social media how toDo you want more visibility on Facebook?

Are you using all of Facebook’s features to market your business?

Facebook marketing works best when you use your profile, groups and pages in concert to reach a wider audience and connect with potential clients.

In this article you’ll discover how to use the features Facebook has to offer to promote your business.

use five facebook features to promote on facebook

Discover how to use five Facebook features to promote your business.

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#1: Use Your Profile’s About Section

If you’re connecting with potential clients via your Facebook profile, you want to make sure they know how to find your page easily. To do that, add your page as your employer in the work history field of your profile’s About section.

multiple page names in the about section preview

Make it easy for people to find your page in your profile’s About section.

To edit your work history, click the pencil icon next to the Work area. Type the page name in the Company area and select the page from the drop-down menu. You can also add your position at the company.

adding a facebook page to work history

Add your Facebook page to your Work and Education section.

Remember, even though you list your page on your profile, your profile is not visible from your page unless you connect it yourself. Your privacy is intact.

#2: Enable the Follow Button

The Follow button allows anyone to follow your public updates. If fans want to follow you, they just have to visit your profile and click the Follow button. When someone sends you a friend request, they’ll automatically follow your public updates even if you haven’t accepted their request.

Facebook has a limit of 5,000 friends, but you can have unlimited followers, so enabling your Follow button allows more people to connect with you.

follower stats in friends section

Turn on the Follow button to allow more people to connect with you.

Here’s how to enable your Follow button:
1. Click the down arrow in the upper-right corner and select Settings.
2. Click Followers on the left sidebar.
3. Select Everybody from the Who Can Follow Me section (the default is Friends).

follower settings

Change the setting to Everybody in the Follow section.

Note: Since anyone who follows you can see your public updates, be sure to change your audience settings as needed to control privacy. You can choose which updates are public and which ones are only for your friends or a custom list of friends.

#3: Share Page Posts Via Your Profile

Personal profiles are getting so much more visibility in the news feed than pages. If you have some key page posts that could use a little more reach, share them via your personal profile.

page post shared on a profile

Sharing page posts from your profile gives your page more reach.

One good thing about sharing a post from your page is that the page name travels with the post and gives your page a boost in reach—and may introduce your friends and followers to your page, resulting in more fans.

#4: Create Groups for Visibility

When people like a page, they don’t get update notifications unless they manually set them. That’s not the case with Facebook groups. When someone joins a group, the notifications are set to Highlights by default. That means members may get notifications about posts that are getting more interaction in the group or if their friend has posted something in the group.

Since Facebook’s algorithm is favorable for a group’s visibility, many businesses are creating and using groups as a Facebook marketing tactic.

group notification settings

Your group notifications are set to Highlights by default.

You can create and use a group to promote new products or services, but since groups are usually a place to inspire discussion, it may be best to encourage members to ask and answer questions (this will probably require you to moderate the group more closely than your page). As members collaborate, the group community around your brand grows stronger.

There’s one important thing you should know about groups: You can only create and join Facebook groups with your Facebook personal profile. You cannot use your page identity.

This can be a concern if you want to join a Facebook group as your page, comment on a post in a group as your page or just keep your personal profile out of the equation. But remember, you can lock down your Facebook privacy.

group notification settings

Think about how you can use groups to have more conversations with your community.

Before setting up or joining a group, consider its settings. Groups are secret, closed or open. Secret groups have the most privacy—Facebook users outside the group won’t see who’s in the group or what’s being posted in the group. A closed group lets Facebook users see who is in a group, but they can’t see the posts. An open group displays everything to everyone.

Pro Tip: If you set up a group for your business, create guidelines for the group and put them in the description area and/or pin them to the top of the group feed. You’ll need to moderate the group to ensure that members are adhering to the guidelines and not spamming everyone else with their own agenda.

If you’re a member of someone else’s group, be sure to respect those guidelines as well. Participate thoughtfully and add value to the group.

