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To learn how to improve your Pinterest marketing, I interview Jeff Sieh.

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The Social Media Marketing podcast is an on-demand talk radio show from Social Media Examiner. It’s designed to help busy marketers and business owners discover what works with social media marketing.

In this episode I interview Jeff Sieh, the is founder of, a site designed to help guys understand the marketing power of Pinterest. He also hosts the Manly Pinterest podcast where he explores the latest in Pinterest marketing.

Jeff will explore marketing with Pinterest.

You’ll discover why your Pinterest following matters, as well as Pinterest posting tips.

podcast 155 jeff sieh succeed on pinterest

Listen as Jeff Sieh shares what marketers need to know about succeeding with Pinterest marketing.

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Here are some of the things you’ll discover in this show:

Pinterest Marketing

Jeff’s backstory

Jeff has a digital marketing agency in Longview, Texas, where he builds websites and does video marketing. A couple years ago, he decided it was time to take the plunge into social media.

Driving home from a long road trip, Jeff was listening to the Social Media Marketing Podcast episode with Cynthia Sanchez, and got intrigued by Pinterest. Once he started playing on the platform, Jeff noticed it was driving a lot of traffic to his relatively new blog.

After Jeff’s Google+ post, called Manly Pinterest Tip #1, about sharing a secret board with his daughter, did really well, he wrote Manly Pinterest Tips #2-5.  Jeff explains that his concept for Pinterest was a play on the fact that everyone thinks Pinterest is for women. His “manly” version really took off.

Manly Pinterest Tips G+

Jeff started by posting Manly Pinterest Tips on Google+.

Jeff did an initial version of his podcast with four other guys. They did seven episodes before switching formats. At the beginning of the year, Jeff brought back the Manly Pinterest Tips podcast as a solo, weekly show, and has interviewed Pinterest experts, like Peg Fitzpatrick, Rebekah Radice and Cynthia Sanchez. He’s done about 30 episodes.

Since the Manly Pinterest Tips podcast did well, Jeff embarked on an experiment in branding. He figured it took a year to grow a good, manly beard. So he decided he would launch the website and build the brand for a year. “If it doesn’t work, I can shave the beard off, it’ll be fine,” he says. “Well, it worked.”

Jeff explains the concept of secret and group boards. A secret board is something that only you or you and other people you designate can see. They are a great way to gather info for yourself or for collaboration. You can also create public group boards. Jeff has a board with Peg Fitzpatrick about bacon and an Instant Instagram Tips.

Listen to the show to hear more about Jeff’s secret boards.

Men & Pinterest

Contrary to popular belief, there is tons of stuff for guys on Pinterest. Jeff explains that men are the fastest growing demographic on Pinterest. In 2014 the number of men on Pinterest doubled. In fact more men use Pinterest in the United States every month than read Sports Illustrated and GQ combined.

To make his point about good content for men on Pinterest, Jeff calls out boards from the National Hockey League, the National Football League and Major League Baseball. Jeff also mentions his popular woodworking board, DIY boards (from Lowe’s and Home Depot, for example) and more. All of this content appeals to men.

nfl's butkus' board on pinterest

The NFL uses boards like this about Dick Butkus one to attract and interest men on Pinterest.

Listen to the show to discover why Jeff finds the stereotype about men and Pinterest funny.

Buyable pins

Buyable pins are a way for people to purchase products through Pinterest. It’s rolling out this summer, starting mostly with major brands like Macy’s, Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom, and ecommerce platforms Shopify and Demandware.

Buyable pins will be huge for business, especially when it gets closer to holiday time, since people will be able to buy things directly from Pinterest. It’s slowly rolling out in the United States, and will likely go to other markets later.

Here’s how it works. Right by the red Pin It button, there’s a blue Buy It button. Click on it, and it takes you to Apple pay. It’s a seamless transaction inside of Pinterest.

buyable pins

Buyable pins allow people to shop through Pinterest.

Pinterest plays a huge role in influencing purchases. Most people who use Pinterest bought something because of it. Jeff says 96% have used Pinterest to research and gather information, 93% have used Pinterest to plan for purchases and 87% have purchased something because of Pinterest.

Listen to the show to hear more about Buyable pins.

