social media how toDo you blog? Are you active on social media?

Have you integrated your blogging with your social activities?

Blogging can help you improve your social media marketing.

In this post, you’ll discover four tips to enhance your social media efforts using your business blog.

#1: Share Your Blog Posts in Your Social Status Updates

Not sure what to post on your Facebook wall or Twitter profile? How about links to your blog posts?

The rule of thumb is to have a 80/20 split with 80% of your updates not self-promotional and 20% self-promotional. If you use the 20% self-promotional updates to share links to your blog content, you’ll give your followers something more valuable to read than a product or service sales page.

Content for Social Networks

Notice how Social Media Examiner linked to their latest post in this Facebook update.

Why is sharing your blog content on your social media profiles a good thing? For starters, you’ll bring people from social media sites back to your blog.

Sharing your blog content on your social sites also helps you demonstrate your business’s knowledge in your industry. This positions you as an informational leader. Becoming known as an authority in your industry can lead to speaking and even publishing opportunities that will ultimately boost your business’s exposure—and your revenue generation.

Here are some best practices to follow.

In order to receive the best exposure for your content, you will want to determine when the majority of your audience is online. Buffer offers great analytics to track tweet statistics. And Facebook Insights can help you with timing your Facebook posts.

The advantage of Twitter is that you can reformat your tweets to share content with your Twitter updates multiple times.

For example, you can use the title of the post in the first update, create a variation of the title for a second update and then ask a question related to the post in the third update. This helps you reach your audience across multiple time zones.

If you want to get more engagement when you share your content, use different ways of posting your status updates.

For example, on Facebook, post a photo to your wall and link to your content in the text of the post, since photo posts tend to get higher engagement than posts with just a link in them. See what works best for your audience.

When you mention specific people, products or businesses in your blog content, be sure to mention them again in your social updates when you share your post on social media. You can use @usernames in tweets and tag relevant people on Facebook and Google+. This increases the likelihood that these people will also share your content with their audience, potentially increasing your business’s exposure with a new audience.

Mention Others in Social Shares

Mention people, products and businesses in social shares of your content.

#2: Make Social Sharing Effortless

A great way to drive even more traffic to your blog posts is to allow your audience to share content for you.

Why do you want visitors sharing your content? One of the best reasons is to gain social proof for the content your business publishes. You’ll also start to gain more readers and subscribers from followers of those who share your content.

Your content may even be featured in LinkedIn Today, LinkedIn’s news section based on blog content that has been shared often on LinkedIn.

Content Featured on LinkedIn Today

The top story on LinkedIn Today for Marketing and Advertising.

Here are some best practices to follow.

The best way to encourage others to share your content is to include social sharing buttons on your blog, preferably at the top and bottom of your blog posts.

Plugins that can help you achieve this include Add This (multiple blogging platforms), Share This, Sociable (WordPress self-hosted) and Digg Digg.

Social Sharing

Social Media Examiner uses Digg Digg for social sharing buttons.

Another great way to encourage sharing is to ask visitors to share your content. Consider it a great call to action to add to all of your posts. You can even include tweetable nuggets throughout your blog posts by using the Clicktotweet tool.

Social Sharing

A tweetable quote using Clicktotweet on the Analyze Facebook Insights to see ad performance.

#3: Grow Your Social Followers Through Your Blogging

Do you want more Twitter followers, Facebook fans and Google+ followers? Blogging gives you a platform and provides opportunities where you can encourage readers to connect with you on social media.

Why do you want to build relevant followers through your blogging? These will be some of the best social followers for your business as they will be the ones most interested in your industry and in your content.

A relevant and targeted audience can ultimately turn into more leads and conversions for your business through social media. As you grow your targeted following on social media, you can also expect to receive more engagement when you share your content on your social profiles.

Here are some best practices to follow.

If you want to grow your Twitter following, be sure to use the official Twitter retweet button. This allows you to add your @username to the tweet and encourages people to follow your Twitter account after they tweet your posts.

Official Tweet Button

Gain new Twitter followers when people tweet your content.

Include a call to action at the end of your posts to the effect of “If you enjoyed this post, please follow us on Twitter or become a fan on Facebook.” This also helps increase your social following. But only promote your main social media accounts. Giving too many options may lead people to choose not to follow any of them.

Since your business blog’s design will likely feature a sidebar, include follow buttons so visitors can easily follow you on the top social networks.

Social Follow Buttons in Blog Sidebar

Social Media Examiner uses these social buttons in the blog sidebar to grow followers on Twitter and Google+.