#5: Boost Posts to Fans Only

When you boost a post to get more visibility, focus on your fans only. It doesn’t do you any good to have someone like your post if they’re not connected to your page. It may help with awareness, but if you’re going to use different targeting, you’re better off having a focused goal for those types of ads (e.g., such as growing your email list).

boost post

Boost a few key posts per month to fans only.

Wondering which posts to boost? Ideal candidates are those that go to a good blog post, a worthwhile tip that you’re offering your audience or something more promotional. Remember that if you do want to boost a post, the image you include needs to follow the 20% maximum text rule.

Should You Keep Your Facebook Page?

Given the usefulness of the Follow button and groups, do you even need to create and maintain a page? The answer is yes. There are benefits to having a Facebook page, such as being able to add custom applications, run Facebook ads in the news feed and run contests and giveaways.

If you want to run promotional activities, you must have a page. Facebook’s Terms state: “You will not use your personal timeline primarily for your own commercial gain, and will use a Facebook Page for such purposes.”

This guideline is a bit murky because the word “primarily” is not well-defined. In any case, I still recommend maintaining a page while leveraging your profile by sharing content that is less promotional.

The Wrap Up

I usually post more personal information on my personal profile and then occasionally share business information there. I facilitate my own groups for my business, but I like to pop into key groups and contribute there as well. And I regularly post on my page and advertise with Facebook. It may seem a bit much for some, but with a good system it doesn’t have to take too much time.

What do you think? Are you using all of the Facebook features mentioned here to promote your business? What is working well for you? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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  • Good post Andrea. The tips on how to have your pages on your profile about is a good one. It is so important, as you noted, to lock down your personal profile privacy settings. Having friends on your profile in groups will allow you to post to or hide from a specific group. Happy Monday! 🙂

  • Absolutely! So many people don’t realize that you can really customize your settings and your posts. Thanks!

  • Sound advice, Andrea! I remember a few years back when you could convert your personal profile into a page and automatically turn your “friends” into “fans.” I held out and follow your approach of “speaking with two voices” 🙂 P.S. Great seeing you at #SMMW15!

  • Nice post!

    I prefer to keep my personal page separate from my business pages. How does it work with Followers. Do they have to “friend” you? Or “follow” you? Can they chat and message you? I’ll need to research before I do anything.

    P.S. I gravitate toward Twitter because you don’t need a personal Twitter profile, unless you want one.

  • You rock the house, dear @andreavahl:disqus!! Superb tips here and thanks for the mention via screenshot!

    I always find it interesting to come across personal profiles where the user has put up a big sign saying they’re maxed out and no longer use their profile and to come like their fan page. Fair enough, different strokes for different folks. But, the way I look at it, we basically have THREE opportunities to have our content seen in the News Feed: profiles posts to Friends Only (or even subsets via Friend Lists), profile posts to Public, and Page posts to fans. Of course, we can break down the fans and reach even further with paid promotion.

    Oh, and with the employer linking to our fan page… I wrote up a blog post once saying that was the biggest mistake people make on their personal profiles. Lol! 😉

  • WOW I immediately did #3 and got responses right away for my homemade jams. Thanks for the tips.

  • Great seeing you too Niklas! Yes, you can even still do that but I think you shouldn’t unless you’ve accidentally created a profile page with a business name. Hope all your students enjoyed SMMW15 – I enjoyed meeting many of them!

  • I totally understand – I think Twitter is a bit easier in some ways because everything is just public (unless you password protect it) and people aren’t always sharing personal family pics there. So when you open your Follow button people can either “friend” you or just “follow” you. I have some people that choose one or the other. If I do want to connect with them more personally, I will accept their friendship. Although sometimes I’m just not on top of my requests – so the good thing is, either way they are getting your public updates. Hope that helps clear things up.

  • Thanks so much Mari! You are an inspiration 🙂

    Yes the Follow button is so easy to open up – and that’s a good perspective – having 3 ways to have our content seen! Thanks!

