social media how toAre you wondering how to best use Google+ to enhance your marketing?

Google+ is quickly becoming an essential part of any business’s social media strategy.

It boasts a cool 250 million users! And this number is sure to grow very quickly as Google is making a Google+ account mandatory for all Gmail users.

It’s an audience marketers cannot ignore.

Google+ can help people learn about what makes your business tick -- your products, promotions, hours and anything else you want to share.

Google+ also plays a major role in search engine optimization (SEO) by making it easier for marketers to show up in search results—yet another reason to include Google+ in your social media strategy.

Here are five simple ways to give your business an almost immediate boost using Google+.

#1: Include Keywords and Relevant Links on Your About Page

The About page is a fantastic opportunity to give a quick overview of your business.

You can also link back to specific pages and services from this page, directing potential customers to the most important pages on your website.

It’s important to have a balance of marketing-savvy copy that’s also SEO-friendly. So make sure to include information that searchers will want to know about your company.

keywords relevant links

Include keywords and links relevant to your business on the About page.

Take advantage of the fact that Google+ allows you to use bullets in your description, which makes it simple to create an easy-to-read list of your products and services.

You can also include links to specific pages and a contact form.

Test and track different variations to see what works best for your business.

#2: Connect With Your Whole Audience Using Google+ Events

Google recently announced the Events feature which allows Google+ users to send out customized invitations to anyone regardless of whether they are Google+ users. It syncs beautifully with Google Calendar and shows up automatically when a user confirms for an event.

In addition to sending out invites to webinars, work functions, parties, etc., Google Events can also send out invites for Google+ Hangouts.

This could be the catalyst to get your business on board with Hangouts or increase the awareness and attendance of the events you’re already hosting.

event tool

You can use the Event Tool to send invitations for Hangouts as well as other events.

The “Party Mode” feature of Events allows everyone in attendance to instantly upload pictures into the same album using the Google+ mobile app, creating a living, real-time photo journal of a specific time and place. You can then show the photos off in chronological order as a slideshow, all within Google+.

#3: Post Often and Optimize for Best Search Results

Google’s Social Search results are more relevant when they take into account your social connections. That makes it important to include keywords within your posts so that they will show up in your followers’ search results.

Google’s search algorithm includes personalized search results specifically pulled from Google+ activity. The more relevant and content-based your Google+ posts are, the more search results you are likely to show up in.

When a user is signed in to their Google account the search results may highlight relevant content that’s created by or shared by your social connections.

For example, a search for “B2B marketing” shows activity from my connections as most relevant under Google’s Social Search personalized results.

#4: Set Up Google Authorship for SEO Benefits

Google is aggressively using SEO benefits to entice webmasters and bloggers to engage with Google+. Google Authorship is how Google authenticates and will increasingly begin to “trust” you as a quality source of content.

Setting up Google Authorship is simple and straightforward.

You identify yourself to Google through your Google+ profile and then link back to it from your content and vice versa.

Google Authorship is the easiest way to take advantage of the SEO benefits of Google+. Doing so will allow the author’s picture to show up next to his or her blog posts in Google search results, causing higher rankings and click-through rates.

search results

Search results with author images are more trusted and much more likely to get clicks.

The business benefits for setting up Google Authorship will:

  • Increase awareness of your overall Google+ profile page
  • Add a human element to your content and increase trustworthiness
  • Help your content stand out from the crowded search results page
  • Improve your chances of showing up in more personalized search results
  • Protect the original post’s ranking position as higher than a post that has scraped or syndicated the original content
  • Studies have shown that Google Authorship will increase click-through rates

Step 1: Add a link to your Google+ profile on each of your blog posts.

On each of your blog posts, add a link to your Google+ profile with “rel=author” attached to the end of the link URL.

Here’s an example: It doesn’t matter where on the page you put the link or what the anchor text is (the clickable words in the link). You can even link an image instead of text.

The end result would look like this: “By Jason Miller“.