Your Pinterest following

The thing about Pinterest, Jeff explains, is 80% of all pins are repins. That means, the other 20% on Pinterest are hungry for new Pinterest content. Whenever Jeff posts an image of a blog post, people will take it and pin it to their boards. Each repin is another place that has a link driving traffic back to your site.

Also, Pinterest has the longest shelf-life of any social media network. Twitter is 2.8 hours and Facebook is 3.2 hours. On Pinterest 40% of the clicks happen the first day, 70% happen the first two days and the remaining 30% of the clicks happen 30 days and beyond. Jeff has pins from when he first started on Pinterest that still drive traffic back to his website.

Follower count matters because the more followers you have, the more likely people will see your pins. With Pinterest’s new smart feed, it’s no longer chronological. Before if you followed someone, you would see their pins. Now Pinterest has a weighted algorithm, so they put related and promoted pins out first, so you don’t see everything. A larger audience leads to more opportunities to see content.

Jeff pins in the morning and evening, and has pins scheduled throughout the day. They are saying now to be effective on Pinterest, brands need to have 15 to 20 pins a day, because of all the content going through the smart feed. To grow your following, post quality content frequently.

Manly Pinterest Tips Pinterest

Jeff pins organically in the morning and evening, and schedules repins throughout the day.

Since you don’t see a lot of people comment on Pinterest, Jeff explains, when people do comment on your pins, reply back. It’s rare, so it makes a big impact when you engage with them. Jeff notes that making a comment other than “Thank You” goes a long way.

Jeff talks about Ahalogy, one of Pinterest’s marketing partners, that release great studies on Pinterest. They weighted the new smart feed with how much you are actually on the platform organically, and determined people need to both pin in real time and schedule pins.

Throughout the day, Jeff finds stuff to pin and adds it to his scheduler. Tailwind lets Jeff schedule pins, and tells him the best times to pin. It even tells him which boards get the most repins, so he know which ones need more content. Tailwind has the Pinterest API.

Buffer, Jeff adds, recently released the ability to schedule pins on Pinterest. Jeff believes Buffer is great for those just getting started on Pinterest. Tailwind with their deep Pinterest analytics is a good investment for power players.

Listen to the show to learn more about the Tailwind and Buffer plans.

Repurposing content

Jeff pins blog posts to multiple boards, including his Pinterest and social media boards, as well as group boards. He talks about Tailwind’s interval pinning feature, where you can select a pin and schedule it to go to various boards on different days. It’s a great way to use group boards to boost your account.

Whenever Jeff writes a new blog post or has a new podcast, he makes different images and shares them to the different networks.

manlypinteresttips blog

Jeff creates Pinterest images for each of his blog posts.

Most of the time he spends repinning other people’s content. When you repin, there are two things to keep in mind: always double check the link on a pin before you repin it to make sure it is active. Also, make sure any infographics you repin have relevant data. Don’t repin something only because it looks good.

Listen to the show to hear strategies for image creation.

Pinterest for mobile

Jeff suggests when you create great pieces of content, such as blog posts, it’s important to take the time to create a great pinnable image to go with it. Also, make sure it’s optimized, so the image will look good on a mobile device.

Although people say 80% of all daily traffic from Pinterest comes from a mobile device, Jeff says a source inside Pinterest told him it’s actually closer to 90%.

Here are a few things to remember when you make graphics for Pinterest, so they are mobile optimized. Watch your infographics. Even if they look great on your desktop, when they are shrunk down for a mobile device, it’s hard to read all the little data. Make the text bold and put them in a bulleted list.

Also, use fonts that are readable. Scripty fonts may look good on a desktop, but, when you shrink them down into mobile, you can’t read them at all.

Finally, make sure your top three boards are the ones that are most important to you for your business. When people click on your profile in a mobile device, that’s what will show up first.

Listen to the show to discover which boards are on the top of Jeff’s Pinterest profile.

Discovery of the Week

World Clock is a Mac app that is much more than just a clock. Select your favorite cities and change the time by clicking and dragging on the screen. The rest of the time zones change in sync, so you can see what time it will be at any given point on the map.

world clock app

World Clock helps you manage time changes to more effectively schedule meetings and posts.

The World Clock app is useful for scheduling meetings. Although our home office is on the west coast, we have Social Media Examiner staff and personnel throughout the country and overseas.

