social media how toAre wondering how to get more Pinterest followers?

Are you looking to increase your Pinterest engagement and drive traffic?

In this article, I’ll share 12 tips on how you can get more Pinterest followers and promote your business.

Why More Pinterest Followers?

More Pinterest followers can help you get more likes, repins, comments, clicks and impressions.

This can then help drive traffic, increase sales, generate leads and build your Pinterest brand.

It also provides an opportunity for you to generate more engagement with your customers.

Here are the tips:

#1: Add the Pinterest Follow Button

The Pinterest follow button diverts website visitors to your Pinterest page, thereby attracting followers. This can be effective if you have a high-traffic website.

Install the button in several prominent places on your website and blog—the header, footer, sidebar, etc. Make it easy for people to find your brand page and convert them into followers.

To create your button, use the widget builder page on Pinterest or create a custom button that matches your branding.

add follow me on pinterest button

The Pinterest buttons can help convert website visitors into followers.

MindBodyGreen placed Pinterest buttons on the header and the sidebar of their website to divert website traffic to their Pinterest page and attract some of their thousands of followers.

This should also help them attract followers who like reading their content, as they’ll be directed from the blog.

#2: Add the Profile Widget

Similar to the Follow button, the profile widget also leads your website visitors to your Pinterest page. But you may find the profile widget more effective than the Follow button because it’s bigger and can display up to 30 of your latest pins.

profile widget

The profile widget can also help you attract followers from your website.

Find out how to install a profile widget here: Pinterest Business Accounts: The Definitive Guide to Getting Started.

code it pretty widget

To attract followers, the larger-sized profile widget can be more effective than the tiny Follow button.

Again, you can create your profile widget by using the widget builder or you can create a custom one as seen on Marie Mosley’s Pinterest page, Code it Pretty.

On the left sidebar of the blog, you can see a profile widget which displays Code it Pretty’s latest pins. This should not only drive potential followers to your Pinterest page, but also to the pins displayed, as they’re clickable (and enlarge when you scroll over them).

#3: Share a Lot

When you share often, more people will see your pins and those pins lead people back to your page by displaying your details below the pin.

details displayed below the pin

People can easily find the person or company who pinned the image, as their details are displayed below the pin.

Another way to help you obtain followers is to pin a lot of images.

Sometimes after you pin an image, you see the option to follow a board on which the same pin has been added. You usually get the message “Also pinned to…”.

pinterest suggests other boards

After you pin an image, Pinterest suggests boards where people have pinned the same image to help you easily find people to follow.

This is Pinterest trying to help you find people with similar tastes.

When you find and pin a lot of images people enjoy, Pinterest will recommend you more often to people who pin the same image. This will help you attract a lot more followers.

share your pins

Sharing a lot of pins should improve your Pinterest presence, which can play a key role in attracting followers.

By sharing quality content and images, Daniela of 007 Marketing has amassed thousands of followers for her Pinterest page. If you visit the pins section of the brand page, you’ll notice she shares a lot of helpful pins—and best of all she sticks to the topic of marketing, which should help attract her target audience.

#4: Comment on Popular Pins

The Popular section on Pinterest consists of pins that have been repinned, liked and commented on several times. Take advantage of this and get people to check out your own page by commenting on these pins.

Have a good look at the pin—study the image and the description and write a meaningful comment. You want to write more than a two-word comment like ‘‘Great Pin’’ or ‘‘Nice Find!’’

You want to show people you know and care about this subject. This can be achieved by leaving a thoughtful comment. This will make people want to check out your page and follow you.

Note: Too much commenting is considered spam by Pinterest and can lead to your account being suspended. So limit your comments to two or three times a day.

meaningful comment

A meaningful comment on a popular pin can also help attract followers.

In the above pin, which I found in the popular section of Pinterest, Pam Tufts left a very thoughtful comment. This shows she read the description and has some knowledge of the subject. This should get people who are interested in learning more to check out her profile and follow her.

#5: Mention Others

When appropriate, mention others in the description of a pin or the comments section.

mention other pinterest users

Mentioning other Pinterest users can be a great way to attract their attention and get them to follow you.

When you mention someone on Pinterest, consider complimenting them, too. This will further draw you to that person’s notice and encourage them to follow you.

#6: Connect Your Social Networks

Connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts with your Pinterest account to attract your Facebook and Twitter friends and followers to your Pinterest account.

You can easily tweet your pins so your Twitter followers can see them and display your latest Pinterest activity in your Facebook friends’ and followers’ feeds.

Choose the different types of activity you’d like people to see, and with a simple click they can visit your pins, check them out and follow you on Pinterest.

To help attract followers, you can also add a link to your Pinterest account in your other social media account bios.

connect your twitter and facebook accounts to pinterest

Connecting your Twitter and Facebook accounts to your Pinterest account can help attract followers from those networks.

Krishna De has connected both her Twitter and Facebook accounts to her Pinterest account. As you can see in the above screenshot, this displays both accounts on her page and can help all three social networks gain followers.

