social media how toDo you want to improve your search engine optimization?

Embracing Google+ should be on your short list of activities.

Experts continue to debate whether Google+ has the power to last beyond Google’s previous attempts at entering the social networking realm.

But one thing is clear: Google+ is making its presence known in Google search results now.

Here are some ways you can ensure that your Google+ usage will help with your search rankings.

#1: Get More Followers

This may go against everything you believe about social media and how it’s not supposed to be a numbers game, but rather a matter of quality versus quantity.

When it comes to using Google+ for search ranking benefits, you’ll want quantity in the form of as many followers as possible.

Why? Let’s look at some search results.

Rankings When Following My Personal Account

When someone who is following my personal account on Google+ searches for “freelance writer,” my portfolio site comes up #4 in search results because I have shared the link to it on my Google+ profile.

When signed into Google, this link shows a Google+ connection who shared it.

When someone not logged into Google+ searches for “freelance writer,” my portfolio site comes up #20 on the second page of search results. As most of you know, someone on the first page is much more likely to get traffic than on the second page or beyond.

This is a quick analysis of each of my favorite keywords, including the global search volume estimated by Google AdWords Keyword Tool, number of results in Google, difficulty to rank percentage by SEOmoz and how my sites rank for them in search results for someone who is following my personal profile on Google+ versus when someone is not logged into Google+.

The difference in keyword rankings based on connecting with a Google+ personal profile.

Rankings When Following My Google+ Page

Now let’s look at what happens when someone following the Google+ page for my blog (but not following my personal Google+ profile) searches for the same keywords compared to someone who is not logged into Google+.

The difference in keyword rankings based on connecting with a Google+ page.

Since I don’t link to my freelance portfolio from my blog’s Google+ page, there is no change in search position. But you can see that although the rankings are not as good as when someone is following my personal Google+ profile, pages from my blog still rank higher for particular keywords when someone is following my Google+ page.

How to Get More Google+ Followers

So now that you can see the benefits of having people follow you on Google+, you will probably want to grow your Google+ following. The best ways to do this are as follows.

  • Leverage your current following on other social networks by sharing your Google+ profile and/or page link with them to connect.
  • Put a link to your Google+ profile and/or web page on your website.
  • Put a link to your Google+ profile and/or web page anywhere it is allowed, including forum profiles, other social media profiles and email signatures.
  • Link to your Google+ profile and/or page when you comment on blogs.
  • Add a Google+ badge to your website.

#2: Set Up Authorship With Your Personal Profile

Google+ now offers a way for you to really stand out in search results by claiming authorship for articles you have written. This is something that is showing up in search results, even when people are not logged into Google+.

Google+ follower count for authors in search results.

If someone is logged into Google+, they will get the option to add the author to their circles directly from search results.

Add authors to your circles within search results.

So how do you get your blog posts to show up with your name displayed in the search results? The directions from Google+ are listed in their explanation of author information in search results.

There are two options for adding the authorship connection from your blog posts to your Google+ profile. The first is to add your email address on each page of your content (recommended for multi-author blogs) and have that email address listed in your Google+ profile.

Alternatively, you can also link your content to your Google+ profile and vice versa. When linking your content to your Google+ profile (in an author bio box, for example), you will need to format your URL as follows.

<a href="[profile_url]?rel=author">Google+</a>

Replace the [profile_url] with your full Google+ URL. Mine looks like this.

<a href="">Google+</a>

Then you will add your blog URL to your Google+ profile under the “Contributor To” section.

Add the sites you write for in your “Contributor To” links section.

After you have set up either approach to authorship (email or linking your content to your Google+ profile), then you can fill out the authorship request form to let Google know that you have completed the directions.

Authorship Examples

If you’re having trouble getting your authorship connected, try following the lead of these authors. They don’t have it set up quite the way Google suggests, but it seems to work anyway.

  • Ben Parr has a link to his Google+ profile in his author page on Mashable and a link to his author page on his Google+ profile under the “Other Profiles” section.
  • Danny Sullivan has a link to his Google+ profile in his personal blog’s sidebar and a link to his author page on his Google+ profile under the “Other Profiles” section.
  • Marshall Kirkpatrick has a link to his Google+ profile on his author page on ReadWriteWeb and a link to ReadWriteWeb on his Google+ profile under the “Recommended Links” section.
  • Adam Dachis has a link to his Google+ profile on his author page on LifeHacker with no link to LifeHacker on his Google+ profile.