We also use the app as a reference to schedule updates for our global audience. The majority of our audience is from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia. Using the World Clock app, we are able to strategically plan our scheduling of tweets.

Since there are certain times in the work day where people are available on Twitter (the beginning of the day, during lunch time), we can map that into the different parts of the world and figure out how to repeat tweets.

It’s not just Twitter, it’s Facebook and other forms of social media. Use this app across the board to get in front of your different audiences as they come online.

The World Clock app is in the Mac app store for $4.99, and includes a widget for the sidebar of your Mac.

Listen to the show to learn more and let us know how World Clock works for you.

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social media marketing podcast 155 jeff sieh

Jeff Sieh talks with Michael Stelzner about successful Pinterest marketing.

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  • I was using Pinterest somewhere in 2012. when it was easy to make money from it, just by massive following and building many accounts for one niche (like with anything… first comes the huge quantity of crap, then they do something about it).

    I haven’t used it since my strategy stopped to work. I find it always to be big hassle to optimize my images so much until it becomes “pinable”. However, audience was always interesting on Pinterest. First it was almost female-only social media with above average yearly income… and now it turns more and more to male audience…

    It is interesting to see that pins are not so quickly forgotten, and that they still get traffic even after 5, 6, 7 days… which is pretty much miraculos (comparing with other social media)

    To be honest… only way for me to come back to Pinterest is through their ads (which are not available to me still)… maybe even stay if it will be good enough!

  • I remember seeing and implementing that very first Manly Pinterest Tip and thinking, “Wow, this is awesome! Can’t wait to see what else Jeff recommends.” Sure enough, he’s gone on to provide incredible insights and recommendations into how businesses and bloggers can use that platform.

    Great choice for an interview!

  • Thanks Mike!

  • Thanks for sharing your experience Jacob

  • What serendipity that this show came out on your birthday, Jeff.

    To put that in perspective, here’s a quick story… This morning when we got up, I went to give @carollynnrivera:disqus a good-morning kiss. She looked deeply into my eyes and said “Oh! It’s Jeff’s birthday today. And isn’t he going to be on SME today?”

    I still haven’t gotten my good morning kiss. Thanks a lot, Jeff.

    Happy birthday, buddy.

    …and great show, @mikestelzner:disqus!

  • What a great episode, and great to hear Jeff (happy birthday by the way) on the big podcast. It was just oozing with tips and insights. I’ve always been a big fan of the Manly Pinterest Tips show and it was cool to hear how it all came to be.
    I hope it won’t be too long before promoted pins roll out to the UK and other parts of the world as I totally agree they are so powerful.
    Thanks @mikestelzner:disqus and Jeff for a great show!

  • Jeff Sieh

    Thanks Mike. Really valued you being on that first show with me!

  • Jeff Sieh

    Lol! Thanks Ralph!

  • Jeff Sieh

    Thanks Ian! It really is a bummer that promoted pins are not in the UK or Canada yet. Those are both big markets for Pinterest so hopefully they are on the way.

  • Jeff Sieh

    Thanks for commenting Jacob. You’re right, the long “shelf-life” of pins is what initially got me interested in the platform.

  • nelda.blodgett
  • Munim Ahmed

    Social Media
    World has many countries as well as many people around.
    I only want to focus some merits and demerits about Social media

    1.People are linked
    2.Free of speech
    3.Business conducted
    4.Approval of more knowing
    5.Picture submission
    6.Relation conservation
    7.Software development
    8.Computer literacy and using
    9.Intelligence focus
    10.News publishment

    1.People dont have any secure identity
    2.No ticket of National I.D.
    3.misuses of relation(Being a friend)
    4.False group suggetion
    5.Payment not secure
    6.Default payment(not able)

  • Janice Malone

    Thank you for posting this article/podcast. The information Jeff offered was really helpful to me. I have 32k followers on Pinterest (mostly teachers), but the number of new followers to my site dropped off dramatically last year when Pinterest changed its algorithm. I have heard that Tailwind was a reputable and investment-worthy app, but now I understand why. Thanks Jeff! And thank you, Michael, for the great interview. I hope you have Jeff back on your show soon.