  • That’s WONDERFUL Frida! Great way to take action and get immediate gratification 🙂

  • Andrea, thanks a bunch for Tip#1. Solved a long-standing mystery for me: how to change the tense of “worked at” to “works at.” Grateful for the golden nuggets you share in your posts!

  • Ok, thanks for the clarification, I still do get a few “friend requests” from companies or organizations but not as many these days. The Chapman University volunteer squad of 25 students certainly had a great experience during their alternative Spring Break, glad you enjoyed interacting with them!

  • Anna McGroggan

    Great post. Thank you Andrea. I generally forget about groups and concentrate on company pages when I work with my clients, but you are right, groups can help improve your posts reach, they most certainly deserve some attention too.

  • So glad to help Mari!

  • I am still very skeptical about using Facebook for marketing because I got into Facebook like most people solely for social networking, though I latter created a Facebook page for my business. I truly want to separate my social life from my business.. I don’t want family pictures and events to be shared by complete strangers, but I’ll like my business to be opened to all. So is there anyway I can completely separate these two aspects of my life in Facebook?

    I tried Facebook advertising for couple of weeks and got burnt, so my skepticism about Facebook for business deepened. Is there anyone who has honestly grown their business and found customers through Facebook advertising while at the same time separating social life from business? If there is anyone, can you please share with me how you did it?

    i would appreciate honest practice and not make belief or any kind of textbook theoretical model of Facebook marketing.

  • James McCarthy

    From the point of view of a page on Facebook, when it comes to those persons (profiles) who have liked you, what settings do you ideally want them to make when it comes to the dropdown options from the Liked button (“Get Notifications” and “Following”) that they will have after liking you? Presumably you would like both checked and made active by them. If they do check them, what really happens? Should one be in the habit of reminding people to check these? Thank you.

  • Thanks Andrea for your wonderful tips. It was nice reading. Since we deal with digital marketing, we consider Facebook very seriously for brand promotion despite its recent algorithm update limiting the organic reach of posts. Just want to tell you that in most cases we share posts via our page and not profile to make as you have mentioned our page more popular. And it really works in creating awareness for our brand. Moreover, besides regular posting, we also focus on group activity intensely, making contribution to relevant discussions and this truly yields good result.

  • Richard

    Great post Andrea and I am again feeling a little happier about by decision to opt for a business page. I too added in my ’employment’ straight away but having had a look, am still a little confused on the ‘follow’ button. If I add this and change ‘who can follow me’ to ‘everybody’, does this mean that every post on both my private and business page and visible to everybody? Obviously I would not want personal chit-chat and family photos publicly aired.

  • treb072410

    This post is really helpful.. Thanks for sharing Andrea..

  • Glad you enjoyed the post Anna! Right now my Groups are dominating my News Feed so it’s always front and center for me 🙂 But it does depend if a business owner wants to be participating there as their profile.

  • The default is going to be Following after someone Likes your Page. Most people probably won’t want to “Get Notifications” because then every time you post people will get “Notified” up at the top of their Facebook page (the world symbol). But it might be good to educate people that if they don’t want to miss any posts, they could use that option. Or they could put your page on an Interest List that they follow a little more closely. I actually created a video for Social Media Examiner (which you can always share with your fans to let them know how to do this) that helps explain the options:

  • Great to know how you are using Facebook – thanks for sharing!

  • Yes, basically that is what it means but you can control every single post on your personal profile to restrict the access. And if you are commenting on a personal post, that won’t show up on your Timeline – it would be visible according to how they set the visibility on the original post. So when you post something, the world symbol in the lower left of the post, indicates that it’s publicly visible to anyone who is logged in to Facebook. You can restrict that to Friends only or even make a Facebook List of people who you want to restrict that to. This post might help although they changed the terms from “Subscribers” to Followers:

  • Glad you enjoyed it!

