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Social Media Marketing Podcast w/ Michael Stelzner

The Social Media Marketing podcast is a show from Social Media Examiner.

It’s designed to help busy marketers and business owners discover what works with social media marketing.

The show format is on-demand talk radio (also known as podcasting).

In this episode, I interview John Lee Dumas, author of the book Podcast Launch and host of the EntrepreneurOnFire podcast—a top-ranked business podcast. John’s podcast is a daily show and he has interviewed more than 600 business owners!

John shares how he got started with his podcast, how he attracts so many top guests and why he chose his format and niche.

You’ll discover the benefits that come from the relationships you build through podcasts before, during and after the show is released.

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Here are some of the things you’ll discover in this show:

Relationship Marketing

John’s interview technique when he first started out

John explains that he had to work at his interview technique every single day. The very first interviews he ever did were for the EntrepreneurOnFire podcast.

entrepreneur on fire episode

John’s very first episode for EntrepreneurOnFire.

He says that if you listen to his first 50 episodes, it’s obvious that he was new to it.

Before John started his own podcast, he loved listening to the likes of Andrew Warner of Mixergy, Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income and David Siteman Garland of Rise To The Top. He noticed that nobody was doing a 7-day-a-week show, and decided to give it a go.

Although he knew he wouldn’t be great in the beginning, he knew he had to start somewhere. So he reached out to people in the space to see if they would talk to him.

eof first 10 podcast shows

The first nine people John interviewed for his show.

You’ll hear why John batch-processes his interviews for the week ahead, and how many episodes he did before he felt like he had settled in. John is now around the 608th episode mark.

When you host a podcast, you need to come across as authentic. John advises anyone who is hesitant to host a show to just start talking into a microphone and have some fun.

Listen to the show to find out why you don’t have to edit out every imperfection when you first start out.

The underlying premise to the strategy for EntrepreneurOnFire

John says that he truly wanted to build a lifestyle business that he could be passionate about. To be able to do this, he knew he had to grow an audience. He had to become a leader in a particular area, industry and niche.

When John listened to podcasts, he connected with them straightaway. He felt like he was having close relationships with the hosts and their guests—people he had never met. He says it’s like being the third person in a conversation when you listen to these shows.

john lee dumas listening to podcast

Listening to podcasts is a very intimate experience.

For John to be able to do a show, he knew he had to be a little bit different and come up with a unique selling proposition. This is when he had his “Ah-ha” moment for a 7-day-a-week podcast. He realized that if he could interview the likes of Amy Porterfield and Adam Baker, and get them to share their journey on his platform, then he could potentially build his audience.

You’ll hear what John did to help him overcome his fear of rejection so he could build his platform from day one.

Listen to the show to hear the story behind how John and I first connected.

How interviewing the pros has helped John’s business

John’s goal from the very beginning has been to interview people who not only talk about what they are successful with right now, but also share their failings along the way. John really wanted to break it down so it would connect with his listeners in an intimate way.

john lee dumas microphone

John gets guests to open up about their entrepreneurial failures and what got them to that “Ah-ha” moment.

Many of his guests realize at the end of the interview that they have never shared their journey before with their own audience.

You’ll hear why John’s guests are one of the main reasons why his podcast became a top 10 business podcast and was awarded Best in iTunes in 2013.

Listen to the show to discover how John helps his guests spread the word about his show.

Why the EntrepreneurOnFire Monthly Income Report is shared with the public

John explains how he has always admired Pat Flynn, and that one of the things Pat does is share his monthly income on his Smart Passive Income blog. John was amazed by this and loved how Pat was so transparent with what works and what doesn’t work for his business.

So back in September 2013, John and Kate (the content creator and community manager for EntrepreneurOnFire) made the decision to do the same thing.

eof monthly income reports

The monthly income reports for EntrepreneurOnFire.

These reports include every single way that they monetize all of their different income streams and also break down every dollar amount they spend. This information is then published every month. This allows people to see what works for John, with the hope that they can emulate his successes.

You’ll find out how this information can further help other entrepreneurs build their own businesses, and at the same time attract more business for John.