I have tried putting my Google+ profile link to and from my blog. For a while, my authorship was showing in Google search results, but it has disappeared in the last week or two. Not sure why it changed, but I am still attempting to make it work.

#3: Directly Connect Your Page

Be sure to directly connect your Google+ page to your website. You can add a simple piece of code to your page that no one will see on your website or you can add a Google+ badge which, as mentioned earlier, can help you get followers for your page.

By doing so, you are connecting your Google+ page to your website in a way that could help you dominate search results, as can be seen in this search for Toyota.

Toyota’s Google+ page activity dominates the top spot.

By using the Google+ icon on their page, they have now incorporated their latest Google+ activity right below their place in search. You can even add Toyota’s page directly to your circles from the search results.

This could also be a great help to businesses that have some online reputation management issues, such as less-than-desirable reviews or other content ranking on the first page directly beneath their website. The Google+ page activity could easily push those kind of results further down the page where they are less likely to be viewed.

#4: Encourage +1’s

Do you have a +1 button on your website? The +1 button is Google’s much more powerful answer to the Facebook Like button because the number of +1’s a page gets will show up in search results, even if a searcher is not logged into Google+.

Imagine you were looking for something you didn’t know much about, like a blogging platform. Which platform out of this group would look the most popular?

WordPress wins with the most +1’s.

Be sure to get the latest +1 button code from Google and install it on both your individual pages and your main home page. It is the best social proof you can have in Google search results. Even if you’re not worried about the number of +1’s shown in search results, remember that the +1 button also allows others to easily share a link on your website on their Google+ profile!

#5: Fill Out Your Information

Last but not least, be sure to fill in the information for your profile and pages completely. Google prioritizes different areas of the profile for both on-page optimization and in search results.

Be sure to fill in all of your Google+ profile details.

See how your Google+ profile appears in search results.

Also note how the first 55 characters of your Introduction are important for search results within Google+ itself.

View only the first 50+ characters in Google+ search results.

A great first impression here could mean the difference between someone selecting your profile or another from inside the Google+ results!

Has Google+ Helped Your Search Rankings?

Have you seen an impact from Google+ in terms of your search rankings? What other ways have you seen Google+ find its way into search results? Please share your experiences and thoughts in the comments!

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  • Thanks Kristi,

    I have also set up my profile to link to my website via rel=author and rel=me.  I am pretty sure I got it right having verified it with the rich snippets testing tool for Google Webmasters.  But I have yet to see my profile show up in search results.  Hopefully soon.

  • Hi Kristi,
    Great tips and capturing your stats are brilliant. The key is that you can find users to add to your circles in google+ based on their interests and then when that user is searching for something using your keywords you are much more likely to get a clickthrough. I saw the same results.

    I started noticing that I was getting a higher conversion rate on my optins from emails in my google+ circles.

    Also, I am a bit wary of the suggestion to add your email to each post as the spam email increases dramatically from all the email and sits taper bots. I recommend the other method you highlighted if you want to claim authorship of your articles.

    Great surf Kristi! Happy New Year!

  • I still don’t have anything from the Author link and I went through the process a month ago. Google+ also took any link authority from their site away, so I am on the outs with this product.

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  • Kristi – I’m with Tim and Clifford – there indeed are a couple of ways to make those authorship links work but neither has produced results for me. Can you make suggestions for those of us using WP?

    Beside that I’m happy with how Google+ is working for me for SEO. Actually, very happy!

    Best tip for me here is cleaning up the Contributor to, Recommend Links, and Other Profiles.  Those of us that have been on Google Profiles for a few years have much of the content in Recommended Links because that’s all that was available back then.

  • You’re welcome Tim!  I noticed my authorship was showing up in search results for a week or two, then they dropped off without any changes on my end.  So I think they’re still working on it.  

  • I think they’re still working on the authorship.  As I mentioned to Tim, mine showed up for a few weeks then disappeared.  But there’s an area in Webmaster Tools that shows posts that I’m verified as the author for, so I’m sure it’s just something they are fiddling with on their end.