If you want to insert this link into all of your blog posts automatically, then you can add it to your blog template; for example, in the footer or header (assuming your blog only has one author).

Step 2: Link from your Google+ profile back to your blog.

After you add a link to your Google+ profile on each one of your blog posts, the last step is to link from the opposite direction, from your Google+ profile to your blog. You do this by adding a link to your blog in the “Contributor to” section of your Google+ profile.

links to blog

Include links to each blog that you contribute content to.

#5: Find Relevant Users and Conversations to Engage With

The number-one rule for success within a community or social platform is to engage in the relevant conversations that are taking place and add value when doing so. The success of your business within Google+ will be a direct result of how you engage from both your personal and business pages.

Here are two great places to find users and conversations to engage with.

Google+ shared circles directory: For your personal page, check out this Google+ shared circles database created by Chris Porter. It’s a fantastic list of Google+ circles based on industry.

shared circle database

Google+ shared circle databases are a great way to find targeted circles to engage.

With one click you can add these shared circles to your personal Google+ circles and have a lively stream of relevant posts and conversations to engage with.

Since your business page cannot circle someone until they circle you, it’s important to build relationships with your personal page and introduce your business page’s content where appropriate.

Take advantage of the rich search functionality of Google+: Search for mentions of your brand and industry-related keywords. Save your searches and they appear on your left sidebar for quick reference.

search your brand

Regularly search your brand name and top keywords to find mentions and conversations.

Monitor your saved searches daily and respond to mentions, comment on threads and re-share people’s posts.

Even if you have nothing to say, a +1 or a simple “thanks for the mention” or “great post” lets them know that you’re paying attention. Staying top of mind is terribly underrated and these simple gestures will make an impact over time.

Over to You

Following the five steps above will give you and your business a jump-start and a solid foundation to build your overall Google+ strategy upon.

Spending a few minutes a day nurturing your presence will not only boost your Google+ profile, but also increase your business’s overall online presence.

What do you think? Did you find these tips helpful? How many are you currently incorporating in your social plan? Please share your comments below.

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  • Thanks for the reminder of the importance of rel=author tag!

  • Thanks for the marketing tips, Jason! 

    I checked out the Google+ shared circles directory and I will definitely use it to look for relevant users to add to my circle. You rock!

  • I was just about to write about it here Marc! I recently installed and started using authorship for one of my blog (a charity hospital) and guess what! It started yielding results within hours. My first post after setting up the authorship got ranked in Google within just 7-8 hours. 
    I also liked jason’s first point but i have seen in many cases people bombing it with plenty of keywords and thus making it a spam. 

    I would like to thank Jason for providing us with relevant data of G+ users, its really great list!

  • Talking Finger

    250 million users. 75 are engaged 🙂 I still don’t see anyone flocking to the site to use it. We continually, and I mean continually ask people what social networks they use when we have seminars etc. Do you know G+ has *rarely* come up? I spoke at Fairfield University 3 weeks ago and I pointedly asked these myriads of students to raise hands when I call out a social network (I was doing my own “experiment” for usage-I ALWAYS ask so I get a pulse of who is using what). G+ had 2 hands up. Then a girl said “oh do you mean Google Chrome?” and I said no…G+…and that left ONE USER of G+ in the 19-23 yr old bracket of about 100+ tech savy students. Ok, so I guess it is always prudent to stay on top, and we do recommend clients at least have a presence and engage. 
    Sorry, I think G+ is more or less lame. It’s great for some entrepreneurs who are already known entities, and there are a few who use it and get some traction beyond the known. But overall, in whole, across a broad scale, it is a desert.

    PS, for those that are/going to use G+, this is a great article about it. Well done Jason.

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  • Guest

    Didn’t know you could link back to your site. Thanks!

  • Hi Moin, 

    Thanks for the comment! If there is one key takeaway from this post it’s the ease and importance of implementing the rel=author tag.


  • Thanks for the comment Marc! I’m a big fan of your work by the way. 

