social media how to Are you using Google Hangouts on Air?

Do you want your Twitter and Facebook followers to join in?

By sharing the YouTube link of your Google Hangout to Twitter and Facebook, you can stream the live event to reach more viewers.

In this article you’ll discover how to stream your next Google Hangout On Air to your Facebook and Twitter followers.

Why Google Hangouts On Air?

Google Hangouts On Air are live video broadcasts that stream simultaneously on Google+ and YouTube. Through the magic of Google, YouTube automatically records your live video and saves it to your YouTube channel after the event.

streaming google hangouts on air

Find out how to stream Google Hangouts to Twitter and Facebook.

Because Hangouts are tied to YouTube, you can broadcast (or replay) your Hangout event anywhere you can embed a YouTube video. Read on to find out how you can stream your live event to Facebook and Twitter.

Set Up the Hangout On Air

Before you can embed your Hangout in Facebook or Twitter, you need to set it up.

Log into Google+ and go to the Google Hangouts On Air page. If you have multiple Google accounts, make sure you’re signed into the correct one. This is important because your audience can see the name associated with the account during your Hangout.

The main Google Hangouts On Air page shows you all of the other Hangouts currently going on. This is a great place to find inspiration or tips for your own event.

google hoa homepage

The Google Hangouts On Air homepage is a great place to see other broadcasts.

At the top of the page, click Hangouts On Air and then click Start a Google Hangout On Air. When you see the pop-up window, type in the details for your Hangout and click Share.

Be sure to name and describe your Hangout exactly as you want it to appear on YouTube. It’s a good idea to include keywords related to your topic, hosts, guests, company or industry.

You also have the option to choose when the broadcast will start and who can see it. However, since you want your YouTube, Facebook and Twitter audiences to have access, make sure you include Public in the Audience box.

google hoa description as youtube metadata

Google Hangouts On Air descriptions become YouTube metadata.

So far, so good! Everything is ready, so click the Start button to activate the video and your computer’s camera. Then invite any other hosts or speakers as guests.

speaker as hoa guest

Invite all of your speakers as guests.

I’ve had trouble with the Invite feature when the people I’m inviting haven’t been active on Google+ for a while. If you run into the same issue, just email them separately with the URL for the Hangout. When they sign into Google+, they can use that URL to easily find the event.

When speakers arrive, you’re able to talk with them immediately, but your conversations won’t be broadcast or recorded until you click Start Broadcast.

Don’t click it yet, though! You’ll need to embed the video into your other social platforms before the live Hangout starts. Google automatically posts the video to your Google+ account and YouTube channel, but you have to add the feed manually for Facebook and Twitter.

Embed Hangout On Air Events in Facebook and Twitter

Leave the live Hangout On Air tab open and go back to your Google+ tab. Click the Preview button to convert the preview window into a YouTube video. Then click the YouTube logo to see your Hangout on YouTube.

view hoa on youtube

Click the YouTube logo to see your video on YouTube.

On the YouTube page, you’ll see a screen like the one below. Don’t worry that it’s black or that you can’t see yourself or any of the speakers. Since you haven’t started the broadcast yet, there’s nothing to see.

view ready to start on on youtube

There’s not much to see before you start your broadcast.

To embed your live Hangout feed in Facebook and Twitter, you need the YouTube sharing link. Click Share and copy the link.

hoa youtube share link

Copy the YouTube Share link.

Head over to your Facebook page, write an update and paste in the link. The link will generate a preview, but it won’t be active until your Hangout starts. You can either post the update immediately or use a scheduling tool. Either way, my suggestion is to make the post live at the same time the broadcast goes live.

hoa livestream post on facebook

You can stream your Hangout on Facebook.

The embedding process works the same on Twitter. Go to your Twitter account and paste the link into a new tweet and include additional information that tells your audience what’s going on.

