social media how toAre you keeping up with Facebook’s latest features?

Would you like to know how to use them for your business?

Some of the recent Facebook features could have a huge impact on your business, including whether fans see your posts, as well as how you attract leads, track conversions and more.

In this article you’ll discover how to use some of Facebook’s newest features to promote your business.

six new facebook features for business

Discover what marketers need to know about six new Facebook features for business.

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#1: Encourage Your Fans to Use the See First Option

Facebook now allows people to customize their news feed to prioritize updates from particular friends, groups and pages. This is great news for pages with good content, so fans can prioritize your posts.

Educate your audience on how to select to see your posts first in their news feed. There are a couple of ways to access the See First option.

The easiest way is to go directly to your Facebook page, click the Liked button and then select the See First option.

see first from page option

The easiest way to access Facebook’s See First setting is on the page itself.

Another option is to go to the full customization options (people, pages and groups) from desktop or mobile devices. To access it from a desktop, select the down arrow on the far right to get to News Feed Preferences.

access news feed preferences

Select News Feed Preferences from your menu in the upper-right corner.

Next, navigate down to Pages. Then view the pages you’ve seen most recently and click the tab to list the pages in alphabetical order. Click the Following button to customize those you want to see first.

news feed preferences

To customize your news feed preferences, click Following on the pages you want to see first.

This video will walk you through the desktop and mobile customization process.

Facebook News Feed Changes: How to Get Your Page More Visibility from Your FansDiscover how to use Facebook’s new “See First” feature for desktop and mobile users…

Posted by Social Media Examiner on Monday, July 13, 2015

When you have good content, people will want to see your Facebook business page posts in their news feed first. Tell fans how to add your page to their See First list, so you make sure they do.

#2: Check Out Upgrades to Facebook Conversion Tracking

If you’re using website conversion ads or website retargeting, then you already know there are two types of pixels you place on your website to track these events and custom audiences. Facebook recently announced a new custom audience pixel that combines these features into one pixel, which will help with tracking and speed, so the stats are more accurate.

Your current conversion pixels will continue to work, but eventually you should migrate to the new upgraded code. This involves placing the new code on your website, adding some code on specific pages you want to track and then removing the old pixels. Facebook’s post explains the process and gives you the exact steps to change to the new custom audience pixel.

pixel code changes

The new pixel code will replace the previous one. It will be faster and more accurate.

This is still in the rollout phase. Toward the end of Jon Loomer’s post about the upgraded pixel, he explains how to determine if your account has the new pixel enabled.

Ultimately the upgraded pixel will be good for marketers who are using custom audiences and conversion pixels with their Facebook ads, since it gives more accurate stats in reports.

#3: Get a Facebook Beacon for Your Local Business

The Facebook Beacon is a device you put in your local business that sends information to people who are on Facebook near you and have Bluetooth turned on.

Send people a welcome message with a photo, recommendations from their friends who have visited the store, a prompt to check in and more.

facebook beacon post

The Facebook Beacon boosts the visibility of your local business to nearby mobile users.

The Beacon device is free. All you need to do is request one from Facebook for your local page. It’s an excellent way to increase the visibility of your local business to people who are using Facebook nearby.

#4: Send and Receive Money on Facebook

Earlier this year, Facebook started rolling out the ability to send money between friends through the Messenger app only to users in the United States. This service will rival Google Wallet and make it easier for people to make “in-app” purchases on Facebook in the future. In the meantime, if your friends are clients, they can pay you through the Messenger app.

You can only use the Messenger mobile app with a debit card on file, not credit cards. Just click the dollar sign to get started.

send money option in facebook messenger

From Facebook Messenger you can send money to Facebook friends at no charge.

You can also use the desktop version to send money, but the icon is a little more hidden. It only appears when you open the message outside of the inbox.

send money option in facebook desktop

The desktop Facebook app also allows you to send money.

Facebook made this service available without a service charge, so there’s a benefit to using it over a service like PayPal, for example. However, as mentioned above, there are limitations: it’s only in the United States, you must be friends with the person and it’s debit card only.

#5: Create Saved Replies for Your Page

Saved Replies isn’t an earth-shattering change, but it can save precious time if you have a standard message you frequently send. Note: this feature is still rolling out.

To access your saved replies, first navigate to the Messages area of your page.

facebook messages tab

Access Saved Replies in the Messages area of your page.

To see Saved Replies, click on a particular message. The message will appear in a pop-up box and the Saved Replies will be on the left sidebar. From there, select Manage Replies to see all of the replies you’ve created or create a new reply. You can even search replies by keyword.

facebook saved message

Click on the message on your Facebook page, then select Manage Replies or Create New Reply.