Listen to the show to find out the number-one question most people asked John when he started out with podcasting as a business.

Some of the unrealized benefits of interviewing people 

John says that the relationships he built with the people he interviewed have been incredible. Giving them a platform to share their experiences has led John to speak at conferences.

You’ll hear all of the high-profile conferences where John has been invited to speak because of the relationships that have blossomed from his show.

john lee dumas speaking

John is now invited to speak all over the world.

John explains that when he first started out, he received major feedback from people like Cliff Ravenscraft and Jamie Tardy. He was able to apply this feedback to his business to make it a success.

The main thing that both Cliff and Jamie were concerned about was how John would find enough guests for his show.

You’ll hear at what point John didn’t have to worry about lining up guests for his show anymore.

Listen to the show to find out how many entrepreneurs a month on average contact John to be on his show.

How John got people on his show in the beginning

John explains how it all began at BlogWorld New York in 2012. It was the first conference he ever attended, and an opportunity to engage with other attendees in the online entrepreneurial world.

It was when he sat in the front row listening to some amazing speakers that he realized he wanted them on a show. So he waited around after the sessions finished and approached them to ask questions and start that initial contact.

blogworld 2012 speakers

BlogWorld New York was the start of John’s journey into the podcast world.

You’ll hear how he got the initial “yes” out of most of them face to face, and what he did to follow up with others he didn’t manage to connect with.

Today, John doesn’t attend as many conferences, but he still manages to fit in four to six per year. He still likes to attend a few, as it’s a great way to meet industry leaders and make those connections.

Listen to the show to find out one of the ways John loves to pay it forward.

How to build key alliances after you interview guests

A great example of how a key alliance has benefitted John in a very powerful way is the relationship he has developed with Lewis Howes.

John explains that he has always admired Lewis from afar for a very long time. He’s a guy who pursues his dream and has achieved so much in life so far.

the school of greatness

John was desperate to get Lewis Howes on his show.

So John reached out to Lewis on multiple occasions to try to track him down for an interview. Once he got a confirmed booking, John prepared like crazy for the interview. It was after the interview that John suggested to Lewis that he should get his voice out there too and start his own podcast.

John helped him come up with the launch for the School of Greatness podcast, and Lewis then mentored John one-on-one for 6 months.

The relationship between them not only led to them dominating the iTunes chart, but iTunes contacted them to say that they could start a network together, which they called the Integrity Network. It has given them both incredible additional exposure.

the integrity network

The Integrity Network is a handful of entrepreneurial podcasts.

You never know what can come from these interviews, even before, during or after the release. Be strategic about it and amazing things will happen.

Listen to the show to discover how John got my attention after I had been on his show.

Advice when going after high-profile people

John says that the first thing you must do is launch your podcast and get it out there. Initially get some people on the show you can practice with and just have a fun time. This will help you get more comfortable with your interview technique.

You have to build some momentum and traction before you can even consider having any high-profile guests on your show.

seth godin eof

Don’t invite high-profile guests onto your show right away.

Cliff Ravenscraft has a great stat that he likes to share—”90% of podcasts never make it past episode 7.”

Many high-level entrepreneurs are approached a lot to be on shows, and when they see that you are in pre-launch or you don’t have 10 episodes under your belt, they will start to question if you are the 10% who will make it past episode 7. The answer is probably not.

John advises that once you are comfortable and settled in, you should then keep your eyes open. You’ll find out how John was able to attract Seth Godin and Tim Ferris onto his show, and why it helped for him to have nearly 50 episodes already launched at that point.

john lee dumas image for podcast

Check out the full podcast episode with John Lee Dumas.

Listen to the show to find why it’s important to put yourself in the position of the person you want on your show.

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Key takeaways mentioned in this episode:

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    Listening to your podcast at the local ‘cantina’ and even tried to get the locals to have a listen. 🙂 Hope your daughter enjoys these pics. Really love your podcast and get inspired with each listen.

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  • PicPresents

    I love all your podcasts and thought that your interview with John Lee Dumas was so inspiring. Podcasts are great for me because they allow me to multi-task. On this occasion, I was making cupcakes for my daughter’s 8th birthday party! Perhaps not the most exciting or business-like photo but that’s what I was doing! Thank you so much for all your amazing content. Jane from Epsom, UK.