You may even want to post a string of teaser tweets that explain what your Hangout is about, who’s speaking, other places people can watch and how it works on Twitter. Build up a little excitement and provide some instruction at the same time.

hoa livestream post on twitter

Share your Hanout live on Twitter.

When you have your Facebook and Twitter posts ready, it’s time to start the show! Head back over to the Google Hangout On Air tab and start your broadcast.

It’s important to note that there’s about a seven-second delay from when someone speaks to when the audience hears it on their end. Keep this in mind if you plan on responding to the comments on each platform in real time.


Google Hangouts On Air is a fun way to host everything from general Q&A sessions to webinars to product launches. And because Hangouts On Air is integrated with YouTube, you can embed your live broadcast (as well as the saved one) just about anywhere—Facebook and Twitter included.

Want to reach even more of your audience? Use Facebook ads and promoted tweets to get your Hangout in front of more people and increase engagement.

Have someone monitor each channel that’s broadcasting your Hangout. It’s important to respond to comments, shares and other interactions during and after the event because Hangout can significantly increase your engagement and audience across all of your accounts.

What do you think? Have you tried streaming Google Hangouts On Air through other social channels? Do you have a webinar or event coming up where you can try this out? Let us know! Leave your comments and questions below.

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  • Good Inklings

    I used a Facebook ad to advertise a Hangout and they shut down my ability to use ads because of it, said it violated their terms of service. This is a show called The Writing Biz that offers advice to writers on how to manage their businesses. Honest, I can never post an ad again on that account, my first ad and they shut it down. No follow up explanation. Wow.

  • Alex Paim

    Good.. you should try 22Social App.. I have been using it for awhile now and it is THE BEST tool on the market right now to promote inside facebook. Not only you can embed videos and such, but there are SOOOO many other function that i know you will love it!

  • Great idea now that the Preview button is up and running, looks like there is a lot of great stuff its giving us now

  • Melowout

    I’ve been streaming Google Hangouts on Air through Facebook using the 22Social app. By using the 22S app, I keep my fans in one location – or hub. An additional benefit of this is the comment feed – it stays with your app and continues to grow – resulting in some over the top social proof! Tons more benefits to using the 22Social app – consider checking it out!

  • Thanks for the post Greg. I think what you are encouraging us to do is post the YouTube URL for the HOA video on Twitter and Facebook.

    Is there a reason why you didn’t just grab the YouTube URL from the Google+ Event page? It and the embed code where you to want it are part of the “Links” that are displayed to anyone that has access to the Scheduled HOA Event. The Links area is shown in your 4th screenshot above.

    Thanks for encouraging people to use Hangouts on Air (HOA) and show them off to people on Twitter and Facebook.

  • I found two solutions that make Hangouts super-easy to set up and syndicate. First I use Webinars on Air to set up the hangout because it can be done as far in advance as you like. WOA creates a sign up process much like Go to Webinar so people can register then just click the join link when the hangout starts. You can have a join link for panelists (no more missing panelists because they couldn’t get into the hangout) and another for audience members.
    The second tool I use is 22Social for Facebook. This broadcasts my hangout to my FB page and gives a chat roll, call to action buttons, etc.. This is great for the initial broadcast, but essential for the replay which I can leave posted as long as I like to create an evergreen webinar. I have some that have been running on my pages for over a year on autopilot that way.

  • 22Social is certainly a great way to go for Facebook and HOA.

  • Donovan Marsden

    Facebook does not want to give Google any free facetime…

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  • Agreed, I just grab the links from the event page, and we also embed the video on our blog when we do our weekly Beyond Social Media Show so people who can choose to watch it live there.

  • Great Post, I’m thinking of doing this soon and embed it in different places. I can think of great ideas for this strategy.

  • Happy to hear that. The limitless nature of where this can go is definitely my favorite part too. Before this Youtube integration, we were stuck only having Hangouts on Google+, but this opens the doors to almost very social network and website out there. Good luck on your new strategies. Please come back and leave us a comment if you have a good case study to share.

