social media toolsIs Instagram a part of your social media marketing?

Want to make posting to Instagram more convenient?

Whether you’re in the middle of an event or on the road, there are scheduling tools to help you.

In this article I’ll share four tools to schedule Instagram updates.

Why Use Tools to Schedule Instagram Posts?

Instagram was designed primarily as a mobile tool, so that’s where most interactions take place. Instagram wants users to capture events as they happen. While real-time posting is the best-case scenario, it doesn’t work for everyone at all times.

If you’re using the native version of Instagram on a desktop, you can view Instagram content and interact with people you’re following, but you can’t upload anything.

While there are a few options available to upload photos and videos to Instagram from a computer, none of these lets you schedule your content.

instagram scheduling tools

Find Instagram tools for scheduling Instagram updates.

Luckily, there are some tools for scheduling your Instagram content. Some are mobile-only, others are computer-only and a couple of them do both.

Remember, scheduling or automating posts to your Instagram channel should not be the primary way you keep your Instagram channel updated. It should be part of your company’s Instagram strategy for those times when you know you’ll be unavailable. Let’s take a look at the available tools.

#1: ScheduGram

Upload single photos, multiple photos and videos.

schedugram uploader

The ScheduGram uploader.

Once you upload, edit your photos. Tools available include cropping, retouching, adding effects and enhancing your images.

schedugram photo editor

View of the photo editor in ScheduGram.

When your photos or videos are ready for Instagram, schedule them and request notification via email once they’ve gone out.

schedugram scheduling

Click the option to be notified when your updates post.

Manage multiple Instagram accounts and give access to as many users as you need. Cost: Various packages available, which start at $13 per month with a 7-day free trial.

#2: Latergramme

Use Latergramme to schedule posts from a browser or use the mobile iOS app. A couple of things to note: With this tool, you can only upload individual images. Plus, while you can schedule and organize your Instagram posts, Latergramme does not post them for you.

latergramme scheduler

Schedule and organize Instagram posts with Latergramme.

Latergramme sends a reminder at the scheduled time, which you can open and post via Instagram.

latergramme reminder

Latergramme sends a message when it’s time to post.

Latergramme is kind of like a glorified editorial calendar for Instagram, since you still need to post the photos yourself. Cost: Free to sign up. Starts at $9.50 per month. Premium and business accounts also available.

#3: Instapult

With Instapult, you can manage multiple Instagram accounts and invite other administrators to post. Upload single images only on this web-based tool.

instapult scheduler

Single images uploaded using Instapult.

Instapult also gives you the ability to edit your images and apply filters.

instapult editing

Crop and edit images in Instapult before posting them to Instagram.

Once you add the image, schedule it to post.

instapult schedule

Use Instapult to schedule images to post to Instagram.

The web functionality makes it easy to delete scheduled updates.

instapult scheduled posts

Easily delete scheduled Instagram posts within Instapult.

Instapult has editing capabilities like ScheduGram and single-image uploads like Likegramme. Cost: Free to sign up and get a weeklong trial. Three premium packages available, starting at $12 per month.

#4: TakeOff

Part of the JustUnfollow app, TakeOff is similar to Latergramme with a few exceptions. For one thing, TakeOff has both an Android and iOS mobile app. Plus, you can only schedule images; they don’t actually post them for you. This is because of the way Instagram allows companies to access their API. TakeOff offers hashtag suggestions and a recommended time to post when your followers are most engaged.

takeoff scheduler

TakeOff allows you to schedule posts. It will then remind you when to post them to Instagram.

One important difference: TakeOff doesn’t apply filters and effects within their app. Instead, when you schedule a photo to go out, it reminds you and then gives you the option to open it in Instagram or another editor to apply any additional filters. The interface for TakeOff is easy to use. Also, you can manage multiple Instagram accounts and team members. Cost: Free, with premium options $9.99 and up.

When to Schedule

Here are some instances when it is appropriate to schedule Instagram content ahead of time.

Conferences: If you’re attending or running a conference, schedule out a few updates to post during the conference, such as Instagram videos that pertain to certain sessions. Record special messages to your fans to tell them what you’re doing and that you will share more information afterwards.

Travel: Will you be on an airplane without WiFi or traveling to a location that doesn’t have the best Internet connection? Record videos or share photos of some of the places at your destination. To get your followers involved, share the location and ask for recommendations in the comments. When you get to a reliable connection, respond to your audience.