  • Hi Jeff.  That’s why I included those examples – it seems like they all do something different, but it works.  Yoast has a little article about coding changes that can make it happen –  There is also another post by TechLikes, and his authorship does show up in search results –  🙂

  • Kirk Holmes

    We’re using the new option they released recently and it’s working great! (Still getting all of our authors set up, and authorship is still not showing up in results yet) It’s option 1:

  • Tim, I read somewhere that Google will only show authorship credit for what they consider authoritative sites. What that means, I have no idea.

  • Kristi, do you know if they have a policy about +1 our own work?

    I don’t really get what Google is thinking here, because weighting search results on popularity seems incredibly vulnerable to being gamed.

  • Great Great Great info here. I’m still a little cloudy on the authorship party, but you can bet I’ll be looking into it more. Thanks!

  • Thank you Kristi! I wasn’t aware of #2 until now, it sounds like a great feature for online exposure.

  • As a marketer – why would I
    promote Google + insignificant share so that they can grow their power
    to then charge me a premium on their ad services that is proving
    inefficient? It’s just ridiculous

  • Kristi,

    One the single most productive blog posts I’ve read in very long time.  Thank you!  

  • Great write up Kristi, you’re awesome…

  • Thanks Kristi – I did check them out.  I had tried earlier from an article on Digital Inspiration Blog – trying  multiple approaches.  Problem could be my coding skills.

    What Danny Sullivan did seems to be what I’ve tried.  I’ll check out those links and give it another go. 🙂

  • Kristi,

    This information is so timely as G+ becomes more popular — Thank so much for sharing! 🙂

    I’m especially interested in #2 – Authorships.  Great info & conversation to reference.

    I appreciate your insight!


  • Super awesome article Kristi. You’ve motivated me to get on this!!!  Question…is it possible yet to migrate a G+ profile from one Gmail account to another (and transfer circles, etc)?  I’m sort of in a pickle with this.  Thanks!

  • Awesome post Kristi! I think that all 5 of these tips are gems that I didn’t know about. I don’t know if Google+ will take off with the general public, but for us marketers, Google is giving us some great tools. 

  • Cool article, I am still working on the authorship part.. hope it will work!

  • Kristi,

    This was very, very helpful information! Thanks so much for sharing it! I went straight from here to update my Google+ account. 

    Happy New Year and may it be your best year ever!Ilka

  • I am adding this to my checklist.  Thank you for the tips!

  • Hi Kristi
    I’ve tested your theory (point #1), and found your site ( at #19 (second page). At the time I *was* logged into my G+ account. 
    It may be because Google has different results based on our own past searches and browsing history, or just because these “organic” results haven’t been launched in Australia yet?

  • Great post. I have done some more SEO on my profiles, but the added authorship is perfect for my blogging clients. Thanks for the tips!

  • One problem – this is all for social media peeps and terms. What about the real business keywords and those owners who can’t get rel=author because they’re on ‘organisation’ websites? 

  • Lianne Lewis

    Kristi, Thank you very much from our tiny startup downunder. It’s a big world out there and your helping hand is much appreciated. I’m off to googlio.

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  • I was curious if the email option would work best.  Might have to switch to that approach – or do both.  Thanks Kirk!  

  • Everything is ultimately gameable.  They based weighting search results on links, and that was gamed six ways from Sunday!  🙂

    I don’t know that they have a policy on that thus far, but I noticed that any links I put on my profile were automatically considered as shared / +1’d by me.  So I think if you share the link, you’ve essentially +1’d it, just like when you share a link on Facebook, it counts towards a like.

  • Everyone is a bit cloudy on that part Ryan.  I think it’s still in the works.

  • You’re welcome Karla!  🙂

  • Because Google+ is free, and social proof might be stronger than advertising?  🙂

  • Thanks Ryan!  🙂

  • Thanks.  🙂

  • I think once they get the authorship stable, it will be really awesome to see people’s names by their posts.  I’m sure it will make for a difference in CTR when someone is looking for a post on a particular topic and they can see which one is written by their favorite authors quickly.

