a productive way.

Even if it’s just getting down titles or adding to a post I have in draft, the WordPress app makes blogging on the go very easy.

It makes consistent blogging easier.

wordpress app ipad

Use the WordPress app for iPad to use your time on the go.

Sara Hawkins, lawyer, blogger.

What is your favorite blogging tool today and why do you like it?  Please share them in the comments section below.

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    Thanks for compiling this helpful list – I’ve come across some before, but others are entirely new to me. It would have been helpful knowing which ones of them can be used offline too and which ones need a connection. Down time on flights and trains can be such a waste, but some of these offline apps could be invaluable.

  • LanaS

    Thanks for sharing this useful info!

  • Great point, Matt. I’ll remember this for the next one.  I think all social media marketers end up using offline time to work.

  • Thanks for this post, Cindy. Content curation is paramount in this day and age and finding info quickly for readers is important as well. I’ll be using Alltop and InboxQ thanks to this article.

  • Flickr? Seriously? 

  • Thanks for this post this has allowed me to view some more ways to be more relevant and innovative with my posts in the future.

  • Have to say I love Trello. I use it for seeing what stage of a cycle guest posts are at. I.e. Need to write, written & need to submit, submitted, accepted, published and need to promote and share.

    There are so many uses for that tool for managing tasks and they are always making improvements.

  • I run a music blog and have found Flickr to be a great resource for photos of artists and events. I would never have access to such photos without paying hefty fees to a professional photographer. A great site still if you can find images relevant to your market.

  • Thanks for putting this post together, these tools can help us improve our blog posts. I will start with the Focus Booster as I need to stay focused.

  • WordPress is one of the most popular platform available and it gained its popularity for a reason – it’s a great tool and it’s free!  The internet is constantly changing and developing, new tools are created so fast. It’s fascinating to watch how blogging tools have evolved. Thank you for sharing a great list of tools and resources.

  • Thanks for including me in this great post Cindy! An awesome round-up of blogging tips that everyone can benefit from. 

  • Most of these I had already heard of or already use however the first one is really intriguing. I have never heard of a service like InboxQ. I am going to check it out now in detail and I hope it can do what it says because that could provide significant value to bloggers.

  • Wow, what a wealth of information! Thank you, Cindy. Just in time for me as I’m in the process of starting my own blog and have been reading a lot lately educating myself on all different aspects of blogging. These tools are all great to apply.

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  • Debbie Meltzer

    Terrific bunch of tools, thanks for the list

  • I’m about to tweet this article and I rarely use Twitter (guess I shouldn’t confess that on this particular site!). Wonderful, easy-to-implement ideas that aren’t just gimmicks, but will add concrete value.

    I have loved Google alerts in the past as an employee, but now that I want to use them to help build my own business, I’ve so far discovered that I can’t find specific-enough keywords for the search. I see that you spent 3 months tweaking your list, Cindy, so wondered if you have any tweak tips on this. If this helps, the blog is for basketball coaches & helps them learn how to be better coaches. It covers personal development as well as basketball-specific development. 

    Thanks to you, Cindy, and all the authors, for this article.

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  • Janet Vasil

    What a terrific list of tools.  I use several of them but can’t wait to explore the others.  Great round-up.  Thank you!

  • Great tips! I read a lot of articles each week and offer an “article roundup” every Friday for my blog readers. I use Pocket on my Mac, iPad and iPhone to keep track of the best and brightest across the net and tag them for my next roundup. I love it because the apps work great and the Chrome extension is so easy to use!

    I’ll be looking in to some of these other tools, too. Thanks again!

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  • I personally love Digg Digg and All-in-One SEO pack plugin for WP.  I also really enjoy the WP to Buffer plugin.

  • Wow what a list. Thank you for putting it together. This is going straight into my Evernote account for future reference. I love #1 and I’m a huge fan of #8.

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  • Jimmy

    Are these ranked, or do they appear in any order

  • This is a god compilation of useful tools for bloggers, I use few of them for my blog site , looks like I will have to add a few of them.

  • DailyPUMA

    Google blogger is pretty good as well. The RSS feed component is far more generous than other blogging sites I looked at before committing to google blogspot. Now if only everybody wasn’t worried just about how many hits they got, but also where those hits came from and are they returning hits to those sites in kind, the blogging community as a whole would be a more productive platform.

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  • Sonjachan

    Hi Cindy!   Great List you give us here.  Have started blogging – and I see all this info will certainly be great help for me to go on,  thanks much!