  • Thanks for the comment John.  That directory is updated regularly so it’s a fantastic resource for engagement and niche marketing. 

  • *blush* Thanks! :)8

  • Thanks for the comment. Regardless of whether or not you think G+ is relevant to you or your business as a social network, you cannot deny it’s impact on SEO. These tips are the essentials that every business doing any type of online marketing should implement to support their efforts. 

    G+ is going to become so much more than a social network moving forward, so it’s a good idea to be ahead of the curve, embrace it and make sure that you have your G+ profiles set up and optimized both personally and for business. 

    One of my favorite things about G+ that I did not mention above, is the mobile app and the “what’s hot” button. This is a fascinating social stream of the top stories and post on G+ and a fantastic way to gather new ideas and find remarkable content to share. There are so many ways to benefit from G+, it’s all about you best take advantage of the platform as a whole.  

    Thanks for sharing your experience with the students, you have some very interesting points. 

  • Quick and simple way for some additional link backs. Thanks for the comment!

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  • Great tips! Also didn’t realize you can link back in the About section.
    The directory already had 16 other viewers too when I was viewing it 🙂


  • Glad you found it useful! Thanks for the comment!

  • Thanks for this post. I am actually in the process the last couple weeks trying to find my place in the G+ world and not a lot of engagement so far, but I think just like all the others, being consistent will pay off and I LOVE the platform. The iPhone app is awesome too!

  • Great article and an inspiration for me to get busy with my own business page…  thanks very much Jason.

  • Thanks for the reminder about #3! Google+ is sometimes hard to get excited about, but that’s extra incentive to make sure every post counts.

  • Mel DePaoli

    I couldn’t have said it better myself Talking Finger! I started reading this article and laughed with I saw “Google+ is quickly becoming an essential part of any business’s social media strategy”–Quickly?!?!?!

    G+ is what a year+ old and like you said only 75 people-ish are using it.Google made everyone who has a google account have a G+ account to boost its numbers and lie about its success which is actually known as a failure or a joke at best in the industry and even amongst teens–that’s pathetic and clearly shows that Google missed the mark.

    Yes using Google tools/features can help a business there is no arguement about that and (Jason) your tips are very useful and you did remind me of a few features I forgot about, but please remove the rose-colored glasses about G+ success.

    And yes, if you are using G+ this article is a great resource with easy to follow instructions.

  • My Repurposed Life

    I have a confusing situation with gmail, google+
    I have a blogger blog, that is linked to a gmail account.
    That gmail account is not one I want public.  I have an additional gmail account, and a google+ account. However, I have to sign out of all of my google products in order to sign IN to my google+ account.  Is there a work around for it?  I never know which google+ account I’m signed in to.  Thanks!

  • Likely post. I am just gonna follow your instruction to make my Google+ page valuable

  • Thanks for the comment David! I wrote this after going through the same type of thing. These are the essentials that I could find to get the most out of G+ and make sure a business and marketer are covered. 

  • Thanks Simon! Glad to hear this was helpful. 

  • Thanks for the comment Mel, we all use and view social networks differently. I am a fan of G+ and the engagement it offers (however limited it may be for some). No rose colored glasses, just a fan. Maybe I will work on my intros : )

  • Thanks for the comment Laura! It might be hard to get excited about G+, but it’s vital to make sure you are covering your basis as a marketer. 

  • Thanks for the comment Gail. Unfortunately I don’t see a solution other than merging to one Gmail account for everything. 

  • Thanks for the comment and the kind words! Much appreciated. 

  • Jason!

    What a fabulous, informative post for this newbie Google+ Goddess – thank you! Implemented all of your suggestions and shared the post with my circles.

    Thank you!


    PS: Just started a weekly Google+ Live Hangout every Friday at 12noon ET – we’d love to have you join us sometime!

  • I understand the hesitancy of people not using G+, but the SEO benefits along with future Google integration is something you should NOT pass on. Especially the G+ Local.

  • This is great information. I was aware of the Authorship ability, but not how to set it up. You’ve given me a few things to do to make my time on Google+ more beneficial!