  • So far, the closest thing I’ve read about doing that is this on Quora –  Apparently it is in the works – wish you could that with a YouTube account as I put my professional YouTube on a separate account as everything else.

  • I think it’s getting there.  Once brands get in on the game and start getting their fans to follow them on G+, the general public will start migrating over.

  • Give it time Victor.  I think they’re only rolling it out a bit at a time, but if you get it set up correctly now, it will kick in later!

  • Happy New Year to you too!  🙂

  • You’re welcome Sherry!  🙂

  • Social media people are definitely the main audience right now, but I’ve seen a lot of people in the real estate industry, photography, and other areas jumping in too.  Once they stabilize the business pages, more brands will move in which will make it a hotbed for anyone who is B2B.  

  • You’re welcome Lianne.  🙂

  • You’re welcome Salyris!

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  • Great post.  I simply love how-tos. I always try to give my audience something they can make work today and you did that for me with this post, on #2 – like everyone else.  Trying to make that work.

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  • The information provided by you is useful but the most important point in my point of view is No.1. If you focus on increasing your followers then it will be really helpful and good step for your business growth. I am not from the same business but I have read much and can provide you sufficient information in this regard.

  • It is getting to the stage where I could spend my whole life involved with social media and not have any time to write business but thank you for the informed article. At least I can implement the one or two more important and simple points to integrtate thanks to your help.

  • Great overview Kristi! Always thorough and actionable advice from you 🙂

  • Kristi – a brilliant article well done. I am having to explain the benefits of Google+ to so many clients at the moment but the problem is they are still waiting for the fishes (consumers) to start using it properly. I tell them that this is actually an opportunity. Make sure you get in before your competitors do and it will help your search results. Thanks for posting – one of the best things I have read in a while.

  • Hi Christi! It is an awesome post. Nice tips have been posted. The way that you have explained about the use of Google+ to improve Search engine optimization is very interesting to read. Thanks for sharing.

  • Great tips Kristi, I’m aware of what I need to do – just one of those areas I still need to give enough attention to!

    Thanks for your post – nice and easy to get me started 🙂


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  • More important than helping your rank, we’ve seen a significant increase in click-through rate from the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). People don’t realize that just because you rank, doesn’t mean they click!

  • Google+ SEO prioritizing has actually made me even more wary of Google has a whole. What happened to the simple and fair organizing information Google that used to exist? Instead of me explaining any further I’m just going to post a link to a writer that expressed his opinions on the matter. He makes a lot of good points–all that I agree with. Bottom line–I’m staying off the Google+ train for now.

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  • Hi Kristi,

    Do you recommend putting both the GooglePlus (g+) button and +1 button on your website home page?

    Also, when linking your Google + profile do you recommend linkiing to your personal (about) page or your Google + business page? 

  • I think you should go with both.  Having the button to your profile will lead to more people circling you, and having the +1 will lead to more people giving a +1 to your site.  

    As far as personal profile vs. brand, you just have to decide which one you want to grow the biggest following on and which one your website visitors would prefer to connect with.  

  • Personalization and social influence of search rankings has been going on for awhile.  I think Bing started it by incorporating Facebook.  From Google’s POV, I think it is to increase the relevancy and quality of search results.  People have gamed SEO to the point that crap articles and sites rank well when they shouldn’t.  Google is probably *hoping* social won’t be gamed as much, so only the best websites / articles will rank higher based on social votes.

  • Very good point Douglas!  🙂

  • Thanks Cathy!  🙂

  • I’m looking forward to authorship working for everyone!  🙂

  • If you can get the most followers in your industry, that makes it all the better!  

  • The setup is the hardest part – once you get everything set up and a routine established, it isn’t too bad!

  • Thanks Nick!  🙂

  • That’s exactly how I feel Chris.  The first photographer to embrace Google+ is sitting in the top 25 people on the network above some celebrities.  If someone searches for a business type and yours is the only one that comes up, that is way more powerful than waiting until ten other competitors come up in the results with you!

  • It could be geographic, and it could be because the search results fluctuate.  Those numbers were just at the time of posting and using a US based account.  🙂

  • Thanks for going into such detail -am on google+, but it seems at this point like just another tool to get started on. Unless I can find the time to really work on it, I’m going to keep it on the backburner for now.