  • Hey Jane – Awesome looking cupcakes! Be sure to check out our sister property at

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  • Guest

    Hi Michael, a huge thanks for your show! Your informative, down to earth style keeps me Iistening every day on the way to work at my new start-up in Paris. Our website brings the best of Paris adapted to tourists coming to the city. We just got accepted into the world’s first incubator for tourism (woohoo!) but as the only native English speaker in the office (originally from Kelowna, Canada) and solo running social media, I really look to your podcasts for daily guidance 🙂 So, the moment you mentioned the contest I snapped a pic of me listening while walking by the Sacre Coeur in Montmartre, Paris. Thank you again for your great shows and crossing my fingers I might get picked as your expert insight could be of a huge help to connecting with our international audience. All the best!

  • Michyl Culos

    Hi Michael, a huge thanks for your show! Your informative, down to earth style keeps me Iistening every day on the way to work at my new start-up Parisianist(.com) in Paris. Our website brings the best of Paris adapted to tourists coming to the city. We just got accepted into the world’s first incubator for tourism (woohoo!) but as the only native English speaker in the office (originally from Kelowna, Canada) and solo running social media, I really look to your podcasts for daily guidance 🙂 So, the moment you mentioned the contest I snapped a pic of me listening while walking by the Sacre Coeur in Montmartre, Paris. Thank you again for your great shows and crossing my fingers I might get picked as your expert insight could be of a huge help to connecting with our international audience. All the best!

  • Congrats on your new start up and thanks for listening Michyl!

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    Hi. I am Brendon from Trinidad West Indies
    This is me ever so glad to be listening to your show Michael!

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  • Larry Quicksall

    Hi Mike! My favorite time to listen to your podcast is while I’m doing various chores at our farm. Today I happened to be doing my beekeeping tasks while listening to your show. With the help of your podcast I am putting together Crossroads innovative trainings, an educational business to help counselors take their practice to the next level. I would love the opportunity to talk with you and gain your insight into how to take my business to the next level.

  • fitJaime

    I listen in the car! Usually on Mondays between dropping my older daughter at gymnastics and picking up my younger one from preschool. Then I continue listening as we drive back! As a busy mom, the car is my podcast vehicle 🙂

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    On my way from cleaning mattresses from one bedding outlet to another. Listen to you every week. Now I’ll just “transition” over to the photo I took.

    Thanks Mike.

  • Thanks for stopping for me Darryl 🙂

  • Tyler Culbertson

    Walter and I enjoy your podcast every week…although Walter might enjoy the walk more;)
    Thank you for consistently sharing incredible and usable content.
    Keep up the epic work!

  • Saying Hi and listening from Noosa, Queensland on the most perfect winter day.. <3 <3

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  • I love EOFire! Great interview! I listen at my day job making costumes for theatrical productions with my friend

  • Hi Michael – My son and I love your podcast and listen to it on the drive home from school. Keep up the great work! (We were stopped at a red light by the way :-))

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  • Really? Can’t believe you lived here! I’m so glad you enjoyed Lake Atitlan. Hey, you should consider doing a tour of conferences in Latin America. I’ll bet those events would sell out very quickly. Saludos!

  • Gero Pflüger

    I’m listening to this episode while on the couch at 1:30 a.m. in Hannover, Germany. Bad lighting, sorry for that. 😉

    Great show, Michael. I always enjoy it!


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  • Awesome and I can see that your eyes are on the road, good man!

  • Thanks Morgan

  • Thanks Brendan and do tell your son I love his smile

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  • Gero Pflüger

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  • Jeff

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  • Thanks Michael. I will! He actually loves listening to the podcast and keeps asking to be on my podcast. He’ll be so excited you replied to our comment. Thank you!!

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  • I listen to the podcast when walking to work around the Töölö Bay in the center of Helsinki. On the way I have a pretty spectacular view, which this photo does not do justice. In the background you can see some city landmarks such as the Finlandia House, the National Museum and the Parliament.