  • Adam Scheid

    I’ve incorporated the rel=author tag in every blog for well over two months now with no results such as a picture showing next to it.  I’ve also checked in to see if it appears correct and it does. I will include a blog link so you can see for yourself:

    Do you know why this may be happening?

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  • Hi Ande, thanks for the kind words! 

    I would love to join the hangout! Will add you to my circles. 

  • Well said Sean! Thanks for the comment!

  • Glad you found it helpful Julie! Thanks for the comment!

  • Google authorship isn’t always a good thing.  My site is very highly ranked and gets hundreds of thousands of visitors per month from google.  I implemented Google authorship… and overnight my search traffic dropped 40%.  I let it stay for about a week but that drop remained.  I then removed the authorship stuff, which took google a couple weeks to register.  Once they did register it, my search traffic went back up to what it was before.

  • Great tips! Thanks for the reminder for me to relook into Google+ for my online venture. I am currently focusing more on Facebook and Twitter in the Social Networking space! 

  •  Great information Jason thanks for sharing. I have just realize it’s effect on SEO. Now I know I’m on the right track. We used G+ after it was launched to the public but until now, we’re still waiting to see it’s results ( referral links). I always believe in due time all our efforts invested in G+ will not put into waste.

    Thanks again Jason.

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  • Mmm I’ve stood back from G+, resisting the urge to become an early adopter in a world with too many social media ‘opportunities’ – the lack of reources being the main reason for my hesitancy.

    However it’s clear now that the SEO benefits out weigh the disadvantageous and after reading your excellent article I’m in!

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  • Christine Cope

    G+ rocks, it’s brilliant.

  • Christine Cope

    G+ is brilliant it really rocks.
    There’s heaps of engagement, real engagement.
    It’s my favourite place to be 🙂

  • Sam@India trip

    Thanks for given this all information in simple steps and really social media is that kind of platform which will give you attractive result in your SEO performance.

  • Jason, this is a really fantastic post.  I’m concentrating on Google+ and LinkedIn to grow my business.  I changed my About page to include more keywords and links as per your example.  I also implemented tips #3 and 4 which should boost my SEO efforts.  Thank you so much for this great information.

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  • It is worth pointing out that the Event tool is a great way to schedule a Regular Hangout but not a HOA (Hangout on Air) in the pure technical sense.

    I use the Event tool to Advertise HOAs, and include the live video stream as part of the Event itself, but the Event tool can not schedule a HOA… many problems arise when people try to do that. Here is my post re. the treachery of thinking Events schedule HOAs… they dont!

    BTW, I set up meetings almost every day using Events and Hangouts… great tool for that. Hangouts are private this way, and send reminders, etc. via the Event/Calendar integration… really cool stuff.

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  • Alicia Staz

    This is brilliant!  I am sure it isn’t intentional, but Google+ is not intuitive.  I finally “got” it after reading this article.  Thanks much!

  • Good Article. Im always learning with this posts. Even when I
    think I know most of things, I always learn a little detail that I
    didnt notice.

  • Setting up Google Authorship correctly is very important. I just read a report on Search Engine Land that has found that a vast majority of people who have implemented authorship have not done it correctly.

  • Thanks for the comment. I have seen lots of complicated explanations and I researched and figured out the basics. It’s really simple to do, I think people tend to over-complicate the matter and forget to test. 

  • Glad you found it helpful! Thanks for the comment!

  • Thanks for the kind words Alicia! Much appreciated. 

  • Love it! Thanks for the tips and insights on using Events! Cool stuff. 

  • Thanks for the feedback Maria! Really happy to hear that! Looking forward to seeing how the changes affect your strategy. 

  • Thanks for the comment Christine! Much appreciated!

  • Thanks for the comment Lindsay! I found these to be the essentials to keep a business covered in G+, I also recommend checking in with the G+ power players once a week for new ideas and strategies. Feel free to connect with me on G+ as well : )

  • G+ is so vital for supporting quality content and SEO. Thanks for the comment Barbara, glad you found the post useful. 