Create generic replies for all of your frequently asked questions. Then customize them before sending them out.

facebook saved reply

Save a reply that you use often to save you time, and then take a moment to customize it.

Any new saved reply will be available to you in your Facebook Messages area.

This feature is currently only available for pages that have their Message button enabled.

#6: Watch for Lead Ads

Facebook is testing new lead ads that make it easier than ever to fill in contact information on mobile devices. If mobile users respond to an ad for something like a newsletter, business information, free report or follow-up call, they can submit their contact information (email address or phone number) with just two taps of a button.

facebook lead ads

Mobile users will easily be able to give you contact information.

Currently lead ads are only available for select businesses in closed beta testing.

Facebook is putting precautions in place to make sure this service isn’t abused. They are complying with the lead ads terms of service to ensure only page admins are able to export the .CSV with the lead information.

We will keep you posted when this feature is available on a wider scale.

Over to You

As marketers, it’s important to keep on top of all Facebook changes. While not all of these features have been rolled out yet, you can get a sense of what’s coming, as well as what trends may pop up in the future.

Use these new features to increase your business’s visibility and better connect with your customers, as well as to spark ideas of how you can improve your business flow and your marketing.

What do you think? What new Facebook features are you most excited about? Which ones are you already using? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

what marketers need to know about six new facebook features

Tips for marketers to use six new Facebook features.

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  • excellent posts, as always.

  • drburt

    Is it possible for new costumer to discover your business via beacon and then pay you via facebook payment system.?

  • So they definitely could discover your Page via beacon but then they would have to pay you via your personal profile. So it wouldn’t be an automatic connection between the two places. Hope that helps!

  • Thanks so much!

  • Is beacon available for businesses outside the US?

  • Andrea, I always enjoy your comprehensive articles. Thank you for sharing your wisdom in bite-size pieces with actionable steps.

  • All looking good and some great changes. Would like to know about the new Lead Ads on Mobile and whether for speed this will pick up the generic Facebook email used by the subscriber to be or whether they will put in one of their choice. It’s an important point given most people never look at emails delivered to their Facebook Email in our experience

  • Myoma

    Thanks this was very helpful and what I found exciting was the beacons.. I think that will help my business.

  • scott

    Unfortunately, beacons aren’t completely operational. It seems to be a hit and miss scenario, in the US. Do a search for it and you’ll see a full thread on the FB Help pages. We have one in SW Florida and they are a no go here and no one I know, that has one – works……

  • It will use the e-mail address that people use to log in to Facebook. So yes, that is better than the generic e-mail address!

  • At the moment it isn’t. Hopefully soon!

  • Glad you enjoy them Athena!

  • Robert Parmer

    Great post! In regards to the section, “Send and Receive Money on Facebook” has anyone ever experienced the phenomenon of having to pay $1 to send a FB message?

  • Great summary of features Andrea. However, technically speaking, Jon is not the one who explains on that article ‘how to determine if your account has the new pixel enabled’ 😉

  • renewgroup .

    Hi, is the beacon available internationally or just in the US?

  • Thanks for the tips! I didn’t know about the ‘See First Option.’ I’ll have to create a screen shot and write and schedule a post. Hopefully, users will be able to follow the instructions. I’m mindful of those who may not be technologically advanced.

  • Paige

    Good resource for Facebook marketing. Users can also opt to receive notifications when a page makes a post. Facebook is definitely becoming a leader in social media advertising.

  • Olivia Statters

    Wow some really exciting new stuff here. Great article, thank you

  • Maria Babchenko

    Dear Andrea, thank you for these insightful tips! I’m sure they will help our company a lot in Facebook marketing.

  • Britta Hoffmann

    Thank you great post

  • Lutz Barz

    as a twitterer commented: those who have nothing to say say it on facebook.
    and now this: more spam. glad I left. and paying to be seen is a con.
    did a survey when i was an internet entrepeneur and everyone agreed
    adds suck

  • walterpaulbebirian

    the entire process of social media communication and social media marketing is becoming too complicated to be anything other that a big distraction in a lot of ways – at least for an artist like myself who actually spends most of my 24 hours actually creating art –

    there is a great opportunity, however, for the many people throughout the United States and perhaps other parts of the world who may not be employed or may actually be underemployed – to perhaps learn and work the social media programs for those people who do have a whole lot of work on their hands to do already – this is of course a tricky business to outsource – since who will be able to honestly interpret information and messages from your social contacts and respond to them in an honest and intelligent manner better than yourself –

    or in other words – how much time and effort will it take to train or introduce an individual or even group of folks to your company policies and ways and means of presenting your message across to those connected with your company before they are ready to do an almost flawless job of it –

    lots of time and money in either case – doing it yourself or training someone properly – and a great deal of danger in not doing the second task properly – and who can say whether what you do will actually work or will actually keep your company afloat – never mind profitable –

    lot’s of deep thinking and even meditation necessary to make a proper decision here –

  • Olivia Smith

    Really useful post… Thanks for sharing.

