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Have you tried the updated LinkedIn mobile app?

Are you actively using LinkedIn to engage with your network?

To discover how to use the LinkedIn mobile app for marketing on the go, I interview Viveka von Rosen.

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The Social Media Marketing podcast is an on-demand talk radio show from Social Media Examiner. It’s designed to help busy marketers and business owners discover what works with social media marketing.

In this episode I interview Viveka von Rosen, the world’s leading LinkedIn marketing expert. She authored the book LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day and is the founder of Linked Into Business, a LinkedIn marketing consultancy. She moderates the Twitter chat #LinkedInChat Tuesdays at 5pm Pacific.

Viveka will explore the latest mobile apps from LinkedIn and what they mean for marketers.

You’ll discover how to navigate the updated LinkedIn mobile app.

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Listen as Viveka Von Rosen shares what marketers need to know about LinkedIn Mobile apps.

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Here are some of the things you’ll discover in this show:

LinkedIn Mobile

LinkedIn’s mobile apps

Viveka shares that the newest LinkedIn app, the LinkedIn Mobile App is actually an update of the earlier app, but that there are a lot of other apps within LinkedIn people might not know about, such as the Job Search app.

There are also the apps that came with companies purchased by LinkedIn, such as SlideShare and Connected, a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool. (Note: After this recording, LinkedIn announced they were retiring the Connected App on March 21, 2016.)

In addition, there are tools like the Recruiter app, Sales Navigator, Lookup and Elevate which are associated with LinkedIn’s premium accounts. Then there’s LinkedIn’s news reader, Pulse, and the new Groups app.

Although all of LinkedIn apps are available to iOS users, only some are available on Android, and Viveka reminds listeners that not all of the apps are free.  For example, Elevate is a combination CRM, content management, content curation tool priced for medium to large companies.

linkedin elevate

Certain LinkedIn apps are paid and even pricey, like Elevate, which is geared toward medium to large companies.

Viveka shares a free alternative to Elevate called LinkedIn Lookup, and discusses the differences between the Connected app and Lookup.

linkedin lookup

LinkedIn Lookup is a free app that enables employees to connect.

Viveka talks about the new Groups app and shares ways users can take advantage of features like the Highlights tab and the @ tag function.

Listen to the show to hear Viveka discuss how and why LinkedIn is focusing on mobile.

Thoughts on the improved LinkedIn mobile app

Viveka feels the updated LinkedIn app is significantly easier to use than the old version, which means people will use it to stay in contact with their network more often. She says users she’s spoken to seem to like the update.

linkedin app

The updated LinkedIn app puts everything at your fingertips, so people are more likely to use it.

She says there are still some minor limitations with the app, but LinkedIn appears to be on top of it. For example, early on you couldn’t customize an invitation to connect on the mobile app, but LinkedIn has fixed that.

Viveka goes on to discuss a current issue which affects the visibility of contact info for 1st level connections and why she thinks this is leading to a change to the Connected app.

She also says that image updates have vastly improved. In the old app you had to send a picture to Evernote or Dropbox before you could share it on LinkedIn, and now you take a picture on your phone and post it immediately.

Listen to the show to hear Viveka’s thoughts about hashtags on LinkedIn.

Navigating the app

Viveka takes us through the navigation of the updated LinkedIn mobile app and starts with the Home button which takes you to a page that is similar to your home page on LinkedIn. She explains it’s where you see and share updates, and she the algorithm on her mobile seems to be smarter than the desktop version.

linkedin app navigation

There are five primary sections on the LinkedIn mobile app.

There are two pages behind the Me button, Viveka continues. The first page contains notifications about people’s interactions with you and your content so you can reply to people easily and immediately.

Clicking the arrow next to your name on the Me page, takes you to your profile where you can do some light editing on the intro area such as your name, education, where you live, your zip code, your professional headline and your summary.

Viveka points out you can also use this page to see and share your Publisher posts, and shares why it’s a valuable feature.

Viveka says the Messenger feature is similar to Facebook’s Messenger. She points out that you can no longer filter messages and that all messages (regular, INMail and others) are lumped together. It’s easy to send messages back and forth, and you can now add a photo and emojis.

linkedin messages

Messages on LinkedIn works just like Facebook Messenger.

The My Network tab is where you view announcements and congratulate people on their milestones. It’s also where the People You May Know section is located. At the top left of My Network is where you find invitations to connect.

Viveka explains how to view someone’s profile so you can decide if you want to connect with them, and shares why she prefers the mobile experience of the desktop for this.

Listen to the show to discover how the Connected HQ app works.

Tips for marketers

Marketers can now tag and mention people when they share a post or an update on the fly. This is great because the more you communicate and engage, the more LinkedIn’s algorithm is going to like you, Viveka explains. Then you and your key content will show up more.

When you are at an event, she suggests you connect with the people you meet while they’re standing next to you. Once you’re connected, you can build that relationship, build that trust and hopefully build that business.

Viveka about a new tool called Sociamonials, which allows her to share photos to LinkedIn while holding on to their integrity.

Listen to the show to hear Viveka discuss the future of Publisher on mobile.

Discovery of the Week

Have you ever noticed the countdown timer in the promotional emails we occasionally send you? Ever wanted to use one yourself?

Michael Hyatt told me about MotionMail and it’s what we use to display that live countdown timer in our emails. It’s a great way to give a sense of urgency to messages about a sale or promotion that ends on a certain day,

motionmail app

Add a coutdown time to emails with the MotionMail app.

Here’s how it works: you choose from a number of different looks for your countdown timer, put in the date and time of expiration, and a graphic is auto-generated for you. Simply paste the embed code into your email, and you’ll have an animated image showing the countdown.

MotionMailApp ranges from free for 20,000 email opens a month, $10 a month (for 100,000 email opens), $60 a month (for 700,000 email opens) to $200 (for 2.8m email opens).

Listen to the show to learn more and let us know how MotionMail works for you.

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Viveka Von Rosen talks with Michael Stelzner about LinkedIn Mobile apps.

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