Do you curate content for your blog and social media sites?

Want to discover how to find remarkable content to share?

To learn how to explore content curation, I interview Ian Cleary.

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The Social Media Marketing podcast is an on-demand talk radio show from Social Media Examiner. It’s designed to help busy marketers and business owners discover what works with social media marketing.

In this episode I interview Ian Cleary, the founder of RazorSocial, a marketing tech blog focused on social media tools. His blog has been awarded a top 10 social media blog by Social Media Examiner in 2013 and 2014. Ian is also a very popular speaker.

Ian explores content curation, why it’s valuable and tools that make the discovery of new content easy.

You’ll discover what content curation is, why it’s important and how to find and share relevant content.


Listen as Ian Cleary shares how to find great content to share.

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Here are some of the things you’ll discover in this show:

Content Curation

Ian’s journey

After more than 15 years in technology, Ian started doing social media consultancy and training. He wanted an international business that combined his knowledge of tools, technology and social media, which led him to RazorSocial.

Ian explains when he started the blog just over two years ago, he initially focused on guest blogging. Ian developed relationships with other people in the industry, seeking out opportunities to guest post on similar sites. It got his name out there and drove traffic to his site, which was the intent. He then had to make sure his site had really good content.

At RazorSocial Ian has always focused on high-quality content has been of the utmost importance.

Ian has always focused on high-quality content for his blog.

Ian now has more than 100,000 visitors to the site every month. They run webinars and sell online training. Ian’s primary focus is to still build relationships and provide quality content. “People are prepared to buy our premium content because they know we deliver good content all the time,” he says.

Listen to the show to hear more about Ian’s networking strategy and the story of how we first met.

What is content curation?

Ian believes that content curation is about finding relevant content and sharing it in a meaningful way. For example, if you do a weekly roundup post, don’t just list article titles and links, instead add the reason why each post is interesting.

Curated content can be your own articles, as well as posts from others. When Ian compiles his email newsletter, he’ll put in his latest posts, but he also picks out some of his popular older articles, and points out why he thinks they would be valuable for his readers.

Listen to the show to discover how Ian curates his own content. 

Why marketers should care about curating content

Ian explains how content curation builds up a marketer’s authority. If your audience trusts you because you consistently share good content, when you share your own material, they’re more likely to engage.

On the flip side, if you share consistently bad or irrelevant content from other sources, people won’t be as interested when you share your own articles.

Listen to the show to find out how Social Media Examiner curates other people’s content.

Ian’s content sharing strategy

When Ian shares other people’s content on Facebook and other social media platforms, he puts a line before the article link explaining what the article’s about and why it’s interesting.

Ian also explains how he curates content for posts on his blog. For example, he recently did an article on podcast tools. He reached out to podcasters, and asked for their three favorite podcast tools. He compiled the response and wrote a summary.

This type of post is both valuable and shareable. The influential people in the article share the post. Plus, Ian created a custom image with a picture of everyone in the article. After the image was posted on Facebook, the people in the article were able to tag each other, giving it even more visibility.

Ian created a custom image with everyone included in this curated article.

Ian created a custom image with everyone included in this curated article.

According to Ian, the above podcast post generated about 10,000 visits.

Listen to the show to learn how Ian adjusts this strategy for content he curates and shares on Twitter.

Tools to help you simplify the content curation process

Ian uses a variety of tools to find good content.

Content Gems sends links to you. You specify the categories you’re interested in—such as content marketing and social media—and then you get a daily email of the most shared articles in those categories. They curate it, so there are a couple of lines describing what each article’s about. There are free and paid versions.

Based on your categories, Content Gems curates content and sends it to your via email.

Content Gems sends you the most popular articles based on your specifications via email.

Post Planner is an excellent tool to discover great content on Facebook. Ian uses it to find trending quotes or interesting pictures to mix up the article content. You’ll hear what other great features they offer. They have a limited free version, as well as a paid one.

Buffer and BuzzSumo also help you locate trending and popular content. Feedly is manual curation—pick out people you like to follow, and then go through the articles to see if there’s something interesting to share.

Finally, Edgar organizes and automates what and when you share. Specify different categories such as your blog posts, other people’s posts and quotes and set up queues. Then decide what time you want to share content. Edgar will automatically pick things out to share from your categories at the specified times.

Listen to the show to discover how Ian curates and reshares his older content.

Discovery of the Week

Have you ever seen those cool videos that somehow capture what’s on your iPhone? Ever wonder how to do that? Check out ScreenFlow 5 for the Mac.

With ScreenFlow 5, you can plug your iPhone into your Mac. Then within ScreenFlow, record the audio off of your iPhone or iPad as you demonstrate how to do something.

I just did one on how to subscribe to this podcast using iTunes on an iPhone. Take a look:

This video was created using ScreenFlow.

ScreenFlow is a great way to show off an app or demonstrate how to do something on your smartphone. Plus, the quality is very high.

The app costs $99. However, for those who already have a previous version of ScreenFlow, it’s $34 to upgrade to version 5. If you need to record from the screen of your iPhone, it’s definitely worth it!

Listen to the show to learn more and let us know how ScreenFlow works for you.

Other Show Mentions

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Hear testimonials from our 2014 conference speakers.

