social media viewpoints**UPDATE:  We have announced our two winners. The winner of the comment/blog portion of the contest, receiving two tickets to the Facebook Success Summit is Theodore Sturos, read his comment here. The winner of the Twitter contest is Kim Isles. Thanks to everyone who participated in the event. We look forward to seeing you all in a couple of weeks!**

Want to win a free ticket to the largest online Facebook marketing event of the year?

Social Media Examiner has worked hard to bring you our second-annual Facebook Success Summit. It’s even better than last year! And we’ve come up with a fun way to get you involved.

First, what is this event?

Facebook Success Summit 2011 is an online conference dedicated to helping businesses master Facebook marketing. More than 900 businesses have already signed up, including Sony, CNN, Hewlett-Packard, Smucker’s, Zealand, Virginia State Parks, Hampton Inn and hundreds of smaller businesses.

Nineteen of the world’s most respected Facebook marketing experts will share their strategies with you. Hear from Guy Kawasaki (author, Enchantment), Mari Smith (co-author, Facebook Marketing), Robert Scoble (co-author, Naked Conversations), Dave Kerpen (author, Likeable Social Media), Jesse Stay (author, Facebook Application Development for Dummies), Michael Stelzner (founder, Social Media Examiner), Jay Baer (co-author, The Now Revolution), Andrea Vahl (co-author, Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies), Amy Porterfield (co-author, Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies), Chris Treadaway (co-author, Facebook Marketing), Paul Dunay (co-author Facebook Marketing for Dummies) and Richard Krueger (co-author, Facebook Marketing for Dummies)—as well as experts from Intel, PETCO, Applebee’s and Intuit.

Presentation topics include developing a Facebook marketing strategy, growing and engaging a Facebook followingselling with Facebook and Facebook integration (just to mention a few!). Check out all the sessions.

At last year’s summit, 96% of attendees said they’d recommend the event to a friend and attend again.

How can you win tickets?

We have three free tickets to the summit, valued at $597 each, plus the opportunity to be promoted to more than 100,000 of your peers! And remember, this is an online conference—so no travel is required to participate.

Two ways to win: There are three tickets up for grabs and two ways to win:

retweet this

#1: Twitter entry

Simply click the button on the right or tweet what you see below for a chance to win one ticket:

I want to win a ticket to Facebook Success Summit (via: @smexaminer ) #winFBSS11

You can tweet up to two times per dayEach tweet is an entry to win. We’ll randomly draw the winner of a free ticket. All tweets must have the #winFBSS11 hashtag included.

#2: Written entry

This winner gets two tickets PLUS a mention in the Social Media Examiner newsletter (100,000+ subscribers)!

Simply write why we should award you a free ticket in the comments box below (scroll down).

The judges (Michael Stelzner, founder of Social Media Examiner and Mari Smith, co-author Facebook Marketing: An Hour a Day) will select the winning entry. Their decisions are subjective and final.

What you need to know

  1. You can enter to win either or both prizes.
  2. Tweets must contain #winFBSS11.
  3. The deadline is Friday, September 16, and the winners will be announced shortly thereafter.
  4. If you’ve already purchased a ticket, no worries. If you win, we’ll either give you a full refund or you can give your spare ticket to someone you really like.
  5. No purchase is necessary to win.

We look forward to seeing your blog posts, comments and tweets. Good luck!

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  • I have been working for various companies for the last 15 years in different capacities which always had me connected me to the internet and  marketing.  Recently (6 months) I decided to take a giant leap  and I  opened up my own little business (which is growing !) helping SMB’s with their online presence.  I love learning new tips and tools to help my clients reach for the stars!  

  • Having recently launched my jewellery label on Facebook ~ Psyn Jewellery: it’s not a sin, it’s a sign, I need help to make it a success.  I have no idea how to make it all work!  I would be the perfect candidate to showcase as a success story after the learning’s from the Facebook Summit 2011.  Please help!

    In Lak’ech – I am another you

  • I work on social media, social marketing and social change. In addition to running a business that works with orgs on how to utilize social tools, I’m lucky enough to have a platform at UW-Madison where I teach classes on this topic (Social Media #lsc440 is my Fall course and I teach an SM class in the spring). FB is one area I need to strengthen my skills. If you can invest in my attending, I will work diligently to make sure the investment goes well beyond me and benefits all who I am fortunate enough to connect with. Thx for this opportunity!

  • I work on social media, social marketing and social change. In addition to running a business that works with orgs on how to utilize social tools, I’m lucky enough to have a platform at UW-Madison where I teach classes on this topic (Social Media #lsc440 is my Fall course and I teach an SM class in the spring). FB is one area I need to strengthen my skills. If you can invest in my attending, I will work diligently to make sure the investment goes well beyond me and benefits all who I am fortunate enough to connect with. Thx for this opportunity!

  • Facebook is like chocolate… I can’t get enough. If people only knew its power. Please teach me more and let me be a maven for you! Take a peek at the way I am using 14 Facebook Business Pages on my website:

  • I am currently working on a project with a 65 year old company to foray into the e-commerce and online world for the first time ever! It is exciting and crazy at the same time. It would be great to have some new tips and knowledge from these experts to help guide our way. I would love to be able to gather this knowledge and be able to use it right away for this new adventure. Good luck to everyone 🙂

  • I am a marketing student graduating in December from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University.  Although I am a part of the technology generation, I know that there is still so much that I can learn.  I could contribute a new, fresh approach to discussions since I am fresh out of school; but I would also gain from the experience of the people I would meet.  Attending this convention would make me a more marketable candidate.

  • FoxSilverGal

    I have a thriving home-based business that I’m using Facebook to grow.  I do a lot of physical networking and would be an advocate for your company and it’s success. Besides, I need to learn ALL I CAN about using Social Media to brand my business.  Plain, simple and honest.

  • DanielleGaebel

    “Success means having the courage, the determination, and the will to become the person you believe
    you were meant to be.” -George Sheehan

    Why me? Because I believe our company will do great things and I will finally become the person I was
    meant to be.

    I just resigned from my position at a local newspaper to launch a venture with my partner (who also
    worked for the same paper and has also just resigned). We’ve chosen to take an enormous leap of faith and feel investing in ourselves and the future we will create is the smartest business decision we can make.…an organic lifestyle blog and marketplace dedicated to the fight against GMOs and
    the support and protection of organic will launch at the end of September. We are passionate about health, wellness, good, clean, unadulterated food and sharing that message as far as the web will let us reach.

    Facebook is a way to make this happen and winning these tickets would be a huge financial help at this
    point in time but more importantly it would be an investment in our small start-up business that wants to make a difference in the broken food system while producing a profit to sustain our family.

    Thank you.

  • predsicker

    What can I say – I’ve been to your Success Summits before so I know exactly what kind of value you pack in there. I even love that you give those tests at the end of the summit and a certificate to those who pass – (makes me look credible here in Baltimore 😉

    But seriously, I’d like to win a ticket because I need to learn and master this Facebook marketing thing – and what better teachers than the experts you’ve lined up? God-willing, in less than 3 years I too will be doing some great things in content and social media. This is not just idle talk. I’m hard working, passionate, intellectually curious and fearless to pursue opportunity. I LOVE people, relationships & Facebook (in that order). I’ve come a long way from being an accountant to being a content creator and a social media advocate and I’m getting to be pretty good at this thing. I’ve learned everything I know about social media from this blog (and a few others). BUT – I’m not there yet and I need all the knowledge that FBSS has to offer. I WILL get better and sharper with this summit.

    That said, I’m a freelancer with an itsy-bitsy budget. I invest a lot in professional development and I’ve already attended two other conferences this year  (including SMSS) and if I could afford FBSS – this conversation wouldn’t be happening. But since I can’t afford it – “Brother could you spare a ticket?” 🙂

  • I imagine that the judges are looking for a young , promising go-getter with a passion for social media who is on the verge of global stardom and just needs that gentle nudge to achieve his or her , no doubt, well deserved place in the digital world.
    Failing that you could pick me.
    I sell safety boots and work wear for a living and write a blog about everything from toilet etiquette, my favourite Yankees , Horesradish to things you didn’t know about socks on I try and tie it back, somewhat loosely, to work wear and enjoy doing it immensely. What I need is a wider audience to interact with and bamboozle. 
    My quest is to shine a bright inspirational light on the dull grey world of work wear. Help me. By your simple gracious act of awarding me these free tickets you will be helping countless thousands of itchy, uncomfortable and uninspired working men and women find true happiness by finding my work wear.

    Michael… Mari…, I have full confidence in your kindness, generosity, dashing good looks and your undoubted ability to make the right choice……

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  • Special Event Management

    Facebook has blossomed into a  resourceful & versatile communication tool for a brace of users that need to connect with multiple personal & business constituencies.  As the COO of a small but very enterprising Event Management Company ( specializing in Transportation & Logistics), we have managed: the 50th Annivsersary NATO Summit with 19 Heads of State, 6 Presidential Inaugurations,  the USA visits of both Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI, and 2 Congressional Gold Medal Ceremonies.  With the continuing economic down-turn unlike any time since the Great Depression, now is the time to acquire new & effective “arrows” for our marketing “quiver”.     It would be extremely helpful to learn how to power-up our outreach to potential customers with enhanced social-media networking tools.  This upcoming summit would be a strategic & timely opportunity to implement valuable new skills in this burgeoning & exciting arena.  We would be honored to participate in this On-Line event !

  • Cassaundra StJohn

    We should get the tickets because F7 Group is an organization founded and led by a Female United States Air Force Veteran (myself) whose purpose is to provide resources, support, training and mentoring to Female Veterans and Women in Military Service (both IN and BESIDE the uniform).
    It doesn’t matter how smart you are, or how great your product or service is…if you are in a land that does not allow you the opportunity and freedom to pursue your passion and dreams! There are 1.8 million female veterans in America and over 5 million women who stand in and beside the uniform today. F7 Group is about serving the women who serve on our behalf!
    We should be chosen for the free tickets because our purpose in growing the resource base is not for our own personal growth or gratitude, it is for the women who sacrifice so that we can continue to live in a land that allows all the budding entrepreneurs the opportunity to build their dreams.
    This is a great opportunity for you to be able to say Thank You to the moms, spouses, sisters and daughters who put themselves out on the front for us all!
    Thank you for being a Patriot!

  • Megan James

    You should award us these tickets, because through our project: Face Forward: Connecting Young Catholics, we have engaged over 3,000 young Catholics, and provided a targeted recruiting list through this platform to Columbus Diocese, Vocations office, and actually CONVERTED new seminarians.  Our community sheds a positive light on vocations, and has embraced and engaged young men and women with their faith. We have plans to expand to multiple cities. We have brought the Catholic church into the 21st century; reside where the kids are; and have amazing stats to share with YOU and your team.  We have won the Ohio Innovation award in 2011 for Facebook Marketing. We think you should take notice!
    Megan James
    MJ2 Marketing

  • jessica

    social media is important. important to me and important to how i want to live my life.

    i’m not looking to be a guru, brush up on my skills, or put this on my resume. 

    instead i hope to gain some insight on facebook from a global perspective. from experts who take this seriously. not from someone who just made a facebook page and thinks they can teach a class.

  • Via Mari Smith-The KISS method:
    I thoroughly enjoyed my preview (free gift) of the Summit and want more! I will have a tough time convincing my employers to invest in this, mainly because they still call it “The Facebook” and have no idea what it is capable of. I would pay for it myself but this single mother’s budget is not that flexible (yes, I just pulled the single mom card). $$HELP$$

  • The Faery Queen’s Cupboard is an Arts in Education organization that seeks to teach youth how to cultivate a deep sense of self and connection with nature by using fantastic magical imagination and creative play. The Faery Queen’s Cupboard is a whimsical online community that offers a blog, forum, and upcoming podcast that are all free of charge to children anywhere in the world. First of all, however, we need to learn how to use these tools to empower youth around the world. Limited funds challenge us to find creative ways to learn and use social media. The Faery Queen’s Cupboard has just received fiscal nonprofit sponsorship, so is in the beginning stages of being able to accept tax deductible donations, while in the meantime also in the process of applying for nonprofit status. In addition to our free blog, forum, and upcoming podcast for children and young adults, events will be offered via webinar and locally in the Pacific Northwest and other locations on request—hands-on workshops, demos, and talks. The Faery Queen’s Cupboard also offers free and discounted gatherings for at-risk youth and low-income children. Any help that is received is greatly appreciated. I have  been working full-time without pay for a couple of months now, and although the temporary financial ramifications are a little daunting, I know that this project will greatly benefit youth, and in the end, will more than support its efforts. Thank you, The Faery Queen’s Cupboard.

  • Jacque

    I have just recently started a business offering social media management and remote office support for small businesses and non-profits.  I feel like this conference will greatly benefit not only my business but my clients as well.  Unfortunately being a recent start up has not left me with much money at this time for further education so I greatly appreciate the opportunity for a chance to win a spot at the conference.  I will be sure to share my knowledge with my clients and anyone who visits my business blog also.
    Thank you.

  • We believe The Leon H. Sullivan Foundation would be a worthy recipient of the tickets to the summit. The Leon H. Sullivan Foundation was founded to carry on the work and legacy of a humble pastor who started selective patronage campaigns and job training schools during the Civil Rights Movement and went on to become the 1st African American on the board of a Fortune 500 Company, using his tokenism to pull General Motors out of apartheid South Africa, in turn leading to its dismantling. Never having a press secretary or trying to gain credit for his achievements, Dr. Reverend Leon H. Sullivan worked under the radar of many.Today we seek to make his achievements known and to continue his selfless work of empowering underprivileged people in the US and around the world, with a special focus on Africa. Facebook has become a driving force in our awareness campaigns, providing us with opportunities to reach out to our own networks and to have our information easily passed on, yet we still struggle to fully utilize all of the benefits that Facebook has to offer. Building on a legacy that is largely unknown can make it harder to generate donations, but we are pushed on by Reverend Sullivan’s own words, “What you do is what you are; do nothing and you are nothing; do little and be little. It is a fact of life, merciless and inescapable.” Tickets for this conference would allow us to learn about ways to take action and to share our message of self help with the world as we plan our biennial Summit in Africa and other events domestically that raise awareness and donations for our humanitarian projects in Africa.

