social media how toDo you have a LinkedIn Company page?

Have you employed the newly designed look and features?

If you haven’t created a LinkedIn Company Page, now is the time to do so.

The new layout makes it easier for people to find, follow and engage with your Company Page.

Here are the new design updates and features that you can take advantage of on your Company Page.

#1: Banner Images

Bring your Page to life! Add a banner image to the top of your LinkedIn Company Page.

banner image

Social Media Examiner's LinkedIn Company Page banner.

The default landing tab for your Company Page is the Home tab. Your banner image will show up at the top of this tab.

This is very similar to the Facebook Cover Image that you are able to utilize on your Facebook Business Page, although the image size is different. The size of the LinkedIn Company Page banner image should be 646 x 220 pixels.

Use the banner space to illustrate and extend your unique branding and messaging.

Note that you will not be able to place a clickable URL behind your primary banner image.

sprout social

Sprout Social's LinkedIn Company Page banner.

Don’t be afraid to make your banner image eye-popping or attention-grabbing! This is an opportunity to earn new followers for your Page.

Without collecting followers, any updates you post to the Page most likely will not be seen.

LinkedIn has stated that you only need 100-200 followers for your Company Page to reach the tipping point to start making an impact and driving engagement. That’s great news!

The “About” section of your Company Page has been moved down to the bottom of the page. Still, it’s a good idea to review this area and make sure it’s up to date.

about houtsuite

The "About" section now sits at the bottom of your LinkedIn Company Page Home tab.

In the Specialties section of your company description, you will want to use relevant keywords for your company so you’ll be found in LinkedIn searches.

Take full advantage of the Home tab and maximize all of the features here!

#2: Career and Products Now Featured on Home Tab

Rather than burying information about your company’s products and services or careers, there are now sidebar spaces on the Home tab that feature these sections of your LinkedIn Company Page. This makes it easier for visitors to find what they are looking for on your Page.

dell sidebar features

Dell's LinkedIn Company Page sidebar.

If you are not utilizing the Careers tab section of your Company Page, you will see a default image of your logo icon and some default text that says “Learn more about our company and culture.”

For the Products and Services section in the sidebar, the first product that you’ve created in the Products and Services section of the Company Page will be featured here. Make sure your first product is the primary product you want featured.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with the products or services that you create. Think outside of the box. They don’t have to be products and services that you offer in the traditional sense.

Rather, you could showcase free downloads or special reports, a free assessment or even a conference or event on your Products and Services tab.

products and services

Showcase interesting offers from your company under the Products/Services tab.

The goal is to get your Company Page visitors interested in learning more about how you can help them accomplish their goals! Showcasing unique content in this tab will drive engagement and potentially encourage recommendations for your business.

#3: Product Recommendations More Prominently Featured

There’s one major update on the Products tab of your Company Page.  Product recommendations are more prominently featured in the sidebar! Any visitor to this area of your Page can see who in their network is endorsing your products or services.

These recommendations are extremely valuable and are a display of social proof. We’re influenced by what our peers and network connections recommend.

recommendations featured

Ask for Product/Service recommendations, which are now prominently featured.

The best way to get recommendations for your products and services is to ASK!

Consider running a campaign and reach out to existing clients, customers, partners and vendors and ask them to provide a recommendation.

You might also ask their permission to showcase these same recommendations on your website or blog.

#4: Featured and Targeted Updates

The updates you share to your LinkedIn Company Page are now going to be front and center on the main Home tab. Images from your updates will be larger and more visible as well!

Given that updates are going to be highly visible, you will want to make your updates valuable, relevant and interesting!

recent updates

Use images to make your LinkedIn Company Page updates more visible and engaging.

When you post an update, you will need to copy/paste your link to the specific article and LinkedIn will pull in the image and post for you. From there you can edit and publish.

Keep in mind that you can delete the URL that you pasted into the update after LinkedIn pulls it in. This will keep your update looking more clean and concise.

delete url

You can delete the URL from your status update once the content has been pulled in.