#7: Find Friends From Other Social Networks

Another advantage of connecting your other social networks is you can find friends and connect with them.

Connect your accounts and click on your business name in the top right corner of the screen. In the dropdown menu that appears, click on Find Friends. You can then choose the social networks you’ve connected to find friends and followers and follow them on Pinterest.

find friends and followers

Connect your social media accounts to your Pinterest accounts and find friends and followers you already know.

As you follow people you already have relationships with, they’ll be very likely to follow you back.

#8: Promote Your Individual Boards

Instead of following an entire profile, people prefer following boards on subjects they’re interested in. Work on getting followers for your most popular boards instead of the entire account.

Go through your brand page and look for your most popular boards and promote them to gain more followers.

Here’s a quick guide on how to get more Pinterest followers:

1. Place your popular boards in the top row so people can see them as soon as they visit your brand page.

popular board

Place your most popular boards in the top row of your Pinterest page to get more people to notice them.

Swarovski uses the top row of their Pinterest page to display their most popular board, Wedded Bliss, which now has more than 1.5 million followers.

2. Use the board widget to display 30 of the latest pins from the selected board and lead viewers to the board by clicking on it. You can build a board widget by visiting the widget builder page.

display board widget on your website

The board widget can help convert website visitors into board followers.

3. Invite board contributors to pin to your boards to help attract followers. This can aid you in two ways—1) the contributors will share lots of pins, which will increase your board’s exposure and 2) the board will be displayed on their profile too; thereby converting some of their profile visitors to followers of your boards.

use group boards

Group boards can get you a regular supply of both followers and pins.

The above is an example of Better Homes and Gardens’ Blogger Recipes We Love, a popular board that has a lot of board contributors.

#9: Contribute to Others’ Boards

A quick way to attract followers is to contribute to popular group boards that already have a lot of followers. When you contribute quality pins to these boards, their followers become your followers, too—if they like your pins.

Look for popular group boards and spend some time forming a relationship with the board owner or other contributors, then ask them to invite you to the board.

contribute to popular boards

Contributing to popular boards can also attract followers.

An example is Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth who contributes to the board #LetsCelebrate Pin Party which has close to a quarter of a million followers. Exposing her pins to all of these followers should help convert some of them into her own.

#10: Follow Others

Look for people with similar interests, follow them and a fraction of them will follow you back. Continue to follow the ones who follow you back and unfollow the ones who don’t. Repeat the process.

Here’s how you follow others:

  • In the Pinterest search bar, type in a keyword related to your field. This will give you a list of pinners, boards and pins that contain your keyword.
    follow other pinners or boards

    Follow other pinners or boards.

  • Then choose what you plan to follow—other pinners or boards.
  • After you make your choice, in the list that appears, begin following people/boards who share pins similar to what you share.
  • Follow about 100-300 people a day and then wait a few days. Then check to see who has followed you and continue following the ones who have followed you back and unfollow the ones who haven’t.

If you follow this procedure, you’ll be able to gradually build up a lot of followers. To make sure you only get followers who’ll be likely to interact with your pins—only follow people who have similar interests.

#11: Run Contests

There are two ways to gain followers when you run a Pinterest contest. You can either base entry in the contest upon following you or you can use a tool like Rafflecopter to give away a few extra entries for those who follow you.

gain followers for contest

To gain followers, make following your account an obligatory part of your contest.

An example is the Pin Win Spin! Pinterest contest by Angie’s List, where one of the requirements for taking part in the contest is to follow Angie’s List.

#12: Keep Your Followers Happy

It’s not just about getting followers, it’s also about keeping them happy. Make the extra effort to keep your followers satisfied so they’ll continue following you instead of leaving you.

Here are a couple of ways to keep followers happy:

  • Don’t share everything at once: Instead of clouding your followers’ feeds with your pins all at once, time your pins to go out at regular intervals. You can easily do this by using a scheduling tool like Curalate.
  • Stick to one topic per board: One way to lose your board followers quickly is to share irrelevant pins to your boards. It’s okay to share lots of different topics on different boards, but make sure you stick to one topic per board to keep your followers happy and get them craving more.

Over to You

Using some or all of these tips can help you get more Pinterest followers and increase engagement. More followers will lead to an extended reach, broader visibility for your brand and a greater return on investment (ROI).

What do you think? Are there any other ways to get more Pinterest followers? Would you like to share any other Pinterest marketing tips with us? Please leave your comments below.

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  • Great resource Ray.

    I think that points 3 and 4 as simple as they are, are under very utilised.

    If you post a comment on a popular pin, then where ever that pin goes, or where ever it gets repined your comment goes with it, giving you exposure again and again.

  • Market With Mario

    Pinterest is huge for generating traffic and I agree with Geoffrey in that 3 and especially 4 is easy to do, but not taken advantage of.

  • Thank you Geoffrey!

    Yes they are. Hopefully people will begin to use them more often.

    Thank you


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  • Market With Mario

    You bet Mitt. Good stuff!