  • Listening at work. Oklahoma City.

  • Hello from Dorset, UK. This is me at work.

    I would also like to say awesome podcast Michael. I must check out the website more as im normally on the go when listening to your podcast. Looking forward to the next. Neal

  • An hour later I still can’t see my picture here… Hmm.

  • Just out walking the dog. Shame this wasn’t yesterday as it was sunny and blue skies. Cant win them all. Nice to see people from all over the joint popping up here. Have a great day, Great show…..

    John in South Norfolk United Kingdom!

  • Hey Mike, one of my favourite podcasts from your series. John is such a great guy. And what better way to enjoy listening to you guys while I was coming into land at Sydney, Australia.

  • Great Podcast. I am from New Zealand and it is Autumn here and I was out int the garden blowing leaves and collecting them up. Great to be able to listen to you and enjoy the garden. I then go and make a list of all the great ideas I hear and implement them on my blog and elsewhere. Thanks for all you do Michael and team.

  • Jon O’Connor

    It just had to be the one where I was in bed…listening early morning. Had to do the reverse-selfie to get the flash. Great episode!

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  • Sweet and thanks Aino – All of your pics showed up 🙂

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  • Thanks Mike

  • I do that too Jeff. Just don’t drop me in that can 🙂

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    Riding on one horse and having the other with me in halter on a ride in the beautiful Swedish nature is a great occasion for learning from you and your guests, Michael!
    Thank you for all you do, you are with me in the forest all year around! 🙂

  • Wow Pelle! I am so glad such technology exists and thanks for listening

  • Wow Lena! I think you are first person I know of who listens while riding horses

  • Gregg Cooke

    Hello from FL and the makeshift office!

  • Podcasts and morning coffee, a stimulating start to the day. 🙂 I love the photo contest idea. Good stuff!

  • My photo didn’t show up 🙁 Hope it works this time!

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    Hello, hello, Michael! I listen when I walk. It’s a gorgeous cool morning here in Summerland, BC Canada. Have a great day!

  • Hey Gregg! Thanks for listening

  • Thanks for listening Lynford!

  • Thanks for taking me along Brandy 🙂

  • Sarah Romero

    Shower University, baby! Rub-a-dub-dubbing to Social Media Marketing podcast in Palm Springs, CA.

  • yes, as you can see from the hat we are a marquee company and this is our storage unit. would rather be internet employed long term though. 😉

  • Jörn Hendrik

    Yeah Mike. Best wishes from Berlin. Heard this episode while riding my bike through Brandenburger Tor. Love your show, keep up the good work!

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  • Sidra Collins

    Hi from Ramat Gan, Israel! I love your podcasts!

  • Michael, very much enjoy the podcast. I am a fan. I listen while I run and train for races. Here I am finishing the last part of a half marathon 21 KM mark in London, Ontario.

  • Thanks Jim – It is great to run with you!

  • Thanks for listening Sidra

  • Thanks Ben! Great to hear from you

  • Thanks Jorn!

  • Good old shower training huh Sarah 🙂

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  • jfoley

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  • Awesome! Nice to see you Debs

  • Hope you were at a light 🙂

  • Wow, inspiring! This is actually my first time listening to the show and shame on me for that. 🙂 I’ve been following John and when I saw this interview I knew that I had to listen. Well I’m glad I did. You guys got into some of the particulars of John’s strategies that I haven’t heard before. I’ll probably have to listen again and take some notes. Anyway here’s a picture of me listening while I was working out on my bike (with my dog keeping me company)!

  • Jillian Pierone

    Belvidere, NJ – working from home in my daughter’s playroom..

  • Jillian Pierone

    not sure why the photo didnt post… AND i just read Mike’s comment about it taking a second to show up. lol

  • ChristyCamren

    5:30AM hike. 🙂 This was my first time listening to the podcast. I listened to your interview on Amy Porterfield’s show about Twitter and loved that you gave such easy to implement tips. Looking forward to learning more!

  • Colin

    Listening to your podcast from my studio. Your podcast literally exposed me to the world of marketing, and now I’m implementing it to help myself turn my music hobby into a career!