Also, be sure to set up Google+ authorship on your blog. Your photo and Google+ profile will show up with content you author in Google’s search results, which could lead to more Google+ followers (and click-throughs back to your posts).

#4: Send Social Advertising Links to Your Blog Content

If you find that the social advertising you have pointing directly to your landing pages, product pages and service pages is not getting traffic, you may want to look at advertising links to your blog content instead. If your content is valuable enough and written toward your targeted customer base, you could generate conversions from the blog posts you advertise.

Social Advertising

Market your blog posts through social advertising.

Why share blog content in your social advertising? People who are not familiar with your business are more likely to click on an informational link vs. links to a sales page.

If your goal is engagement, blog content typically gets more likes, comments and shares than sales pages. This will make your Promoted Posts and Sponsored Stories on Facebook more impressive. Facebook Ads in particular can also lead to boosting your number of fans on Facebook.

Here are some best practices to follow.

To create a great ad, start with a strong title, description and image from your blog post. Also try making variations of your ad (such as LinkedIn advertising allows) to test your audience’s response and engagement using different images, titles and descriptions for your blog posts.

To ensure that your ads are affecting your bottom line in a positive way, make sure to end each blog post with a strong call to action related to your products or services. This will give your ads more potential to lead to conversions and sales.

Then analyze the data from each social network’s advertising analytics, as well as your blog’s Google Analytics, to make sure your ads are receiving click-throughs, and that your blog content is turning visitors into conversions.

Social Advertising Insights

Analyze Facebook Insights to see ad performance.

In Conclusion

If you are not seeing the results you’d like with your social media marketing, employ some of these tips to integrate your blogging into your social media marketing tactics. Be sure to let us know how it works for your business.

What do you think?  What other ways have you seen your business blog benefit your social media efforts? Please share in the comments!

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  • Shalini Talluri

    Good tips! very helpful.

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  • Great stuff, thanks!

  • Great tips Kristi! I’m sure it will help a lot of new bloggers and small business owners integrate their blogs and social media networks better. Thanks for sharing!

    Let’s keep rockin and rollin everyone!

    ~John Lee Dumas

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  • bradhines


  • Thanks John! These are basically the tips I have to give some of my new clients when they are trying to figure out how to boost their social media presence without always advertising products and services. I’m always amazed by how many of them don’t bother promoting their blog posts but expect them to get traction.

  • You’re welcome Josh! 🙂

  • Thanks Shalini!

  • Thanks Brad! 🙂

  • Sarah Bauer

    Extending the Twitter lifecycle of a blog post with three individual tweets is such a pro idea! Definitely something we’re going to start doing with our business blog posts. We’ve found that adding our posts to a strong, relevant mix of curated content that we re-post across social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter has significantly increased traffic back to our blog site. It’s all about creating a balance ( the 80/20, like you say) to maximize value for customers, and convince them to check out your stuff!

    Sarah Bauer
    Navigator Multimedia

  • jason p

    Very informative

  • Nice!

  • Baesis10

    Great post! Surprised you didn’t mention sharing your blog in LinkedIn groups you belong to. Drives traffic to your site as well as generates conversation on LinkedIn too.

  • Exactly! Once people get used to the fact that you’re always sharing great content, they’ll click on everything you share, including stuff from your own website!

  • Thanks Jason! 🙂

  • Good point! I do that all the time, not sure why I didn’t include that. 🙂

  • Thanks!

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  • Thanks Kristi, one of the most useful bunch of resources!

  • Kristi-thanks so much for this article! I clicked on a tweet by KathyLLogan and followed the yellow brick door to you..I’m just starting to use twitter-it’s a bit overwhelming and you’ve broken down the little steps to take beautifully. 🙂

  • Fancy writing door instead of road! That’ll teach me for posting before reading properly!! lol

  • It happens when I’m excited about commenting on something to. I’m glad you found the post either way. 🙂

  • You’re welcome Moin! 🙂

  • Great article. I love the idea of consistency across multiple platforms. I usually use Twitter more than Facebook and Google+. I usually use quotes from the specific blog post. This gives me the ability to appeal to more followers and not come across as a spam bot. The quotes are usually helpful to my audience. I am actually sharing this post in about 2 hours haha. Thank you for the awesome write up.

  • If you need help with Twitter let me know…

  • Kristi I have a question. What metrics do you use to find out the optimal time for your tweets? Do you base success on Retweets, Favorites or Blog Comments?

  • That’s a great tip! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  • I use Buffer to send my tweets, and they have built in analytics that shows you the clicks, retweets, replies, reach, and favorites for each tweet. I can look at the last tweets I had scheduled to see that the ones at 8pm are getting a lot less interaction than ones I send between 6am and 6pm. Then I know to take away that time slot and maybe try something earlier.