  • A great dtailed post Kristi, I’ve only been with Google+ for about two months so I am still working out how it works and what it can do for me and my blog. 🙂

  • I think there will be a connection to google SERP with the following,
    Logged into Google+
    (not provided) in Google Analytics
    If yes, then the Google is definitely in the process of developing a personalized search engine for the future.

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  • Very well explained Kristi.
    I have to admit that I feel that Google are using +1s as leverage to improve there share against FB. The truth is that if you don’t go with it, you could find yourself going without. Whatever the motive and like it or not, G+ is a must.

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  • Thanks Kristii.  I just added the Google + button.

    Regarding the +1 button is using the standard code fine or do you recommend doing the custom code (page type, title, image url, description)? 

    If you recommend custom what is the best practice for the info  you put into the (page type, title, image url, description)?

  • I use the standard code in my WordPress template so it automatically pulls that information from each post. If you were doing something special where the button was on a static page, or maybe using the button for your homepage, the customization could come in handy to get people who share your link to say just what you want it to.  

  • WoW Kristi 🙂

    This must be one of the best articles I read on Google+.

    All I can say this is a must read. Bookmarked here 😉


    Are Morch
    Hotel Blogger

  • Kristi Hines Both my self and Mari Smith were showing author thumbnails about 6 weeks ago. Then like you described they disappeared. About the same time we saw the author thumb change from it’s first release when it looked like this:

    Since then we have not seen ours return either. I don’t think that you did anything wrong Kristi, I just think Google is testing this highly to find what works best for people. Just sit tight and it will come…

    Also if you have not done so, I would be also linking to your profile here and enabling the author link back to G+ if Michael and Cindy have not already set that up. Great article here too….

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  • I’ve noticed that people use the Google+ button on their web home pages however I don’t see many people putting the +1 button on their home pages.  I primarily see the +1 button after blog posts.

  • maraegypt

    Done all you suggested…seems to be working.  I am a self-taught amateur on social media – learning from articles like yours 🙂 .  Going to study the rest of your articles hints and tips and hope for the best!  One question …. how did you get the google+ “Add to your circles” badge on your page here???  Thanks for writing all these tips!

  • Kevin IDF

    I tried all five points and got success in four, second point is not understood. I am trying to optimize a website of Packaging, and with all above points rank of this website is improved. I am trying to explorer second point, it seems beneficial as well.  

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  • I didn’t know about #1…thanks for the info!

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  • yes, that’s what I’m waiting for, it bugs me that a lot of people already have it! 🙂

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  • Kristi – a brilliant article well done. I am having to explain the
    benefits of Google+ to so many clients at the moment but the problem is
    they are still waiting for the fishes (consumers) to start using it

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  • This a really long post but its very useful. Thank you for posting it. your site is also very original what you think about mine? Thanks in advance for the tips or suggestions you will have.

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  • I haven’t jumped into the Google+ scene with any real energy yet as my target market isn’t there, however, this article makes me think that it would be to my benefit regardless. Thanks for this great information and detail.

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  • Sushil Krishna

    Great research and awesome post…
    thanks Kristi.

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  • Christopher Gaston

    Thank you for your article. 
    I have tried to follow the instructions on how to set up authorship of my google+ page inconjunction with my website, but for some reason, I am getting an error when I run the test.  The error is showing my author page to not have rel=me.
    The test is below.
    any idea why my site is failing the authorship test.?

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  • Mkt

    Hi Kristi,

    Great article.
    I only have one question, about the #3: how can you merge you website + your G+ page on a google research page, just like the example of Toyota ? I add the reference code in the head of my website and I add the G+ button just in case. Even if the G+ page comes higher in the research, it is still not merged with my website page result. Have you ever meet this problem ?


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  • Harv Whitman

    Thank You Kristi!  Great Article!  I immediately put these ideas to work.   Kind regards,  Harv 

  • MenaAboud

    I really liked the post very much. tried your a few of your tricks. it’s exciting and i’m waiting to see it’s results. thank you 🙂 great post.

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  • Mike

    Thank you for that awesome post. I’ve just implemented all five strategies and look forward to monitoring the results!