  • Thanks for commenting, Ronnie. That sounds like another great way to accomplish the same goal. I first discovered the full potential of Google Hangouts on Air through 22 Social, and have done this a number of different ways since. I’m hoping this article encourages people to consider Hangouts on Air for things they never thought of before, and really stretch the limits of the platform. Thanks for adding a great tip to my article.

  • I’m sorry to hear that. I haven’t had the same experience myself, but I have reached out to my Facebook rep to ask about how this could have happened to you. I will respond again when I hear back from him, and hopefully can get you a solution. Thanks for reading.

  • Thanks for commenting, Wade. The potential with this idea seems limitless, and I’m really excited to see what people do with it. I hope that if anyone has a great example of how they used this, that they might come back and post it as a comment too.

  • Interesting to note the many comments from 22Social users. I can only reiterate the success I’ve also had with this app and praise the huge effort the guys there put into ongoing support and education.

    It’s a great tool

  • I was so intrigued when I read this article. Then became excited about the 22Social app thanks to this discussion. Next, I worked all day yesterday on a promo we’re doing for our new startup: got the landing page done, set up everything for our FB page quickly with the great 22s vids, tested everything and posted on Twitter @gogravital. BAM! It breaks! Now the link to my FB page ( is sending everyone to a page that says:

    An Error Occurred

    Bummer… looks like something went wrong. This is an invalid URL (unrecognized username/account).

    (And yes, I’m logged into my main FB account – tried it on two computers and my mobile, and the same thing occurs.)

    Not a great impression for a digital marketing company to send out an initial post that doesn’t work (despite testing and attention to detail). 🙁

    I went back and triple-checked everything. I’m on a free trial, so there’s no nickname in the URL btw. I sent in a support request to 22s and have yet to receive any reply whatsoever. Bummer, was about to shell out the $ for it and turn my clients on to it…any ideas?

  • Ngan Son

    Great tip for my job 🙂 Thanks.

  • Thanks for sharing Alex!

  • Thank you for sharing, Ronnie!

  • I would also like to hear the outcome…I have heard of similar issues but not to that extreme.

  • Alex…I have seen 22Social App…Where is a good place to find a “How To: type article…Thanks

  • My Facebook rep said they have seen ad accounts have issues trying to advertise Google Hangouts before, but they are not sure why. My rep is following up with the Policy Team regarding this because he feels as if it is because they can not verify content in the Hangout itself. I’ll let you know what else I hear as I hear it. Unfortunately, this is all run by an algorithm instead of a person. So it will not happen for everyone every time. If you have a rep yourself, the best way to prevent this problem is to let them know about the ad ahead of time so they can clear it for you.

  • Good Inklings

    Greg, thank you for looking into that. I do not have a Facebook rep and I can’t seem to connect with one. That would make things much easier. Lol. I have requested help no less than five times through different channels.

  • norbert

    I not able to do this, I dont have a youtube logo on my preview

  • Your preview here is showing that you started the HOA process via a G+ “Hangouts” page… which is very common. Look on the Event Page near the “Details” area for the LINKS word and click on it. You’ll then have links to the YouTube video as well as others that may prove helpful to you.

  • That is a great link format… what I call an Evergreen Link as it will always show whatever live broadcast is going on when the link is clicked/used. If there is no live broadcast at the time the link is used, then people are directed to the YouTube channel’s “Home” tab. Thanks for sharing that @hurdieburk:disqus

  • Debbie Horovitch

    Good lnklings > I have tried Facebook ads in the past to promote G+ HOAs and for good reason I think Facebook is sensitive about using their ad platform to drive traffic straight to their competitor… I have found “+” gets rejected entirely and they won’t allow the ad to link to a Google+ page link – so my solution is this:
    I drive paid viewers and leads into an optin funnel – that way I can measure interested leads (an email double confirmation, in order to see the G+ event page) that I’ve paid for, versus the value of “leads” that are just people on G+, or on Facebook event page, who RSVP that they want to watch the show.
    This way I get to segment my audience list.