  • Sacha Whitehead

    I’d love to win. Right now I’m eating, sleeping and breathing social media to help ramp up both my social media business and my husbands new start up company. Listening to and learning from the experts in the field would be amazing.

  • Laura

    Northern Michigan Business looking to reach out… troubled about some of the features on Facebook.  Would love to grow our business using facebook!

  • I work full-time for a small company and handle social media for a non-profit local theatre company for free in my spare time. I am constantly trying to soak up as much information as I can, and share with others as often as possible. I would love an opportunity to learn and utilize information on how to better use Facebook which I can hopefully use to really launch the campaign for the theatre into major success. Pick me! Pick me!

  • Why should I (and why would I) want to win 2 passes to the upcoming Facebook Success Summit? I work with a TV station in the center of America that is committed to using New Media in any and all ways possible.  Our “viewing area” has 180,090 homes and the combined WIBW facebook pages already combine for more than 108,000 LIKEs (up form 33,938 at the end of January 2011). Our New Media Group invest 90 minutes each week, meeting to review, fine tune and brainstorm ways to improve what we already do. Our fearless leader was one of the leading forces when Topeka tried to woo Google Fibre (Even though we didn’t win, Google, Kansas will always be our home). Tweetdeck, Foursquare, Gowalla, Texting, Email, SEO and our ‘baby’ WIBW.COM are all constantly used, dissected and critiqued, yet Facebook always remains at the heart and core of our online efforts. What will I do with my treasured passes to the Facebook Success Summit? I will suck up every bit of information, use every idea I can execute and give the extra pass to my boss, (sucking up to the boss is always a good idea). Win or not, I look forward to any and all ideas from the Summit just as I look forward to Social Media Examiners’ daily posts.  A day without SME, is like a day with out sunshine.

  • I’m very eager to gain more knowledge! I want to hear what will the marketing experts will share. Attending this summit will surely advance my life, career and my upcoming business venture to the next level! I’m working as an online freelancer specializing in social media marketing specifically Facebook for businesses, so becoming one of the attendee for this prestige event will be very helpful and a dream come true since I’m a fan of the experts that are involve here! I look forward to the insights, tips, strategies and words of wisdom that will be shared throughout the summit. These are the gems that I’m hoping to have.

  • I work for the Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs and it is crucial that we reach returning veterans and their families to let them know – when they are ready – where to get assistance.  Any free training that is available to help us do this is welcome, as training for social media is not an essential budget item.

  • I have recently moved to the States.New to country but not to social media,I have just found my dream job working with a leading advertising agency in the South.Southern Clients are different than the rest of the nation and it really takes a lot of innovation and convincing to get them to try Facebook/Social Media as part of their marketing strategies.These clients are from varied industries like Banking,Tourism &Healthcare -winning tickets to the Facebook Success Summit 2011 will give me a chance to gain valuable insights from the above mentioned Digital Experts about extracting the best from Facebook for a business .And I will carry this knowledge back with me to my clients-striving to get them onto this Social Media bandwagon and in a small way put the Southeast at par with the rest of the nation in Social Media savviness.
    This will be the first of its kind experience for me and I am excited at the prospect of learning from some of the best brains in the world of Social Media.

  • I teach Marketing Strategy at 4 Universities and would love to learn the fresh techniques that will be taught in the Summitt to bring to my students! Being able to win 2 tickets to the Facebook Success Summitt 2011 will let me encourage class success by giving away a ticket to the winning student!

  • Annek

    I would love to win the ticket just to be able to say Thank You in person to Mike and Andrea for the awesome help and sharing that they gave today in helping me try to find speakers for our regional association digital teaching series.  In addition to saying thank you, I figure that I would learn so much that I will be able to give the FB talk toward the end of the series…

  • Teaching fine art and piano lessons at my Valley Glen Studio for over 20 years has had an impact on the lives of many students, young and old. At-risk teens were helped with art or music scholarships to universities, students with life-threatening illnesses were afforded free classes to help them through their difficult years, and students with simply an interest in art are now exhibiting and selling their work or able to read and play piano music for the first time.  I would like to attend this conference to learn more on how to get the word out about my school and the good work it does.  I cannot afford the tuition and hope my school is considered for this important event.

  • Three reasons: 1) I only need 1 ticket — you can give the second to another deserving soul…that’s a 2 for 1 gift. YAY! 2) I have been talking up your 2010 Social Media Summit to all my friends ever since I attended. and 3) I forward SME articles to my clients all the time…especially the Lake Arrowhead tourism success story. Can’t wait to tell my clients what I’ve learned at the Facebook summit. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • To be quite honest, I don’t have a spare $597 laying around for a ticket. Which leaves me with 3 options – theft, borrowing money or winning.
    However much I’d like to attend I’m not sure it’s worth a run in with the law, so let’s forget option 1. 
    Whenever I think of borrowing money, I get my mother’s voice in my head telling me “never borrow, never lend”. Rather cynical of the old dear, but a fair comment nonetheless, so I shall forget option 2 also.
    Option 3 looks to be the way I’ll have to go. Choose me and consider it as “paying it forward” – in ten years when I’m hosting my own social media conference, I promise to reciprocate your generosity. 

  • Daphne Church

    I have recently joined a company called Common Sense Media, which is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to improving the lives of kids and families by providing
    the trustworthy information, education, and independent voice they need
    to thrive in a world of media and technology. As a non-partisan organization, they provide trustworthy
    information and tools, as well as an independent forum, so that
    families can have a choice and a voice about the media they consume. Part of my role in the marketing department will be to increase our community activity on Facebook. While I have years of experience in every other channel, social media is new to me (other than my own personal use), and this conference would be INVALUABLE! So please help me help parents learn about our organization and make better media related choices for their children and learn how to help their kids flourish and navigate this new tech-dominated world! 

  • PJ

    I own a third generation garden center, and I know that the value and expertise offered by this conference more than justifies the price for a company like mine with a self made web presence, but as of yet no social media presence. Working the hours I do, and being able to tap that expertise on my spare time makes great sense, and I think the folks you have participating are the ‘bees-knees’ – they know their stuff! But the simple fact is that like many folks our industry has had a rough go of it this year – and it’s just not affordable at this time. I’m sorry to say that the only ‘noble cause’ I have is to want folks to see how lucky my staff and I are be able to make a living enjoying the signs of life and growth around us, and hopefully enhance our marketing efforts so that we will do the same.   

  • Because of Facebook, I have found a way to make friends for a living!  I am a social butterfly turned social marketer.  I regularly refer my clients to Social Media Examiner as a resource, and I would LOVE to attend this conference and learn from the very best.

  • Today I turned 50.  My blog, Still Blonde after all these YEARS, THE blog for Women over 45,  is booming but could be doing even better if I could get more Facebook Success.  How about giving me a fantastic birthday gift to start my Act 2 (or is it Act 3?) and choosing me to win the two tickets to  The Facebook Success Summit!  The other ticket?  I’d give it to my followers via a giveaway staged on Facebook…isn’t that what you’d teach me to do?   

    The Chief Blonde  (see I am already using one of Mari’s favorite tips and signing my name/handle!)

  • Social Media Examiner has literally taught me more then I learned in school!  For the last 2 years I have taught myself everything I know today about social media marketing. I have wanted to attend this conference forever and just haven’t been able to afford it!  I finally landed my dream job and I am now trying to convince some of our clients that they need social media to compete in their market.  Attending this conference would mean I could continue to expand my knowledge, teach others about this industry, and help our clients in the world of Facebook do things the RIGHT way!

  • deannagibbons

    I recently opened a new social media and wordpress consultancy and would love to network with other businesses and the social media experts!  Plus what I learn from the Summit I can take back and apply to my volunteering with Girl Scouts!

  • My husband and I are both in marketing and communications – he for a non-profit and I in a school district, so money is really tight (both in our companies and at home – we don’t get rich in those areas!).  We would love to learn more about harnassing the power of Facebook for our companies and the families we serve, and what a wonderful opportunity to learn together as husband and wife (neither of our companies can afford the price of the ticket in our budgets…).  I am also very new in my role, having come from teaching to the marketing and communications field.  So although I know how wonderful social media is for families, I need help in making this work for our school district.  Thank you so much for the opportunity to learn!

  • Ac

    Surprising how self-serving these requests are! Many of these requests are from people working for businesses or have businesses that should be covering the cost of the summit as a cost of doing business!  One of these requests is from a religious group that sounds like downright cult! Yikes!
    You should give the tickets to an org like F7 that would be able to use the education to help others. I encourage you to award the tickets to a non-profit that can really make a difference for others with this valuable education.

  • Enda Barton

    I believe I should win the tickets because I would really appreciate the opportunity to learn from some of the greatest social media guru’s in the world. That is not all though. I am an Irish graduate that recently moved over to the United States to begin my career in advertising and marketing. I took out a loan so that I could come to the United States and develop my skills learning from some of the best in the business. I am currently working at a marketing company as the online marketing associate but unfortunately they have not being able to provide me with a full working week so I have been struggling to survive in this city. Although it has been hard  I am grateful to them because I am learning so much! 🙂 I have also had a strong interest in the social media world since it began and I even carried out my research thesis for my masters in this area. My study was titled “Users attitudes towards advertising on social networking sites”. Since I started with this marketing company I have been working hard to develop my skills in the social media world. Just recently I set up my first facebook contest for a client and even created my first reveal tab. 🙂 Glad to say that the contest was a success. Anyways I would really love to win these tickets because god knows I could never afford them. Cead Mile Failte. <—- (Gaelic for "a thousand thank you's)

  • With a college education in Criminal Justice, I’m new to marketing all of the techniques that make it successful. I’m currently managing the social networks for my companies US Headquarters. Social Media Examiner has proven to be an invaluable resource for me. I have used your site to do everything from setting up our Facebook, Twitter, and Blog to presenting the need of social networking to board members world wide. Since our company has yet to provide me with a budget for social marketing, I have never been able to attend a past Summit. Which is why I am very excited about the opportunity to win tickets, as I would be absolutely delighted if you choose me!

  • Eric

    I’ve jumped into this sector and am totally committed. But here’s the rub, I’m just starting out and the only client I have is myself, and I don’t pay well. Fact is I haven’t had sushi in months and I’m starting to eye my dogs kibbles.

    So here’s my proposition, you bank roll me for this seminar, maybe even agree to give me a little extra one on one help with my project ( ), and when the cash register starts ringing, I will pay you back the original seminar fee plus 20%.

    With me, you’re not giving something away for free, your making an investment that you’ll make 20% on within a year (or sooner).

  • Nicole

    I would love to attend the Summit, but unfortunately the powers-to-be are not “buying” into how social media can help the business.  I know crazy, right?  I launched our facebook page a few months ago and it is growing SLOWLY! I have attended conferences, read article after article, which help me deliver valuable content on our page.  But, we need help.  If I could take-away tips and examples of facebook marketing strategies that would work for our business from these respected marketers, I believe our social media world has a bright future. My first goal is to make the powers-to-be believers and then have the freedom to take our social media marketing to a whole new level. I want to learn, believe, and deliver!

  • Hey Gang. Glad to know that one of us great, imaginative and creative people will win the ticket. And, we’re ALL so deserving! If I had the cash, I’d buy us all a ticket. Someday….soon!

    So, I’m launching my book, Minding the Bedside: Nursing from the Heart of the Awakened Mind – officially on September 26th – and I’m trying to learn as much as I can about social-media, blogging, etc. I’ve been “nose to the grindstone,” living off of my (now depleted) savings for the last 6 months.

    Increasing my knowledge of ANY social media platform will help in the success of my book, which – like ripples in a pond – will spread out to benefit so many people; nurses, patients and their families!

    Am I more deserving of this free ticket? I can’t say that for sure, but I can say that at this point I can’t afford it and this by attending the summit, I will potentially benefit many others with my knowledge.

    So be it. May whomever is chosen do great works that bring good results to countless others.

    Take care,

    Author -Minding the Bedside: Nursing from the Heart of the Awakened Mind (

  • Merchesm33

    I could say I’m a victim of the crisis but
    instead I say that I’m fortunate of having a new opportunity. I need to make
    grow up two businesses of two different friends and for that I want to get all the best knowledge
    given by the best professionals. I need to win. I need a chance to get the key that will open my new world. Thank you!

  • In this difficult economy, it’s even more important for small businesses to have the skills and assistance they need to leverage social media and online marketing for their benefit. My company, Dream Local Digital, works with small businesses to help them learn about opportunities and grow utilizing Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and several other outlets. We’d love to take the knowledge from this summit and bring it to our clients. We also do free seminars for small businesses in communities, often working with chambers of commerce, to help give tools, ideas, inspiration and knowledge to small businesses often struggling with a lack of resources. We work hard to keep our costs low to our clients, but that means we were not able to afford tickets to this exciting and sure to be informative summit. We would share what we learn with many and would appreciate the chance to win a ticket!