Large Blocks of Down Time: If you know you’re taking a break from your Instagram audience for a few hours (at the gym, a doctor’s appointment or meeting), don’t leave your audience hanging. Schedule a few updates so you can continue to add value for your followers. For example, create tips or positive affirmations in the form of quotes with images or short videos. Then schedule them on Instagram.

Content Promotion: Pull out snippets from your blog posts to use in an Instagram update. (Create this similarly to the quote posts mentioned above.) This is akin to a drip campaign, but done through Instagram. The goal is to provide a valuable piece of information for your audience and to drive them back to your website to read the full article.


When deciding what to use to schedule Instagram content, think about which tool will help you get the job done right.

If you’re glued to your mobile device 24/7, you might prefer a tool that schedules, but doesn’t post your updates for you. If you’re always on the go and want the convenience of having some of your updates automatically post for you, you might prefer another option.

Remember, Instagram is supposed to be used “in the moment,” so don’t schedule everything. The people who follow you don’t expect you to be on Instagram all the time, but they do expect you to have a consistent posting schedule.

What do you think? When do you schedule Instagram posts? What Instagram tools do you use? Please share your recommendations in the comments.

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  • Dan Price

    You should add that scheduling to Instagram is against it’s terms of service and is both insecure and liable to get your account deleted.

  • @disqus_XSLY61hv0V:disqus, scheduling to Instagram is not against Instagram’s terms of service. Where you can run into issues is when you use third-party tools that don’t follow the terms outlined under Instagram’s API and use methods they don’t allow. Only then can it lead to getting your account deleted, losing access to hashtags, and so on.

    The tools I mentioned follow the methods Instagram has outlined. Because of the strict rules when using their API, this is also why there aren’t a lot of tools available to schedule Instagram posts.

  • Very helpful. I had been hunting around for a tool like this but couldn’t find one that looked legitimate. Appreciate you sharing these.

  • Thank you for clarifying, Christian! This can be confusing to follow.

  • @Wendy92:disqus, glad you found these helpful! If you have any questions about them, don’t hesitate to reach out.

  • @CindyKing:disqus, anytime! Choosing the right scheduling tools for Instagram can be a challenge if you’re new to them.

  • I like schedugram. The others look neat too.

  • @2asuccess:disqus, can you tell readers more on why you like Schedugram the most?

    For me, it would be because you can upload photos and videos to Instagram and also because Schedugram sends them out.

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  • yes, lots of neat features

  • Hi guys, founder of Schedugram here – let me know if you have any questions about our service. (and thanks Christian for the writeup!).

    FYI we’re working on a “buffer” style queue service so you don’t have to select the day and time for every post (which is the most time consuming portion of the process of uploading to our service) and a mobile app is in the works for early 2015.

    As was mentioned by Eric in the comments below, we use physical infrastructure to avoid what other end-to-end scheduling platforms (i.e. those that aren’t Latergramme/TakeOff where you have to do the final clicking-through-the-app part) have done, which is to reverse engineer the API (Instagram calls it their “private API”) which is a clear breach of IG’s terms of service. It’s a complicated solution, but it’s served us and our customers well enough for coming up on a year now.

    Thanks and hi from Melbourne, Australia!

  • Thanks for the info, Hugh!

  • Hey all, founder of Latergramme here.

    Happy to answer any questions. We definitely focus on playing nice with Instagram and definitely do not violate any of their terms of use.

    One thing to watch out for is if an app asks for your Instagram username & password, by storing your Instagram credentials the app is violating the Instagram terms of use.

    At Latergramme we take great effort to ensure we never violate Instagram’s terms of use.

  • Meghan

    This question is for the Schedugram users (and Hugh): can multiple people log into the account? For example, if the company had the one with 5 accounts can 3 different people go in there and schedule out posts? Thanks for the article! This could be really helpful for me and the company I work for!

  • @ericleszkowicz:disqus, I looked at that when I was putting together the article. Very fascinating to learn their process. Would love to see their setup at their office as well.

  • Great info @hughstephens:disqus. Look forward to seeing the new queue service when you roll it out. If you need any betatesters, let me know!

  • @pilanites:disqus, I like the idea of recommending an optimal time to post. Could that be used as a teaching tool as well? For example, charting when TakeOff recommends scheduling posts to then apply to future posts (that you might not schedule)?

  • @pilanites:disqus, I like the idea of recommending an optimal time to post. Could that be used as a teaching tool as well? For example, charting when TakeOff recommends scheduling posts to then apply to future posts (that you might not schedule)?