  • Lesley

    Great article!

    Here are 3 other things that I think are very important:

    1. Organize all the boards, keeping the more industry relevant ones at the top. It needs to flow, and it needs to visually be clear what you are an expert in and why people should follow you.
    2. Change out board cover photos to the best photos possible – eye candy!
    3. Don’t over do it on the number of boards – this prevents people from following ALL your boards versus just one or two of them.

  • Thanks for the great tips, Mitt! I love the Pinterest profile widget. It definitely seems like it would attract more follows and visits than the simple button. Pinterest is, after all, based on good visuals.

    In regards to #10 though, following is great, but I think consistently following hundreds of people then unfollowing (most of) them a few days later and repeating this is probably not the very best way to utilize Pinterest. Have you or anyone you know followed this procedure and had luck in gaining an engaged community?

  • This is such a great and informative post! I had no idea that you could schedule pins – definitely something I’m going to look into and will be helpful with my crazy planning schedule!

  • Remembering to comment on interesting pins is the key and is horribly underutilized. People, and companies, think that if they just post content that people will come. It isn’t unlikely, but remembering that Pinterest is still a SOCIAL network will catch new users attention. Conversation!

  • Thank you Lesley!

    Those are some helpful tips. Thank you for sharing them with us.


  • You’re welcome Sarah!

    I have seen others use this procedure and gain followers quite quickly. To get the best out of this method people need to target and follow people who share similar interests or are likely to be potential clients or customers. They need to be their audience.

    Thank you for your comment.


  • Thank you for your comment Steph!

    There are a couple of tools that can help you with that.


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    So far I have just heard of one tool which can do this. It’s a smartphone app called ‘Followers on Pinterest’.


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  • Hi Ak,

    The best way is to send an email to the owner or a contributor of the board.


  • Thank you for your comment Sunil!


  • You’re welcome Rose!


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  • tom_m

    You need to open two tabs and use your search… It’s not great. Alternatively there are a few sites/tools out there to help, but they cost money. This approach works quite well. Though it’s also very time consuming. Also factor in that you actually need to be pinning things and you end up with a lot of time spent on growing your followers. Also be careful not to get banned for following too many in one go. You will get warnings. However it is a bit silly since following people is actually one of the best ways to reach new users. It kinda, you know…Gives them a little bump/alert. It’s hard to otherwise compete with the spam on Pinterest.

  • tom_m

    There’s really not a big conversation on Pinterest to be frank. It is important to comment in order to reach individuals and gain trust…But it takes a long time to be genuine in your messages so it’s best reserved for specific needs.

  • Nigel

    You say to encourage pinning from your website but this seems against the rules – would you agree? See below from Pinterest


    Suggest that Pinterest sponsors or endorses you or the contest.

    >>>Require people to add Pins from a selection—let them add what they like.

    Make people Pin your contest rules. This is a biggie.

    Run a sweepstakes where each Pin, board, like or follow represents an entry.

    Encourage spammy behavior, such as asking participants to comment.

    Ask people to vote with Pins, boards, or likes.

    Overdo it: contests can get old fast.

    Require a minimum number of Pins. One is plenty.

    Call your contest a “Pin it to win it” contest.

  • Nigel

    You say to encourage pinning from your website but this seems against the rules – would you agree? See below from Pinterest


    Suggest that Pinterest sponsors or endorses you or the contest.

    >>>Require people to add Pins from a selection—let them add what they like.

    Make people Pin your contest rules. This is a biggie.

    Run a sweepstakes where each Pin, board, like or follow represents an entry.

    Encourage spammy behavior, such as asking participants to comment.

    Ask people to vote with Pins, boards, or likes.

    Overdo it: contests can get old fast.

    Require a minimum number of Pins. One is plenty.

    Call your contest a “Pin it to win it” contest.

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    Stick to one topic per board: One way to lose your board followers quickly is to share irrelevant pins to your boards . . .

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    I’ve found one way of finding these people who are in my niche is to go to the followers page of another website that is similar to mine. I can easily follow 100+ people who are targeted for my market!

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  • Pinterest is a bit of a pain in this respect. Some group boards (yay!) actually say contact -insert their email- to be added as a contributor. Most don’t.
    In this case, you have to go to the board owner, then go to a related social media account (Facebook or Twitter) and contact them. Or luckily, if they have a blog, contact them that way. To be honest, I think maybe 1 in 20 of the boards I’ve contacted via this method have responded.
    Where if they have the e-mail, I’ve gotten added almost every time.

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  • However, it is frequently MIS-used. I have a relatively popular Pinterest account (close to 19,000 followers). Frequently I have random businesses comment on one of my pins. The business has nothing to do with my pin (or my target market), and their comment is useless (like “Nice” or “We like this pin”). I delete them immediately. I will only allow a business’ comment to remain on one of my pins if it is a legitimate conversational comment and if the business has a legitimate place commenting on the content of the pin (i.e. if it’s a pin about home decor and a “We buy gold” account says “Nice” — I delete the comment!