  • admin

    EMS Flight Crew is ‘ Social Networking for the Air Medical Community’, bringing professionals from a global venue to a central vista in order to engage and learn from one another to promote ‘safety above all else’ in what has in recent years has taken the lives of many of our colleagues. We use Facebook as a way to reach as many crew members from as many country’s as we can because we know there is an immeasurable amount of experience and lessons out there. We would love to learn how to better communicate with our crew brothers and sisters and better serve our community. Fly Safe, Have Fun, Repeat.

  • JoAn

    I know I need to become proficient in Facebook to “market” my home-based business!  So, winning a couple tickets to get me up and running would be great!  It is the way-to-go not only now but also for the future.  Please help me “get with it” and help me grow my business online with Facebook marketing strategies.

  • Shalimar Albanese


    I spend a large part of my time educating and motivating professionals in the real estate and mortgage industry on revving the referral engine with Social Media. I’ve presented over 80 seminars and video webinars on various social media and inbound marketing topics and I’m a self-proclaimed inbound marketing evangelist. I am an avid reader of Social Media Examiner and I often incorporate your great tips & techniques into my presentations as well as encourage attendees to subscribe to your daily blog. I believe in the power and magnitude of Facebook and my Facebook Business Page course is approved for Continuing Education Credits with both State & local Boards of Realtors. (Credits are required to maintain their license). Intellectual Curiosity is our sole hiring and training methodology at Shamrock Financial . Our
    company philosophy is built around helping
    people, which can only be accomplished by providing consumers and referral
    partners with information. Picking me will aide me in my journey to dispense valuable information about using social media responsibly and effectively. Thank you for your consideration!

  • Juan Manuel

    I am going to be the The Facebook Specialist on Latinoamerican, and I will do that learning from the BEST. I really need to get into the Summit. Thanks in advance.

    Juan Manuel

  • Ac is right above – we all are being self-serving. So am I. I want to win these tickets as well. 

    My business is all about relationships. As a web designer, WordPress specialist and online marketing consultant I have spent 14 years building and nurturing relationships with people – before, during and after they work with me. Twitter, FB, LinkedIn have made that even easier. 

    But my real love is giving. I always think of myself as a teacher first and everything else I do second. And teaching, for me, is giving my knowledge away. Anyone who speaks with me about their web or business needs, leave our conversation with more than they brought. Even if they don’t become a client, I give them concrete, solid answers to their questions and executable solutions to their problems.

    So here’s what I’d like to do – inspired by Ac:

    I don’t need two tickets. I need one. So the second I’ll donate to one of my clients who could most need it. I have them write me a short answer as to why and pick from one. And if Michael & Mari want to (not have to, but want to) participate in the selection, that’s fine with me. But I’ll go to my clients – not my prospects, my not my email list, not my followers – my past and current clients and offer the second ticket to them.

    AND…when the program is complete, I’ll give that client of mine 2 1 hour coaching sessions to turn what they’ve learned into a workable, executable plan so they can get the most out of this program AND their Facebook experience. Oh, and did I mention, those 2 1 hours would be on my time – free!

    So how’s that sound. Mari and Michael, if you deem my response worthy of winning then I’ll pay my second ticket forward not to a corporation or my favorite person/client; not to list build or pump up my followers – but to someone who is genuinely interesting AND hungry to learn how to use Facebook to better their business. And hungry is an important part of it to me because I’m one who thinks it’s useless to learn things you don’t apply and use in life.

    I’m hungry to learn more about how to use Facebook and if I win I’ll find someone who’s also hungry to take what they learn and use it. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Valcolumbia

    I don’t feel that I am more deserving of these tickets than any other hard working individual out there. I would just love to have an opportunity like this so that I can help benefit my clients by expanding my knowledge base.

  • I would be a great person to award the two free tickets to because I:

    – regularly donate my time and my resources to charities (see for an example)
    – teach at the Community College level (Algonquin College) to people who really want to learn the kind of things you really want to teach and I am very eager and able to pass it on
    – pay for as much content and guidance as I am able to within my budget
    – retweet your content and publish links to your excellent articles
    – really appreciate the opportunity!

  • Quite simply I am going to be a sponge during this awesome summit that I keep reading about!  Damnit I want to win!  Do I qualify?  Yes, I do build and manage Facebeook pages aside from my day-time job in Radio.  Please tell me I won a ticket to the summit! Why?  Because after you make me into a Facebook genius, no one will be able to tell me “don’t quit your day time job kiddo!”

  • Last year we launched our startup ‘mySocialNetwork’ in the Netherlands. We work on several projects in the social media and online community space. 

    We work very hard, like anyone else and we do not have any budget for marketing nor training, just like anyone else. Also, all members in our small team read all of your mailings and visit your site almost daily, just like anyone else.But because I’m probably the only one who doesn’t believe that you can attend the Facebook succes summit 2011 from remote locations like the Netherlands, you, the organisation, can prove I’m wrong. So give me the ticket and show me I was wrong and that the internet allows you to attend from all over the globe! 🙂

    Anyway, whether I win a ticket or not, I keep on following you and keep reading your mails and articles! 😉

    Yeah, I do like this initiative! 


  • Facebook changes everyday, and is hard to keep up with all the changes, Im a fast learner and would not hurt to #winFBSS11 :), Sometimes is hard when you don’t have the tools at work to perform your best. I’ve never been in a social media summit and this will be a great opportunity to meet great people and to have challenge myself and confirm if I have what it takes to be in this business :).

  • Ginny R

    Maybe you should give the ticket to someone more deserving.  I will carry on with my project to help the world  whether I win or not.  I am creating the “First Natural Bank” and I know that it will grow, even if I don’t win. I originally got into database programming back in 1981 due to my burning passion for natural healing and my desire to organize and distribute natural healing information.  I’m still working on it.  I know now that nothing can stop me as I get on with my work… which I am going to do right now.  Thanks for all the great information you share!

  • Danielle

    I would love to win the free tickets to this year’s summit. I heard last year’s was very valuable. I recently shifted job duties at work towards socail media and I am super excited and I am very eager to learn all I can!

  • Young and ready to revolutionize the world of book publishing with social and digital media, on my game but have a lot to learn.

  • Douglas

    I Listen to great advice and have implemented tactics that resulted in a very successful Twitter following @Pediatricians with over 64000 followers. Also, I subscribe to 17 eNewsletters, but in the end of the day, I recommend and read just a few. The SocialMediaExaminer is on top of my list. 

  • Cindy E

    I am going to put my faith in the saying “You CAN teach an old dog tricks!” and have confidence that I can become facebook savvy someday soon. The sad reality is…I’m starting at ground zero. I have a facebook page personally that I’ve never even uploaded a photo to, except the ‘face’ image. See…I really am at ground zero! You have forgotten more about Facebook than I know…it’s pretty bad. BUT…my successful 19 year old business could grow by leaps and bounds if I was Facebook savvy. My clients count on my expertise and recommendations, and currently, they are getting nothing where social media is concerned. I’m telling them it is a critical part of their business development, service delivery and marketing strategy…and I can’t take the next step and execute.  I need to get educated…in a BIG hurry! Additionally, I’m on the board of a local non-profit food shelf and we MUST get a facebook presence…no one knows how, so I need to take that responsiblity…and I’m a city commissioner working on heritage preservation and WE need a Facebook presence…same song, third verse!  I would love, love, love to be the winner of the tickets and I would put the knowledge to great use, not only for the clients of my business, but for many other worthy causes.  Thanks for your consideration! 

  • Denise Thomas

    We should get the free tickets because at the Dallas Zoo, the little birdies may go tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet….but they haven’t learned how to Facebook or tweet on Twitter yet!  Without your help, they may never survive in the social media jungle!  HELP!!!! 

  • Miriam Christof

    One good reason would be to see all of this amazing (handsome?) speaker in action – not live one-by-one but at least live streamed! Another reason I’m dying to be part of the summit is the great energy which always flows out of such events! Instead of sitting in front of my Mac browsing and reading many articles about the newest Facebook trends and approaches, the summit brings all of this in one place. In my business world (consulting healthcare and pharmaceutical companies) it’s a tough call to convince somebody to use Facebook as marketing instrument- a push spiced with the latest ideas would definitely help!

  • Klankrac

    I spend a lot of time on Facebook and I would LOVE the opportunity to really push my knowledge to the next level by attending this conference. I am a marketing consultant for a interactive promotions company and I also write a blog with a few friends for fun. Between my day job and my hobby, Facebook is something that has inserted itself into my life. I no longer have a choice – I am addicted to it! One day, I hope to be an independent marketing consultant.
    It all boils down to this: I would love to attend yet I cannot afford to cover the ticket out of my pocket. I’ve never won anything either so it would be pretty cool!

  • Emily

    I work non-profit, and there is no budget to get myself there this yer- BUT it sounds amazing. I’m being re-organized into a Communications position, and this type of even would be gold for me. I’m clueless as to what I should be doing- I’m flapping in the wind here! I would love to meet other informed professional, take in continuing education on social media, and learn whatever I can!

  • After breaking my tailbone a year and a half ago I could no longer work as an Internet advertising agent due to physical constraints. I started my own company (Tech~Editz) building websites and managing online reputations through social media. It was a natural fit after seeing the need small businesses had for someone to help them project their unique business personality online. They needed a trusted consultant to update their websites, claim their online review listings and be their voice on the social media platforms. I am passionate about providing the best service for my clients. I know they all need a Facebook plan. So, I need to learn is what works best for the different verticals I support. I want to take advantage of all the developer tools available. I need to discover a way to build bigger fan bases and tools to provide my clients accurate reporting. Here is my page: 
    I will participate in the summit regardless (I l already have my ticket), but winning 1 free ticket would be an honor given you would be validating my right to be there. Thank you for having this online summit, and giving me this opportunity to be there.

  • Camille

    Hi. My name is Camille Gosnell and live in Atlanta, GA. I discovered the world of VA in July this year after a 3+ year stint at a reputable nonprofit. The breakup was due to a restructure. Despite the economy and being later in years I decided this is the time to start my own business. But social media is fairly new to me as well. I subscribe to your newsletter and although I am a newbie I thoroughly enjoy the information. I was recommended to your site by a co-worker at a VA firm. The reason I want tickets to the Facebook Success Summit 2011 is to continue my learning about Facebook. I enjoy it on a personal level but I also want to create a Facebook business page that is worthwhile and effective. There seems to be limitless information but it is not readily available to someone like me. I am overwhelmed. I think that this summit brings all of the needed resources to one place which is most helpful to Facebook users with start-up businesses.
    Best regards, Camille Gosnell

  • I’m out here working daily, for years, learning as much as I can but there’s so much and I’m scattered. i need to streamline my content so that it hits my peeps. and Both sites are tutorial in intention. Both sites offer much free information and invite peeps to participate for free. By creating value, I hope I have proven to my peeps that I’m here to stay and  here to help. However, it’s time to monetize; yes, I still will offer free goods but also want to run these sites like the businesses I’ve built tham to be.’s MarketingtheMuse has just added our store! Yip! Now I want affiliates et al  and need the tools in social media’s toolboxes to move forward. Before I can do that, I really have to ‘up’ my knowledge and the Facebook Summit would really help. The stars are there and I need to learn what they know.
    Marla Miller

  • Dumsile

    I am a Marketing Lecturer at the University of Swaziland in Africa and I am currently pursuing my PhD in Marketing which is self sponsored. Swaziland is a country facing challenges like unemployment, poverty, illiteracy, to name but a few. Facebook Marketing for a developing country like Swaziland is the best thing that has ever happened and it is revolutionalising the business sector especially the SME sector based on the several advantages. I would like to learn a lot on the subject so that I share it with all the relevant stakeholders in the country and help become a catalyst to change Swaziland which is also facing a major financial crisis. Looking at the panel of presenters and knowing their profiles made me have a dream and hope of attending the summit but the reality is that I cannot afford the fee. I will keep on dreaming and hoping that by God’s mercy the judges will pick my name as one of the 3 people that will win and I will be empowered to share the knowledge that I will gain through the dissertation and through my lectures and help to change the country positively.

  • Frenchskincare

    I have a entrepreneur soul, I started last year teaching myself soical media mainly facebook.  With the way the economy has been going these last years.  My husband’s business (construction)has been going down hill so much so, that we are struggling, I needed to find a part time job.  I value being home with the kids and now that has been compromised .  In order for me to be home full time again I need to bring home the bacon.   I began to set up a Face book business from home helping others market their business online.  This online course would most definitely help me reach my goal giving me the confidence I need to take on my first client.  I call myself “The Network Insider”  my blog is helping others create success on a budget.  I would only need one ticket so you could pick 2 winners instead of 1.  Please Pick me!  Lisa Dastuto

  • Madamedeals

    I want to win. I believe I can take what I learn from you and use it to grow my business. This is the only social media site I make time to read. I made a personal goal to implement your tips. I would do a weekly column on my site showing that the techniques you have given me work. I believe the difference between those who succeed and those who do not. The successful business people are the ones who choose  to take advantages of opportunities and the greatest opportunity is education. 

  • I co-own a business, we started marketing with Social Media in 2008 – I have successfully managed several business accounts, give presentations to area companies, give presenations to the Chambers of Commerce in my area and have sat on a panel for the Illinois Council on Continuing Higher Education.  I have been asked to sit on another marketing panel for Illinois Colleges and have been asked by a University here to teach a class on Social Media Marketing.
    I LOVE SME, without  your tips and tricks I would be missing out on a great deal of information.  While I know I have a lot of knowlege on the subject I can ALWAYS ALWAYS learn more and would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win tickets to the Summit!!! 
    Why should I win the tickets – because SME is awesome, you are the main line of information for my business and I know this would only further my business and career!! PICK ME!!!!

