social media how to Do you want more organic traffic from Facebook?

Have you considered pinning your ads as Facebook page posts?

In this article you’ll discover how to drive organic traffic and conversions by pinning a Facebook carousel ad to your page as a post.

pin a facebook carousel ad

Discover how to pin your Facebook carousel ad as a post to your page.

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#1: Set Up Your Facebook Carousel Ad

First, you need to create your Facebook carousel ad. Click the green Create Ad button and select Send People to Your Website as the objective.

Next, enter a URL. This is the final URL visitors click through to at the end of your carousel, so you may want to choose your main website for this one, depending on the point of your carousel.

Now, name your campaign something that you can easily recognize later so you can refer back to the carousels you’ve created. Then click the Set Audience & Budget button.

facebook ad campaign name box

Name your ad campaign.

Next, choose your ad audience. Note that if you want to run this as an ad, you’ll want to get specific about your ad targeting. If you don’t want to run this as an ad, you don’t have to; thus, you don’t need to do anything at this point.

Now set your ad budget. In case you forget, set the lifetime budget as low as $25 so that even if your ad does run, you won’t spend that much. Then click Choose Ad Creative.

facebook ad budget feature

Set your ad budget.

#2: Design Your Carousel Ad

Now, you’ll design your carousel ad. First, select Multiple Images in One Ad.

facebook ad image feature

Select the Multiple Images in One Ad option.

Next, connect your page so the ad will be shown in the desktop news feed. This is extremely important.

facebook ad image feature

Connect your Facebook page.

Remove all other placements except the Desktop News Feed, as they’re unnecessary.

Configure one to five images, links, and calls to action for your carousel ad using the following specifications.

facebook ad image upload

Configure your images, links, and calls to action.

Note that for each carousel image, you can have different website URLs (even from different domains) and different call-to-action buttons.

facebook carousel ad image call to action button selection

Select a call-to-action button.

Once you’re finished, your preview should look like this.

facebook carousel ad preview

Check out your ad preview.

Be sure to click through your carousel images one more time to ensure that the images, ad copy, and URLs are correct. You can click the Review Order button to get a quick glance at all of your settings. Then click the Place Order button to place the ad into Facebook’s review queue.

#3: Pin Your Carousel Ad to Your Facebook Page as a Post

At this point, you will be taken to your Ads Manager dashboard.

facebook carousel ad in ads manager

The view in your Ads Manager dashboard.

In the box to the right, you’ll see a See Post link.

facebook carousel ad campaign status box

Click the See Post link.

Click on the See Post link to go to your carousel ad post.

facebook carousel ad as a page post

View your carousel ad post.

Click on the Share link to share the post and use the drop-down menu to choose the Share on a Page You Manage option.

facebook carousel ad shared as a page post

Share the post on your page.

Select your page and remove the via tag that appears in the Say Something About This area. Then add your own descriptive comment.

facebook carousel ad shared as a page post with a comment

Add a descriptive comment.

Now post it to your page. You should see a confirmation of success.

facebook carousel ad shared as a page post confirmation message

You’ll see a confirmation message.

Now use the arrow at the top right to pin it to the top of your page wall.

facebook carousel ad shared as a page post with pin feature

Pin it to the top of your page.

At this point, you can either let your ad campaign run or go back to your Ads Manager dashboard and toggle the ad and the campaign off. The choice is yours and won’t affect your pinned post.

facebook carousel ad shared as a page post with pin feature

Decide whether to let the campaign run.

8 Ways to Use Pinned Carousel Ad Posts to Drive Traffic

Now that you know how to create carousel ads and share them to your Facebook page, how should you use them? In my example, I chose to feature five random blog posts at the top of my Facebook page wall. Here are some other ways you can choose to use yours:

Feature your top three to five products or services. Be sure to link each to its corresponding landing page. Use the Download or Shop Now call-to-action button for products and the Book Now, Contact Us, or Sign Up call-to-action buttons for services, as applicable.

Showcase the top three to five features or benefits of your products or services. Be sure to link each to its corresponding landing page. Use the Learn More or Watch More call-to-action buttons, as applicable.

