Do you want to drive more traffic to your site with Pinterest?

Are you looking for ways to improve your Pinterest exposure?

To explore how Pinterest can help your business I interview Pinterest expert, Vincent Ng.

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The Social Media Marketing podcast is an on-demand talk radio show from Social Media Examiner. It’s designed to help busy marketers and business owners discover what works with social media marketing.

In this episode I interview Vincent Ng, host of the Pictures to Profits podcast and author of Pinterest Marketing: How to Search Optimize Your Pins and Boards for Pinterest. He’s a Pinterest expert and blogs at MCNG Marketing.

Vincent shares how to use Pinterest to drive more traffic to your website.

You’ll discover reasons why you should use Pinterest in your social media marketing, tips on images and plugins that can boost traffic to your site and provide social proof for your company and what you need to know about Pinterest’s smart feed and promoted pins.

vincent ng pinterest marketing podcast

Listen as Vincent Ng shares tips for using Pinterest to get more exposure.

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Here are some of the things you’ll discover in this show:

Pinterest Traffic

How Vincent got started with Pinterest

While Vincent has successfully used Twitter and Facebook for his social media clients, he found neither site could drive much traffic to his blog.

Curious about Pinterest’s rapid early growth, he explored the site and discovered a fair amount of traffic going to his blog from it. That is when he decided it was the site he needed to be on.

Vincent found that Facebook and Twitter didn't drive as much traffic to his site as Pinterest.

Vincent found Facebook and Twitter didn’t drive as much traffic to his site as Pinterest.

Vincent has been on Pinterest since its beta stage four years ago and has witnessed how much the platform has changed and evolved since the beginning.

Listen to the show to discover the major changes and trends Vincent has witnessed on Pinterest.

Reasons to consider Pinterest for your marketing

People are naturally drawn to attractive, magazine-quality images. Information can be processed very quickly when it’s seen as an image or picture. Pinterest makes it possible to leverage beautiful, shareable images to drive more traffic to your site.

Pinterest makes it possible to use shareable images to direct traffic to your site.

You’ll hear Vincent describe how to lay out your images to get the most impact and reach from Pinterest.

Pinterest is also a powerful way for users to discover things they might not have expected to find. It’s become a visual search engine for products and can link items together based on how they’ve been previously pinned or searched.

Pinterest is a powerful way to discover products you might not have expected to find.

Pinterest is a powerful way to discover products you might not have expected to find.

Vincent shares how many people bypass Google and go directly to Pinterest to search for products and lifestyle topics because the content is curated by actual users and the results tend to be high quality.

Listen to the show to find out how Pinterest’s visual recognition engine links related products to be searched and discovered.

The biggest mistakes people make on Pinterest

The biggest mistake businesses make on Pinterest is neglecting to redirect the source of a pin back to their site. The source is the URL where you want users to be directed when they click on your pin.

The biggest mistake businesses make on Pinterest is neglecting to redirect the source to their site.

Make sure you redirect the pin source to your site.

You could potentially get hundreds of pins and repins on your image, but you lose the opportunity to grow your blog with Pinterest if you don’t link directly to your site as the source of the pin.

Listen to the show to learn how to edit your image to redirect where you would like your pins to point users.

The Pinterest smart feed and what marketers need to know about it

The Pinterest smart feed is a new algorithm based on the quality of the pin, the quality of the pin’s source (blog or website) and relevance of pins. Each factor is measured based on the number of users who link to the specific pin or the source.

High-quality images and the most popular sources are given preferential treatment on Pinterest’s feed. It also boosts pins from people you follow and will suggest related pins based on what’s pinned on your boards.


The Pinterest smart feed gives preference to credible sources, people you follow and related pins.

According to Vincent, there are many variables at play with the Pinterest smart feed. The major one is whether a pin links back to a site that generates a lot of pins in general. If so, the site is considered a credible source and any pin from it gets boosted in the feed.

Listen to the show to explore how to experiment with Pinterest’s smart feed and related pins to attract followers, manage repins and increase lead generation.

Build a following on Pinterest

There’s no quick or easy way to become an influencer or build a following on Pinterest. It takes time and dedication and should be focused on building relationships with people who share your same passions and interests.


Build a Pinterest following with people who share your passions. Image source: Shutterstock

Even if a user with hundreds of thousands or millions of followers pins your content and you see a spike in your traffic, there’s no guarantee it’ll happen consistently or lead to long-term success.