  • Good stuff! Love seeing articles about how to find inspiration or tools to help you curate things. I might also recommend as a place to find blog-worthy content:

  • Asiabyfrida

    Thank you for this post.  I found it very helpful.  I also want to tell you that I like everything about your blog design.  Great job!!

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  • Excellent post. I think I need Focus Booster the most. LOL

    Yes, I get sidetracked while writing articles like the rest of us.

    I already use PomodoroPro on my iphone, but it would beeven better on my macbookpro.Thanks for the shares!

  • Ally Greer

    Hi Cindy, great article! These really are some awesome tools that I’m going to start looking into. Another great practice that lots of social media/content marketers have been turning to is curation., a content curation platform (of who’s team I am a part! 😉 ) gives bloggers the opportunity to create a page on their topic of expertise and to source information from specific sources and keywords. When they’ve set these up, crawls the web to provide interesting and inspiring content. provides bloggers with a great supplement to their creation efforts and allows them to share additional information all while still providing a great context. There’s also a great community on and lots of inspiration to be found! Would love to see you there! 😉
    Again, this was a great post and I, along with many other community managers and bloggers out there are thankful for your efforts!
    Ally Greer

  • While it took me about 4 hours to read all of this (and the subsequent research on all the blog tools) I actually think this has been one of the biggest learning days of the year for me. Thanks. Now, blogging is becoming a science.

  • Muhrhammer

    Thank you — all of you — for sharing your secrets. These are fantastic tools, and I’m new to the blogging world, so this article is huge for me.

  • TripLogic

    OMG, I was surprised & happy to see Trello on this list.  I’ve been using it for awhile to help keep track of new blog posts, new ideas, design changes, etc and I love it so much.  Great tool for bloggers!

  • Thanks for this incredibly helpful article! I have bookmarked or downloaded a number of these resources already, and I look forward to increasing my productivity as a blogger. As a terrible procrastinator, I think I am looking forward to trying the Focus Booster the most to see if it will help me get started and stay focused on writing/ editing, rather than jumping around from writing to emails to Twitter to emails…

  • Superb tools. I loved Content Idea Generator. Thanks for share

  • Nina Amir

    Cindy! What a phenomenal post! I will be busy for weeks trying out all these tools. I’m book marking this post for future use. Great job.

  • THe Digg Digg you shared here is only for wordpress blogs. Any sugggestion for Blogger other than ShareThis and AddThis?

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  • Lily

    Noted that Blogspot is not here. Is it a passe? Anyone still using Blogspot?

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  • I use blogspot, and that is a very great tool for my activity ! Simple to use, complete, super tools are available (Google Analytic, Google Ad…) and blogger allow beautiful creations. 

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  • This is a really good list of tools for blogging. I knew about some of them and InboxQ is something i really liked and looking forward to use it in future.

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  • Good contribution. Regards from spain.

  • Helen Lawson

    Got tons of value out of this post, and lots of great inspiration beyond the actual tools (which are also great). Thanks so much for compiling….

  • OmmWriter isn’t free!

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  • Great list, thanks for the additional information. I only used Alltop but I’ll try some of what you have listed.

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  • @caaa3b9eecc36cc303c17eeb33e0358e:disqus Great idea to use Flickr! While Flickr is a pioneer in social photo sharing, still to to this day many people don’t realize that you can embed images on your site (following creative commons, of course). 
    Free is awesome and bloggers love it. But, more importantly, the attribution provides great exposure and a link to photographers and artists. 

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  • I’m definitely loving it too! Thank you for sharing it! My favorite is 4,8, and 13. 🙂 

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  • Hi Cindy, 

    We really enjoyed going through this list! Lots of helpful tips to stay productive. Thanks, everyone, for sharing! And Jeff, good to see you again, keep in touch. 

    If any of you give OmmWriter a try, please email us your feedback to hello[at] We’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions for future development. 


    The OmmWriter Crew

  • Hi, 

    You’re right, the clip shown in Jeff’s tip is of Dana II, which has which has a small fee. However, we do have a free version as well, Dana I, which has many of the same features as Dana II. 
    If you have any feedback for us about any of the two, please drop us a couple of lines. 

    The OmmWriter Crew

  • Jennifer it really is simply about understanding your business and your audience.  It’s nuts and bolts market research that helps you find the keywords that work well for your business. It’s work you have to do. You the best person to understand your particular business. Sure you might be able to outsource this and come up with a decent
     list. But you’d be able to come up with a great list :)And then once you have that knowledge I think you need to choose the right ones and the right number of keywords to follow… otherwise you may have a list of keywords that’s too long for you to really follow and take action on.  And I think this short list is critical to be successful. Because, what are the Google Alerts for in the first place? You have to take action on them in some way, and this has to be doable for you.