This is just a sample of industry experts talking about their experience at Social Media Marketing World.

In the show, Ian Cleary shares how he makes the trip from Ireland every year, because it’s exceptionally valuable for his business.

You’ll also hear from Joel Comm. At the conference, Joel will be talking about how to leverage the power of Twitter to enhance your brand and grow your business. We will have over 100 sessions on literally everything related to social media marketing, including Facebook, YouTube, podcasting, visual design, blogging, corporate and small business social media and everything in between. Visit here to check out the speakers, the agenda and grab your early bird discount.

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Listen to the show!

Key takeaways mentioned in this episode:

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  • Great podcast! Content curation can become a boring task, especially if you only look in a few location for 3rd party content. For example, I use Feedly and AllTop. It can be a struggle to figure out what to write as a comment to go with the post. Thanks for the great tips.

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  • Peter Odryna

    Excellent information and advice on curation. We’ve found it’s important to include a mix of both your own and other’s articles when posting to the social channels, as is discussed in the Podcast.

    However, there is a problem if you use tools that look at most shares:
    “Content Gems sends links to you. You specify the categories you’re interested in—such as content marketing and social media—and then you get a daily email of the most shared articles in those categories.”

    These tools find articles *after* they are popular when it’s too late to share because people have already shared them widely. We at SocialEars developed a predictive algorithm that finds fresh articles when they are just starting to become popular. It’s those researched articles that are best to post immediately… again mixed in with your own content to give an opportunity for conversions using CTAs. Our customers use this predictive capability to rapidly build quality audiences in the social world.

    The analogy I use with them is that you want to be the front page of the New York Times and focus on the ‘new’ in ‘news’.

  • Fantastic information. Thanks for sharing!

  • Glad you liked it Thomas

  • Thanks Peter

  • Good suggestion regarding AllTop!

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  • Lance King, MBA

    I’ve listened to almost every podcast you’ve created, and am becoming more-and-more excited about social media marketing! I have a phone selling background, and am striving to understand how to sell Healthcare compliance training with social media. Though I have struggled to know how much time to carve our each day for social media, and am still trying to figure out which influencers to follow and serve, I am getting closer-and-closer every time I listen to podcasts like this one! I have already begun using content gems! Thanks so much more your consistency with this podcast. Also, thanks for creating the Parenting Adventures podcast… I am still a fan…even though it is not going to continue. Glow-in-the-dark bowling was so much fun! ;o)

  • Thanks for sharing Ian’s Best Podcast Tools. Exactly what I was looking for this week!

  • Thanks Lance on all fronts for listening and glad they are making a difference in your work and life!

  • Glad it helped Amethyst (what a cool name you have!)

  • Ronald Robinson

    Nice post Michael. And I really want to know what kind of plugin you use for social media share button. It looks so perfect.

  • Great stuff! Thanks for sharing this podcast here.

  • Thanks Amethyst!

  • Thank you Thomas

  • Thanks Peter

  • Thank you!

  • David Epstein

    All the examples of content creation and most of what I see on this excellent blog is about non physcal products and services – Information, training, consulting etc.If one wants people who have real products (Tractors, gems, silverware) to believe these suggestions will work for them, or how, with what modifictions it will work for them why don’t you use exanples of how this helped increase oatmeal cookie sales %21.

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  • Thanks Ronald – SumoMe

  • Thanks James

  • David – Content curation can easily apply to topics surrounding physical products.

  • David Epstein

    Michael, I can believe it could. I could believe even more if some examples were used. My suggestion wasn’t that this doesn’t apply but that these discussions would be richer if such examples were/would be used.

  • Hootsuite Suggestions App is great for content curation.

  • Great Show! Ian your site is one giant tool box, love it and will return frequently. Curious your thoughts on sharing curated content on your site. You said you didn’t . . .because? Too distracting to your own content? With some of the best most pointed curated content it would be nice if some of it stuck around longer than the limited stream life of social.

  • Hi Neal, I don’t do posts on my site like ‘Top 10 posts I found this week’ because I won’t rank on Google for that type of content!

  • Meredith

    If I find instructional videos on You Tube that I’d like to share on my business website, are there any restrictions re: copyright or permissions that I need to be concerned about? Or am I covered because I am linking to the original content? Thanks!

  • Thanks Peter. I was actually wondering why I would want to share a content that’s already generating buz. I am glad you elaborated on it.

  • Content is the prime factors for ranking as well as branding most of the marketers write for the search engine and that<code>s the big mistake they always do__abENT__#46;

    Also I want to ask you that which type of content should I share to my audience If I am running a online courses and courses software, because I can</code>t share the benefits of my products in every content, so apart from branding what content should share to them so that I can increase my traffic as well branding.

  • Julie Renner

    Thanks so much for this podcast and I love listening to all the episodes! I am a photographer and I am wondering if you can inform me of permissions / copyright issues. I share Facebook posts and Tweets, however when posting directly on my blog and sharing links, would it be expected to contact the original writer/creator for permission to link? With photographers, it is very touchy and you don’t want to steal images, so I am wondering – do you get permission to link to a post? thanks!

  • Hi Hugh, yes I like Swayy also!