  • Katie

    I work in Social Media for not one but two different non-profit dance companies, and I am using it to help start-up my own theatre company.  I can use all the advice and help I can get!

  • Vmccartney

    Here’s what’s in this for you my Social Media Examiner Gurus:  All of my friends know that I am a remedial FB user and as far away from a tech wizard as imagineable.  Yet, with the help of the tech support team at Go Daddy, I built a pretty attractive website from scratch ( Everybody I know is amazed that I did this and I have told every one of them that the credit goes solely to Go Daddy, not me.  Given my limited tech skills, they all know this is, in fact, true; at least 3 of my peers have subsequently signed up wtih Go Daddy knowing that if they were able to teach me how to do it, they can teach anybody.  Becoming proficient at social media via your seminar and tools would have a similar effect. My friends would KNOW it was your tools and seminar that did the job and they would see the proof of your products put into action by somebody just as tech challenged as they.  Plus, I will be your biggest evangelist to my peer group – the over 40-year old business owners i.e. your target market – those most in need of social media training.      Thank you!

  • I started a Facebook Group for people that run social media accounts for local businesses. Currently, we have over 70 members. We discuss upcoming changes to the social media platforms and help each other figure out how the changes effect our pages. While many of us are in competing industries, we use this group as a collaboration tool, to find best practices being used by people in our city. That said, I would love to win tickets to the Success Summit, so that I may continue to share the knowledge from some of the top players in the social media industry with my group.

  • Debbie B

    I would love to attend. I have never been to the West Coast or attended a Social Media conference. I’m one of your biggest fans and get all my info from sources like yours. In January I started a marketing business and 90% of it is social media related. Things are going amazingly well, a surprise during the recession. I can barely keep up with demand and stay on top of recent developments. Your conference would be just what the doctor ordered. A sort of working vacation (I am SO over due to get away). 

  • Edú

    I’m a proud alumni of Social Media Summit 2011 and I’d love to have the opportunity to participate in the Facebook Summit 2011!  I have learned a lot from @Social Media Examiner and I often share and participate in your daily posts.  I’m building my Social Media business and I know very well how much I would benefit from attending and learning from the FB Summit, please consider me for one of the tickets!!  [I’ll also Tweet away! —> #winFBSS11]   THANK YOU Social Media Examiner.

  • Camila Porto

    Well, I’m from Brazil and in the first place we must improve our way to use Facebook for business. We have a lot of potential, but we are miles away from de USA market. Another reason is that I’m a young enterpreneur in Social Media. I have my one-person company, that works only with me. I’m trying to bring Facebook to another stage in brazil, so in my fanpage ( I try to help everybody to build better fanpages. So, the main reason is: I need to learn more to teach more. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Blue Satittammanoon

    I want to keep my job so I can put a roof over my head, gas for my car, and food to eat…and because I’m out of sick days.

  • Brogan

    I am an online media director, heavy Facebook user and social media lover always looking to expand my knowledge and share with others looking for advice. 

  • Robin

    Social Media Examiner is among my main sources of quality information on social media success.  The information I have received from all of those that have contributed have provided so much value to my business and I can not thank all of you enough.  You are all so giving and extremely helpful.  My gratitude runs deep for your efforts.

    Not only do you all provide quality, up to date information, you all seem to do it with the common thread of pure inspiration.

    I truly appreciate the “no travel” approach.  It makes so much sense to offer an online seminar, which allows more people to participate.  

    You are all about giving, and whether you realize it or not, the fact that you choose to deliver your content in this manner will in the end help more people, which translates for me, just how forward thinking you really are.

    Many times I feel lost, and overwhelmed by the whole process of online marketing, but every time I see one of your posts in my inbox, I feel as though a life raft has just been handed to me. 

    Nobody does it better.  Your online seminar is were I want to be.    

  • I started out as an aspiring pet photographer only to find out that I love blogging.  I now have two blogs, Through the Lens of Kimberly Gauthier and Adventures in Blogging.  I write for the novices of the world, because I am one and we should write what we know, right?  I also guest post, write articles for our dogs’ rescue group, and I’ll premier my podcast later this month (yayyyyy).  This is so much fun and I’ve been researching and learning everything I can do to take myself to the next level and the Facebook Summit would be a fantastic opportunity for me.

    Thanks for this fantastic contest.
    Kimberly, A Novice With Moxie
    Through the Lens of Kimberly Gauthier,
    Adventures in Blogging,

  • I am Internet Marketer and after attending Facebook Success Summit 2010, I can at the least say I can now start promoting businesses using Fan pages and Facebook marketing potential. Though I am still learning a lot from SMExamier and MariSmith 🙂

    I attended Facebook Success Summit 2010 and learned a lot from social media experts. After I passed the FBSS 2010 certificate exam, I used many individuals and small businesses in setting up their Facebook fan pages and refer them to social media examiner and Mari Smith pages to learn how they can increase engagement and Facebook best practices.

    I read SMExamier and MariSmith daily. These guys share best content on social media. Social Media has never been easier never before.

    I now started full service agency specializes in custom Facebook app development, fan pages and Facebook advertising. My site is

    If I get a chance to win FREE ticket for FBSS2011, I will give away 15 fan pages (Starter Package for FREE.

    Bottom Line: I love to learn best practices in social media 2011 🙂

    Founder Of:
    Fan Pages Expert (
    Saqib Imran (

  • Camille Rodriquez

    I’m worth it.

    That’s what my mom always told me, and if you can’t believe your own mom, then nothing that any of us ever say, on Facebook or otherwise, matters. Right? I want to matter for others, like she mattered for me, and helping my clients on Facebook will make a difference for them.

  • BizBuzz Marketing Partners

    As a new business owner of a marketing business whose passion (and tag line is) “Helping small businesses thrive in a big-box world” 90% of my work is social media. I would LOVE to attend your seminar in California. Working alone from home can be very isolated and I know from experience that seminars like this are incredibly motivating and energizing. Please pick me!!!

  • InvestED would be a worthy winner of a ticket and an organization that could leverage it to help expand our impact.  Each year we help more than 16,000 Washington state secondary students in need, encouraging them to stay or return to school and graduate.  We provide classroom supplies, access to school programs and other assistance to help level the playing field, giving these students the chance to reach their true potential.
    Our ‘alumni’ are using Facebook, but we are not yet reaching them. 
    With almost 50 years of service, there must be 500,000 students that we have helped!  You should award InvestED a ticket because we want to reach these alumni and in turn, use those connections to expand the number of students we help each year.  We would like to grow exponentially and believe our model is something that could be replicated in other states.

  • CathyLynchLawdanski

    I want to attend the Facebook Summit!  However, as the Executive Director and sole employee of a small non-profit organization, the cost is prohibitive.  My organization, The Get Together, is a group of business people who meet monthly with non-profit executives to use their business expertise and networks to help these groups meet their needs and the needs of those they serve.  We are all about building relationships and social media is a big part of that!  I would love to learn more so that I can effectively use Facebook to build that community.  I hope I win a ticket!  Either way – I love Social Media Examiner.  It’s one of the most important learning tools I have!

  • Eamon Bohan

    Because Social Media is my Sat Nav for business success, because I need the right tools to be at the forefront of my field and because in business and life nothing is really for FREE, it would be my guide to the right path where I really have to put in the time effort and resources

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  • Eamon Bohan

    I would really like to win a ticket to the webinar because its all about where I and my business is going not where I have been,

  • Dmitry Lambrianov

    Hello Social Media Examiner, Mari and Michael!
    First of all, thanks very much for your great site – me and my colleagues from Mugen Power Batteries learned a lot from you, folks, and built a good Facebook page for our brand, however, there is a lot more to learn and I was looking for any way to get in touch with you and learn directly from the pros of the industry. I believe this ticket could be my golden chance to step up in understanding Social Media and bringing more value to our brand. I’ve never used anything but Google and sites like yours to learn this side of business and this could be my first major event to be able to learn and hear the real voices of Social Media Gods 🙂

    Thanks! Appreciate your time and hope to hear back from you!
    Best Regards

  • Monique Rangel80

    I am very new to Social Media for small business. I was giving the position as a community manager for my organization. I would love to win these tickets in order to learn a lot more about Social Media to benefit my company and to extend my knowledge   

  • I’m from Chile and wea are a small Digital Marketing Agency entrepreneurship who are still trying to grow, and we are able to continue because Social Media is something we love and we really believe. It´s not about money we started this proyect (because if it was for that, we would have abandoned the proyect by now), and this Summit is an amazing opportunity for us. Last year i remember i really wanted to attend, and it was still impossible for us, so we would love to have the opportunity this year and learn a lot!

    Thanks very much for this chance 😉


  • Before I started working at a paint company as a social
    media strategist, and prior to generating content on Facebook and other social
    sites for a cat litter brand, I was a college student. Back in my day, I can
    safely say this now as these rules no longer exist, but to create a Facebook
    profile, one needed a college
    affiliated e-mail address. Who knew, as I typed in my e-mail address and began
    plugging my personal information in, that one day I would be building and
    branding companies page’s, while continuously trying to develop new strategies
    for growing outreach and seeing an ROI that is incomparable to any other media,


    Social media strategist is my career, Facebook is my muse,
    and life, well, wouldn’t be the same if I hadn’t created my Facebook profile
    and began networking throughout college and into the professional world. My
    story with Facebook is in no way unique, but it’s one I am passionate about
    telling, and it is apparent in my work too. I would love nothing more than to meet
    those who inspire me and learn what they know. I thank you for your time and
    consideration and look forward to, hopefully, joining you all!

  • Christina

    As a student, bartender, and social media entrepreneur, I’m worth the ticket! 
    I’ll be graduating from the University of Arkansas (woooo pig sooiee!) this December with my degree in marketing. I bartend for fun and extra cash, but my passion is social media and internet marketing. 

    I work as a consultant for a local power sports dealer, and manage their Facebook, twitter, blog, youtube, and online directories single-handedly. In the past year, I’ve taken their nearly non-existent online presence all the way to a fully functioning, information and fun-packed social business. I read Social Media Examiner every day, and just love the insight I get! Give me more! Attending FBSS is just what I need to get a better grasp on using these tools in the best way possible for local small businesses. Can I please come?

  • hi i have my own company i run myself called mistequek bits’n’pieces ,i have only recently started this 3 months ago so any help would be a bonus,this is what i have needed and been looking for ,the one thing i need is always more info xoxo

  • Ange

    I have launched social media for the company I am currently with (a manufacturer) with some success. I just found out that my job will be ending in two weeks. Blech- BUT with this has come the knowledge that I need to improve my skills to pay the bills lol. I am no more deserving than anyone else here and am not a single mom (well, unless you count dogs lol), fresh grad or any other thing but have this feeling inside me that social media is where I need to be. I think with the right traning I could be really good at it!
    I would love to attend this summitt- it sounds amazing with so much knowledge. I just want to absorb every single minute of it and hit the streets running afterward.
    I wish everyone here success and hopefully, like someone else said we can all go sometime!
    Thanks for reading!
    September 11,2011 ~ Never Forget

  • My place of employment is the Customs House Museum and Cultural Center. We’re a non-profit so admission fees and memberships keep the museum running and our doors open. As much as we have tried to advertise over the years, we still have people stumble upon our building who say, “Well I’ve lived here all my life and I’ve never heard of this place!” Our new initiative is to branch out and reach people through social media outlets. I have been put in charge of this task along with my receptionist duties, but everything that I know about computers and software has been self taught. I could really use professional advice on how to take full advantage of the world of social media. This site has already been so helpful to me, and I would be extremely grateful for a chance to attend your 2011 Facebook Success Summit. Let’s just say that no one works at the museum for the money, so this would be my only chance to attend.

  • As a full-time freelance jazz musician, I have always been proactive in staying in touch with fans, marketing my performances and recordings, and searching for new performance venues. I recently began focusing on developing my Facebook fan page at, and am looking for creative ways both to convert my 4000 FB friends to fans, as well as to attract new fans and clients. 

  • I would love to attend and win the tickets to the Facebook Summit! The reason I should get the ticket is because I have worked really hard the last 3 years trying to work my way into the Social Media scene, after I got laid off I had to be creative on how to make money. I am currently helping small business learn about SM, start and grow their business with Facebook and all the other SM networks. Being a part of this AWESOME conference would help me grow my business and several others. If I won I would give my extra ticket to my BBB (Best Blogging Buddy) who is also trying to break into the SM scene! So please pick me!!!

  • TaraStreet

    Many of us take Facebook and social media for granted. But practices that are so obvious to even those of us that are halfway savvy with social media are still a mystery to so many of our clients. I want to be able to share digestible common-sense advice with those social media muggles. Plus, I like to listen to Mari Smith talk, her Scottish/Canadian? accent is so cool. 

  • My business partner and I nurture an ever growing community of home-based businesses on Facebook and we’d love to attend the conference to be able to provide our 9400 fans better information to help them grow their businesses. Aside from that, we really want our business to grow because we work from sun-up to midnight, any spare moment of the day, in between parenting young children, grocery shopping, taking kids to sports and theatre classes, cleaning, going to the gym, attending networking events and staring vacantly at the TV (actually, that last one virtually never happens). We are passionate about supporting other home-based businesses and practice what we preach by buying from our fanbase on a regular basis. With all our commitments, we’d never make it to the airport, let alone on a plane to the US to attend a conference like this IRL, so we’d really love to win two tickets to attend this fantastic virtual event. Thank you for the opportunity!

  • I have introduced Social Media in the amazing Healthcare Practice I work for. Our accounts are fairly new (not even 2 months old) and they are showing encouraging growth. I do cherish the daily information and continuous update from the SM Moguls that will be at the Facebook Summit. Why? Just for being a SM Rookie, Italian, born, raised and educated and transplanted into an English + Spanish speaking environment I think I deserve one spot. It would be like squaring the circle.