Vincent explores the high bounce rate that follows spikes in his Pinterest traffic and the reasons why this occurs.

Vincent recommends that marketers should maintain a business account on Pinterest for their company. Business accounts are required to access detailed analytics and data on your account and be able to advertise on Pinterest.

You’ll hear Vincent discuss in depth about advertising with Pinterest’s promoted pins.

Listen to the show to hear why the parent blogger community model for building followers on Pinterest is a good one to follow.

Tips on how to drive traffic to a website from a pin

It only takes one pin to go viral and drive a lot of traffic to your site. Vincent offers three tips on how to get noticed on Pinterest:

1. Create beautiful, vertical images for both mobile devices and desktops. If you don’t optimize your pins for both mobile and desktops, you’ll miss some great opportunities to gain visibility for your pins. Mobile usage on Pinterest is very high. Your images must also stand out because they compete with hundreds of other pins every single moment.


Optimize your Pinterest images for both mobile devices and desktops.

2. Pin consistently. Vincent recommends you spend 10 to 15 minutes every day on Pinterest. Users who regularly engage with Pinterest and consistently share great images are rewarded with preferential treatment on the feed.

3. Add a Pin It button to your site. As a publisher, you can encourage more pins from your site if you improve social sharing on your blog. This is especially critical for the mobile version of your site, because you can’t hover over an image to pin it to your account on your smartphone like you can on your desktop.

ms-vincent-ng-pin-it- button

Pin It buttons on your site encourage more pins of your content. Image courtesy of Pinterest.

Listen to the show to discover some cool WordPress plugins you can use to make your images more pinnable, boost Pinterest traffic to your site and add social proof for your company.

What marketers need to know about Pinterest promoted pins

Pinterest’s advertising platform, called Promoted Pins, is currently only available to U.S. businesses and requires advertisers to go through an application process before it can be accessed.


Pinterest’s advertising platform is called Promoted Pins.

To apply, you must create a pin and submit it to Pinterest for their approval. Once approved, you are given access to Pinterest’s advertising interface and are restricted to a number of rules and regulations to follow.

You’ll hear Vincent walk through the process of how to build a campaign on Pinterest, including selecting the right images and keywords.

Pinterest allows you to select the image and keywords for your Promoted Pins campaigns.

Pinterest allows you to select the images and keywords for your promoted pins campaigns.

With promoted pins, advertisers are charged a cost per click, but not for repins. So you have the potential to get a lot of additional traffic to your site beyond what you initially pay Pinterest to promote.

Listen to the show to learn how far your advertising dollars can go on Pinterest.

Discovery of the Week

Are you ever in a spot where a brilliant idea pops into your head and you have to struggle to remember it for later? Perhaps you hear something really great when you’re driving or walking while listening to a podcast?

Have you heard about sending a text to yourself? You can actually send a text message to yourself on your phone.


Send yourself a text message when brilliant ideas pop into your head. Image source: Shutterstock

If you happen to use an iPhone, you can use Siri to text a reminder to your mobile, even in the middle of listening to a podcast. You just say to Siri, “Text my mobile (or iPhone). Don’t forget to send email on Monday,” and Siri will allow you to send the message to yourself.

When it’s done sending the message, your iPhone will go back to whatever you were previously doing. Then the next time you stop or once you get to your office, you can see the text and follow up on the idea. It’s so simple!

Listen to the show to learn more and let us know how texting yourself works for you.

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Key takeaways mentioned in this episode:

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  • If last week was about failure, this week is about success. I’ve never used Siri on my Iphone before successfully. She doesn’t seem to understand me. Sigh. BUT during this podcast about Pinterest and your new tip, I “messaged” myself via Siri 11 times while walking around the track with highlights from your interview with your guest. Old dogs just require new tricks. Thanks, Michael!

  • Great to hear Pat 🙂

  • AlisaMeredith

    Thank you so much for the very generous shoutout, Vincent (AKA “Pinterest” :))! And thank you so much for clearing up the URL question. I had wondered – is it the individual article or the site as a whole. Your answer makes total sense. Social Media Marketing World is so fortunate to have you. Super excited for you!!

