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Have you wondered “How can Google+ help my business?” If so, then this guide is for you.

Google+ is rapidly becoming a mainstream social media platform. We covered how to get started with Google+. But what can it do for your business?

Below are the resources you need to ramp up your Google+ social media marketing. But first, a few navigation tips…

Google+ Navigation

Google+ has some interesting, helpful navigation features, so let’s first look at a few useful shortcuts. This will speed up your Google+ networking and enhance your experience.

Google+ Navigation Shortcuts

Add photos, videos and links by dragging links into the share box.

Font Shortcuts

  • *Word* = Word
  • _Word_ = Word
  • -Word- = Word

Sharing Shortcuts

  • To hyperlink someone’s name in your posts, type “+” or “@” and then his or her name.
  • To find the post permalink (or URL) click on the timestamp of the post.
  • To stop people from sharing your post, click on the arrow at the top right corner of your post and choose “Disable reshare.”


  • J = Scroll down a single post
  • K = Scroll up a single post
  • Space = Scroll down the Google+ stream
  • Shift + Space = Scroll up the Google+ stream
  • Return = Start a comment
  • Tab + Return = End a comment

Google+ Explained

Here are the best resources from the blogosphere to help you understand Google+ and how it can help you.

What’s Google+?

#1: What’s So Exciting About Google+?
mari smith
Are you still wondering what all the fuss is about? Social media leader Mari Smith gives you an overview of the things you need to know about Google+.

#2: 10 Awesome Google+ Presentations to View Today
pamela vaughan
Do you prefer to get the scoop in a visual presentation? Pamela Vaughn has a collection of great SlideShare presentations on Google+ over on HubSpot.

How to Get Started on Google+

#3: How to Get Started With Google+, Your Complete Guide
kristi hines
We suggest you review the Social Media Examiner Google+ guide for getting started by Kristi Hines.

#4: How to Use Google+
dan rowinski
Want a simple overview of how to get started? Check out this article by Dan Rowinski on Read Write Web.

#5: Conversations Matter in Google+
chris brogan
If you’ve been on social media for a while, you’re sure to understand the importance of conversation. On Google+, conversations are taken to the next level. Chris Brogan, author of the upcoming Google+ for Business, shows you why.

What Businesses Need to Know About Google+

#6: 11 Ways for Businesses to Utilize Google+
aaron lee
Although Google+ has asked businesses to hold off on creating business profiles, you can still use Google+ for business networking from your personal account on Google+. Aaron Lee shares 11 ways for you to use Google+ today on the iStrategy Blog.

#7: What Brands Can Expect From Google+
john bell
John Bell, head of Ogilvy’s 360° Digital Influence team, shares insights for brands interested in learning more about future marketing opportunities with Google+.

#8: Google+ Starting to Impact Search
john jantsch
Does your business have a website? Have a look at how Google+ mentions will impact your listings on Google search results. John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing explains how this affects businesses.

What’s Different in Google+

#9: 12 Most Enchanting Features of Google+
guy kawasaki
How is Google+ different from other social media platforms? Guy Kawasaki, author of Enchantment, looks at what Google+ offers users compared to a few other social networks.

#10: Google+ Games and Facebook Privacy Comparison
lisa braziel
Here’s a comparison between Google+ games and Facebook games by Lisa Braziel on Web Pro News.

#11: Google+ Has Made Twitter Boring
robert scoble
Social media leader Robert Scoble shares his experience of Google+ and compares it with Twitter. Find out where Google+ is better than Twitter.

How to Find Friends

#12: 10 Ways to Find Relevant Google+ Users to Circle
nancy messieh
Over on The Next Web, Nancy Messieh shares some great tips and resources to help you find interesting people to add to your Google+ Circles.

#13: How to Migrate Your Facebook Account and Data to Google+
whitson gordon
Don’t have any friends on Google+? Do you want to copy all of the friends, photos and videos you already have on your Facebook account and import them into Google+? Follow the instructions shared by Whitson Gordon on Lifehacker.

How to Get the Most Out of Google+

#14: The Power of Google+: Privacy “Circles” the Entire Experience
jesse stay
Read this article by Jesse Stay, author of the upcoming Google+ for Dummies, to understand why it’s easy to control your privacy on Google+, what you need to know to get started and how to use your privacy settings to get the most out of Google+.

#15: How to Use Google+ Circles to Control Your Information
rich brooks
It’s easy to be selective in who you share your updates with on Google+. Rich Brooks of Flyte New Media shows you how to set up your Google Circles and what you need to know to control the information you share.

#16: How to Stream and Record Google+ Hangouts
jeff lebow
Hangouts are one of the most interesting features on Google+ for businesses. This feature allows you to have your meetings via video. Read this article if you want to record your Hangouts. Webcaster Jeff Lebow runs through all of the equipment and settings you need to stream and record sessions on Google+ Hangouts.

#17: How to Use Google+ Sparks
gord mcleod
The Google Sparks feature allows you to curate content. Even if some people are not happy with Sparks today, try it yourself and follow Gord McLeod‘s directions on GeekBeat.tv on how to use it.

Google+ Tips

#18: Google+ Tips and Tricks: 10 Hints for New Users and 10 More Ways to Make the Most of Your Account
amy mae elliott
Amy-Mae Elliott shares tips on Mashable to help you get started on Google+. You’ll learn how to improve your Google+ experience and fine-tune your networking.

#19: The Mother of All Google+ Resource Lists
nancy messieh
Here’s another great Google+ resource on The Next Web by Nancy Messieh for you to improve your Google+ experience.

#20: 40 Google+ Tips and Tricks for Power Users
jr raphael
J.R. Raphael shares some useful tips to help you become a Google+ power user on PC World.

Connect Google+ With Other Social Platforms

#21: How to Make RSS Feeds for Google+ Profiles
emily banks
Once you have set up your Google+ profile and Circles you may want to watch your Google+ stream through your RSS feed. Emily Banks explains how to set up RSS feeds for your Google+ account on Mashable.

#22: Add a Google Profile Button to Your Site
david galloway
Here’s a tip from David Galloway on Lifehacker to help you integrate Google+ into your social media marketing.

#23: Google+ Hangouts Can Now Be Initiated From YouTube
charlie white
The Google+ experience gets smoother. There’s a “Start a Google+ Hangout” link right on YouTube. Charlie White shows how this works on Mashable.

Here’s a Google+ Hangout where Steve Garfield discusses Google+:

Google+ Resources

And here are some useful Google+ resources.

Resources From Google

#24: The Google+ Project

Google explains the Google+ project.

#25: The Official Google+ Blog

Read more about Google+ on their official blog.

#26: +1 Spelling Conventions

Find out how to spell Google+ in all circumstances.

#27: Google+: A Collaborative Document

This Google document is full of tips shared by an open community. Scroll through the contributions to learn more about Google+.

Other Resources to Find People and Events

#28: Social Statistics

Use this tool to find people on Google+, check out the latest popular shares and track your own Google+ statistics.

#29: Recommended Users

Check out this tool to find recommendations of people to add to your Circles.

#30: FindPeopleOnPlus

Try this other directory to help you find and connect with the right people on Google+.

#31: Pluserati

Use this Alltop list to check out top Google+ users.

#32: GPHangouts

Check out this Google+ Hangouts directory to find public Hangouts of interest to you.

WordPress Plugins

#33: Google Profile Button

Get your Google Profile button here and embed it on your blog and other social media platforms.

#34: Googlecards: A WordPress Plugin for Google+

Check out this easy way to add a Google+ badge to your WordPress blog.

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What are your favorite Google+ resources? Do you have any good tips to share? Please leave them in the comments box below.

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