  • Sondra Heffernan

    Why I should win free tickets:
    ○I am need to be cooler and attending the summit would make more people “like” me
    ○I am a Facebook pioneer – signed up in early 2004 when announced my college could obtain an account, and still trying to figure out the best way to optimize a business page
    ○I just started my new role as social media coordinator and trying to learn as much as possible
    ○My boss would love me – because she would get the second ticket

    Thank you!

  • I’m an indie author… and it goes without saying that becoming well known is incredibly difficult in this field. I’d therefore LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to win a ticket to such a worthy event and help increase my profile. I’ve been getting such fantastic reviews from the people who have read my book, but I need to take it a step further and try and increase my readership. It would be AWESOME to get this kind of help from such a fabulous group of social networking gurus!

  • Joao Barbosa

    Because I’m looking for the enlightenment tools to enchant my brand fans !

  • Jenn Silva

    You should give me the ticket because in addition to using in my professional endeavors (as a communications specialist and freelance writer), I will find ways to use the strategies and tactics I learn to help the nonprofit organizations I volunteer for achieve their missions too. Give me the ticket and you’ll not just make me happy, you’ll help two great organizations!

  • Pick me!  I’m just a lot of fun, in general, and I can get a party started!  Snap!

    Oh- and I love Facebook… and y’all.  And my mom.

  • Linda

    pick me! pick me! I wanna win!!!!

  • Susan

    I sure hope I win! The reason? I sure would love to mingle and learn from the heavyweights of social media and soak up all I can… which will give me the extra stuff I need to grow my business larger and help my clients! Sweet!

  • Nicole

    As a social media strategist for a national public relations and marketing firm working 60+ hours per week this may be only only opportunity to get away from behind my desk and can consider it a working vacation. 

  • Sometimes being on the ‘bottom’ of the world and upside down (Australia), can make one feel like it’s a long, long way away from any help.  This seminar will help me bridge the gap and teach me, inspire me and help me the get marketing edge to tell the world about our lovely little winery and cellar door and new eco-friendly self-contained cottages.  Teach me!  Inspire Me!  Give me the Edge!

  • I am utterly amazed at the quantitiy of entries here, and do not envy Michael and Mari in the slightest. As to why you should pick me over many other Social Media Examiner fans …  After having the opportunity to work on Facebook – sometimes successfully and other times, not so successfully – I would most definitely love, appreciate and incredibly value the possibility to learn as much as possible from people who live, eat & breath this amazing marketing medium. Thank you for the opportunity.

  • I am a Textile Mixed Media artist living in a small town in SW Saskatchewan and I do most of my sales online.  I would like to learn more tips for marketing online. 
    I do my own website and art business, no one else around here with the expertise so I would also like to get into that part of the business of helping other artists market online.

  • Laurel Cavalluzzo

    In my role as a marketing consultant, I strive to educate others (clients and colleagues) about what I have learned (from reading, talking with others, trial and experimentation, and observation). I am a huge believer in both “teaching others to fish,” and in sharing knowledge learned or obtained for the greater good. If I win a ticket or two, my pledge is to not only use the knowledge to better myself, but to also take the knowledge and share it. Social media is all about continuing a dialogue – there should be no end point to the education and conversation. I have a commitment to learning, adding content and ideas to the conversation, and perhaps most importantly, sharing with others.

  • Passion… most likely a word that is overused, however, it
    is a word that describes my relationship with Social Media. My love for this
    Industry came in 2007, prior to this year, I dabbled on Social Networks, not
    truly realizing their impact and then in 2007, it all changed, my world

    I have earned a diploma in Radio and Television Arts and first intertwined
    myself in these mediums for my first true love, communications. I thought that
    one of these arenas would fulfill my spirit and send me on a journey, after
    some attempts, it did not happen, it just did not feel right. I have often
    wondered why… here I was graduated and not feeling like I had found the right
    path, yet, still feeling the need to be amongst the field of communications. Clearly,
    I was disappointed, to say the least and left pursuing alternatives that did
    not complete me.

    In 2007, Facebook found me. Literally, it found me.

    I can still remember where I was when I laid eyes on this futuristic site, in
    awe of its capabilities of connecting people I had not seen or heard of in
    years. I remember sitting on my couch checking e-mails when sent a link to
    connect with a person I often wondered about, but never thought to look up. I
    then had to share this site with everyone I knew, and began connecting with
    people with whom I had lost touch. People, who played momentous roles within my
    life, were now here on my computer, in one place. I fell in love.

    Soon after, I began embarking on other newly created sites, such as Twitter. This relationship began a little murky, I was unclear of how to use the site to my advantage and weary of its open concept. It was not until a friend (Tim Fox – sogeshirts) encouraged me to stick with it, and boy, I am sure glad I did. Although it was not “love at first sight” with Twitter, it did eventually become a source of connections, which would broaden my horizon until this day. There, I met Louie Baur, who shared a link with me that would further change the course of my life.

    At first, it sounds simple, this link sent me to
    a UStream webcast titled “Late Net with Urgo”, a webcast where people
    could join and speak their minds, kind of like a meeting place, little did I
    know, this would be yet another window of opportunity. 

    After almost spending an entire night to get my microphone to work, my
    determination paid off and I began connecting even more with people, people I
    would not find out until later, play significant roles within the Social Media
    Industry, and even more so, within my life.

    So I began showing up almost every Friday (that is when “Late Net with
    Urgo” would air) until it ended, and although it had, it was most
    certainly a beginning for me. This was where I had met Pat ( Patrick Parise)
    who approached me on Skype (yet another tool of communication introduced to me
    from the webcast) to do our own webcast titled, “The Social Blade
    Show”, a weekly web show discussing popular topics on the web that later
    focused on Social Media.

    At first, I was reluctant and fortunately for me, he was
    persistent and alongside him, I joined Urgo (creator of Social Blade Digg stats
    and the Urgo in “Late Net with Urgo”), and some well known people
    whom are highly respected within the Social Media field, J.D. Rucker and Victor

    This is when I began building my knowledge regarding Social
    Media from a business standpoint, formulating a Twitter account and a Facebook
    Page for the show, I began researching the Facebook Platform and its tools, and
    doing everything, I could to understand every angle of its features and
    possibilities. I self taught myself FBML, not even knowing much about HTML and
    began customizing the Facebook page and branding and marketing the show daily
    for almost two years, until the show ended.

    Through that experience, I grew much respect for my fellow co-hosts and for the
    viewers, friendships that I deeply cherish. Prior to its ending, I was offered
    a job, a Social Media job through Social Media. One of my co-hosts and mentor, J.D.
    Rucker, who had watched my experience grow throughout the first year of the show,
    approached me with yet another opportunity, to become a Social Media Specialist
    for an online Automotive Marketing company known as, TK Carsites. I, who was
    now addicted to the endless angles Social Media could provide and yearning to
    learn and experience more, had now found my dream job, or perhaps, yet again,
    it had found me. The one that fulfilled my search and relinquished my
    desire to work within the Communications field, so clearly, I accepted.

    Since then, I won an all-access BlogWorld ticket via Mashable and sent on
    behalf of TK Carsites to experience my very first Social Media conference. I
    was ecstatic, however, it wasn’t until I was in amongst like-minded people and
    given the chance to meet some Social Media people that I had interacted with,
    some with whom I had even interviewed, that ignited me with pure happiness, a
    natural high of being exactly where I felt as though I belonged, I was home.
    Till this day that experience brings a smile to my face, even while I am
    writing this, even while you are reading it. I want to experience that feeling
    again (even virtually) and I think this may yet be another door opening
    courtesy of the Social Media Examiner team (for I saw this contest via

    Today, I still currently work for TK Carsites and been given the ability to
    work for another Social Media company, Hasai Inc. (whose focus is to build
    brand awareness with the aid of social networking and bookmarking sites), as
    their Social Media Promotions Director, juggling both positions, as I research
    to remain up-to-date with the ever-changing world of Social Media.

    In short, I believe I should win for I have the drive, the intoxicating love
    for Social Media and the willingness to pay-it-forward. I inhale as much
    knowledge as I possibly can and exhale by sharing my Social Media knowledge on
    such blogs as Soshable, TheErinRyan, TK Carsites Blog and Socialeyezer. I
    literally live Social Media and sleep when I can. It is a hard working industry
    and a 24/7 revolving door, but one that I am honored to swing through every day,
    and feel privileged to say that Social Media has changed my life. Therefore,
    yes, yes, I have the enduring passion for this Industry and it continues to
    grow every day, every hour and every minute that I immerse myself within it.

    Socially Yours,
    Erin Ryan

  • Chrissy

    My goal is to move to Costa Rica and help sustainable, eco-hotels with their online marketing efforts, especially developing more of a facebook presence. In this rough economy, online marketing is key and I’m confident the Facebook Success Summit 2011 will help me reach my goals and benefit my clients.

  • Theodore Sturos

    My name is Theodore R Sturos II. I graduated from Northwood University with a bachelors in business administration. Since the age of roughly 8 or 9 I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I would shovel snow around neighboring subdivisions, offer landscaping services, sell vintage clothing from the local thrift shops online, all to line my pockets with a little extra cash. I have had many mini successes in my life, matched by equal failure and mental destruction. I always try to learn from my mistakes to better my self and pass my wisdom down to others. My attitude in life is that everything happens and it’s how you react is what shapes you as a person.

    Just over two years ago I was involved in a severe one car, four passenger accident resulting in the death of a close friend. He was presumed dead on impact. My attempts to save him failed as the flames overtook the car and my inner strength was zapped from a broken back. I crawled back to my best friend Derek and said “he’s gone, he’s gone!” Emotional as all hell and still stunned, I yelled for help as if I was apart of a horror movie. Finally after multiple attempts a man came to our rescue. An angel perhaps.

    From there I stayed in intensive care for 24 hours and the hospital for a week. These sequence of events changed my life for ever. Rehab, post traumatic stress, guilt, sadness the works. My mind has been a scrambled mess concerning what I actually wanted to do with my life. Trying to start a business when your mind is focused on all the wrong things is impossible. Just until recently; roughly a month ago, i have finally have been able to accept the past and focus on the future. God rest his soul.

    August 22nd 2011 is the date my partner derek and I formed a start up company named Magnified Mouth Media. We have set out goals, have the ball rolling and would love for your site to bless us with the knowledge to keep our momentum high and our focus on the future. Your summits information would be invaluable to me and would truely help me in my life long dream of being a successful entrepanuer. I hope you can help me move forward with my dream and grant me a free summit ticket. It will help make my 25th year alive on this earth a truly enlighting expierience. My story is true, sincere and comes from the heart. Hope to hear from you soon.

    Best regards,
    Theodore R Sturos II

  • I am a social media manager at oDesk and I believe I should win because I need it with my job and most of all I cannot afford to buy for the tickets. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Mari Smith for the free tutorials, tips, tricks and a lot more. Social Media Examiner also provide me great info on all things social media above all sites, my day would not be complete without visiting your site.

  • I’d really like to know everything there is to know about Facebook marketing. I’m no more deserving than anyone but would consider myself fortunate if I were to win a ticket to the Facebook Success Summit 2011 event. I know there is so much I can learn and in turn be better equipped to provide quality service to my prospective customers. I would be crazy not to see this as a great opportunity to get exposure and not use this, if chosen to grow further in my business. So thank you and much success to everyone regardless.

  • Khuyen Nguyen

    I’m come from Vietnam – a new growing FB market but it’s a very potential market for having a big FB campaign. I believe that young generation of which I am one is able to creat a new industry changing our country with knowledge, skills and technology. I am very exciting to know about this great event and really love to get this opportunity for learning, sharing, contributing and working together all around the world.

  • Most everything one can say about social media has been covered in posts to win a ticket for the Facebook Success Summit 2011.

    My reason to enter to win a free ticket, is to have the opportunity to learn the step-by-step process business owners and marketers use that make them so successful on Facebook.

    I believe The Facebook Success Sumit 2011 is a gold mine of knowledge to learn what the pros “know and do” that make them so successful.

    To be successful, all one needs to do is duplicate success.
    Winning a ticket to the Facebook Success Summit 2011, would make this possible.

  • Best of luck to everyone that entered for The Facebook Success Sumit 2011

  • Kate

    Since November 2010 when I realized I was in fact a brand, I have been on the road to re brand myself in South Africa- as opposed to being known for my life coaching and its corresponding website. I am about to go live with my new site branded as kate-emmerson  finally next week, so this would be an incredible way to kick it all into gear – like a duracell bunny on go-go juice I am determined to get my LIVE LIGHT LIVE LARGE message out to the world and it’s time to become internationally known through using FB and its magic. I am Kate Emmerson, the Quick Shift Deva and I’m ready to go BIG. This summit would ease that journey so i can shift my own life uber quick.  blessings, K

  • Living in Israel far away from where the social media starts, made me always want to learn head of everyone in the business in Israel … Attending the last virtual conference help me lots and gave me advantage of other. learning from you also gave me the opportunity to take your advice and help other.
    … You have to have someone from Israel in this conference … And it should be me 🙂 I hope ….

  • Sigrun

    I am getting a real kick out of seeing increasing followers of a facebook page I have looked after for the last 2 months – Annies Marlborough. Traffic is growing hugely weekly. I want to learn from successful site operators how to what works and what doesnt and plan effective strategies.

  • As the somewhat new social media manager for a non-profit, I am learning a lot on the job about how using social media can advance a non-profit’s goals and impact. I would love to attend the Facebook Success Summit 2011 to amp up my knowledge and ability to use social media to help our organization reach, educate and inspire the people in our community. Social media can do a lot of good!

