social media toolsDo you use LinkedIn to connect with new prospects?

Are you looking for better ways to network with LinkedIn?

The right third party applications can save time and automate your LinkedIn experience.

In this article you’ll discover applications that will help increase your LinkedIn communication and productivity.

use third-party linkedin apps

Discover how to increase LinkedIn productivity with third-party apps.

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#1: Evernote

Using Evernote is like having your office in your pocket.

Using Evernote along with LinkedIn makes it easy to connect with new people, back up your information at any time, streamline communications and write content on the go. It allows you to write notes, take pictures, record audio and more when you’re on the move. What’s more, you’re able to sync your content when the app is installed on your computer and your mobile devices.

Then everything is available with a few taps of your finger, no matter where you are.

There are free and premium versions of Evernote. To start with the free version, just go into your app store and download and install it.

evernote app

Evernote is like taking your office with you wherever you go.

To connect Evernote to LinkedIn, go into the Evernote Mobile app and click on Settings. For iOS, go to General, and then click on Camera.

evernote app settings

For iOS, go to Settings > General.

Next, select Business Cards.

select business cards in evernote

Next, select Business Cards.

Enter your email and password, and sign into LinkedIn.

Android users need to click on Settings and Camera, and then sign in.

evernote sign in on android

For Android, select Settings, then Camera, and just sign into your LinkedIn account.

Your Evernote and LinkedIn are now connected. You can disconnect them at any time.

evernote connected to linkedin

Disconnect your LinkedIn account at any time. Just go back into Settings.

1. Scan Business Cards

LinkedIn used to have a really great tool called Cardmunch that allowed you to take pictures of business cards, then send an invitation to connect on LinkedIn via the app. They never were able to get it to work efficiently with Android, so they discontinued the app last year.

Evernote has a similar feature that allows you to snap a picture of a business card, and then ask that connection to join you on LinkedIn (unfortunately with no customized messages). This works on both iOS and Android devices.

First, go to the Evernote home screen and click on Camera. Then take a picture of the business card.

scan a business card in evernote

Click on Camera on the home screen and take a picture.

Evernote will pull in the information and ask if you want to connect on LinkedIn.

After you connect, email your info to your new connection, scan another card or click Done.

scanned business card in evernote

Once the card’s scanned, email the contact, save another card or click Done.

Now you can easily enter all of the business cards you gather at events (such as Social Media Marketing World 2015) and expand your network.

2. Save Original and Boilerplate Material

Another way to use Evernote with LinkedIn is to create written templates for customized invitations and invitation responses, whether for someone you know, someone you just met or a person you met in a group. You can also prepare responses to common questions, so they’re ready to go whenever you get requests.

Note: You can’t send a customized invitation with Evernote. However, if you use the LinkedIn Mobile app, you can send a customized invite and use Evernote to find and copy the text.

template responses in evernote

Create a notebook of email templates on Evernote. They’re easy to access, copy and send to connections!

If you find it’s much easier to “writeyour blog posts using voice recognition, Evernote makes the process easy, efficient, convenient and accurate.

I am rarely sitting in front of my computer when I am inspired to write a post. But even if I’m standing in line at the airport I can grab my phone, click on Evernote and in a few moments have the initial copy for a post. Then I can repurpose many of those blog posts as LinkedIn Publisher posts.

blog posts saved in evernote

Write blog posts in Evernote, and then save it to post later on your blog, LinkedIn Publisher or both.

Sure, you can write LinkedIn invitation and message response templates, as well as other content, and then save them to Dropbox, or Google Drive. However, Evernote is my choice, because everything’s in one place: you can create and save documents in the app. It’s also easier to search Evernote, which saves you time.

Combining Evernote and LinkedIn means you’ll never forget to make connections, you’ll never be at a loss for words and you’ll be ready whenever content creativity strikes.


IFTTT (If This, Then That) allows you to automate functions between different third-party apps. When you automate certain functions for LinkedIn using this app, it saves you an enormous amount of time and will help increase engagement. The automations between apps are called recipes.

Go to your app store and download and install IFTTT.

After you sign up and launch, click on the Recipe icon (the mortar and pestle).

recipe icon in ifttt

Click on the Recipe icon to access recipes.

Go to the recipe search by clicking the “+” sign, and type inLinkedIn.”

linkedin recipes in ifttt

Search “LinkedIn” and get all of its available recipes.