Display the top three to five lead magnets you have to offer to capture new subscribers to your email list. Be sure to link each to its corresponding squeeze page. Use the Download or Sign Up call-to-action buttons, as applicable.

Show your top three to five staff members. Be sure to link each image to the corresponding team member About page. Use the Learn More call-to-action button.

Highlight the top three to five stories of the day or week, depending how often you publish. Be sure to link each image to its corresponding post. Use the Learn More call-to-action button.

Include the top three to five social media profiles you want fans to connect with you on. Be sure to link each image to its corresponding profile or page link. The call-to-action buttons for this one make no sense, but you could use the headline to say Follow Us on Twitter and use the description to enter @yourusername.

Display the top three to five job openings you have now. Be sure to link each to its corresponding job listing or application page. Use the Apply Now call-to-action button.

Feature the top three to five charities or crowdfunding projects you support. Be sure to link each to its corresponding donation or project page. Use the Donate Now call-to-action button.

In Conclusion

As you can see, the possibilities for carousel ads are endless! And thanks to the Ad Preview option, you have the choice to actually run an ad or just use the post to gain some organic engagement and possible click-throughs to your website.

What do you think? Have you, or will you, try this tactic? If so, be sure to share your ideas and experiences in the comments!

facebook carousel ad page post

Tips on how to drive traffic to your page with a pinned Facebook carousel ad post.

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  • treb072410

    Great tip Kristi.. Thanks for sharing!

  • Danielle Watley AbdurRaaziq

    This was Awesome!!!! I can’t wait to apply it!!!! Thanks for Sharininh Kristi???

  • You’re welcome! 🙂

  • Thanks Danielle! 🙂

  • Nick Conn

    Thanks for sharing Kristi. I just want to double check, this is a paid feature, correct? This cant be done for less than $25?

  • Hi Nick! You can’t set your budget for less than $25, but you can cancel the ad before it runs and not run it at all. I like to set the budget as low as possible because I tend to get sidetracked and if I forget to pause the ad, at least I know the minimum I’ll spend is $25.

  • Nick Conn

    Thank you! I can see a lot of applications for this.

  • ami ryait

    Thanks for sharing ! I shall definitely be doing this …

  • Thanks Kristi, I will definitely use this tip. I think this will help with our client accounts for more reach as well. Great advice!

  • treb072410

    Cant wait to read the next post from you Kristi

  • Pakpod

    Super-helpful tips! Thanks for posting. Found this post through ‘Ad Espresso’. They’re great too!

  • Lisbeth Stenseth

    Love this! Thank you so much for sharing Kristi 🙂
    Have tried it and the only thing I had problem with was the “call to action” choice. If I changed one they all changed. Wanted to do like your example to have different call to action on each picture/post/link but fb only accepted one call for action for all the pictures/posts/links 🙁
    Any suggestions to fix this?

  • Hi Lisbeth,

    Sorry about that. When I was playing around with it, it let me do different CTA buttons. Now it is only letting me do the same ones. 🙁

  • Thanks! 🙂

  • You’re welcome! 🙂

  • Amit Singh

    It’s Awesome!!!!! just did it. Lovely!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!!

  • Deborah Kester

    I have been running a carousel ad and am intrigued by your suggestion. Since posting the carousel on my Page without paying to boost it would reach far fewer people, can I regularly move the post to the top of the Page to get it in circulation again? If so, how often do you suggest – weekly? monthly?

  • Jesse Randall Hyde

    How is this different than just doing a normal photo carousel post and pinning that to the top?

  • I moved mine to the top when I wrote the post and have left it there since. It receives engagement each time someone visits my page. A lot would really depend on how often you have 3 – 5 new items to feature. 🙂

  • Thanks Amit! 🙂

  • If you mean the normal photo album, this allows you to link each photo to a different website URL. 🙂

  • Jesse Randall Hyde

    They have allowed that now on regular carousel posts for a couple of weeks. If you select to post a photo/video and choose the carousel option, you can hover over each photo and click the little icon at the bottom (pointed to in the picture here) and choose a separate link for each.

  • It’s close, but it doesn’t give you the CTA button or the separate description text.

  • I’ve always though that we would have to spent some money for this kind of ad, bu now i see we can do this for free. Thanks a lot for this tip, it will be very useful.