  • Michelle

    For the last 2 years I’ve been teaching Facebook for Business both in our physical classroom in Douglas, MA and on-line. In order to keep up with the massive amounts of social media changes I need to streamline my learning and absorb the right stuff. Way up there on top of my list are Social Media Examinar and your summits – (this is my 4th one) and Mari’s Page. I consider you both the ‘creme de la creme’ of Social Media! Because of you two I’m able to look at the forest and decide which trees to examine! Thank you to you both! Michelle of FBSmarty.

  • Mary

    At the beginning of 2011,  my friend Caroline & myself decided to open a small business allowing us to take care of our kids while fulfilling a basic need of financial independance.  We were very naïve in thinking we could do it all.  We NEED HELP.  Being the one with a marketing background & the only one who speaks English, I “naturally” became in charge of our Facebook page. NATURALLY is a funny term in this case…  Facebook is a guessing game for me – I cross my fingers & hope I do a good job.  Well, I’m crossing my fingers right now in hopes of winning a ticket – Why?  Because I could really use some guidance and tools…  Thank you for your time and consideration,

  • Sally Molina Atehortúa

    I need to win this because the vast knowledge will allow me to help some socialmedia enthusiasts here in PUERTO RICO, training them and sharing what I learn.  We are in much need of doing socialmedia the right way and with this summit, it really is. You both (Mike+Mari) are so much admired by me and will be an honor. I don’t have the budget now (I attended the prior two) and I am 🙁 but… I am 🙂 with the possibility of winning. Thanks for reading my post! Warm hug from PUERTO RICO! Gracias!

  • #winFBSS11 is MY ticket to success! I’m building my brand as a Video Marketer Listing Agent! 

  • I have a profile photo on ALL my social media sites so I’m not sure why it isn’t showing on the post. SEE why I need #winFBSS11 

  • Becky Buck

    Let’s try this one more time, I’ll use another email address, see if that works. I have a profile photo on ALL my social media sites so why isn’t my profile photo showing? 

  • Charles

    Wow – I’m reading all these wonderful comments and thinking “What could I possibly say that would make me stand out”?  I thought about it and determined the best approach is just to tell my story.  I am 61 and I know in this tough economy I am not going to be able to retire unless I can create an income source for myself.  I set a goal to start a business helping other local businesses to grow and prosper.  I help them and they help me. I am passionate about learning local marketing strategies.  I have established my business brand and am in the process of setting up SMS, Google rankings, mobile websites etc. but I am lacking in one critical area – social media.  I want to learn more and this conference is exactly what I need.  Needless to say, starting a business takes money.  While I would desperately love to attend this conference I cannot afford it.  Please consider my entry and if you help me I will help you. 

  • frank motola

    Working in marketing, using every avenue possible I need to learn as much as possible every day. Chasing this train of constantly improving and changing ways to reach people, I need to spend at least 2 hours every morning educating myself just to keep the train in view. Maybe this event will help me catch the train and hop on board for a few miles!
    Frank Motola / Brandtastic

  • Joy Suzanne Hunt

    I’m a recent college grad preparing for a career in web writing/web marketing.  I would love to acquire more skills with Facebook marketing so that I can bring those skills to my future jobs.  I want to chase after every opportunity to learn more about social networking and social marketing that I can.  I won’t be able to afford the cost of the summit without receiving a free ticket- will you help a new grad get a jump start on her career?

  • Meagan Paullin

    In between changing diapers and chasing a newly walking toddler, I also run my site, Sunshine and Sippy Cups- which is The Frugal Mommy Resource. 

    In a little over 6 months, I’ve gone from not even HAVING a Twitter account, to running a successful blog with a growing following on Facebook and Twitter- and am even now a member of two tribes on Triberr. Who woulda thought?? 

    I’m still amazed most days at how much I’ve learned, and what I can do now– But I’m ALWAYS on the hunt for new information, {which is why I’m a HUGE fan of your site– You make things so easy to understand, that even I “get” it, lol} and am always hungry to learn new skills. 

    My goals for my brand right now are to start a YouTube channel with video reviews for busy moms, grow a following on my Pinterest and Tumblr too, for fun, and improve my Facebook by adding a landing page. Oh yeah, and I’m working on an eBook! Amazing stuff from a totally computer illiterate chick, right?

    So– Now that you know me, here are the reasons I’d LOVE to win tickets:

    1. Learn bunches of new skills from the smartest folks out there.
    2. Bring the fun- With me, it’s always a party. You definitely want me to join ya!
    3. Take the great skills and bucket-loads of info that I learn, use it really boost my blog and brand to a new level, so I can earn more income with this and continue to stay home with the baby a few more years. {See, now you have to give me tickets. It’s for the BABY, see?}
    4. I hate how many other bloggers keep their “secrets” to success very private, and don’t like helping others. I don’t see others as competition- I see them as partners. I’m an active member of a ton of networks, and love sharing my tips with others who need it! I’ve benefited a TON from the advice of others, and like to pay it forward, you know?

    So, there you have it. I’m dumb enough to need your help, but smart enough to benefit from everything you teach me. I’ll soak it up like a sponge. {Not a kitchen sponge, more like a cool sea sponge…} I’ll use the knowledge for good {sharing it with others who can benefit too!} not evil {keeping it secret}. And I’m a ton of fun 🙂

    Thanks for considering me…. and I hope to see you at the conference!!

  • Janet White

    I am a Facebook Success Story and would love a free ticket to FSS 2011.  I’ve been a Communications Director for a Real Estate organization and, for the past 3 years, I led their Social Media startup efforts.  (Lots of nights, weekends, and long days getting that endeavor underway!)  My brand new husband and I knew each other 25 years ago, and we reconnected on FB within a few weeks of my setting up my FB account.  He just typed my name into the search box, my pic came up, and he sad, “Wow-that’s her!”  Now if I were a Realtor and he was moving to my town, who would he choose to engage with to help him buy a house? That’s my point… My message to all who use FB for business “engagement” is this:  There are trusted business and personal relationships out there already… so many people have valued connections and they just need to reach out and use online tools.  FB has been priceless for me!  The benefits of winning a free ticket to this year’s Success Summit is it will build and refine additional social media skills for my new job search in Communications & Social Media in my new hometown here in San Diego.  Thanks for your consideration.

  • Please consider me for a free ticket to the Success Summit. My day job is working at a hotel management company doing revenue management, but I felt there were so many opportunities for the hotels on Facebook that for the past two years I’ve been working with several of them to build a following on Facebook. I became addicted to social media! I love reading every post on Social Media Examiner, and I’ve learned so much from Mari as well! By the way, I tell all my friends that I would rather meet one of you (Michael and Mari) than meet any other famous person! You two ROCK! This would give me an opportunity to share even more with the hotels I work with, and this ticket could put me even closer to my dream of starting my own business on the side someday. I’d love to help hospitality businesses with social media. There’s great potential for them! Either way, thanks for all you do! Your posts and information are the best out there! I recommend you both to everyone!

  • clayne1276

    My name is Carrie Layne, and I am the founder and CEO of BestBuzz- a social media and mobile marketing platform.  We are a small start-up that has been live for 6 months with only 5 employees, and we’re making big waves in the social and mobile space.  We give back to the community and are working with about 10 charities currently, at no cost to them. This can be very difficult and challenging as a start-up with no budget, but the BestBuzz platform does serious “social good” for these causes, and we love watching the “social buzz” spread around these great charities!  My business model relies on Facebook, and it would be amazing to attend FSS 2011.  If I am chosen for the tickets, I know that through the skills I am able to learn at this event, and the relationships I am able to build, thousands of others would benefit as a result.  Please contact me if you would like to see a quick demo and case studies for BestBuzz- you will be astonished at what a small company with a big heart can accomplish through Facebook.

  • Alison Proctor

    It feels like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, there are only 3 golden tickets. I dream of winning one and imagine taking part. What I could do with all that knowledge would help my friends at Guaronomics.

  • I am just beginning in the journey of social media.  I have the opportunity to retire in three years, and am starting a new business providing social media marketing and personal branding to small businesses, mainly in the medical and education field as well as non-profits.  I currently work in special education and have a great amount of knowledge in that field.  I would like to be able to help people as well as make some extra money, and the opportunity to attend a conference like this is an awesome opportunity!  Thanks for the chance!

  • Hi friends of SME.

    My passion is to bring a new segments of champion advocates for my Hotel Family. And educate them on same principles I believe through servant leadership. It is all about contributing to the community that is close to my hart, and help them solve new challenges and turn them into golden opportunities.

    My mission is to create new sparks of growth in one of the most traditional industries, and here in the US is among the largest employers. 

    Getting valuable insights from great people that follow the principles of servant leadership, and is sharing their Facebook secrets will help me build a solid foundation to share my passion though Facebook.

    Good luck to everyone that is participating here.


    Are Morch
    Hotel Advisor and Social Media Strategist 

  • Jennifer

    Why?  Because I am SME’s biggest fan, reader and promoter.  I’ve launched my own social media consulting business this year and have used many of SME’s tips in my marketing campaign plans for clients.  I’d love to promote and participate in this event!!!

  • ChickRice

    Loving the social media’s inroads into inter-connectivity with a global focus. I want to learn more at the upcoming event and spread the message as much as I can to my connections so we can all share knowledge with one another and hope to create change for the better.

  • Allysa Risnandyan Rahmi

    9 Reasons Why You Should Award Me a Free Ticket :


    1. My
    favourite quote is : Live life to the fullest.So I always take a part about challenge to
    unleash my potential inside like Facebook Success Summit 2011 J I hope it brings new experience,new
    knowledge,new opportunities,new friends,new journeys,and new stories to
    make me be a better and brighter person than before

    2. I
    have already what my passion and activities (as a college student,volunteer,travelling,running
    business,writing,culinary tour,economy),and enjoyed my live by doing it

    3. I
    am a proud nationalist and a passionate internationalist. I love all things about Indonesia
    (especially  museum) and telling
    them to other people so they can be in love with Indonesia
    as well. I am also open to other cultures.Everyday,I reading a
    book and newspaper to create wider perception about the world and
    international issues

    4. I
    am curious. I love learning new things and
    doing activities outside classes (ECONOMY :p).I can absorb lessons
    easily.I am an empty bottle person which means I learn for everything I
    got and being proactive

    5. I
    am expressive. I an out of the box woman.I
    can express my feelings verbally or even non-verbally. What’s even better
    is, I am expressive in positive things. I tend to keep my bad mood for myself,
    or only for the people that I am very closed to.

    6. I
    am a very optimistic person! A lot of people
    inspire me, from Oprah Winfrey to Anita Roddick. All of them said that we
    all can make our dreams come true.

    7. I
    have always wanted to be different. Being different…
    some people might judge me : weird,nerd,book worm,etc.Don’t judge me about
    what I do,what I wear,what I am.It’s me,take it or leave it :p But we
    always have the excuse to call ourselves “special”.I believe 100%
    everybody is special

    8. I
    am innovative and creative. Maybe it’s
    related to #4, I want to do something great and new, I want to do things
    in a different, creative way, whenever I can.

    9. I
    make new friends easily. Maybe that’s
    because I am a very talkative person! I can’t stand sitting next to/in
    front someone without any kind of conversation. It turns out to be a very
    good thing because I think networking is one of the main keys of
    success.oohh I am a good listener too,its true !


  • Thank you for this entry opportunity to be awarded a winning free ticket, Michael and Mari!

    I am a passionate advisory board member and volunteer working with non-profit and for-profit organizations who help and inspire youth and adults worldwide to live their dreams and create positive impact. As advisory board member, I help them with creation and implementation of social media relationship marketing strategies so they may reach more donors, volunteers, partners and sponsors.

    These organizations are:
    => Casimiro Foundation:
    => Children’s Diagnostic and Treatment Center: 
    => The Women’s Success Summit: 

    I also have passion for learning and sharing with other’s about innovations in leadership and personal development. 

    I donate 10% profits to non-profit organizations to help foster social responsibility.

    The Mission and Vision of my company Social Biz Members ( are:

    => Mission: To help Professional Women Membership Organizations build solid connections for cash by increasing heart-centered conversations that generate business cash flow leveraging social media relationship marketing strategies and management programs.

    => Vision: Where Professional Women Membership Organization Leaders provide social media platforms that nurture continuous financial success for all stakeholders which also enables job creation worldwide.

    Attending The Facebook Success Summit 2011 will help provide me the cutting edge best practices and lessons learned from experts so I may continue to help the non-profit and for-profit organizations I serve to succeed.

    With gratitude,
    Brenda Leguisamo

  • Angel Cancino

    I just started working for a company whose vision is to help strengthen small business in their business systems and processes. In the area of retail, inventory or manufacturing, we can provide scalable, effective, affordable (SEA) solutions that will improve the efficiency of other businesses and reduce their risks. I know that today’s businesses rely on technology that can streamline theiroperations. I understand that social media plays a big roll in marketing any type of business and I would like to understand how to effectively use Facebook in order to market and promote the services that my company provides. If I get the opportunity to participate in this event by winning the tickets, I am sure that I will be a returning client next year! Angel Cancino

  • I could say that I love social media.. I could say that whenever I get the chance I try to find the latest and greatest tips for social media.. I could say that I don’t want to be talking at a customer because I would rather by talking with them.. I could even say that at this point, I’ve become addicted to learning more and more about interacting with people through social media.. I could say all of those things, but the problem is that, even though they’re true, they’re unoriginal simply because of the fact that many people subscribing to your blog feel the same exact way! So, hopefully, following one of the rules for getting noticed on social media will work here as well: being original. What’s the best way for me to be original? Well, it’s to be me, of course!