After connecting, you’ll see a bunch of recipes available to use for LinkedIn.

Understand IFTTT Recipes

There are many tasks IFTTT will automate for LinkedIn.

For example, IFTTT will automatically send new LinkedIn connections an email right after they accept your invitation. Edit the message to say what you’d like. I recommend a very brief thank-you. If you have some free resources your new connections might find useful, share the link, and most importantly, ask how you can be of service to them. This is not the place to pitch your product or service. Get to know them first.

The only downside of this recipe is that there are few formatting options, so put what you want to say in one easy-to-read paragraph.

Another option is to set up IFTTT to send people congratulations on a milestone, such as a work anniversary, birthday or new job. This is a great way to automate top-of-mind awareness with your connections. One of my clients landed a $3 million government contract after congratulating a former client on his new title. You never know where a little engagement can lead.

To add a recipe, just click on the one you want. The first time you click on a recipe, you’ll have to grant access to LinkedIn. In this case, we’ll do congratulations on a new job.

create a recipe in ifttt

Select the recipe you want. Disable or delete it at any time.

Select Edit to customize the message.

edit a recipe in ifttt

The recipe will give you a starting point, but feel free to edit it.

When you’re satisfied with the message in your recipe, click Publish.

#3: LinkedIn + Evernote + IFTTT

While Evernote and IFTTT work well on their own, you can combine them to do cool things on LinkedIn, such as write and send updates or back up data.

Go into the IFTTT recipe search, and enterEvernoteandLinkedIn.”

evernote and linkedin recipes in ifttt

Search Evernote and LinkedIn to find recipes that combine both tools.

Edit the recipes you want to connect your apps and customize.

1. Write and Share Updates

One recipe lets you set up Evernote to write and share updates directly to LinkedIn.

After you write the update in Evernote, click on the three dots at the bottom right of your screen.

evernote and linkedin update sharing recipe in ifttt

Click on the three dots on the bottom right of your update.

This will open a box below your update. Select LinkedIn as the destination.

evernote and linkedin update destination in ifttt

Select LinkedIn as the destination for your update.

Click Share.

evernote and linkedin update sharing recipe in ifttt

A box below will open. Click Share to post your update.

When you have downtime, write a bunch of updates that are ready to share at any time.

2. Archive Updates

Additionally, you can create an archive of your LinkedIn updates, so you can reuse them or use them on other platforms. This easily accessible content library also gives you a visual inventory of what you’ve posted, and serves as a topic reminder for blog posts and additional social media updates.

update archive in ifttt

Use an IFTTT recipe to archive updates on Evernote.

Plus, if you use a scheduler like Hootsuite or Oktopost, this archive serves as a library of tweets and updates you can schedule and use at any time.

3. Back Up Your Contacts and Profile

Perhaps the best use of the dynamic trio recipes is the ability to back up LinkedIn contacts and information on Evernote to keep your information safe and available on all devices.

This is important because even though LinkedIn has a connections back-up tool, it’s very glitchy. Since LinkedIn shut down its API, to use your contacts with other apps, you need to export them out of LinkedIn and then import them into the new application.

contact backup with ifttt

Back up your LinkedIn data on Evernote using IFTTT.

Also, back up other content such as your profile information. When you have a copy of your profile in Evernote, you can use it for other applications that need your bio or work information.

The best part is that using a recipe from IFTTT is automated, so you always have the most current information backed up in Evernote.


LinkedIn is a wonderful platform if you want to stay in front of your connections. Its mini-CRM system is okay, but these tools improve it.

Combine LinkedIn with third-party apps such as Evernote and IFTTT to save time, increase engagement and accessibility, and to save and protect your data. It makes your work better, faster, easier and more effective.

What do you think? Have you tried Evernote and/or IFTTT with LinkedIn? What do you use this combination for? What are your favorite IFTTT recipes? What other third-party mobile apps do you like to use with LinkedIn? Please share your thoughts and recommendations in the comments.

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  • Nice tips. It’s very obvious Viveka is an Evernote power user of LinkedIn and she knows the power of sharing. I’ve discovered my Windows Phone can snap business cards and save them directly as VCF files, saving me time with some CRM tasks.