  • Knight Of Tru

    How do you go about Sharing Page Posts Via Your Profile ? Can you give instructions also please ?

  • James McCarthy

    Ask a question, get a video tutorial. Nice! Thank you, Andrea. 🙂

  • You are welcome!

  • All you have to do is be logged in as your profile, then navigate to the Page, and under the post, click Share. Then the popup share box should default to share it to your profile, but if not, you can select that you want to share it to your profile. Hope that helps! Let me know if you need more info!

  • Hi Andrea,

    Thanks for sharing this kind wonderful blog and I sure this information very helpful. Actually I make a group But there is some trouble, So is there any other way that I can make on Facebook Group.

  • Good contribution. But Andrea I will not like to share post that are meant to the page fan with my profile because my profile have my friends and family members, and they are not interesting in what I have on my page.

    Sharing page post with my profile in really not targeted. My page is about my business and those on my profile do not care about my business. I think it is a mistake to do that. It can even annoy your friends.

  • Guest

    my co-worker’s ;

  • treb072410

    Really did! Hope can read more from you again..

  • Good advice! The post you provided in a appropriate way, step by step all listed. Its really nice to read. Profile page is really matters in social media effort.

  • treb072410

    I really did Andrea, cant wait to read more from you..

  • Anita Langley

    Can you help me please! I am unable to add anyone – I haven’t reached 5,000 friends and others are unable to follow me? Hope you can help 🙂

  • EarthJewelry

    One question that still puzzles me on Facebook. Is there a way to like other people pages with my own page and not my personal profile? I would really like to keep my profile for personal stuff, like news from family and “real ” friends, and these posts not being buried under all these “business posts”. A way to get people to follow your page is to follow other people’ pages with same interests. I would like to see their posts on my business page but not on my personal profile page…

  • yes , indeed facebook now can help our business . many people who already use Facebook as a business tool online or shop online . and I also use my facebook as a business tool . besides facebook also has many benefits that can be taken .

  • nice method , Andrea ! promotion through Facebook can indeed provide benefits . thank for the information.

  • Shannon Janco

    What’s the “golden rule” for an individual, small business owner, like a real estate agent? I see some agents creating a biz page with much of the same content as their personal profile or sharing it to their profile. It’s like they created it because they were told they couldn’t post biz on their profiles. However, they are the sole proprietor/owner of their business. Other than the advantages of ads and contests, it seems repetitive for them to have a profile and a page. Why not just use groups on their profile?

  • Thank you Andrea. I will definitely use your 5 suggestions to boost my startup’s image on Facebook. It is only a week now that I have begin with promoting our business page on Facebook and so far it has done well in attracting viewers. Our business relates to human senses and developing intuitive equipment that can extend human senses to some extent. I think the topic itself is interesting to viewers. However, there are limitations on restricting some countries and/or locations from accessing your page or posts which makes it hard to get the most for you buck as you can’t limit the audience to the ones who can really benefit your business and use your products unless you create an ad instead of sharing an article or creating a post. I hope that Facebook fixes this problem in near future although it has to do with their business model! I also prefer to keep my personal page separate than my business page just as most of the people do. Thanks again Andrea and keep up with the good work everybody.

  • Sharon

    Thanks for the info! I would like to create a business on Facebook. I already have a personal page. I would like to sell items on Facebook, but don’t want to bombard my friends with all that stuff. So I should start another personal Facebook page? I only would sell to people in close proximity to me.

  • i used to tag around 50 people for boost , But tagging every time got banned 🙁 . Good advice thank you .

  • Thanks for useful & helpful post.

  • Bruno Rodrigues

    Great post! I just disagree with one thing, boosting posts to only fans. I boost posts not just to our fans, but to people who like the things our page is about. This gets us two or three times the visibility and also gets us new likes to our page.

  • Eldon Takeda

    Good post Andrea. I posted this on my group page. More people should be following the Social Media Examiner.