Don’t forget to customize the text in your update and ask a question or ask for feedback to drive engagement!

You can also post your events here and even create polls to share with your followers.

To achieve the best opportunity for engagement, I recommend that you post your company status updates manually rather than by relying on third-party applications.

Another new aspect of sharing updates to your Page is the ability to feature an update and move it to the top of your Home page. This is very similar to the way you can highlight or pin a featured post on your Facebook Business Page.

featured update

Feature select updates at the top of your LinkedIn Company Page.

New targeting options for your updates are also available. In other words, you can decide which groups of followers you would like to target with each specific Company Page update.

targeting updates

Target your LinkedIn Company Page updates to a specific segment of your followers.

Remember to review how your updates are performing. After 24 hours, LinkedIn will show you impressions and engagement for each of your Company Page updates. In some cases, these updates can perform better than running paid advertising on the network!

Consider featuring posts at the top of your Home page that have received good engagement from your Company Page followers.

insights and featured update

Feature updates that your followers have engaged with.

#5: Visibility on Mobile Apps

Last but certainly not least, LinkedIn has added Company Page visibility to its mobile applications and to the iPad specifically.

mobile apps

LinkedIn Mobile Apps feature Company Pages.

You can view Company Pages that you follow; find and follow additional Company Pages; see how you’re connected to the company through your network; and view job openings, the latest Company Page updates and suggested or similar companies to follow—all from within LinkedIn mobile apps!

At this time you cannot update your LinkedIn Company Page from any of the mobile apps. However, just by building out your Company Page, you can become visible and valuable to employees, clients, customers, partners, vendors and prospects anywhere and everywhere!

Clearly LinkedIn is focused on providing companies, brands and small businesses an opportunity to tell their stories and engage with customers and advocates through Company Pages.

Take full advantage of the ability to extend your brand and achieve greater visibility, as well as add value to your industry and marketplace.

Not only can you benefit from within the LinkedIn network, but your LinkedIn Company Page will also create a valuable search result for your company. Any positive link and gateway to your brand online is a positive for your business!

Your turn!

What do you think? Are you ready to build out your LinkedIn Company Page to take advantage of all of the new features? Do you have creative ideas about how you will showcase your company and your products or services?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • Great article, Stephanie! I will surely check out the different features mentioned here and create my own LinkedIn company page. 
    I knew LinkedIn is undergoing a process of changing the profile page, but I did not know that they have implemented changes on company pages as well. It’s definitely worth our time and effort to create a page!

    Let’s keep on rockin! Happy Monday my SME peeps!

  • Nikki Corbett

    Hi Stephanie. How do I create a banner ad for my LinkedIn Profile?

  • Fantastic tips, thank you! I’ve always struggled with our LinkedIn company page; I couldn’t even figure out how to post an update!

  •  Thank you Stephanie for all the valuable information!  Knowledge is power!  Let’s do this!

  • Hi Nikki, I would suggest working with a graphic designer on this! 

  • Thanks John, glad you found it helpful!

  • You’re welcome. Glad to help.

  • Ok let’s go!

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  • Charlotte Varela

    Great post Stephanie! I’m forever pushing the value of updating products and services pages, but wasn’t aware of the first product becoming the primarily featured one. Thanks for the tip! 🙂

  • Connor from HootSuite

    Quite the insightful post Stephanie, thanks for highlighting HootSuite in your careers tip. Funny how I just realized we don’t have a banner image for our company page (doh!). 

    This post was a great reminder that linkedin is certainly a valuable platform for brands to use.Hoot on.-Connor and your friends at HootSuite 

  • Yep I believe that’s the case so let me know if you see anything different!

  • Get one up there! 🙂  You’re welcome, you have a great platform.

  • Linda Ringquist

    These are great tips. I hadn’t thought about free whitepapers and giveaways in the careers and products pages. Thank you.