  • Thanks for the comment Richard! If you are doing Twitter and FB, a few updates to G+ can go a long way as well. 

  • Thanks for the comment. I have never heard or authorship implementation penalizing rankings, but then again I am not an SEO expert. I would recommend checking in with someone over at TopRank, Blueglass, or RavenTools. 

  • Thanks for your tips, will try to implement and setup Google Authorship!

  • Some of the best people on G+ to follow re. Google Authorship are Mark Traphagen & AJ Kohn.

  • Sounds pretty strange… Not saying you are misrepresenting anything, but that sounds like something else is messed up… nothing to do with Authorship. 

    All Authorship really does is tie your content to a person… giving the person, not the site, the authority. If you want to have anyone help you with this, I’d suggest one of the following on G+: Mark Traphagen or AJ Kohn. If you’d rather stay away, fine, but the future of SEO lay in your Google Authorship, IMO.

  • If you want/need help with your Hangouts or HOA stuff, I help out many folks all the time on G+… just search for my stuff with this hashtag: #hoatips – or reach out to me on the Plus. Welcome to the fun!

  •  Hi Ronnie!

    I’m following you on G+… you’re in my You Make My Heart Sing circle… would love to chat with you via a Hangout… is that possible? And of course, we’d LOVE to have you join our brand new weekly HOA via #PossibilityPartners… every Friday at 12noon EASTERN… three Goddesses invite folks in to chat about biz tips etc. for women entrepreneurs. Our motto: it’s never too late to realize your dreams… we’re here to help make it possible. Cheers!

  • Shannon

    I’m a bit confused. To engage people on my business page, they cannot just circle/follow the page and interact with my updates? I have to have them follow my personal page first, put them in a circle, and then they can circle my business page? Or is this a best practice for increasing engagement?

    I guess I am really asking if from my website visitors should follow me or my business page?


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  • Thanks for this post, Jason. I’d never thought about using keywords in my G+ profile and have now rejigged to do so. Hoping that will help more chocolate-loving people find me!

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  • I don’t believe my Google search impressions went down, if I remember correctly (it was last June, so it’s been a while), just my click rate. So I don’t think it affected my search rank at all.  My profile picture was a professionally done head shot, and while I’m no Brad Pitt,  I’m also not Sloth from the Goonies.

    I wouldn’t have thought that part should have mattered anyways, unless of course I was a hot chick (from my experience in social media at least, when I have hot women doing some sharing for me, those posts always do waaaaay better than when a guy shares it).  I also know people who’ve gained followers significantly faster than they would have by posing as a hot chick when they open social media accounts. 🙂 

    But it appears as if, for whatever reason, people who are searching don’t find my links as clickable when there is a profile shot next to it.

  • Wow… I make your heart Sing! how cool is that! I’ll contact you on the Plus!

  • Nice article,

    do you have any idea what’s a good ratio between text and links in the profile description?

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  • Thanks for this. I’m a really big fan of Google+, particularly the authorship tools.

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  • Eric Lochtefeld

    Thanks Jason! I didn’t realize G+ had that much impact on SEO value. What your thoughts on G+ on a personal level? I really like its functionality and potential, but do you think it will ever get big enough to have an even larger influence on the Social Media world? It just seems like Google is missing out on the Network Effect and until they can actively make it appealing to more and more people, no one is going to really join it with all the other social media sites out there. I work for a small Internet Marketing company ( and we have yet to really see much value from it. 

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  • Jennifer Gait

    Hi Jason
    Great information here.  With regard to your comment Gail a month ago re having two G-mail accounts  I am in the same situation, but not sure to how to get out of it.  Can I actually merge the accounts so that the Google Docx and e-mail addresses in the account I want to ditch will be available to the second account?  I think that the e-mail addresses are not a great problem, but I am worried that I may lose my Google Docx associated with the account I want to ditch.

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  • Very useful. I implemented the rel=author tag right away!