    Sorry you’ve had a hard time with it – last month I discovered a year-old fake Facebook profile that was set up in my name, saying that I’m a porn star and listing my phone number – when I went to Facebook to complain and insist it be removed, they sent a form response saying they found nothing wrong with it. When my friends (at least 20 of them) also complained to Facebook about that page, Facebook sent them the same message saying they saw nothing wrong with it. A friend notified a friend who works for Facebook, and in 30 minutes it was GONE!

  • Debbie Horovitch

    Bruce Frazer have you tried it yet?

  • Debbie Horovitch

    The cost for a Facebook media sales rep is $7500/month spend on the platform (or credit approval as an agency); on Google it is $10k/month spend.

  • Debbie Horovitch

    I’ve been sharing my G+ HOAs on Twitter and Facebook for years. Google+ doesn’t do a great job of showing people how to maximize the opportunity, but you’re right, it IS limitless!

  • Debbie Horovitch

    norbert to find the YouTube logo on your preview, press the “play” icon in the center of the video playbox – when it opens up, there will be a “watch on YouTube” logo near the bottom right, to access the advance G+ HOA event on YouTube so you can get the links. There are other ways to access the same links, but you can get it just by pressing the Play icon button.

  • Debbie Horovitch

    For everyone using 22 social – are you measuring the audience that using it to syndicate ACTUALLY brings to your video? Or are you just using it as a fancy tool to say that you’re syndicating to Facebook and suggesting that it gets you a large audience? If you share your G+ HOA to a site or social platform but it doesn’t actually get you a lot of audience, then it’s almost useless except for the ego boost it provides. I’ve seen a LOT of people talking about how great it is to syndicate using 22 social, but no one talking about how it actually improves your results versus other more effective methods of simulcasting and syndicating.

  • Hi Debbie… of course if his real goal was to ‘do this’ and he thought he needed to see a YouTube logo to get to the Video URL as mentioned in the main post, we can easily see that there are easier ways to get from what he shows in the screenshot in the comment to getting the YouTube URL for sharing.

  • Good Inklings

    Hi Debbie. Do you think the same would be true of the YouTube link to the HOA? Hindsight being 20/20 I think that is what I should have done in the first place. It is so aggravating that they shut down my ability to place ads because of one ad.

  • Debbie Horovitch. I have just started using it…I got re acquainted with 22Social from a promotion / experiment they are running… I like what they have to offer…I will keep you updated on what I find

  • Debbie Horovitch

    I feel for you! I do think they have a program default in ads manager that picks up on where you’re sending the link – my recommendation is unless you have an official Googler (someone who works for Google, not me or anyone else I’ve seen on this post) working on your HOA don’t take risks with anything including your promotions… Facebook welcomes driving to squeeze pages, so I use LeadPages for any FB ad traffic driving to my G+ HOA event.

    The Funnel setup I like looks like this:
    1) FB ad links to optin page > enter email
    2) Thank you page drives them to look for confirmation email
    3) Confirmation email click immediately redirects to G+ HOA event page (before live event)
    4) RSVP email includes all the details and links they can access anytime
    — If you’re creating an evergreen video, once the recording is done, I redirect to a HOA “watch page” which is a sales page with an offer for them to apply for a strategy session or buy the product offer

  • Debbie Horovitch

    Keep track of the audience boost you actually achieve through use of 22social – I have a strong suspicion that using the app is only 1/2 the job… most people using it and other “easy syndication tools” when I investigate are showing no additional audience versus not using the tool (sharing your G+ HOA videos on Facebook and Twitter directly, without paying for an app to do it…).

    Kind of like how many new users of G+ HOAs think it’s just a tool for becoming BIG on Google+ or that simply making a G+ HOA video will bring audience < neither is correct.

  • I agree…the other 1/2 of the equation, in my humble opinion, is always “Targeted Traffic” too many people have the ” Field of Dreams” mentality.