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  • You may have heard the buzz around Google+ and the infamous Google+1. It was introduced only a few months ago, April 1st to be exact, and has been dubbed a “Facebook killer”.
    It’s a small +1 button or icon that can be found on search results. You can also integrate it into your web pages (quite easily I might add). Once clicked upon it tells Google that you like that particular page or search listing.
    So it essentially gives Google your “vote” for a particular web page. Since Google revolves their business model on giving searchers the results that are “voted” best. You can imagine how this will help your web site to come up a bit higher than other web sites.
    And if that wasn’t good enough there’s more benefit. Each +1 is front page displayed on a Google user’s profile for all of their friends to see (which could be thousands). Good recommendations, as you might already know, are some of the best types of advertising. That makes these very positive posts. And can you guess what the best part is? It’s totally free.


  • Since this is tied already into Google’s network of sites. Google receives this vote instantly. Other votes, like Facebook’s “like” button, must be discovered by Google’s search engine crawlers. 
    These crawlers scan the web tirelessly looking for content, but if it doesn’t find your “like” or “vote” then your Google results can’t have any positive impact. Also it weights these likes or “votes” based on the pages they are on. So Google may not give someone’s Facebook “like” or’s “digg” very much value at all.
    With Google+1 your rating is passed directly to Google for processing. One other thing to note is that it doesn’t appear as much of a social media or techy / nerdy installation. It has Google’s all ages and all industries feel. Unlike some of these networks out there that are associated with the tech world or younger generation like Foursquare, Gowalla, Reddit and Digg. It has some clear advantages.


  • damn… we just our lunched our site and guess what?  didnt include a google+ link to our page (although we did get the +1 button built in).  Now we would need to go back to the developers to have it changed (more money)

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  • Thanks for the great advice.  I just starting blogging and I am very excited to see it grow with followers.  You gave solid advice, not just the same “post a lot” or “comment on others blogs frequently.” I am applying most but will get there soon! Thanks again.

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  • i hope my last post is deleted, 🙂  im the CEO of and while reading this post i was trying to follow the advises, is hard how google have different results for each of us, some are regional, for example if here in peru you type it goes to automatically, luckily i use “ncr” at the end, also found that is better having a public profile than a page, the issue here is that i have to handle it myself, no time for that, anyway, thanks for your sharing

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  •  In Google Webmasters, the rich snippets testing tool shows that I have a verified Google+ author account, but in search results, my profile info and pic doesn’t appear. Any help please?

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  • We were tossing the idea of having multiple Google+ pages for each of our brands (i.e. Ford, Chrysler, Hyundai, etc.), but it would be an entire job in itself keeping up with 15 accounts. Any suggestions?

  • Very nice guide for taking advantage of Google+.

    One other method for using Google+ in a new way is adding Google+ only search to your site:

    Not directly tied to your G+ profile in any way, but a unique way to implement Google+.

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    I have also done the same as described in the above page and I am able to find the impact of that. Getting my page in search result very well.

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  • Michael DeMutis

    I heard its done.. they dropped it.. not 100% sure..

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  • Write engaging content when you share something on your Google Plus profile. Describe as more as about your services. Hopefully you can get better social response and search engine rankings.

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  • Chris Holt

    With new Google updates ranking your website is becoming more complex and backlinks are becoming harder & harder to build. It is definitely a case of ‘quality’ over ‘quantity’ these days if you want to rank on Google with their new algorithm updates. If you wanna push your website up to the top of Google then have a quick look at the video at:

    solutionwax*com/seo (obviously change the * for a dot as it won’t let me post links here) – the 20min video will tell you how to rank your website on Google and the MS tool is the perfect way to assist you with that because its the only way to ensure quality backlinks. Hope this helps anyone who is looking for some SEO advice 🙂

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    I created a new google plus page and linked it to my website. But still the old google plus page is shown along with my website in the search result, when I searches for my website. How can i make a change?

  • Very Useful Information Kristi,
    Thank You!

  • Yes indeed that’s correct. My janitorial services company is doing great because of Google’s products. Still improving on Google plus though.

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    Hi Tim, G+ has gone through a number of changes since this article was published. Hopefully this newer article will help clarify Google+ features for you.

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