  • Thanks @ckarasiewicz:disqus for featuring TakeOff.

    JustUnfollow has millions of Instagram users, TakeOff has already crossed 350k users while in beta.

    TakeOff was build to maximize Instagram engagement.
    If you see each feature was carefully crafted for that. Be it Best time, right hashtag or team collaboration.

    Best time calculation is always learning & scientific, we smartly recalculate and dynamically change the time based on yours and your follower’s activity. So during summer holidays the timetable can change. It gets better and better as you use.

    Right Hashtags are calculated based on your caption and popular trends. This harnesses the power of our another app called as TagFire. Its really smart and works best for marketing.

    We are excited to hear your feedback and help you all win Instagram 🙂

  • @ckarasiewicz:disqus, I think Siddharth gave you the full picture.

    So, essentially, we can’t provide the scheduling chart as our calculations are dynamic and the best time is constantly changing based on your activity and that of your followers.

  • @ckarasiewicz:disqus, I think Siddharth gave you the full picture.

    So, essentially, we can’t provide the scheduling chart as our calculations are dynamic and the best time is constantly changing based on your activity and that of your followers.

  • Matt,
    Any idea when Latergram will be available for windows/android users?

  • Very soon, no official ETA but I’m hoping before the end of the year.

  • Thanks Matt!

  • If you’re looking for something on Android, give TakeOff a try.

  • Hugh are you saying your app does breach IG’s TOS? Can you clarify?

  • I’ve been using Schedugram for a while on 1 account and like it, would love to see this added to Post Planner some day!

  • Hi everyone, I use Schedugram and just got an email saying it’s looking likely that they may have to close down due to Instagram blocking them. Check out the email I got…

  • I was a bit dissapointed in using Latergramme. It should post fully automatic for you, Latergramme is just a reminder… Too bad this scheduling feature isn’t implemented in wellknown social media management software.

  • No…

  • A Social Media Examiner reader has reported that Instapult did not work for them. The author is verifying this now. We’ll keep you posted.

  • @jeroenfranssens:disqus, that’s where the Instagram API limitations come in. It doesn’t just affect Latergramme, but a few of the other scheduling tools as well.

  • Thanks Ian, If you look above I did post Hugh’s email update that I got later in the day saying that they were back :). I’m so relieved as they do a fantastic job … I’m also a bit biased as they are from Melbourne Australia where I’m from 🙂

  • Scheduler is only a way which help to generate traffic while you on holidays.

  • Thanks. I think it took a while for my reply to get moderated by the SME team because I posted a link. They must get a lot of spam I expect.
    I have to say, although I really love the idea behind Schedugram, I’m a bit concerned about using it. Giving a 3rd party tool your username and password (even if they encrypt it) is against Instagram’s terms and conditions. I suppose it’s just a case of whether you want to take a risk. I am tempted, but wouldn’t be happy if my Instagram account was shut down.

  • Angie Parrett

    I used Instapult and it did post for me however the comments and hashtags were not posted. I only used it for the free 7 day trial.

  • Thank you so much Christian, for your Delightful tips for guiding us to implement Instagram Tools for our profiles..
    Sarah Jones

  • Alberto Tendero

    Is it possible to create an Instagram account without a smartphone? It would be great for corporative profiles.

  • Tammy Tutterow

    I used Instapult and really liked it. Once my 7 day trial was over I tried to extend and couldn’t. Paypal would not let me pay. I have contacted them several times and haven’t been able to get assistance. It is a shame, I really liked the service. Off to try the others I guess…

  • Frank AB

    It looks like ScheduGram is up to $20/Month now for the U.S. Going to try it out now!

  • Hi @ckarasiewicz:disqus – just wanted to clarify your post about Latergramme – we do have a free basic account that gets you 30 posts/month and multiple Instagram account support

  • Ted Esposito

    Can you give an estimate as to when Latergramme will be available for download on Android?

  • Virginia Rancier

    So only ScheduGram actually post them for you? or can Instapult(now call onlypult) can do that too?

  • Carli van Heerden

    This is great to see! Thanks for taking the time to provide us with some extra info on the process in the works. Love seeing creators so involved with their product! Thanks Hugh!