    I’m a 16 year old kid (yes, that’s right). After reading that first sentence, many people would immediately underestimate my current potential. Most think that I don’t have the responsibility, know-how, and especially the maturity to run a business of any significance. They still think that, even though I have proved myself with my first business (which was profitable and locally successful while I juggled school on top). They still think that, even though I currently have taken on the challenge of studying abroad (I’m in Belgium as I write this). They still think that, even though I have dreams and aspirations of financial freedom, global impact, and social change. And with all of that, they still see the small word that for them has such a big meaning: kid. Luckily, there are also many people who immediately become inspired and look to support me (and for those people I am extremely grateful). With that said, I use both those who doubt and those who praise as my fuel to keep moving forward. The combination makes an incredible rush!

    That puts us at where we are now. I’m currently working on my second business, The App Dudes, with a friend of mine, Chase. Social media is the big thing for small businesses, so a lot of our time has been used to scavenge the web looking for great tips for working with social media. With that knowledge we have built the current fan base we now have on our Facebook page at We actually just launched yesterday, with a little bit of a bump, but luckily all went well in the end (thanks to social media communication). Even though we find that we have been relatively successful, there is still a lot of room for improvement. In the world of social media, things are always moving and changing. We know how important social media is, and we know it can help take us to the next level.

    I want to thank you so much simply for this opportunity. It truly is amazing. The one thing that I have to agree with the critics is that, as a kid, my experience simply doesn’t match that of professionals who have been in the industry for years. Thankfully, opportunities like this, and social media itself, help to level the platform so that people like me can catch up. So, if you don’t pick me, the fact that you offered this prize is a gift in itself. Hope the event goes well, and that you have an awesome day, dudes!

  • Arnaud de Coninck

    Hi Michael, I am a consultant in social media for companies in Brussels Belgium and I am really passionate about all the content and information you share on social media examiner (thanks for that!) 
    It would really be a dream to join you in the US and learn from facebook experts. I am continuously seeking to learn and teach companies in Belgium who seem to be very slow in adopting social media! My objective si to make sure social media is used by all companies and your event could help me share knowledge in Europe’s capital city.
    Continue the great work!cheers Arnaud de Coninck@ArnoDC:twitter

  • RL

    I’d love to win free tickets because in addition to this economy kicking my small business’ butt (making it impossible for me to afford to buy tickets), I also manage fanpages for 2 different non-profits, and The first two are for Chako Pit Bull Rescue & Advocacy and as most folks are aware, it’s an uphill battle trying to save and adopt out what is often America’s most vilified breed. The third page is for the Sacramento House Rabbit Society – many folks are not aware that rabbits are the 3rd most surrendered animal at local animal shelters. I support my rescue efforts (which include teaching training classes, giving behavior evaluations, transporting, fostering, and basically doing anything I can possibly do to save as many lives as possible, including rescuing dogs directly from death row at local shelters) with a small pet sitting business and I could so use some pointers on expanding my business using facebook. Essentially, teaching me to utilize facebook to it’s full potential will SAVE LIVES. No pressure on choosing me to win though, of course ;P

  • sms

    I would like to have the opportunity to increase my knowledge about FB marketing and be able to share this with my clients and my agency without breaking the bank.

  • Lana van Beelen

    Dear experts,
    Why me? I am a committed student in leisure management. trying to graduate by doing research to the needs of social media in de international hospitality branch in a B2B surrounding. After I graduate I want to be able to profile myself as a expert in social media. I want to help fundraisers and charity by gaining as much attention by guerrilla marketing on and offline. I believe that one person can make a difference, why wouldn’t that be me?

  • Martin Kulhanek

    i am 20, student and working in a small agency as social media strategist – i love this get-togethers because its the only way to learn about social media. the universities are not that far until now. 🙁

    best regards from vienna :)! martin

  • Nidhi Sharma

    Hi . i am a new comer in the social media industry. Was a marketing and procurement officer but suddenly got a profile of Social media manager this year in a clothing reatil company and also a huge project of setting up of an eportal for online selling . Not at all technical from background. I was a normal Bipotechnology student and then took up MBA in marketing. Dont know how i am able to even handle this profuile with grace. Social media is at a very nascent stage in my region (Hinterlands of INDIA) stil;l trying to walk with the world. have established my poresence everywhere from facebook to twitter, Blog, wordpress, Flickr, Foursquare and many more.
    Probably i would be the only indian craving for this ticket , so I should get a special consolemnet for my initiative to learn as much as possible from the masters of Social media.
    Please be generous on your daily followers..

    Nidhi Sharma

  • My kids are hungry and they need new shoes.  Well, maybe not new shoes but at least ones that don’t have holes in the bottom.  Well, that and I’m in love with Mari!  ;-))

  • I’m a dinosaur when it comes to social media, and I’m only 34. My industry reaches out to virtually every college student in the US and Canada, and while I appreciate marketing to them, and have a few tricks up my sleeve – like all of us, of course – I am dying to utilize, and enjoy, this new media. One note to my credit… even though I’m not the most seasoned social media participant, I was the one who introduced Social Media Examiner to my organization. (Shameless 😉 )

  • Justin S.

    I’d love to use the information from this seminar to further prove the value of social media to my higher management who is giving major pushback! This is just what I need 🙂

  • Just graduated and I recently entered the young professional world. Have been managing 6 different social media accounts since, including helping support a huge government initiative focused on Social Media (change perception to the positive in regards to Mexican tourism). Recently discovered SME and think it is a great resource. Would love to learn more at the conference, to be inspired and to better my skills so I can share with others in the future. 

  • D. Sommer

    I would tremendously value the opportunity to attend this webinar.  I work for a non-profit organization that is dependant on donations.  We put as little money as possible to administrative expenses to maxizmize the number of people we help.  Additionally, the economy has our donation income below budget.  As a result, my career development budget is smaller than most can imagine! 

    I attend as many free webinars as possible and have gotten a lot out of hearing from Michael Stelzner, Mari Smith, Jay Baer and others through these.  I also have been following Mari on Facebook and look forward to her posts.  It looks like you have a great line up of experts for this event and hope you will consider me for your scholarship for this event.

  • I just opened what I like to call a “boutique marketing biz” called CommuniCate Marketing, LLC. I would love to continue offering my clients the most cutting edge marketing services, but need this conference as a guide. As you can imagine, the bank is low as this is my first year in action. Please consider CommuniCate for the tix!

  • D’Angelo Buendia

    I’ve always been interested in learning more about how to use facebook as a marketing tool. Being part of a small firm that offers facebook applications beside our other products to companies I have a great need for more knowledge. As this is something we do besides our regular job, my dream is to be fully comitted to this company by being able to take advantage more of what facebook offers in order to increase our business. Or by gaining more knowledge be able to work for a company where I can work with social media at a full time basis.

  • Elle Cardenas

    I deserve 2 tickets to the Facebook Success Summit because I want to learn how to push the limits of online marketing from the Jedi of Facebook knowledge. That, and Mike Stelzner is a handsome, handsome devil. And because I am particularly fond of rocket ships ; )

  • Lee Anne Michayluk

    I really enjoyed FBSS11 today, very well presented with relevant material for relationship/social marketing. It was helpful & informative, and made me realize there is sooo much more our organization can be doing with facebook. I believe the summit will equip me to create an effective FB marketing campaign. Working for a non profit housing society (we provide affordable housing for singles & families, mental health support & addiction recovery) means our budget lines are very lean. We are new to the social media realm and are beginning to realize its ability to help us secure current and future funding to keep what we do sustainable. I need to be more creative as our Communications Manager and I think the facebook summit will present me with the tools I need to promote our organization well and become a go-to resource in the world of social and affordable housing. I’m so thankful we are a forward thinking organization wanting to be present in the SM world, attending this summit will help me represent the society well. Thanks for the opportunity.
    Lee Anne MichaylukMore Than A Roof Housing Society

  • Josh P Greenberg

    I am a 23 year old recent graduate from college who has a boat load of loans and not much experience with working in the social media world.

    I’m moving to Milwaukee in a month to take advantage of the lower cost of living.  I am also making a move from a career in video production to a career in social media marketing.  Once I made a conscious decision to get involved in social media I was hooked.

    Now as I try and parlay a love into a way of living I need to learn as much as possible and fast!  I attended the “Equipping You For Facebook Marketing Success” webinar and loved it, but even when I heard about the 50% discount I simply can’t afford it.  Getting these tickets will arm me with the knowledge and tools I need.

  • YourFinancialPower

    Wow!  What a fantastic opportunity to boost my business skills and my business!  As Zig ZIglar has said, “You will get all you want in life if you help enough OTHER people get what they want.”  That’s my goal in my business – to help others.  It’s exciting to see you helping others too – both with your Facebook Success Seminar 2011 and especially with your opportunity for some of us to win free tickets to attend the Facebook Success Seminar 2011!  I wish you all the best in YOUR online ventures. And I raise my glass in toast to your generosity. I look forward to hearing hearing who has won –  maybe it will be me?!

  • Lisa

    I am EXCITED that there is a chance for me to be able to attend this seminar!  Not only is this a fabulous opportunity for further learning,  It is an opportunity for more Moxi, Savviness, and edge!  I want to WIN!!  🙂

  • I would really love to attend to this seminar. Currently, I work as a E-marketing executive. These tools (suggestions, advice…) would help me do a better job. As I was listening to you durint the “9 Facebook Marketing Success Stories and What you Need to Know” Webinar, I realized that there are many things that are unknown to me and that there are other ways to develop your community. At present, my page has only 60 fans and we just only begun. With the right foundation, then we will be able to do even better things and get bigger. I really hope that you’ll give me this opportunity!

  • Is there any way we can help you get it?? I know how motivated you are in your work and I know you could certainly use some of this stuff for your career. Go Maria!! 🙂

  • This is an e-email I got from my boss. She doesn’t know how to put it in here, so I did it in her name.

  • hannatakala

    I want to be able to teach and coach my clients to use Facebook (as well as the rest of social media) in the most efficient and innovative ways I can. I do believe, Facebook Success Summit 2011 is one hell of a good way to get more perspective.

  • Lisa

    I’ve read some of the other comments from hopeful social-media lovers and I tried to come up with something elaborate, or witty, or just unusual enough to make my entry stand out from the crowd.  After giving it some serious thought, I figured I’d just let honesty shine through… I would really like to win the tickets to the online conference so that I can become a more effective part of our business… Our marketing person didn’t want us to dive into social media – he was content with us just having a website.  I know the potential is unlimited with the use of social media sites and got my employer to agree with me.  It’s become my project.  She’s also starting a second business and it will be crucial that she be a part of the social media scene for this enterprise.  Our current business will also benefit greatly from the knowledge I’ll glean from your conference.  We don’t have any budget for classes or conferences left for the year, and unfortunately didn’t know about this conference until the money was already spent.  If I do not win tickets this year, I will definitely make sure money is earmarked for the 2012 conference – I just hate to spend the next year floundering with our social media presence when I could be sailing above the competition if I have the right training from Social Media Examiner.  Thank you for your consideration.   

  • blondtxen

    I live for Facebook but need to attend the summit because I need to learn how to promote my business. Thank you for a amazing opportunity.

  • Andrea Moore

    I am 24 years old and work for a non-profit University and we currently have over 52,000 fans on Facebook. However, our social media team consists of only one person, me! In the last 7 months our page has grown by 18,000 fans and we hope to continue growing and engaging current and prospective students and alumni. I would really like to learn more about Facebook marketing, connect with other social media savy people and attend this awesome conference! 

  • Annice Brown

    I’m 58 years old and decided to join facebook and create a blog for women over 50 2 years ago.  Why?  Because I was afraid if I didn’t learn how to use all the social media tools efficiently, by the time I was ready to collect social security, I wouldn’t know how to access it – and I would be dependent on young kids to help me.  I’m loving it.   Weha ve been able to reach out to women (over 50) all over the world.  We’ve created a cring circle.  I am in constant learning mode and your conference would take our blog and our voices to the next level.  Please and thank you.

    Annice Brown

  • AboutRedlands

    Promoting stronger local economies through support of
    independent retailers and the consumers who shop with them through
    Facebook is vital!I Locally-owned businesses who do not have the time to educate themselves on the advantages and rules of Facebook, so I’d like to be their advocate and learn so I can share the knowledge.

  • Lisa Norris

    I am launching a NEW website/Facebook promoted business on October 1st and I help other businesses and non-profits with their social media presence. The seminar would be a HUGE help to me in being a success story and share the success with others. Thanks in advance for your consideration!

  • ValerieB

    I would like win tickets to attend the Facebook Success Summit 2011.  I have recently created a business page for our company and really would love the opportunity to learn more about how FB can help our company be successful in the social media arena.  We need to learn how to get noticed, master facebook marketing and be efficient with our time and effective with our effort.  We currently have no budget in our location for this type of expenditure.  In the meantime, I am thoroughly enjoying the daily read of emails! 

  • Chris Edwards

    Due to my girlfriend’s Cystic Fibrosis I have to move away from the awe inspiring Rocky Mountain Region and head out East. I’m trying to work out with my current company to be able to work remotely, but if that isn’t something that can be mutually beneficial for both parties I’m going to start my own Marketing Consulting company. I think that The FB Suceess Summit will give me added tools to make me succeed in an ever changing competitive market.

  • CherylDerricotte

    I would like to win the award to attend the Facebook Success Summit as I have started an indie publishing company called 30 Minute Manager.  I am publishing useful guides to life written by people “who have been there, done that!”  The company was born out of my experience managing my mother’s bout with terminal pancreatic cancer and the aftermath of estate management.  I know I can get a lot more out of my page ( and would love to learn the secrets to success.  Thank you for considering my entry!