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  • Murray Beaulieu

    Viveka never ceases to amaze! Well done. I’m doing this ASAP. Thanks

  • linkedinexpert

    Thanks – I’m familiar with most Android and iOS phones – but I’m glad to know there is a solution for Windows phones too. Not quite sure why LinkedIn did away with Cardmunch – but at least there are other options- thanks for sharing yours!

  • linkedinexpert

    Thanks Murray :))

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  • John White

    Great post, Viv. Hope you are enjoying Vegas.

  • Jennifer Davis

    excellent tips! Thanks for sharing, very helpful.

  • Viveka, you have done an outstanding job. I learned lots of new things. Thank you!

  • James Hennings

    Excellent post Viveka, I tried using IFTTT but it wasn’t able to message people directly for me when I tried. The recipes you recommend seem to do a few things I thought I couldn’t when I was using it. Is there a paid version or did I just mess it up? I will be putting both of these apps to use. Not sending personal messages with invites is a problem for me though, I send one with every connection invitation.

  • I install Evernote and then forget about it!! Maybe I need to rethink that…

  • linkedinexpert

    Thanks John – yes, Vegas was fun! Now off to Vancouver 🙂

  • linkedinexpert

    Thanks so much Jennifer!

  • linkedinexpert

    That’s great to hear Madalyn -Since LinkedIn is always changing things I always have something to write about!

  • linkedinexpert

    Hey James – it depends when you first tried IFTTT. I was just lie you – tried IFTTT when it first came out and then gave up because I could never get it to work. but they have definitely made it more user friendly now. I have the free version (I actually don’t even know if there is a paid version.) And just so you know, I find the recipes on my iPhone and then edit them in the browser. I’m not sure if that might help you too? Also – I agree 1000% with you about personalizing invitations – and always recommend that – AND a lot of folks don’t bother – so this is for them 🙂

  • linkedinexpert

    I did too Scott – then Steve Dotto made me take a second look. I’m glad I did! PS – check out and also Steve is speaking at Social Media Marketing World this year, so if you are attending go to see him!!! (I hope he’s not the same time as me!!!)

  • Terry

    Viveka~ Good stuff. Followed your directions to a T. Now – to execute!

  • linkedinexpert

    Awesome 🙂

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  • Well, I think I finally find someone who will be able to convince me that Linkedin is useful. I will stay tuned

  • James Hennings

    Ok cool! I think I tried a little while after you. Now that they made changes I guess I will have to check out IFTTT. There is a lot of personal messages I send repeatedly and that would be a tremendous help.

  • illoh ifeoma

    I read in an article somewhere that LinkedIn intends to clamp down on third party apps, will it affect any of these? Whats the future of third party integration?

  • linkedinexpert

    Hi Illoh! You are absolutely correct. LinkedIn is always changing its relationships to it’s APIs. However – so far it seems that LinkedIn and Evernote have a very good relationship. The only two apps that seem to be free of LinkedIn’s API stinginess are Salesforce and Evernote. It’s possible that linkedIn’s limitations could affect if at some point. Let’s hope they don’t!

  • James Hennings

    Hey Vivkeka,
    I am having trouble getting to that “Social Template” screen in Evernote you took a screen shot of. Was this an option in Evernote or something you created? I already had the ‘IF’ app on my phone already. I am not able find a recipe for emailing new connections automatically when they accept an invitation request. Can you assist me with these two issues?

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  • Thank you so much for the additional
    links. That’s very nice of you!

  • SocialBirdsMedia

    When I used the IFTTT recipe for sending FB posts to LinkedIn, a empty spot appeared where the image should be. Is there a fix for this?

  • Enrico Cerrato

    same for me, cannot send emails to new connections. what a shame

  • Seb Pochet

    It seems that there are no more LinkedIn ‘triggers’. I followed the step to set the congratulate on the new job automated message but it seems that this is no more available. Does anyone have a workaround to get this done ?

  • Aaron Weldon

    Having trouble seeing where you can automate a congratulations on LinkedIn. Is this option still there?

  • Aaron Weldon

    No more triggers for LinkedIn

  • Hi,
    I have only just found this article through Google but unfortunately it seems out of date. I tried using IFTTT with LinkedIn and there don’t appear to be any LinkedIn triggers any more.
    Zapier also has removed LinkedIn triggers.
    Is there any way to automate LinkedIn tasks anymore?