  • Oooh how interesting the beacon tool seems to be. Reminds me of the old Foursquare. But I wonder if people are REALLY interested in businesses knowing they are in the area. Some are spooked by it. While others don’t mind especially if a good offer, sale, or coupon is sent. With all these new bells and whistles, in addition to celebrity live streaming, video streaming, etc. it appears Facebook aims to be the one-stop-shop in social media.

  • Walter you do raise some good points. But if you hire someone with some years of experience that doesn’t need training, but merely a thorough understanding of your goals and your business, you’ll get someone that will help your business grow.

    But keep in mind too, individuals with that kind of experience and strategy generally aren’t paid like interns or virtual assistants. They are worth the investment. Still, be sure to do a thorough look into their background, clients, references etc.

  • drburt

    Ok, makes sense. TY

  • Brenda Cooke

    For our business (Deltec Homes) and many others I clicked around to see, the 3 tabs visible on the cover pic are Liked, Following and Share. The ‘See First’ is option is found under Following. Regarding the beacon…no. I would find it very invasive, personally. And can you imagine walking or driving in an area where there are many shops, once this beacon takes off – the Facebook user would be INUNDATED with annoying alerts. I’m not putting my followers through that.

  • Great new updates on facebook. I think they are trying to compete with paypal and youtube now. Will see how it goes.

  • Good to know your experience Scott. I hope they get it fixed soon!

  • I haven’t seen that in awhile Robert and typically that message was for people who you were trying to message who you weren’t friends with. Not sure if they are still doing that.

  • Hi Antonio – I’m so sorry I should have mentioned you explicitly as the author of that post but it was a post on Jon’s blog. We often see that as authors on SME’s blog as well 🙂

  • So far it’s just in the US – hopefully they will roll it out to the rest of the world.

  • Glad you enjoyed it Amandah!

  • Thanks Paige! Yes, I do like Facebook ads.

  • Glad you enjoyed it Olivia!

  • Glad you liked it Maria!

  • Thanks Britta!

  • Good to hear your thoughts on the matter Lutz. With Facebook still the #1 social site I think it’s still a good place for many businesses to be but I always say to focus on the sites that you enjoy.

  • Great points from both of you! I think as marketing evolves, individuals need to keep up to date with the latest strategies and as Alice mentioned, those who know more about the latest strategies will have to be compensated accordingly.

  • Glad you enjoyed it Olivia!

  • They certainly continue to innovate! I think the live streaming is interesting and I think they will have to release it more widely to compete with the Periscopes, Meerkats, Blabs etc.

  • Yes, good points, I think it is a personal preference and some do find it creepy. But those also may be the people that wouldn’t have their location or bluetooth enabled.

  • It is interesting for sure! The speed at which things are being released feels like it’s increasing.

  • Robert Parmer

    Yep it was! Some articles I was reading about this topic stated that it was an attempt to end spam messages, which seems usable. However, I’m willing to bet that they made a decent chunk of change off that.

  • renewgroup .

    Thanks for confirming Andrea. Wondered why I hadn’t received a reply after I submitted our email address to receive one. Shame.

  • @andreavahl:disqus, I am so offended I think next year at SMMW16 I am going to avoid talking to you….except if you have chocolate…everyone gets forgiven with chocolate… 🙂

    Now seriously, no problem at all. I was just being silly but I am aware this things happen. So don’t worry about that (but I do like chocolate 🙂 )

  • Lutz Barz

    which is getting less which means more freedom to create. I tell ya the hours I wasted trawling through digital dollops was enervating to say the least. some ppl must have hours to spend. what is of interest are the robotic algorithms infusing themselves continuously relentlessly endlessly into the social interaction because no matter what digital dollops I threw at them the don’t respond. A dead give away. This too is @ FB. Then there are the contrived posts paid for to result in thousands of responses or likes or worse spamming one’s space. It has become a battleground for relevance to be not so much noticed but found.

  • Fabulous information. #1 is a great feature for everyone not just marketers. Thanks for sharing.

  • Angel Clark

    Very helpful. I would have missed some of these

  • Kavita

    very informative

  • Harish

    Awesome article featuring great features. Thanks a ton for sharing it.

  • Perhaps FB could refine Beacon by offering a filtering option? Say, if a hamburger stand is on Beacon but a vegetarian is driving by, the burger stand wouldn’t ping the vegetarian user? Less invasive, and businesses would reach a higher percentage of people more likely to visit.