  • Nora Kamsani

    Thanks for the post. I may check out Take off.
    Currently I am using ScheduGram. and quite happy with the service. Looking forward to the new improvement @hughstephens:disqus

  • I believe scheduling is necessary when you operate multiple Instagram accounts. I currently manage four. I might say, it’s a lot of work designing and posting on each one of them. I am considering outsourcing some of social media profiles so I can focus more on my work.

  • Thanks for the different services out there for posting. I wish Instagram would get with the times and allow you to log in to multiple accounts like Twitter. It would make life so much easier! I have recently tried Takeoff and it is pretty good! Again, its great to schedule the posts ahead of time but you do have to go in at the time a post is scheduled to manually post via Instagram app. Thanks again! #etc

  • Jamie

    I know this article addresses scheduling Instagram posts, but which is the best tool for managing multiple Instagram accounts?

  • Each of the tools is a bit different in which features they offer. I would recommend checking out each website to see if the feature set meets your needs. As for the one I would use, Schedugram is a very good tool for managing multiple Instagram accounts.

  • erick

    looking fwd to this answer too! i have the same question!

  • You’re very welcome @protekconsulting:disqus. Let me know if you have any other questions about the scheduling tools for Instagram.

  • @virginiarancier:disqus, each service is a bit different in the features they offer. Not all of them will post them for you – it’s a limitation of their API and how each company builds their tools. I recommend checking out each one to see which one meets your needs.

  • Thanks for the heads up @disqus_JkSv4qn821:disqus!

  • Just learned about OnlyPult from Instagram user “Instabiz_Marketing” (Meagan Broadwater) about an hour ago. Haven’t tried it yet, but it looks promising for posting to multiple accounts. Website says they’re offering a week’s free trial.

  • I have been using Autogrammer for months. Never missed a post. I see it’s not mentioned here. Any feedback?

  • Tayler

    So is this ap safe?

  • Still no WindowsPhone app? Any update please @Matt S?

  • As far as I know, Instagram doesn’t allow to post from desktop apps to keep the mobile and instant nature of the content published on the platform. So, any app listed above can be blocked by Instagram any time. So can be any account using them.

  • @disqus_MhrmweQgY0:disqus, it wasn’t on my radar when I put together this post. They’ve been around for about a year though. Based on what I see on their website and social media channels it seems hit or miss. A few periods of inactivity. I would be careful using it. It seems like they might do something with bots as well which isn’t something you want to get into with Instagram. Especially if they’re not your channels.

    If it were any other social network, I would try them our BUT because it’s Instagram and they’re pretty strict, I tend to stick with the tools I know. If you’re serious about using them you might want to contact them directly, see how responsive they are before jumping in.

  • Wow! Super impressed. Didn’t really expect to get a response. This was very helpful. Thank you Christian.

  • Anytime @disqus_MhrmweQgY0:disqus. Glad I could help you out!

  • Rosi Rodrigues

    I would like to share that after reading this thread I decided to try out TakeOff and ScheduGram. I’ve been using actively for one 1 now, posting 2-3 times a day.

    Here are my comments about TakeOff @pilanites:disqus : The mobile experience is very intuitive and the integration with instagram is flawless. Very easy to upload a photo, create a tittle and just add set the automatic best time scheduler. I found that the hashtag cloud is not that accurate. To my profile, it suggested tags that didn’t have much in common with my public or the photo. Most of the time I did not used the suggested tags. The dawn side for me was not having a web app to upload the stuff. When managing business accounts its much easier creating content on the computer. All the writing, research and stuff that involves talking to your public is much different that just using the phone to schedule your own personal photos, its natural. For businesses its strategy.

    Here are the thoughts so far about ScheduGram @hughstephens:disqus . The web app its a plus for business. Although, I had technical difficulties with my Evernote integration. Their support was fast, and the instructions partially solved my problem. But we still can see that the guys are improving their product. The photo editing tool works perfectly. At first I thought I wasn’t going to use it, since I upload my pictures already edited. But, it proof to me that it comes in handy a editing tool to crop something and making last minute adjustments. What I don’t like is the fact that I can’t tag people on my photo or connect with my tumbler or facebook account to share on those channels at the same time. That is really big deal, because not having an integration means double time to post individually on facebook and tumbler. It would be nice if ScheduGram offer an alarm feature for those that preferred to be reminded to post themselves and still use the integration with others plataformas direct from Instagram.