  • The most important point that has been discussed is the proportion in which the Content must be shared. 80-20 is a good ratio but with the changes in Facebook’s News Feed algorithm do you think the 20% Content would reach the right audience?

    However I think that we increase the Share ratio to 50-50 it would serve the purpose, but again you never know how your Content would reach to your audience.

    Most of the times our friends or followers are on Social Media to have a fun time or to check out what their friends are up to, so do you think that they would be interested in reading the Content except for the ones into Digital?

  • Signing up for Buffer now…I use Hootsuite now…thank you for answering the question Kristi.

  • I think it all depends on the network. And the business. Some big brands can be 100% self-promotional and their fans love it because that’s what they became fans for. Sometimes you can be more self-promotional on Facebook than on Twitter. I feel like Twitter is the place people expect more of a rounded mixture of content sharing.

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  • Something we do regularly is respond to a Facebook comment with a Blog post and respont to the FB comment using the blog post URL. We try to do the same thing with our weekly email news letter getting an idea from a FB fan and writing about it giving them credit for the article and then asking for responses on both Facebook and our blog. We just deployed some software on Mailchimp that indicated only 35% of our email address can be attributed to FB fans so we’re encouraging blog commenting. Because our blog is embedded in our website, comments result as high value content.

  • That sounds like a great idea! Thanks for sharing your strategy! 🙂

  • You’re welcome. Hope you enjoy Buffer, and especially their analytics!

  • Yes I just signed up and it is amazing, I like that you can track retweets and the overall reach. Thank You Kristi.

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  • Danny

    to a newbie here, this stuff is gold to hear. As an professional trying to promote my services I will be implementing your advice. great article.

  • Mike Gopsill

    This is really good advice. When I started blogging, the first post to facebook increased my views by 60% plus. Luckily I have some good facebook friends it seems, but I think it might be good to create a Facebook Page so as that to spam your mates.
    Twitter gives more freedom as only people who really like your stuff will follow you anyway, and you’d rather want people who naturally like your stuff rather than persuading other people.
    Combine social media with great content like this and you are sure to headway! I’ll be using these tips to keep up my blog. Cheers.

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  • Thanks Daniel! I hope you see some great results! 🙂

  • Thanks Mike! I promote stuff on my personal profile and my page. I figure that my true friends should love the work I do for my business as well as my personal updates, although I would love to see a filter where you can just share business updates with the people who follow your public updates and hide it from your friends and family if you so choose.

  • Susan Collini

    Great advice to those new to blogging and those who don’t really understand how to work it as part of a social media strategy.

  • Lisa Newlin

    This was an excellent post! I’ve been on Facebook for years, as has my blog, but I only recently decided to really vamp up my Twitter presence. I’ve only been doing that for about two weeks and I’ve noticed an increase in traffic, and I think it stems from twitter.

    I’m still learning but this post was helpful! 🙂

  • Helpful post indeed. I have applied tips no 1 & 4 and get satisfactory result, We expect more post regarding the topic. Thank you.

  • Yes. It depends on the authority and follower-ship you already have.

  • Very informative post. With Facebook’s subjective advertising, you can tap your ads to be seen by age, gender, interest and even location.

  • Attention Getting Marketing

    One thing that helped my blog was to post my blog posts to Facebook and then run a Facebook newsfeed ad which then sent the post out to the demographic I selected. Only costs a few dollars a day but is a good way to build up an audience.

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  • Blogging is a tool
    like many others in that it is used for marketing, but it is more than that
    because people can look to you as being knowledgeable about the information
    that you blog about. The importance of blogging for social media marketing
    cannot be stressed enough in today’s marketplace. Along with the other tools
    that are available such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, incorporating a
    blog site that gives your audience information that is useful and/or
    enjoyable can help you have your business growing in no time.Thanks for this
    article Kristi!

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  • Nina Amir

    Don’t forget to repurpose your content into a book…or better yet, blog your book. You can easily turn yourself into an expert and boost your business with a blog and a book.

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  • Blogging is not just a hobby it also can be use at work or advertise something.. Thumbs up for this!!

  • James Simmons

    Great article, Yes today blog is essential part of SEO, People are waiting for latest news from blog, Always try to provide latest blog post to attract viewers. I am also a member of seo Newyork and I always prefer to post latest and informative blog

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  • Kristi’s posts are always full of awesome data and are so actionable. Thanks for taking the time to write this!

  • Great point Nina.