    When we use promoted pins, we create a tracking URL through HubSpot that allows us to also track conversions. I haven’t seen a way to do that right in Pinterest Ads, either. But, I agree – it is a lot less expensive than any other platform I’ve used. The only limitation I don’t like (aside from not allowing Canada in!) is that you can’t promote a pin that links to a landing page. I can see why, and kind of respect that Pinterest is keeping things discovery-based, but it does diminish the value for us a little.

    Ooooh, I just got a new iPhone the other day – Just looked at the options. From this post on mobile, Click on the share button. If Pinterest doesn’t appear along with Message, Mail, Twitter, etc., click on “More” and turn on the Pinterest option. You will need to be logged in to Pinterest, of course, but you probably already are, or I bet it’ll prompt you when you try to share. Trying to pin this post, it said there were no images to share, which is strange. I could pin images from other URLs (on this site and others) from my iPhone, no problem.

    Thanks, Michael for having this wonderful guest. I love your show and listen to every episode – I always get actionable tips. Thanks for the text my mobile tip, too. I will be using that!

  • Vincent Ng – MCNG Marketing

    It was my pleasure to give you a shout out Alisa, You provide such wonderful content on Scalable Social Media.

    I do agree that one of the downfalls of the Pinterest advertising platform is that it doesn’t allow people to lead to a sign up page, which makes me go :(. And hopefully Canada and the rest of the world will get the advertising platform soon!

  • Cheval John

    This was very educational. Never knew about the number of times you could post the same image on Pinterest. Really love this podcast, Mr. Stelzner. Hope you had a great New Year. Have a great weekend.

  • We’ve been told that as a fitness organization it is essential we start using Pinterest for our business. Looking forward to implementing some of the tips mentioned in this show. Thanks for all your help. And if you have any specific suggestions on how a health and fitness educational organization such as ours, can focus our Pinterest energy, it would be much appreciated, thanks as always Michael and team.

  • Darren

    Can someone clarify something from the podcast for me please ?

    I am a portrait photographer and have different boards for different types of portraits such as Horse and owner portraits, Golfing Portraits, Family portraits, Newborn portraits etc.

    I have images that i have pinned from other peoples websites and other peoples pinterest boards.

    Are you saying that i should go and edit the source of these images and change it to my own website address or just do this on my own personal images ?

    Thanks for your help.

  • I found Pinterest more important for the fashion apparel, accessories stores.

    I appreciate all the above points & also, I have a question.
    Is editing other images with your site URL is wrong strategy?

  • Thanks Cheval

  • Cheval John

    You are welcome, Mr. Stelzner Have a great weekend.

  • Vincent Ng – MCNG Marketing

    Hi Revolutionary Fitness, the best way to promote a health and fitness organization is to ensure that you’re sharing helpful tips for the people you want to reach. Find out what type of problems occur the most, and provide pins that are excellent resources for them, whether this is an online article written by a health magazine, or just offering quick tips that would be helpful to them on a daily basis. Think of your boards as your different audiences, which type of health problems seem to be the most prevalent? Is it about obesity? Is it about nutrition? Or it could be as simple as daily motivation to keep them going. But by creating boards around topics that matter, and sharing content that matters will help get you started.

  • Vincent Ng – MCNG Marketing

    Hi Darren, thanks so much for your question. First off, I think that’s fantastic that you have different categories of portraits to help show off the diversity of your portfolio. If there’s another photographer reading this, this is definitely something you should do unless you have a very specific niche.

    To answer your question, you should NEVER purposely change the source of someone else’s work to help it redirect to your own site. I would never endorse this. What I am suggesting is that any picture that you’ve created or photographed needs to go back to be sourced back to your own website. This way, if the pin goes viral, and you never know when it does, you didn’t lose that extra traffic. Always source your own uploaded or created pins back to one of your pages on your website or relevant webpage.

  • Vincent Ng – MCNG Marketing

    Hi James, thanks for your question. You don’t want to edit the source of the url for other people’s pins with your own site. That’s unethical. What you do want to do is ensure that if you do have any pins in the past that you created, and have copyright over to ensure that those pins are being redirected back to your own site or webpage.

  • Pins and re-pins help to draw people’s attention to products they might otherwise not see.

  • Appreciate the feedback we will definitely be reviewing stuff from the podcast and these direct suggestions you gave Vincent, at our next team meeting, thanks again.

