social media how toWant to make your Facebook marketing more mobile?

Curious about what you can and can’t do from your phone with Facebook apps?

Facebook has a variety of mobile apps, from pages, to groups, to ads, that keep you connected while marketing on the go.

In this article you’ll learn about the different capabilities of each of the mobile Facebook apps that are available today.

use facebook mobile apps for marketing

Discover how to use Facebook mobile apps for marketing.

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Facebook Mobile App

First, install the basic Facebook mobile app on your phone. There are plenty of things you can do from this app, like access your personal information and pages and groups (just click on the three horizontal bars in the upper-right corner).

access pages from the facebook app

To access pages and groups from the regular Facebook app, click on the three bars in the upper-right corner.

Post to your page from there or comment on other posts as your page.

access page posts and comments from the facebook app

Access, post and comment on your page from the regular Facebook mobile app.

When you click on the activity or insights tab on your phone, you can also see the recent activity and scheduled posts, as well as limited stats.

view page notifications from the facebook app

Go to the Activity tab to view notifications on your page, see new likes and access scheduled posts.

Although the Facebook mobile app is primarily used for personal activity, there is so much more you can do with it.

Facebook Pages App

To maximize your connection to your page on your mobile device, install the Facebook Pages app.

There are a few things that you can do with the Facebook Pages app that you can’t do with the regular app, such as access the home feed of your Facebook page. Pages Feed shows the posts of the pages you’ve liked as your page, and you can comment as your page.

view scheduled activity, events and news feed from the facebook app

Click the three dots on the Pages app to get to your Events, Scheduled Posts, Pages Feed and more.

Also, view and respond to messages to your page through the app, if you have messages capability enabled in general settings. To access your page’s messages, click the speech bubble. Then reply to messages that have been sent to your page.

Facebook Messenger App

The Facebook Messenger app originally sparked a lot of controversy about the required permissions. People have since discovered that because of the way Android’s app permissions are worded, the app is forced to ask for a lot of permissions (and they’re not any different than other messaging apps on Android devices).

Many people don’t realize how powerful the Facebook Messenger app can be. You can make international calls for free to anyone else who has the app installed (data rates apply), leave a voice message for anyone with the app or make a free video call. Plus, send money for free to a contact (this feature is only available in some areas).

Go into the Messenger app to see what features are available. Start a conversation with someone or access previous conversations.

make voice or video calls from facebook

Use the Messenger app to make voice or video calls.

You can also install additional features to the app by clicking on the icon at the bottom of the screen with three dots.

add feature apps to facebook messenger

Add apps within Facebook Messenger to enhance your communications.

Currently most of the bonus features involve things like additional images, GIFs, etc. However, there are some practical apps, such as a photo editor and sketch pad.

Facebook Group App

While you can access your groups within the regular Facebook app, one of the biggest benefits to the Facebook Group app is the ability to easily manage your groups and watch for updates. If you’re an admin of a Facebook group, this app is a must.

Install the Groups app, and you can easily see which groups have new activity, indicated by the number in blue next to each group icon.

Move the Facebook groups you use the most to the top of the screen. Just hold down the icon of that group and move it with your finger to the top of the screen.

arrange groups on your screen

Drag and drop the groups you use most to the top of the screen.

Decide which Facebook groups need what notifications, and set them up the way you want them, so you don’t get overwhelmed with notifications you don’t need.

manage group notifications

Manage your notifications in the Groups app and only get the notifications you want.

The Groups app is essential for admins or moderators to keep tabs on the activity of your groups.

Manage Facebook Ads From Your Phone

If you run Facebook ads for yourself or for a client, watching them while you’re away from your desk is a must. Luckily the Ads Manager in the Facebook mobile app has improved over the last year. You can easily switch between accounts, turn ads on and off and adjust the schedules.

accessing ads manager

To access the Ads Manager from your mobile device, click on the three lines and then select Ads Manager.

Once you select the Ads Manager, you will be taken into the most recent ads account you accessed. If you manage ads for multiple clients, scroll to the bottom of the page to select a different account.

choosing an account from within ads manager

If you manage ads for multiple clients, go to the bottom of the Ads Manager to switch between accounts.

