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social media how toDo you want to attract more attention on LinkedIn?

Have you considered adding visuals to your profile?

Consider using images to build out each section of your LinkedIn profile.

In this article I’ll share seven ways to improve your LinkedIn profile with visuals.

using linkedin visual content

Discover ways to stand out on LinkedIn using visual content.

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#1: Connect a Face to Your Name

While it might seem obvious, many LinkedIn users fail to use the most powerful visual element: their profile photo.

linkedin profile with photo

A good profile photo makes you look approachable and polished.

To upload a personal photo, go to your Edit Profile page (choose Profile > Edit Profile), hover your mouse over the existing photo in the upper-left corner and click the camera icon.

change linkedin in profile photo feature

Hover over your photo on the Edit Profile page.

In the window that pops up, you can add a new photo or crop the one you’re currently using. Ideally, you should upload your profile photo at 400 x 400 pixels.

crop a linkedin profile photo

Choose and crop your best photo.

Make sure your photo is consistent with the message you want to send as professional.

#2: Complete Your First Impression

When combined with your profile photo, your background photo creates a strong visual first impression for profile visitors. You can use this image to connect your personal presence with your brand, show love for your home city or promote the company you work for.

linkedin profile background photo

Literally fly the flag for your organization.

To upload a background image, hover your mouse over the background area and click on the Edit Background button that pops up.

edit your linkedin profile background photo

The Edit Background button appears when you scroll over it.

From there, you can upload any photo you want at the recommended size of 1400 x 425 pixels, or if you have a premium account, you can choose an image from the LinkedIn image gallery.

premium linkedin profile background image options

Your background image should match your overall message.

Your background photo is an excellent opportunity to make a statement to profile visitors.

#3: Dress Up Your Publisher Articles

Writing articles on LinkedIn’s Publisher platform not only provides an opportunity to share your expertise, but also allows you to add more visual pop to your profile.

Because the last three articles you posted on the Publisher platform appear on your personal profile, you’ll want to select header images that reflect the topic of each article and visually represent your personal brand.

publisher articles on linkedin profile

Your last three Publisher articles appear on your profile.

To add a photo to your Publisher article, simply click on the header when writing your Publisher post.

publisher articles header on linkedin profile

Find a photo that matches your article topic and your personal brand.

#4: Enhance Your Summary and Experience

One of the easiest ways to add visual content to your profile is to embed multimedia directly into the Summary and Experience sections. You can add videos, PowerPoint presentations, PDF files and photos.

multimedia on linkedin profile summary

Showcase speaking engagements and interviews.

To add multimedia content to your profile, go to your Summary or Experience section and click the Add Media option that corresponds to the media you want to add. Your options include Document, Photo, Link, Video or Presentation.

change multimedia on linkedin profile summary

Add multimedia to the Summary and Experience sections of your profile.

In the pop-up box that appears, you can upload a file directly or type in the URL to content hosted elsewhere (YouTube or Vimeo, for example). If you’ve already added multimedia to your Summary or Experience section, you’ll be able to add more by clicking the small button with the screen and addition symbol.

#5: Highlight Your Offline Expertise

LinkedIn’s acquisition of SlideShare gives users an easy way to create and upload attractive presentations. You can upload your presentations directly to SlideShare, or if you don’t have a presentation to share, you can find one from an expert in your field.

slideshare presentations

Choose from thousands of SlideShare presentations.

To add your own content to SlideShare, click the Interests tab at the top of the page and select SlideShare.

add slideshare to linkedin profile

Choose SlideShare from the Interests tab.

To upload a presentation, click Share Your Insights and then Upload to This Page. On the next page, click Select Files to Upload, as shown here, and navigate to your file.

adding slideshare to linkedin profile

Upload your presentation file.

Once you’ve uploaded your file, you can add that content directly to your LinkedIn profile.

adding slideshare to linkedin profile

Add your SlideShare presentation to your profile.

It’s a simple way to transfer your offline expertise to your online brand.

#6: Draw Attention to Your Professional Skills

The Skills and Endorsements section is an underutilized tool to make your profile stand out on LinkedIn.

The first 10 skills listed on your profile show small thumbnails of the first 12 endorsers. A profile with a list of skills and endorsements and 120 smiling faces is appealing and provides social proof.

endorsement on linkedin profile

Highlight the skills you want to be known for.

To add skills and allow your network to endorse you, click the Add Skill button in the Skills and Endorsements section of your profile.

add skills on linkedin profile

Click the Add Skill button.

On the next screen, make sure the Yes option is selected next to I Want to Be Endorsed.

add skills on linkedin profile

You can add up to 50 skills, so don’t be shy.

You can add up to 50 skills to your profile. These are keywords that you want you and your brand to be associated with.

#7: Feature Work-Related Moments

Whether it’s a team outing, a meeting with a favorite client or a special event at your office, sharing photos on LinkedIn is a great way to show what’s happening in your professional life.

When you upload photos to LinkedIn, they’re added to the Recent Activity section of your profile and create another visual impression.

status update with image on linkedin

Share your professional life.

To add a photo update on your computer, click the Upload a Photo option and choose the image you want to share. If the people in the photo are LinkedIn connections, you can tag them by typing their name into the description (be sure to ask their permission first).

add a photo to a status update on linkedin

Click Upload a Photo.

You can also upload a photo directly from the LinkedIn mobile app.

mobile status update with image on linkedin app

Your phone is always close, so use it to visually document your professional life.

Be sure to share photos that reinforce your personal brand and leave off the ones that could take away from your professional image. Let LinkedIn visitors see what you’re up to.


When you add all of these visual elements to your LinkedIn profile, you’ll have an online presence that is both appealing and engaging. Now you have a tool that can attract and retain the audience you want so that you can accomplish your business goals.

What do you think? Have you added these visuals to your LinkedIn profile? How do you use interactive elements to enhance your profile? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

using visual content on linkedin

Tips on how to use visual content to stand out on LinkedIn.

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