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  • In today’s internet world every business need Google+! The network is
    still relatively new.If you’re running a competition or promotion,you
    should have Big G’s social network.

  • Great tips.  I have been using Google+ and the authorship markup for a while now but just noticed that my Google+ profile does not have the markup.  My blog posts all have my picture but not my Google+ profile.  Seems strange and I never really thought about it until I read this post and saw the screenshot under point #3.  So, I checked using the Rich Snippet Tool but I’m not the author of my own Google+ profile.  Any ideas?  

    I tried to add a link on my About page pointing to my post page on my profile.  I’ll give it a few weeks to see if everything works itself out, but I think it is kinda strange.  Thanks

  •  Great information Jason thanks for sharing. I have just realize it’s effect on SEO., this is a really fantastic post. Thank you so much for this great information.

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  • Talking Finger

    lil…don’t get me wrong, your tips are fantastic…well thought out and I enjoyed your article. Just that as an SEO tool…moderately works (add youtube, blogspot etc then we have something!) As a social network…I just do not see any businesses ever coming forward with success stories or saying how the engagement is growing. I typically see a very glaring lack of engagement on Pages almost no matter what content is created. I or clients will create content for Pinterest, FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube and G+ (or any combination) and G+ is ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS the one that just sits there. Just my .02 and experiences. 

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  • Darryl van Rooy

    Just getting my Google+ up and running.  Now figuring out authorship and all that stuff. 

    This article is a good way of getting my head around the basics.

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  • Dale

    #1. Be interesting.

    Google+ is confusing to me, much like Facebook was initially. There is a short learning curve to integrate it in business social media. I think it’s worth it in the end game as it appears authorship is becoming a more important aspect of internet content revealed in snippets. Your authorship profile is revealed here.

  • brightblur

    Thanks for the informative article on how to drive traffic to your business website. I’m sure it will prove useful to myself and many others who stumble upon your article. To anyone paying attention to the ‘here and now’, Google + has now usurped Twitter and YouTube as the second most popular social media site on the web. Your article was clearly ahead of its time and anyone who now jumps on board will benefit greatly from their continued rise to one day surpass Facebook as a relevant place to go for groups of unknowns to truly connect around similar interests….which is what I believe a social network should really be about, NOT to publicize what you ate for breakfast yesterday or to brag about what gifts you received for Christmas to all of your so-called list of friends from high school.

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  • Gillon Hunter

    Interesting read. Thanks for posting.

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  • You’re welcome! 🙂

  • The issue here is how you use the network. If you have compelling info about things that people are interested in, then G+ Will work for anyone. If you want to stay in FB/TW then do so. You’ll miss out on the Google Juice G+ offers.

    If you work at it properly you can gain quite a following inside G+ but you need to do it differently than ‘the other places’… I’ve built a legit following of close to 50K people by ‘doing it properly’ and having a topic of interest to a large demographic.

    Anyone can make G+ work and work well, but you need to work on it differently… you look for people to engage with, engage with THEM first instead of just yelling your message and waiting for people to flock to YOU. Good luck wherever you go, but it is not smart to ignore G+ if Search Matters to your biz. 😉

  • Talking Finger

    Of course it is all in how you use a network. However working with hundreds of clients across a ton of social sites, even the micro sites and “game” type ones like Empire Avenue, when comparing value of time to engage with clients and prospects, as well as everything else that goes with social (advocacy, trust, relationship building, and even brand awareness) G+ apples to apples is a lame duck. How many followers you have is number that doesn’t matter if in the end the ROI- however you want to measure it because it also isn’t always about “dollars”- isn’t there for the efforts. Sorry, I have to disagree a company should put a ton of additional time and effort into a site that really has very little if any consumerism.
    FOr SEO, like I stated, yes…you NEED a good optimized G+, you should have a presence, you should create content and engage with other’s content…it’s no different than any other social site.
    However, I am an analytical person, and when we run the numbers for clients who have no skin in the game for which social site they use, G+ is ALWAYS in last place for almost every metric.