Using the Ads Manager on a mobile phone, you can start and stop ads, ad sets and campaigns. Also, edit your ad set budget and schedule, as well as get details on performance such as reach, cost per conversion and frequency.

However, there are critical things that you can’t do from the Facebook app, such as edit the ad itself, adjust the bidding, remove spam comments from the ad and see all of the performance stats.

In those cases you’ll need to use a browser on your phone to access the full Facebook Ads Manager site instead. This also applies to the Facebook Power Editor. In this case you need to make sure to use the Chrome browser on your phone.

To access the full Ads Manager, just open up a browser on your phone and manually type into the browser bar.

access full ads manager from a mobile browser

Access the full version of the Ads Manager from a browser on your phone to perform certain tasks. Image: Placeit.

The downside to using mobile web browsers for Facebook ad management is that the print is quite small when you view it on your phone. Double-tap the screen to zoom in and out and access the full features of the Facebook Ads Manager.

Over to You

In this mobile, fast-paced life it’s nice to know that you can do Facebook marketing anytime, anywhere. Facebook apps improve your productivity and visibility. Plus, you don’t have to worry about missing an important update or not turning your ads on or off when they need to be managed.

What do you think? How are you using Facebook mobile apps? Which app do you find most useful? Share your thoughts and recommendations with us in the comments below!

Facebook Ads Manager image created with Placeit.
how to use facebook mobile apps for marketing

Tips for using Facebook mobile apps for marketing.

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  • Lane Lester

    I bought the $3 Friendly app for the iPad to use in place of the Facebook apps. It has a number of advantages over the FB apps.

  • simdelish

    I used to use those (pages, Groups, ads), but after my phone kept crashing and was filled to the brim with no room, I spent over an hour with a friend who is a phone tech expert. He realized that all those FB apps were taking up TONS of room on my phone (and could not be moved to the SD card, they HAVE to stay on your device storage). My phone has never worked better, since i uninstalled those FB apps. They ate up over 2 gigs of room! I do a lot of my business on my phone (travel blogging) and it just wasn’t worth it to slow it down that much. p.s. I hate Messenger, but there’s no undoing that!

  • Yes Messenger is mandatory 🙂 And you are right that they may use more bandwidth than you want. Thanks for your perspective!

  • Good to know. Thanks!

  • Monique

    I have been using the pages app to boost posts. The options for targeting seem to be different every time. At the moment I can not change the location option. When I type in a city it just reverts back to the country automatically. The interests option sometimes appears but usually is not present at all. That only leaves age and gender options. I have plenty of room on my phone so I am not sure what’s happening.

  • Facebook has been very proactive when it comes to product support and expansion. They keep in mind the audience as well as the brands. We use Facebook mentions for pages of artists we manage and it has been good for the campaigns. A great read.

  • Thanks Hitesh – great to hear your thoughts!

  • I definitely find that the Boost option on the Page itself can be frustrating – sometimes it stays with the previous setting and you can’t change it unless you edit in in the Ads Manager. That’s what I’ve typically done is to go in and do it from the Ads Manager so I can set the targeting manually, which you can also access from your phone. Hope that helps!

  • Facebook should optimize their apps because it uses so much resources. Either way, the post is very informative. Thank you.

  • Totally agree. Kudos to facebook for actually creating all these useful apps, but the lack of optimization is really a problem.

  • Antonio Fernandez

    Andrea, Always solid information. You are one of my “Go To” virtual mentors.

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  • Hi Andrea
    Fun read. I think it’s very informative. Facebook is really full of “secret” options, tricks, settings, etc. Me and my team are once again researching about improving our presence in social media, especially Facebook… this is a good start. Have you tried using these for your own marketing? 🙂

  • Dawn Shedrick

    I don’t have a “Pages Feed” option in the “More” menu of my FB Pages app. Any support on how I can access that? I regularly engage other businesses and pages while on my laptop, would be great if I could do so on mu iPhone and iPad.

    Thank you for always sharing such valuable content!

  • Hi Dawn – Interesting. I don’t know why that would be and I don’t think see any settings to “enable” that. The hard thing is that Facebook makes changes and tests things all the time – plus there are glitches where some features disappear for a bit. So if it’s not there now, I would watch for it in the future, otherwise there is a chance it could be gone unfortunately!