Getting Started With Social Media: A Resource Guide

If you are new to social media or you’re not sure you’re doing the right thing, this page is for you. It contains a number of resources to help bring you up to speed.

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The Journey, an episodic video documentary, reveals the conflict faced by Michael Stelzner, marketer and founder of Social Media Examiner. One one hand, he’s on a seemingly impossible mission to grow his sales by more than 50%. On the other, he’s trying to implement a new business idea that everyone thinks he shouldn’t. Watch how he handles this unique situation.

The Social Media Marketing podcast—a top 10 marketing podcast on iTunes—is a weekly 45-minute interview show hosted by our founder, Michael Stelzner. Discover how successful businesses employ social media, learn new strategies and tactics, and gain actionable tips to improve your social media marketing.

The Social Media Marketing Talk Show is a weekly live video show where we review the week’s top news in social media and what it means for marketers. The show is also distributed as an audio podcast.

About Our Society

If your job is to manage social media, but you’re struggling to keep up, check out the Social Media Marketing Society®, the online membership community from Social Media Examiner. Inside the Society, you’ll (1) develop a true competence (and confidence) to tackle change, head on with ongoing monthly training, curated to keep you on the leading edge of marketing innovation; (2) tap directly into the Social Media Examiner network of social media experts with live “office hours” and an active community you can turn to any time to get your questions answered; and (3) get plugged into a welcoming group of your peers. You’ll be amazed by how many people you connect with who are are just like you.

Attend Social Media Marketing World

The industry’s leading physical conference, Social Media Marketing World®, is hosted by Social Media Examiner. It’s the world’s largest social media marketing conference.

By attending, you’ll make connections with thousands of social media pros and you’ll discover amazing ideas that will transform your social media marketing. The event takes place in San Diego, California.

Watch this video from Social Media Marketing World.


Facebook for Business: The Ultimate Facebook Marketing Guide: Articles and resources for beginner, intermediate & advanced marketers working with Facebook pages, profiles, groups, ads, Live video, analysis, contests, & more.

Facebook Ads: A Facebook Advertising Guide for Marketers: Articles and resources to help beginner, intermediate, and advanced marketers use Facebook ads to promote a business, products, and services.

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  • 3 Ways to Find Prospects Using Twitter: Because Twitter is discontinuing lead generation cards, now is the time to put new lead funnel techniques in place. Explore three ways to find your next customers on Twitter
  • Twitter Video: How to Create Engaging Video Content: With the launch of its native live video service, Twitter is prioritizing video higher in the news feed, making it the perfect way to reach your audience more often. Learn how to use video on Twitter to better engage your audience
  • How to Use Twitter Analytics to Improve Your Marketing: Looking at your Twitter metrics will help you make more informed decisions about your Twitter marketing efforts. Find out how to use Twitter Analytics to improve your marketing.
  • 9 Ways to Refine Your Twitter Ad Targeting: Twitter provides all of the tools you need to put highly tailored ads in front of the people most likely to click on them. Discover nine ways to target your audience more effectively with Twitter ads.

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