  • Ben

    I like the idea of managing many accounts and being able to schedule and post whilst for you. Just because you have not done “in the Moment’ doesn’t mean you should be punished for it. Doing a few days in advance eases the pressure! Thanks for the info. Ben Gilbert, Verbier Switzerland ( Owner of Verbier Seasonaires and MYST)

  • Darryl Krizia Tan

    How about Viral Woot? We’ve tried it and it posts to Instagram splendidly

  • Tara Martin

    I’m wondering if any of the apps can sync with Facebook and Twitter, especially with mentions? I want an app that can be used on my desktop. I don’t care if the app posts for me, or if I have to get a reminder (like latergramme) but I definitely need the app to allow for cross-posting and to utilize mentions. I also want the app to work flawlessly with hashtags. I will be very dissapointed if the hashtags don’t work. Thanks for any help.

  • Did you mean Instawoot @darrylkriziatan:disqus? That was a tool that was not available when I put this post together.

  • @ray_stone_bg:disqus, I haven’t used that tool. I would be sure to do my research since it looks like they are trying to play off of the Buffer and Instagram names.

    There are a lot of other scheduling tools I didn’t mention. You have to be careful which ones you use. Some of them don’t follow Instagram’s API guidelines which can cause other issues with your account if you’re not careful.

  • Agreed Ben! Schedule Instagram posts in moderation.

  • @grzegorzberezowski:disqus, true; however, some of these companies worked directly with Instagram to ensure they were following their guidelines. This should help minimize the chances of this happening. It’s not really any different than using say Hootsuite for Twitter and having Twitter change how they can access their data. It would then be up to that company to update their app so that it works again and is in compliance.

  • @LauraMSands:disqus, Onlypult was previously called Instapult (which I mentioned above). It’s a good tool to use to schedule Instagram posts.

  • I had the chance to try out that tool. I did a lot of research and in the end, felt it wasn’t one I wanted to include because of the interface and user experience. Also, with Instagram, you have to be careful with the tools you use. Some aren’t built using Instagram’s API guidelines and can cause further issues with features on your account. For example, some tools cause you to lose access to hashtags. I may revisit it but for now, it didn’t make my list.

  • The tools I listed should be. If you don’t feel comfortable with a tool, I would recommend reaching out to the company. Most of the CEO’s are very approachable – you should see some comments here as well from them answering some of the questions.

  • David Monson

    Do any of these services work better for scheduling video posts rather than just images?
    And is there one that can handle 10-15 instagram accounts at the same time?

  • I like ScheduGram because it’s more of a complete package. Many of them have likely been updated since I wrote this so it may be worthwhile checking out the others as well. They’re all a little bit different, but that’s my pick.

  • Anastacia V Spada

    I use Latergramme (free version) and am looking to upgrade to a paid account on a scheduler. But I’m not sure if I want to continue on Latergramme.

    I don’t mind that it doesn’t upload for me, but I do mind that the website doesn’t let me move my photos around on the calendar. The thumbnails are on the left, with calendar on the right. I have to move back and forth, and can’t see photos as they will be laid out in my feed. Any suggestions on a service that makes this part work better for me?

    So far, I’m using the free version until I find something I really like!

  • Parth

    Hi, I am interested in Instapult/Onlypult. Is it legit? I heard instagram doesn’t allow automatic updates. Will my account get banned?

  • Rian Gtohish

    Thank you! It work!

  • Hi David – Hugh from Schedugram here. Sorry for the late reply (I don’t check this daily!), but I can confirm that we do videos in addition to images.

    Any questions, feel free to reach out to our team

  • Amanda Hatfield

    I have my own business and need to post on social media but also work a normal job and can’t post during the day! Which app would work best for me! I do all my posting via my iPhone! I use buffer for Facebook and looking for something similar for Instagram!!

  • Tara Martin

    Christian, but does schedugram violate the terms of use? I’m interested in trying schedugram because it allows for video. We are also looking for a solution that cross-posts without the need to go into the 2nd application (like FB) and make any links clickable. In other words, we’ve found if we create a hyperlink that is usable on Instagram, it might not be clickable on FB and we have to go in an manually edit it. This may just be a function of IG, not he 3rd party scheduling app…….

  • Tara Martin

    Ian can you decipher what Hugh states in his Twitter post here? I don’t fully understand it. Thanks!

  • Tara Martin

    To manage four different IG accounts Brandon, which tools have you found most useful? Schedugram? I have also heard of Fotogramme, statigram and primary. Have not checked into any of these to see if they meet the terms of use and/or what features/limitations they have. We are looking to add scheduling of video content, and multiple accounts from one app…….anyone have any pointers?

