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Do you have a content sharing strategy for your business?

Are you interested in discovering ways to leverage great content to promote your business and drive sales?

To learn how to build a following by sharing other people’s content, I interview Guy Kawasaki.

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The Social Media Marketing podcast is an on-demand talk radio show from Social Media Examiner. It’s designed to help busy marketers and business owners discover what works with social media marketing.

In this episode I interview Guy Kawasaki, the author of the book Enchantment and the chief evangelist at Canva. His newest book is called The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users.

Guy explores how to build your social media following by sharing other people’s content.

You’ll discover how to create a consistent brand image for your company, develop a strategy for consistently sharing great content with your audience and leverage that content to promote your products or services.

guy kawasaki shares how to build social media following

Listen as Guy Kawasaki shares tips on how to build a social media following with other people’s content.

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Here are some of the things you’ll discover in this show:

Content Sharing

How Guy got started in social media 

Depending on how you define social media, Guy was there at the very beginning with CompuServe forums. He says he was late to blogging, starting four or five years after it really took off, but gradually adopted social media much quicker over the years.

Guy joined Twitter six or seven months after it started, but was on Google+ six days after it launched.

ms-guy kawasaki-site-header

Guy has adopted social media much faster over the years.

Today, Guy considers social media as God’s gift, especially for entrepreneurs, because it’s fast, free and ubiquitous. It’s a great equalizer and makes it possible to potentially reach millions of people with just one tweet, image or post.

Listen to the show to discover why Guy says we’re in the renaissance of marketing. 

Have a consistent image and mantra across all of your social networks

Guy's mantra is 3 words: I empower people.

Guy’s mantra consists of 3 simple words: I empower people.

In Guy’s new book he talks a lot about the importance of having a consistent brand image across all of your social media channels.

Guy advises against adopting a different persona for each social media platform. It’s much too difficult to manage and will make people question who you really are.

You’ll hear Guy explore the importance of having a mantra for your business and provides some great examples.

Your mantra explains who you are and why your product, service or business exists in two or three simple words. It should go in the Bio or About Me sections of all of your social media profiles.

Listen to the show to learn how your mantra is radically different than your company mission statement or slogan.

The importance of the Incognito Window 

Guy explains that the Incognito Window is a feature found on all browsers, which allows you to browse your pages and your social profiles anonymously. This mode lets you see how a new visitor to your website will see it.

Many marketers will be amazed to discover that what they see on their own company’s website on a day-to-day basis is not the same thing as most people see when they visit for the first time.

Incognito window lets you see your site and profiles as others do.

The Incognito Window lets you see your site and social media profiles as users do.

The Incognito Window mirrors a different online experience that you or someone inside your company may not even realize exists because you’ve gotten past the sign-ins, cookies and gates, whereas other people have not.

Listen to the show to learn why the Incognito Window matters to your business. 

Guy’s content-sharing philosophy

Guy says there are two key components to his entire strategy. He believes the most important test of all of social media is what he calls the “reshare test,” which is: “Are you sharing something that other people will share with their friends and followers?”

You’ll hear how he relates tipping in a restaurant to a +1 or a like, or something like a thumbs-up. Whereas with a share, you risk your reputation if the experience doesn’t match the promise.

Guy believes that you should share and share a lot. He constantly curates and shares stories, videos and infographics that he believes others will find informative, interesting or entertaining.


Guy constantly curates and shares content he believes is informative, interesting or entertaining.

The second component is a higher philosophical orientation, which Guy calls the “NPR (National Public Radio) model.” You’ll hear why he believes they have earned the right to promote, and why as a marketer you should think of yourself like NPR.

Listen to the show to hear how Guy applies his content-sharing philosophy to his own content strategy. 

Optimize your content sharing

Guy shares 50 to 60 stories per day across all of his social media platforms and repeats most of his posts identically four times throughout the day.

An example of a photo Guy shared multiple times and received tons of engagement each time.

An example of a photo Guy shared multiple times, which received tons of engagement each time.

Guy challenges the notion that social media is entirely about personal, intimate, one-to-one, manual, unscheduled, unassisted contact. He is completely transparent about the fact that he automates and repeats his tweets.

Guy believes social media is a marketing platform and uses it as a business tool.

Listen to the show to discover why Guy shares the same content multiple times a day and how it impacts his engagement. 

Content-sharing tools

Guy is a co-founder of Alltop, a collection of the best RSS feeds sorted by thousands of topics and by publication. Alltop presents the first five headlines of the day from each source on one page.

You can mouse over the post titles to preview each story and decide if it’s worth sharing with your audience.


Alltop features the first five headlines of the day, organized by topic and publication.

With the NPR model in mind, you can share great content related to your business and position yourself as an expert. Over time, you will earn the right to promote your products and services.

Alltop helps you find great content from a variety of sources to share with your audience.

Listen to the show to learn what other tools Guy recommends to make content discovery and sharing easy. 

Leverage your community to sell your products

Guy and his co-author, Peg Fitzpatrick, crowdsourced their communities on their book.

Guy and his co-author, Peg Fitzpatrick, collaborated with their community to proof and critique their new book.

Guy and his co-author, Peg Fitzpatrick, turned to their social media channels to get help  proofing and critiquing their new bookThe Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users. 

They signed up dozens of people to read and make suggestions for their book before it was published. They even put potential titles and subtitles to a vote among their social media audiences. Then they credited everyone who contributed in the final product.

According to Guy, the benefit of crowdsourced feedback is the feedback itself. It doubles the quality of your books and empowers people to help promote it. Each contributor is personally invested in driving the success of your book because he or she had a part in creating it.

Listen to the show to discover the beautiful side effect of collaborating with your audience. 

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Key takeaways mentioned in this episode:

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