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social media how to Do you want to learn how to market yourself and your business on Twitter?

Are you looking for a resource to guide your Twitter marketing efforts?

Whether you’re marketing on Twitter as an individual or as a brand, these expert articles will help you network with colleagues, generate leads, deliver effective advertising and measure the return on your activities.

Each of these articles will help you understand and master a specific part of marketing on the Twitter platform.

Generate Leads and Sales on Twitter

How to Find More Customers With Twitter: This article shows how to find customers on Twitter with FollowerWonk, IFTTT, SocialBro and Socedo.

find customers on twitter kristi hines

Tools and tips to help you find more customers on Twitter.

How to Use Twitter Buy Buttons and Pinterest Buy Buttons: Find out how to add Buy buttons to your product tweets so people can purchase your products from their twitter feed.

How to Use Twitter Direct Messages for Customer Service: This article shows how to use Twitter’s updated direct messages feature to improve communication with your customers.

How to Use Twitter Advanced Search Queries for Leads: Do you struggle to find leads on Twitter? This article shares how to track username mentions, perform geolocation targeting, filter and exclude search results and search by sentiment to generate leads.

Improve Your Twitter Marketing

How to Grow Your Twitter Following: Find fifteen simple steps to organically growing your Twitter followers.

grow a twitter following juan lopez

Tools and tips to help you grow your twitter following.

8 Tips to Improve Your Twitter Marketing: These tips for writing your tweets and when to publish them can increase visibility, boost engagement and drive traffic to your site.

How to Make Twitter In-Stream Images Stand Out: This article shows you how to prep and embellish your images, tweet multiple images at one time, tag people in images and use IFTTT to include Instagram images in your stream. Use the tips to ensure your followers pay more attention to your Twitter in-stream images.

Run Twitter Contests

How to Run a Successful Twitter Contest: Discover easy steps to running a Twitter contest that attracts more followers, engagement and shares on the platform.

twitter contest elizabeth malone johnston

Easy steps to running your first Twitter contest.

Advertise on Twitter

How to Use Twitter Ads for More Exposure, Leads and Sales: Find out how to use promoted tweets, promoted accounts and lead generation cards to reach your audience on Twitter.

How to Build a Winning Twitter Ad Campaign: Are you interested in turning Twitter followers into customers? This article shows four key ways to build a successful Twitter ads campaign.

How to Use Twitter Campaign Reports to Improve Your Twitter Ads: Do you use Twitter ads to promote your business online? This article shares how to obtain insights about your audience from Twitter Ads campaign reports.

8 Types of Twitter Cards Businesses Are Using: Do you know what a Twitter card is? This article explores eight types of Twitter cards, shows how to install them on your website or blog and gives you tools to measure their analytics.

twitter cards kristi hines

Use one or all of these Twitter cards to give your website and products a stronger visible presence on Twitter.

How to Use Twitter Tailored Audiences: Do you want to focus your marketing to reach specific Twitter users with Twitter ads? Discover how to use Twitter tailored audiences with promoted tweets and promoted accounts to focus your Twitter marketing.

How to Use Twitter Remarketing Ads to Target Site Visitors: You can now use both Twitter remarketing with Twitter ads and Twitter cards to remarket to existing customers and leads. Here’s how to set it up.

Network With Twitter Chats

How to Host and Promote a Twitter Chat: In the article you’ll discover how to prepare, promote and host a Twitter chat.

How to Create a Twitter Chat: 4 Steps to Success: Ready to host a Twitter chat? These tips will help you start your Twitter chat off with an audience that’s ready to participate.

twitter chats christopher gimmer

Follow these steps to launch a successful Twitter chat.

25 Twitter Chats: Just for Marketers: This article shares 25 Twitter chats to help you network without traveling, grow your following and display your authority.

Manage Twitter With Tools

How to Automate Your Tweets: 3 Useful Apps: Discover how to automatically schedule your tweets at optimal times using Tweriod, Buffer and IFTTT.

5 Twitter Tools to Boost Your Productivity: Managing your Twitter account doesn’t have to take up all your time. Find out how Tweet Jukebox, Spruce, Manage Flitter, and RiteTag can make your work easier.

twitter tools kerry butters

Discover tools to help you tweet more effectively and efficiently.

Measure Twitter

How to Use Twitter Analytics to Find Important Data: Are you looking for new ways to measure success on Twitter? Get access to Twitter Analytics and find the data you need to track your campaign success.

How to Improve Your Tweets Using Twitter Analytics: Want to get more engagement on Twitter? This article explains how to use Twitter analytics to improve your Twitter marketing.

To find more tips, tactics and strategies, view a complete library of Twitter articles.

What do you think? What articles have helped you develop a successful Twitter marketing presence? Please leave your thoughts and comments below.

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