  • Great article and I was able to follow and create my business page on Linkedin. Should we market our personal LinkedIn Profile page and business page separately? I’m not seeing an area/link anywhere on my profile page saying i have a business page on LinkedIn. Thanks in advance for your feedback.

  • Stephanie….this was such a great article!  We had updated our Company Page when the new design came out and thought we had been fully utilizing all of the new features…you just gave me several great and actionable ideas to fully optimize our Company Page…Universal Insurance Services thanks you!!!

  • Talk Fusion Chile

    great article. Thanks for sharing!

  • Great info! Very helpful! I’m trying to reorder my products, but I’m not finding a way to do so. How would one go about doing that?

  • Stephanie, thanks for the really useful article. I have recommendations from customers on my profile page. How can I move them to my company page on LinkedIn?. 

  • Hi Stephanie, this is a very helpful post!  I have a couple of questions about the additional product pages that an org can create:  Have you created additional targeted pages? If so, do you know where they show up?

  • Gary as long as you have an email address that ties you with your company you can link your profiles. LinkedIn will link you to your official company page in the “current experience” section of your personal profile when you complete the company information there. 

  • Awesome! Glad to help.

  • What do you mean by additional targeted pages?

  • Oh, great point. I was trying to do the same and it appears that you have to delete what you have and start over.

  • Jennifer

    Thank you, thank you! Lots of great tips. I have been looking everywhere for a way to include an image with my posts to our company page. This helps, but I’m still a little confused. If, for example, I have an event coming up and include the link to our Constant Contact event registration page, how do I ensure that our event logo is included in the LI post? Do I include a second link to an image file? Is that even possible? (2 separate links in one post–1 for text & 1 for image) Any resources you can recommend for learning how to format company posts?  

  • Worked great!

  • @stephsammons:disqus One important element I have learned that I need at least 200 followers for my LinkedIn Company Page, I’m spreading posts about my page with great content so I can have business and followers too.

  • Awesome!

  • You will have to ask for these separately. In other words, the customer will have to go to your page and submit a recommendation. Make sure to provide them with the link to your page. 

  • Jennifer, if your logo isn’t pulled in automatically, you might consider publishing a blog post on your own website to announce or highlight your event using your event logo as the primary image in the post. (Make sure to include a link to your Constant Contact registration page in this post as well.) That will be the link to use for updating your company page and it should pull in the image. Make sense? 

  • Great Tufail. That’s what they tell us anyway is that we need 100-200 followers to gain traction. 

  • Yes, that’s why I’m focusing on all social networks with different content and different strategy, so I can assess what’s going to work.

  • James Blackman

    Great post, I have instantly implemented all the 5 points.

  • Sasha Hayden

    Thank you for the practical tips, Stephanie. We are planning to launch our startup and its social pages in about 10 days from now and will certainly be using all your helpful tips in creating our LinkedIn page.

  • Terence

    Thank you Stephanie for such a thought provoking and inspirational article.

  • Hello Stephanie,
      to be honest, I didn’t know that
    LinkedIn can boost our business. After read out your whole article I make up my
    mind to make a business page on LinkedIn. But I am newbie in this field, will
    you please suggest me any post or video where I can get basic knowledge on
    that? Apart from that very nice & descriptive post, I really became curious
    towards your next post. Thanks for sharing!

  • Fantastic article Stephanie! Lots of valuable inputs.I am sure for people who use social network this will be a great strategy. However does linkedin charge for this?

  •  Love this post Stephanie, I had my company’s Linkedin Page opened in another window and used your guide as a complete checklist. I didn’t realize about using keywords in the description to improve search, but that makes total sense.

    One thing though…

    Once you optimize your page, it’s important to understand how and what kind of traffic your Linkedin Company page is receiving by accessing your Linkedin Company Page Insights. These insights display page views and page visitors demographics.

    I just released a tutorial video on it last week, this is a great way to test that you’ve optimized your page correctly!

    Thanks Stephanie!

  • Romona Foster

    Thanks Stephanie. This is awesome. I really appreciate the piece about adding events to the products tab.