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  • What a really handy list of resources. I’m off to check out InboxQ for myself and I have just sent one of my clients a link to Optin Skin as it looks just the ticket for the next task he had for me! (I’m a Virtual Assistant)

    Personally I use Evernote to stash blog ideas instead of Google+, it’s just as quick and I like that I can use tags to cross reference and share the articles with clients as well as using them for blog fodder.

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  • defotografosyfotos

    Very useful post. I really liked IFTTT!

  • defotografosyfotos

    Very useful post. I really liked IFTTT!

  • Celeste

    Excellent list of tools for blogging. Looking forward to implementing them.

  • Paul Ramirez

    Wow this is a great list for all bloggers.. We all know that as bloggers we have to keep up with the latest trends and creating a post from scratch is really a big headache for me. Now with this in hand, i cant wait to experiment more. And by the way i’m using Alltop and diggdigg from your list 🙂

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  • Jake

    One problem I’ve always had with blogging tools is a lack of image optimisation built in. Images make our posts stand out but too often they end up slowing the page load down. There are however some free tools to resize and optimise images before uploading to a post – I’ve started to use for this – upload a zip of your images and it immediately fires them back at whatever size you need!

  • Jjoanfr


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  • Awesome list Cindy, hats off to you and all the contributors who chipped in with their tips. All the tips are absolute gems, but I couldn’t help bursting out laughing at Cliff’s podcast, where he tries to describe about the powerbird’s mating ritual. ” Female birds come back to transact a transaction”, OMG, that was epic! lol

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    time. I have also bookmarked you for checking out new posts. It is a pleasure
    reading your blog posts.


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  • I love finding all of these tools in one place! Thank you, I signed up for several accounts!

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  • Wow this is a great post. I will use some of this tolls hoping that will help my page

    Thank you

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  • That’s a wonderful post… Congrats Cindy for writing so wisely 🙂

  • Great article! I’ll have to check out some of these tools for my blog! 🙂 Thank you!

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  • Daniel Kenmar

    Hello Cindy, I want to take the time to thank you for such a great share. I have just had the good fortune to find myself as the social media (and tech support) guy for my father’s and his business partner’s funeral home. I’m attempting to keep our website and social media on the brighter side of things, as opposed to focusing on death. We’ve decided to put up a blog and I’ve never had a blog of my own that I know people would be visiting, so I need all the help I can get keeping the content flowing. Most of these tools are perfect and I have bookmarked them now in a special folder.

    Thanks again!
    Daniel Kenmar, Azalea City Funeral Home

  • ammara khan

    nice tips and tricks. Thanks for such great and excellent post related to blogging which is the most important and excellent way of building site in a search engine.

  • jimmejardine

    Impressive list: I am loving FocusBooster!

    Don’t forget for easily creating charts and visuals for data.

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  • rashid noman

    Thanks for the nice and helpful tips .. this is really going to help me in the relate stuff..

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    wonderful list….

  • Hey Cindy, I was wondering about the same issue. Thank you for sharing this wonderful tip…

  • This blog is well worth reading. Fine collection of tools . Well presented. And it all makes sense….. thank you so much Cindy.

  • The pros could really make use of the tools that you have introduced. Thank you so much.

  • Gracie Ackerman

    do you think tumblr is also a good way to lead people to your other blogs and sites?

  • Kevin Peter

    Wow! Below were my concerns, and you have it all covered (something more) in 1 post.
    I am look for a tool will give me distraction free writing experience, which helps me improve my writing, makes it easier to understand by editing – It saves time! Bookmark, proof read, simplified visual content creation, create color schemes, saving screenshots and more.
    A social media manager app which helps in growing the followers, helps in schedule content outflow, check load time of the blog page, have a email tool to update my followers on the new post, a payment gateway integrated for payment purpose and at last a time tracking tool to manage my time with the work, life and my clients.

  • Fantastic post indeed. You have shared many useful tools here and i have already used some of them and the rest i must try ahead. But i also like to recommend one free tools “Solid SEO Tools” . I have got superb service from it .Basically it’s a multipurpose based free online tools website. I have found it useful for plagiarism checking, article rewriting, word counting, link analyzing, keyword position checking and many more.

  • Hi this a great post! I’m new to blogging and this is a wonderful start for me, thanks for taking the time to write this! Right now I’m using Kalatu blogging, it’s quite easy to use so far!

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  • The first tool points to somewhere else, but I was able to find a few posts that I thought to be interesting, so thank you.