  • Tara Martin

    Speaking of Hootsuite Christian, can you briefly explain how Hootsuite fits into this whole conversation? Now that Hootsuite and Instagram are “integrated” (Came out a couple months ago), how does this change scheduling for heavy IG and FB users? Can you frame this integration of Hootsuite and IG into this conversation of scheduling for me?

  • Tara Martin

    What is your Evernote Integration Rosi?

  • Tara Martin

    I use Latergram for scheduling. They have a desktop app and a mobile app. You can use either. They do not allow video upload, though, to the desktop app (not sure about mobile app).

  • Tara Martin

    HI Christian, thank you for your response. It has taken me a while to figure out what my goals are. We mainly use IG, FB and Twitter. Here they are 1) Save time by posting to multiple platforms. I currently do this by having my FB and Twitter linked (setting within FB), then when I post to IG (either using the IG app or using Latergram), I select “share to” FB. This automatically populates my IG post to FB and Twitter. Right now I am not using a scheduler for FB. I see that Hootsuite is now integrated with IG so I’m intrigued by what Hootsuite is claiming to do. This process outlined above is time-consuming and it is only scheduling on IG, not scheduling from FB, which could be nice. 2) I want to be able to upload video that is playable cross-platform. IG converts video to MKV. I have not tested whether an uploaded video to IG will “share” nicely with FB/Twitter. 3) Finally, it would be nice to post a photo or video on IG and not have to worry about any editing on FB/Twitter. Currently, I feel like I’m constantly checking the other sites to make sure links, hashtags or mentions aren’t broken.

  • Tara Martin

    I’d like to know if anyone uses Fotogramme, or Primary? Also, does anyone use FB as their “primary” posting platform, and have a 3rd party app that allows cross-posting over to IG?

  • Hootsuite didn’t really do much. They added Instagram as another option to be able to use within their dashboard. Before that, there were already a lot of other options available – most of which work the same way. Schedule something and it reminds you to post it. You still have to go in and do the posting. I don’t see it changing much for a heavy Instagram and Facebook user. It’s just another option – in addition to the ones I mentioned here to consider.

  • What are you looking to achieve? There are a lot of tools, some work the same as others, some have similar functionality, but add in small wrinkles – i.e. auto-posting rather than just reminding you.

  • Not that I’m aware of. Take a look at some of the earlier comments on this. If links aren’t clickable, it’s likely a limitation on their API. You may want to reach out to the tool you’re considering though and ask them for additional details. Such as is this on their roadmap and if not, if it’s a limitation from Instagram or just something they haven’t built-in to their product.

  • Tara Martin

    Thank you. Anywhere in this discussion we could talk about the best scheduling apps for FB?

  • Not following. Scheduling what on Facebook? Instagram? Feel free to reach out to me directly and we can dive deeper.

  • Instagram isn’t about automation and there are no shortcuts. Social takes time. As far as the applications, each one has its own set of limitations. There isn’t a perfect solution. You may get one that makes links and hashtags clickable but doesn’t convert mentions. You’ll have to work within the guidelines of each and test out different tools to see what breaks and make adjustments or post natively. Most want you to post natively rather than automate – that’s partly why they don’t let third-party tools access all of their features. If they did, that diminishes some of the value they offer.

  • Tara Martin

    Yes, I’ve read the whole feed.

  • Tara Martin

    Fair enough. I’m looking to save time, I guess that is my other big goal. Social definitely takes time. Too much time. LOL. Ugh. Hopefully, someone will see this at some point and offer some suggestions for apps that smoothly cross-post retaining tags, mentions, etc. Thank you so much for your help Christian!

  • Rosi Rodrigues

    Tara, the Evernote integration I was using on ScheduleGram is provided on their website.

  • Lisa_US

    Dear Hugh, quick question As I am not sure if I understand this correctly – so as a final answer – Schedugram does or does not violate the Instagram Terms of Service? We’d have to make sure as we are looking for solutions for a buisness account…
    Thanks for your help!

  • Taryn Bashford

    Love to know if there’s an app that actually posts for you rather than notifies you when to post. Sounds like schedugram might but I’ve tried 4 now and none do so can you advise? I want to reach usa fans but live in oz so my scheduler says posts must go out at 1am etc.

  • Talal Alafghani

    Does using a vitrual device with bots and crawlers ( similar to schedugram ) but on virtual devices violates Instagram rules ?