  • Listening to the show while taking down the ropes course after a day of climbing with 4th graders.

  • I feel very inspired right now, after many months of what I would describe as discouraging. I feel like I have some ideas that could gain some traction.

  • Thanks Paul – Glad the show has given you some ideas 🙂

  • Wow Nick, that looks really cool!

  • Wow Colin – So glad you are digging into marketing as a result of the show

  • Thanks Cristy – Welcome to the show, I hope you keep listening 🙂

  • Yeah it never did Jillian

  • Sweet Melissa! Love the dog

  • Gary – You are the winner! Congrats!! Please email Jen@ our domain to arrange for your prize.

  • I have selected a winner, but I would still LOVE to see your picture.

    I have found that is can take a while to show up (sometimes hours). The key yo getting it to work is to make sure the image fully uploads before you post your comment. And if you are interested, here is the winner:

  • Harriett Seager

    Hi Mike, I’m walking the dog (white thing behind me) and listening to your awesome podcast at the same time. It’s become a ritual. I’ve learnt so much from you and am so grateful, thank you. I can’t begin to imagine how much I’d learn in a 30-min skype with you…..pick me…please!!! All the very best, Harriett

  • Jillian Pierone

    Attempt 2.0

  • Jillian Pierone

    Attempt 3.0 – Attempt 2.0 never even made it out of the gate…

  • Jillian Pierone

    I’ve determined that this plugin doesn’t like me.

  • Harriett Seager

    Good choice!

  • Thanks Harriett!

  • Hey Mike. Love this idea. I realize it’s too late for the contest, but wanted to post a few pictures anyway. My first day of unemployment and I knew it was time to get back into running. Here is a picture of me getting ready for my 4 mile run with my dog, Morocco. The timing was perfect. Also, pretty sure you and John inspired me to start a new podcast. Stay tuned. Oh, and that other picture, yeah, that’s Handley Trail!

  • Ahhh. Pics didn’t attach.

  • one more pic

  • Peter Duncan

    From my office!

  • Bart

    Fun to listen to during my bike ride, The Hague in The Netherland

  • Sweet DJ!

  • Catching up on my podcasts. You only have yourself to blame, Mike!

  • Antonel Neculai

    Great podcast! Michael Stelzner never disappoints!

  • Thanks Antonel!

  • Hey I recognize that green thing in the background

  • Thanks Bart!

  • ChristyCamren

    I have been. I was listening in my new (to me) car yesterday and it got to the end of the episode where you’re talking over the jungle music. It sounded like my car was broken and rattling and I freaked out a for a minute! Lol.
    Thanks for creating such great content!

  • Yessir! Best discovery everrr.

  • Steve

    I did stop the car to take this. Every Monday morning, I cue you up as I head out of the foothills near Denver to work. So, imagine Sentinel Rock in Perry Park as you’re recording.

  • Dave

    Both of you guys are providing huge value and inspiration. Thank you

    My tent pic.

    Thanks John and mike.


  • Animated_Anna

    Always ready for another portion of news from you and your team! Sunny hello from Dublin, Ireland!

  • Sweet, thanks Anna

  • Sara

    This is me. I wasn’t sideways when I was listening. But walking to the train in the rain.

  • Thanks for walking with me Sara 🙂

  • Denis Smith

    Am glad that I found this site. I have already downloaded the mp3 on social media and will load it to my mobile to listen it on the go. Thank you.

  • Pavlos Greece

    Am on the Tube in London

  • Hey James is that a waterproof speaker?

  • It certainly is. It was Michael’s 35th Discovery of the Week.

  • Sad that I’m upside down but hey-ho! I download your podcast and listen while I poo-pick the alpaca, clean the chickens and check on the sheep. Just about to launch an online retail store and need all the help I can get. Your podcast is brilliant and gives me fresh perspective and ideas every time I listen.

    I’m now trying to think how to use my blog content (The Arches at The Larches) of the last 5 years in learning how to be a smallholder, (some quite funny) to benefit the complimentary online store.

  • His name is Roscoe 🙂

  • His name is Roscoe 🙂

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  • Awesome! Safe sailing

  • Thanks Michael!