  • Carrie

    great article!  Very helpful for small businesses that don’t have time to click around on everything to see all the options, instead I can follow your advice quickly and check back every now and then to make improvements!

  •  Bummer! But I guess you gotta do what you gotta do! Thanks 🙂

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  • Hi Stephanie,
    Very Informative post!
    “Any positive link and gateway to your brand online is a positive for your business!”
    I totally agree with you on this point. My company has already started taking actions in enhancing our LinkedIn business profile page.
    Thanks for a wonderful post. 

  • This Information was very helpful indeed, Thank you Stephanie !

  • Olga

    Love these tips, need to get my linkedin in order and these tips really do help. Thank you 

  • Solid Point!  

  • Solid Points.  I for one will be using these points when I create my new company page.  Thanks for sharing.

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  • Logan Merrick

    I really like your writing style – easy to understand and straight forward. I set up my Linked in company profile ( ) just prior to reading this coincidentally and surprisingly it was a lot more comprehensive than I thought it would be so good job to the Linked In guys!

    Now I realise that the real challenge will be to get followers…any tips on that one?

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  • Maria

    Fantastic article, insightful and hits the nail on the head! Thanks Stephanie!

  • Great best of luck to you!

  • No there is not a cost to set up a company page on LinkedIn. There is a cost associated with creating a “Careers” tab for your page.

  • Good point and subject for another post!

  • Logan there are some tips in this Social Media Examiner Post:

  • MAC Design Inc.

    Thanks a lot. Very useful post about LinkedIn business page. Thanks once again!

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  • Great features here. This could be a great a help to turn company’s LinkedIn profile into an effective business to business tool. Also to get results for an online marketing, it makes the profile as professional as possible.

  • Julia

    Stephanie, do you have any tips on connecting personal LinkedIn profiles with Company Pages? It seems the only way to get to my company page from my profile is by clicking on the company name hotlink buried several paragraphs down in the Experience category. Is there a way to include a Company page in the Profile box at the top? 

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  • Sslemons

    Great post, Stephanie. Is there a way to edit an update after you’ve posted it? Thanks!

  • Andrew Schiestel

    Hey @stephsammons:disqus ,

    Good, informative post.

    Question for you or anyone else – Have you learned of any way for a brand to get a custom URL for their LinkedIn company page (ie.

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  • Basssublime24

    click on the service page, go to edit, it is the very last option with drop down boxes.  Probably added since you first asked this question.

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  • tgwall

    Stephanie, how do i delete the url in the update?



  • Hi there. Once you see the content pulled in from the url, you should be able to then highlight the url and hit the delete key. However, the update will still be there!

  • tgwall

    I’ve tried that, and nothing happens.  the link is still there.

  • It may be your browser? It should work. Try it in a different browser perhaps.

  • tgwall

    i tried firefox, and it doesn’t work.  i don’t see anything that says “edit update.”  i’m just going to the page and trying.  i’m able to post a new update, but it doesn’t let me delete that url from the existing update.

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  • C_willock

    Hi Stephanie, i have had a banner ad created but how do i upload it to my company page?

  • Saji

    Thanks a lot for providing the optimization tips…!!
     interview questions

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  • jelly andrews

    This information
    would surely help. Thanks for sharing this one. Great posting!

  • Jess

    I have a quick question. It seemed impossible to create a linked in profile without it being connected to your existing personal profile. It doesnt have its own log in details! My question is, what happens when i leave and someone else takes my place? Also im finding it difficult to get a custom URL for my company page 🙁 Any help would be GREATLY appreciated! Thank you!

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    Gotta do it before you hit post 🙂

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  • If you start your own LinkedIn Group then this is also displayed in your company page on LinkedIn. This is another effective way to leverage your page to build a loyal userbase in your niche.

  • Great article Stephanie, look forward to putting some of these into practice.

    This should be a fantastic resource for our business.

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  • great tips to add a bit of color – thanks!