  • Hey thanks for the reply Vincent.

  • Thomas Lundy

    We sell digital Photoshop templates for photographers to brand and market their photography (Bittersweet Design Boutique). We have had great success with Pinterest. Tailwind is a great Pinterest app to tag photos to your URL and scheduling of pins as well. On the Iphone, you only need iOS 8 to have the added function of pinning from the Safari browser, not a new phone. You can also enable, Evernote, Flipboard, Facebook amongst others to add to Safari extensions. We have also been a part of the promoted pins beta for about 6 months and have seen exponential growth of views to our Etsy shop resulting in incremental sales. Biggest advice is to add as many keywords as possible using a google doc and import them and make a list of 50-100 keywords that may be searched for your niche. We are paying about .28 cents per click to website but still cheaper than Facebook, because you do not pay for the likes or shares (repins) like Facebook charges for. Similar to Facebook, you create campaigns and can target specific cities, interests, demographics, set dates and highest bid per click and amount per day. After seeing the performance of some pins, you can go back and edit the campaign and increase amount per day or edit the specific pin to increase bid or modify keywords. We have created pin templates to showcase our Etsy products optimized to take advantage of the max-width of pins which is 736px. I have learned a great deal on Social Media Examiner and always suggest this site to other Entrepreneurs.

  • Vincent Ng – MCNG Marketing

    Thank you Thomas for sharing such a treasure of information and such rich details of what’s been going on with your Pinterest account. You’re definitely right on the ball about using keywords, especially if it’s a niche business, you want to use as many as possible and thanks for informing us about the IOS 8 update adn the pinning.

  • Thomas Lundy

    No problem, I enjoyed listening to the podcast.

  • Ne


    Thank you so much. This was really informative.

    I am new to Social Media Marketing and I have a question regarding the keywords. I am currently working for a gifting company, if you could please tell how do I know the suitable keywords?


  • Ashleigh Picciuto

    I am new to listening to the podcast and I am really enjoying them and learning so much!

    I work with a wall decal business and we have a main ecommerce website as well as an Etsy site where we sell the same items. I have just gotten the ball rolling on revamping our business Pinterest page and I have been sourcing the pins to our main website. I was wondering if I should create a separate account for our Etsy page? Or if I should also pin the same items to our exisiting Pinterest page with the Etsy source? They are the same images/items on the main site and Etsy, and I’m not sure what Pinterest will allow?

    Thank you so much for all of the helpful information!

  • Hi Ne, go to the Pinterest search bar on the desktop version of Pinterest and start typing in keywords that are related to gifting, such as anniversary gifts, and so forth. A series of words will drop down, and these are generally the most searched words on Pinterest. Just remember to use keywords that your customers would use to search for your products.

  • Hi Michelle, thank you for taking time to write such wonderful words. What I love most is the wisdom in your comments and how staying with Pinterest and help grow an e-commerce business like yours. And here’s the best thing, I took a look at your account and noticed that even though you didn’t have thousands of followers you were still able to receive thousands of repins, and that’s the beauty of Pinterest. Thank you for sharing!

  • Hi Ashlegih, my advice is to keep it all the same, because eventually when your following grows, you can slowly transition people from Etsy back to your own website. Also by posting more often on one account, your pins are more likely to show up on the Pinterest smart feed. It rewards users based on frequency of pinning, so by creating two accounts you could make it more difficult on yourself and the wall decal business.

  • Ashleigh Picciuto

    Thank you so much for your quick and helpful response. That makes sense!

    So do you just suggest that I exclusively source to our main site?

  • Actually if you’re starting off, I don’t suggest that. The reason is because Etsy has a lot of power in terms of search. Because Etsy is considered a highly credible source (links to Etsy are never spammy) they can rank quite high in search for search terms like wall decal, however if you do it alone for your stand alone website it could be harder. Do both at first, but under one account.

  • Ashleigh Picciuto

    GREAT! That helps so much! Thank you for your expertise and time!

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  • @mikestelzner:disqus like the podcast your share, I will surly implement this.Thanks alot for sharing !

  • Hi Michael

    I have Pinterest account and created the board for my websites. I jut want how to know how to share my post (Through Share Button or through Website URL).

  • Pav

    Sweet article. Definitely going to use pinterest.
    Just going on google and gathering as much information about it as possible before I begin.