  • What do you mean by “when we run the numbers for clients who have no skin in the game for which social site they use…”

    What “numbers” are you running?
    What are you using to make your claims that only “75 people are engaged” using it? I seem to interact with 50+ people personally on a daily basis and that is just me, one person!

    You clearly don’t use it well if you honestly believe your own outlandish statements. And your apples to apples statement is void of reality as well… at least mine and plenty of other’s realities. But let me drink my G+ koolaide and thrive and you stay away… your loss (and those that choose to listen to you as someone with any authority or sense in this space).

  • I am embracing it hard right now Ronnie, because I see where Google is going and their vision, and quite frankly I am glad not all are seeing it yet because it will give those of us who do an upper hand. They have gotten VERY aggressive lately and I KNEW once they tied YouTube to G+ it was a whole new game because now you have the 2 largest search engines tied to one truly social network, and I give them nothing but props for that, and am glad it happened. I will share a glass of koolaide with you my friend!! 🙂 I am hubze over on G+ just FYI.

  • We shall share a toast… and share the spoils! Cheers!

  • Talking Finger

    Ronnie…I hope I don’t have to explain “run the numbers” to someone in marketing. I mean run analytics for profit/loss and value of time vs. ROI etc…We are an analytical company when it comes to social/marketing and the data and metrics are what tells the story. Not Likes, Follows or other numbers. It is the time you put in against how much money you make from it. Period.
    What I mean by “no skin in the game” is clients and myself don’t care what social network brings success. I make no more or less money by what social network a client finds success in. Whether it is Instagram, Vine, Facebook or LinkedIn or even G+….doesn’t matter. All that does is the bottom line.
    Also as far as “no skin in the game”, You have a VERY vested interest in G+ because your whole biz model revolves around G+ and YouTube. I looked through your stuff, and you dont even have a presence on anything other than G+ and Facebook. And a broken (?) Twitter? You have one more or less specific marketing vertical. So of course you will push for it.
    So for myself I would have to say, as someone who has done social for businesses, organizations, non profits, pro sports teams and every business between, every day, all day across every social network (from Pheed to Vine to Pinterest to even which failed of course) for over four years, I have a pretty good understanding 🙂
    I also hope I don’t have to explain the “number” behind 75 engaged users on G+. That was a lame attempt at humor. Of course there are more than 75 people.
    I use G+ well. My clients use it even better than I do.
    I have no care what brings success. Only that clients find it. And I find it for my company. And all data we have collected has G+ being the lowest ROI. When we do research live at conferences and ask large groups, G+ ALWAYS has the lowest actual usage.
    Again, I will repeat…G+ is great for SEO, and they are stepping up heir game a bit. I tis not to be ignored and may be a hugely valuable asset in the future thus why we recommend clients set up and use it if time allows. YouTube has always been great and clients find a ton of success with it.
    G+ I will have to disagree not because of my “feelings” but because of analytics. That is really all it boils down to in the end: ROI

  • Talking Finger

    I agree: this is a great article for utilization and SEO. I have actually Tweeted it and shared it. So for search and visibility, G+ has it’s merits which cannot be denied. I don’t believe G+ should be called a “social network” per se at this point lol. I know that sounds funny, since it is one. However it is the weakest one based on analytics and ROI. There is almost zero consumerism for products and services. I would be more likely to call G+ an SEO tool right now rather than social network, but I don’t have that power 🙂

  • I love this site! Great articles and tips 🙂

  • Franky

    Hi Jason… THX !!! This is def what i needed to know about Google+ advantages! The the Shared circle database can be very useful (didn’t know where to start), profile and rel=author tag…. so happy and will sign up for future posts!

  • I’m afraid I am not able to implement the rel=author tag. Has anything changed?

  • rosa meddaugh

    I have a vintage clothing store on Etsy. How can Google+ help me?

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    how can i boost my post for reaching maximize people

  • harisjan123

    guys guide me please