    My feeling is that Apps, Tools, Software etc. can make your Strategy more efficient, but that is it.

    These “items” do not promote your Biz only enhance your delivery of “content” etc.

    I find it almost shameful that Marketers, supplying these “Items”, will make it appear that their product is the “Missing Link” to success ( look at all the recent “Sales Funnel Builders”)….and as you say…Not Correct.

    Too bad that very few people are teaching Cutting Edge strategies that go along with these Products…

  • @bruce_frazer:disqus Hope you are able to view the presentation I’ll be doing on Hangouts on Air as a business marketing tool as part of #SMSS14 presented by Social Media Examiner… in that presentation I’ll be talking about using the HOA tools to help find your targeted audience as well as present to them.

  • @Ronnie Bincer
    What is the Date and Time for your presentation and where can I view it? I would love to see it

  • That sounds like a great idea, I’m going to have to try it out. Thanks Debbie.

  • I tried an interesting variation. I’m working on appealing to more users of YouTube since I’ve found G+ can be daunting or irritating to some of my professional circles and groups. I tried this by going right to YouTube, then through Studio Creator created a Live event – scheduling the same (if I were doing a real one, I’d have custom graphics ready before starting and add them in for the custom thumbnail). I launched, opened the Hangout window, got the link from the lower right and posted to Facebook with a description that I had in place on YouTube ahead of time when I created the Live event and scheduled it for future. Posted where I wanted it seen – could be private group, page or my own timeline. “Start Broadcast” in Hangout and it worked the same. Thanks for this post.

  • I tried that, but for my basic FB users, getting them to check a tab or click on something different than just their basic “view news” stream proved difficult. Also, took more prep. Guess it depends on the goals of the show and your call to action. I hear great things about 22Social results. I’m glad there are different creative paths we can take to build our businesses!

  • Lany Sullivan

    Honestly, I was really disappointed with this article. I was expecting a much higher level of expertise when the title talks about embeding.

    This is beginner level at best. Many of the tips and workarounds provided even in October are not real shortcuts, they actually add steps.

    The event page provides all the links in the event details, so you do not have to go to the preview and THEN go to YouTube to get the YouTube share link.

    This article is about sharing a live YouTube recording on Facebook and Twitter and that is what it should have been titled. We’ve been able to share YouTube links to Twitter and FB for quite awhile now. It would have been nice to have someone like Ronnie Bincer, Sheryl Loch or Tim Schmoyer write a piece about video.

    There is absolutely no valuable content in this piece.

  • I’ve run hangouts on Facebook using Shortstack. A very easy setup process. If anyone needs help, let me know.

  • Go Pro+

  • Greg, luckily Google has updated this to make it even easier. You can grab the YouTube link that you need for Twitter and Facebook right from the bottom right hand corner where it says links – this will be right below the name of your Hangout. That will eliminate the trip to YouTube for the link to share. Hope that helps and thanks for the great idea, I’m going to try that with my next show on Sunday.

  • ppalme

    I am into live broadcasting and would like to meet like minded broadcasters. My dream is to cover a live event through the lenses of other live broadcasters.

    For a test I would like to cover some upcoming major sport events by respecting the legal framework but add flavour to the live experience. As an example I would see the live coverage of fans gathering in order to follow the event together in a sports bar or other settings. There are many major events coming up again, so would like to meet people who would like to join this pilot.

    connect with me on Linkedin Peter Palme

  • Jade Sambrook

    Thanks for this! I followed the instructions in this blog post and it was very helpful in getting me on the right track. I was originally wondering what the difference is between Google+ HOA and YouTube’s live streaming service, and I eventually figured out that you probably cannot have Q&A sessions, audience engagement and interaction on YouTube alone? I also noticed that in YouTube in the ‘Info & Settings’ section for the video that you can select to share it on Google + and Twitter with a custom message. Again, thanks for the instructions here as they were very helpful! 🙂