  • Great read here, I love Pinterest, not done a lot with it apart from build some personal pin boards, but plan to utilise very soon 🙂 Thanks Michael

  • Anthony Lee Witt

    This is a great podcast!!! There are so many valuable tips and practical applications in the article and the podcast. I would love to learn more about how to hire Jeff or attend a seminar/class by him to become a Pinterest expert. Are you giving any presentations that we could attend in the near future? Thanks again for sharing your passion and expertise with us all!

  • Jeff Sieh

    Awesome Janice. Tailwind is a great app. Their new feature of interval pinning is a great way to boost your group boards as well. Thanks for listening!

  • Jeff Sieh

    Thanks @anthonyleewitt:disqus! Actually, the Social Media Success Summit has myself and some other great Pinterest experts who will be speaking just about Pinterest. You should check it out!

  • Jeff Sieh

    Thanks for your comments Jamie!

  • Deb Morelock

    I am wanting to know, is it a good practice to add your own notes and maybe your website in the comments when repining from someone else?

  • Fantastic podcast @mikestelzner:disqus – @jeffsieh:disqus is a fantastic Pinterest resource and very generous with his knowledge.

    Off to pin more to the bacon board…

  • Khushali Gohel

    First of all thank you for sharing this with us. 🙂

    I am just requesting you to give some tips regarding how to increase followers in Pinterest ? Thanks again 🙂

  • Thanks Jeff 🙂

  • Jeff Sieh

    Love our shared Bacon board @PegFitzpatrick:disqus! Thanks for listening and for the kind comments.

  • Jeff Sieh

    @khushaligohel:disqus the best tip I can give is to pin frequently and consistently. Also make sure that you’re pinning great content that will resonate with your audience. They are following you for a reason so give them more of what they love!

  • Jeff Sieh

    @Deb Morelock A lot of people change the description to add more information or notes on why that they liked or recommended that pin to their audience. Especially if the original pin description is lacking in detail.
    However, I would refrain from adding your website to the description since that is considered poor Pinterest etiquette. It looks spammy or that you are trying to hijack the pin. Thanks for the question!

  • kimberly.valentine2


  • Awesome show as always. Buyable pins will be huge. Can’t wait to test it out myself.

  • Jeff Sieh

    @cyphermp:disqus Totally agree! I think it’s a game-changer as well. It will be interesting to see how this will affect this years Black Friday sales.

  • Khushali Gohel

    @jeffsieh:disqus Thank you for tip 🙂

  • This was so helpful! Thanks for sharing so much great info, Jeff! I consider myself well versed in Pinterest, but you taught me a lot. 🙂

  • Diana Steinberg

    Pinterest is a visual discovery tool that can be used to find ideas for projects and interests. Visual content is valuable for offering unprecedented insight and clarity, helping companies tell stories and connect with audiences, and fostering engagement. Therefore, I agree that Pinterest is an appropriate tool for business, which can be used in a number of ways. Additional sample tactics include creating the following items:
    -Pins about the people behind the company. This presents an opportunity to really connect,
    and will enable audiences to get to know the organization better.
    -Creative boards. Given that Pinterest is currently dominated by the “DIY” space, to keep with the theme of the popular social networking site, a company should create a
    Pinterest page with related projects. For example, a pet store business may
    create a board about Homemade dog Food Recipes.
    -Pins that do not solely focus on the company.
    -Pins that can be used to run a campaign.

  • Jeff Sieh

    Thanks so much @monica20039:disqus. I love continually learning more about Pinterest as well!

  • Jeff Sieh

    Great points @dianasteinberg:disqus. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and tips! Loved the advice on a business using creative boards.

  • Can I change the Pinterest Display Name frequently?

    Actually I am in process of testing / starting a project related to fashion brand, so currently I will be starting a new A/C with a particular name (for example XYZ), later if I wish to change the name from XYZ to ABC, is it possible?

    Thanks 🙂

  • Michael- Another great article. Do you have time later for a few questions? Jim Taylor 630-269-4000

  • I just listened to this podcast and now I’m really excited to go try out some of these tips. Our company’s board really needs to be rejuvenated and now I feel like have a better grasp on how to do this. Thanks for the great advice!

  • This particular episode has been among my favorite marketing podcasts of all time. #grateful to you both, Mike and Jeff!