  • Ceci_Lie

    Hi Mari and Michael!

    Working as a freelance consultant and as a volunteer (I am the PR and Communications Chair of the Zonta Club of Madrid Km 0, Spain) in social media has absolutely changed my life because I now help giving even the smallest organisation a voice!

    I attended both the SMSS10 and FBSS10 and would love to get the possibility of joining the FBSS11 together with my sister, who lives in Sweden, so she can experience for herself what I have been trying to say, teach, preach and explain for over a year:

    Facebook surely has come to stay 
    and if you don’t know how to post or what to say
    – Mari, Mike and their peeps will show you the way!

    And why not admit that with all the recent changes in Facebook I am in great need for some tips and guidance myself…

    Thanks for organizing the summit again and I truly hope to join you with my sister on October 5! Cecilia 😉  

  • The future of Northern Michigan depends on me winning a spot in the Facebook Success Summit! 
    Too over the top? OK maybe just a little. 

    Then again… 
    All of us vying for a spot at the FBSS know the value of what you are offering, its no secret that Social Media Examiner is at the forefront of the Social Media landscape and if you want to succeed with Facebook and other Social Media you have to know what you are doing. Who better to give that knowledge that the amazing line up you have for the Success Summit. 

    As a start up Social Media Manager in Petoskey, Michigan where the saying is “A View of the Bay is Worth Half the Pay” (Trust me its one of the most beautiful places you can ever see) I have a more than one obstacle to climb to be successful. A chance at the FBSS will not only help me further only my own company, Great Lakes Marketing Solutions, but the every single company I seek to manage.
    I left a successful career in Radio (If you haven’t noticed already, talking for a living causes one to be a tad long winded even when typing) because I love that I get to raise a family in such an amazing place and want to help the people who make it what it is. Sounds corny right?
    But its true! I know from all my years in Marketing and Broadcasting that the key to a better community starts with the success of its local businesses. That’s where I want to come in. I know with the knowledge I would gain at the FBSS I could be an asset to this area in so many ways. 
    Crazy as it sounds it’s why I made this leap of faith, because I need to know at the end of the day I am making a difference.

    So maybe you can see where my winning can become a vital element to Northern Michigan. Great things can happen when I get the coveted spot at the Summit! 

    Oh and since I would not be needing two spots, I would love to donate mine to another needy FBSS seeker!

    Thanks in advance for the opportunity and for all I have learned from you already!



    A low-income, underserved junior high student attends a summer business camp with a few other dozen urban youth in Chicago. This student, Stefan, not only learns fundamental business concepts, but is given the opportunity to develop his own business idea with an actionable plan and small seed funding. He is trained and mentored to think differently about his future and the opportunities available to him if he so chooses this entrepreneurial route. Winning second place in the business competition, neither he nor his mother expected the lasting impact that the business camp would impart on Stefan.

    Fast forward several years later to the present: Stefan, having graduated from Morehouse College and working at Goldman & Sachs for 2 years realizes his real dream to startup his own business. Stefan, seeing the opportunity to collect waste from various institutions and corporate buildings in his city, develops a venture recycling waste while generating a profit.


    This one story, among many others, showcases the impact of entrepreneurial education and business practices with a social mission through organizations such as Entrenuity ( While operating as a nonprofit, the founder’s second venture, StartingUp Now ( will similarly teach aspiring entrepreneurs the essentials of business plan development as well as the added value of a robust website incorporating web-based tools and social networking capabilities for users to share their business plans and marketing strategies while participating in a community with other individuals and experts.

    The accessibility, flexibility, and reach of StartingUp Now’s (SU) guidebook and training services has already proven to be impactful, helping individuals (including youth) to start and grow their businesses. With a soft launch date of Nov. 1st, StartingUp Now needs to strategize its marketing and networking efforts in a meaningful and engaging way that better communicates its remarkable offerings and the opportunity for all people, especially those underserved and marginalized communities, to “DreamIt, PlanIt, LaunchIt.”

    But here’s the thing, we NEED YOU! To help StartingUp Now’s team better understand the social media landscape to better assist those we aim to resource and equip. Not only would we be eternally grateful for the opportunity to attend the Summit, but the lasting impact that it would impart on all those involved in the project would leverage your influence for those most in need of your insight and guidance.

    Chicago says hi and we hope we’ll represent the city well at your Summit.

    All my best,

  • You should award me a free ticket to the Facebook Success Summitt because I shamefully broke rule #1 of social marketing. I put the intern in charge. 

  • Jessica Nelson

    I am a web marketing team of 1. My company is a small, but fast-growing medical company that is trying to truly connect with our audience on Facebook. I have some great ideas, but am still learning the implementation of all of them. Besides Social Media Examiner, it’s hard to find good resources for intermediate information. This summit would give me the tools I need to implement and PROVE my ideas. Pick me, pick me!

  • Pamela de Jong

    I am the Director of Development at Star of Hope Activity Center in Coos Bay, Oregon ( and we recently decided to move into the social media age! We have been assisting clients in Coos County, Oregon who are developmentally disabled since 1964. As we move into the social media age/realm we find the need to re-educate ourselves. I would love to have 1 ticket to your obviously spectacular event so that I may gleen as much information as possible to connect with our community (i.e., younger members) and donor base. I have worked FaceBook to the best of my ability, but have had limited success. As a non-profit, the price is beyond our budget at this point. Thank you in advance for your consideration! Regardless, I wish you much success at your event. I know how incredible it is to put on something like that – on line or otherwise. All my best, Pam

  • RoyMRodriguez

    After graduating from college in 2004 I worked in TV commercial production for 6 years. I made some mistakes and ended up in jail for 41 days with two DUI’s. That was almost 2 years ago and now everything in my life has changed, most importantly I have a new intense passion for giving back to the community that supported me during past awful times and new wonderful days. I live in Little Havana Miami and am about to start trying to promote a few local business that reside in the Little Havana Cultural District on SW 8st between 16th Ave and 13th Ave. It is a lush and beautiful area full of awesome local authentic Cuban restaurants, mom & pop shops, art galleries, and cool boutiques. I’ve promised 3 businesses that I will start doing all their social networking at no cost. 
    Please help me help local business in my community prosper.
    When my community prospers I will prosper.


  • Daniel Ambler

    I am in a ‘Cash Now Challenge’ it is all about Social media, this will be a great way to further my education.

  • Kelsie Lathrop

    I am just starting my career out of graduate school and have gotten hired in as a marketer mainly in social media. I work for a recreation organization on the campus of UC San Diego, and they really want to get more involved in our community and has so many things to offer that people don’t know about. They want to get the word out about what they have to offer (there is something literally for everyone) and want to use social media to do it. Our services and facilities are a great way to bring our community together, as well as our campus, and the Facebook Success Summit would really help me learn new ways to connect with people and hopefully educate and inform people in our community of what we have to offer. I really believe in my organization and have seen the way they have touched people and helped them in their lives and would like to help them to the best of my ability, as well as further my education in social media and really learn from the experts. I want to help my organization reach more people and see them do even more good in our community through social media. Recreation also is having issues on our campus of reaching students because they have not been using the correct tools to reach them and I believe social media can greatly boost the population of students and community members that we serve. UC San Diego Recreation is dedicated to enhancing wellness,
    fitness and quality of life for students, faculty, staff, and the
    community. I want to see us improve the quality of life for more people around us and I think one of the best ways to reach the population is through social media, which is why the summit is a great opportunity for us to learn how to do that.

  • If you gift me with a ticket to Facebook Success Summit – in two years you’ll be asking me to speak at the Summit on the topic of “Building a Strong, Engaged Fan Base, with a Plethora of Ages and Interests.”

    No, not really – because the topics in two years aren’t even fathomable now! 

    I draw energy from social media, and especially enjoy interacting with our resort’s fans on Facebook.  I’d love to draw energy from the knowledgable folk at Facebook Success Summit!

  • Susan Smilanic

    I would love the opportunity to be part of your conference. I have been doing advertising for 25 years and am so excited about the new direction of digital marketing. I am presently working with our town in Durango, CO trying to bring the community together with facebook and together create a strong social media presence to grow us as a resort town. The more information I have the more successful we will be.

  • Jeff Solomon

    (Sorry…for the post with code…hopefully this will post cleanly)

    CHOOSE ME AND I WILL MARKET THIS SEMINAR WHEREVER I HOBBLE! I’ve prepared this 30-second video to show you how effective I am marketing the Facebook Success Summit and Social Media Examiner:

    I’m a 57 year old, ADD, slow to learn, Marketing Madman doing what I can to better understand something new which isn’t easy for me. I’m recovering from a brutal ankle surgery that has disabled me since July. I have huge medical bills and can’t afford the Facebook Summit. I invested in the Social Media Success Summit, which blew me away and I will make the most of learning more about Facebook…PLUS as shown in the video, you folk will get great brand exposure and isn’t that what effective social media is all about

    PAY IT FORWARD:  I’m a big believer in paying things forward. If I win, the second ticket will bless someone else who will benefit from attending.

  • I really would like to win just 1 ticket to the Facebook summit. I have worked so hard to learn everything I can but at the present time I just can’t swing the ticket. I know that it is really worth the price but with the kids just going back to school and tuition I just can’t do it right not. What is sad is October will be fine but then the 50% price will no longer apply. Like I said I just need one ticket you can give the other to another person. Thank you so much for considering me.

  • Social Media Examiner and Mari Smiths Page have become an enjoyable part of my daily repertoire. I look forward to learning and growing my business and truly appreciate the level of expertise that I am fortunate to have been able to tap into.

    Just today EdgeRank sent me a report that said I have an “abnormally” large amount of Pages in my control… Ha, I wish my bank sent me that message instead.

    I do have an amazing client list from high-end manufactures – Celebrity Interior Designers – to fast food chains and other franchise companies. I also take great pleasure in helping and offering services to those with whom are disadvantaged.

    I believe my past experience as an entrepreneur at the age of 21 owning a hair salon, networking in the industry from NYC to London for 10 years to a major career change into sales with Mercedes Benz for 5 years. Then managing a company that had a large celebrity clientele base to now… my absolute favorite career path EVER… Social Media Management.

    I cannot even express how important education is to me. I am pretty much self taught. I know if I had the opportunity of being exposed to a learning environment, I would then be able to launch my business to yet higher levels and at the end of the day I can focus on what impact I can offer to my clients, fans and friends alike.

    In the past few years my life has completely changed yet again and with the challenges I face now I am not able to leave my home to attend any events. I am on call 24 hours a day taking care of my 90 year old grand mother… She is the same age a Betty White and I have fun telling her  about “the Facebook and the Twitter”

    My 15 year old daughter is a Freshman and a golfer… She is also a great inspiration to my business as I run many of my campaign ideas past her as well as granny…

    This here link has over 90 years of experience…

  • 健司 岸本

    I work hard on Facebook.But I can’t promote local economies on tokushima in Japan.
    So I’d like to know their top level advise and learn in Facebook Success Summit 2011so I can share their knowledge.

  • Nic Wetaz

    I am a new fish in an ocean of experts. Recently graduated and newly employed, my main responsibilities have me working with Facebook daily. It would be great to further my knowledge of Facebook so I can provide more value to the agency I work for and the clients I work with. 

  • maryparks

    I do a good bit of work with non-profits and small businesses, teaching them how to utilize social media for their (and their clients/customers) benefit. Unfortunately, there’s not much, if any room, in budgets for education…and honestly, i’d rather see funds spent on client needs anyway…if I could afford out-of-pocket to attend, I would, gladly. However, that’s just not possible. So, please consider me for the free tickets (I’d only really need one)

  • Randy Myers

     I want to be apart of your summit to increase, augment and improve my knowledge so I can a greater asset to my clients.  Notably, I’m interested in this summit to learn more about marketing and Facebook Fan Pages. Facebook Fan Pages are extremely useful to businesses for customer engagement. They can be used to increase revenues, provide customer support, increase reach and allow user interaction through social media… especially generating increased web traffic and heightening brand awareness. Facebook Fan Pages create a simple and effective means for businesses to keep consumers/customers informed of their latest promotions, events and news. Additionally, Facebook Fan Pages can provide constructive insight into your business’ customer base through Facebook analytics. Facebook Fan Pages are an online brand extension and act as another home page for businesses. And, while more and more Fan Page owners are learning how to become expert Facebook marketers, Facebook has recently created avenues for to get more traffic through search engine optimization (SEO).  Thank you for the opportunity to reach out and connect. 

  • Hello Michael & Mari,

    Thank you both for the hard work you do in providing so much high quality content that we can use, without asking for anything in return.  I really wish I could just purchase the tickets, but unfortunately right now I am not in a position to do that.  Three months ago I quit my job and am now solely focused on helping small business owners spend their precious resources only on things that will really work for them.  I am currently reading (studying) Launch and Facebook Marketing for Dummies, and I am working hard to copy your example of making great content freely available to others.  It is sooo much harder than it looks!

    I could really benefit from attending this event and I would work hard to do my part to help others to grow their businesses by sharing what I have learned.  You are both a real inspiration to me in my business as are some of your friends like Amy Porterfield and Lewis Howes.  The opportunity to network with such smart and generous people is the main reason I really hate to miss out on this event (not to mention all I would learn from hearing directly from the pros instead of just reading about it).

    Thank you so much for making these free tickets available.  I look forward to learning a lot more from both of you in the future.


    Jason Lange

  • I NEED to attend because I’ve loved everything that I’ve ever seen Michael and Mari in, and have enjoyed all the articles, videos, tips, and webinars that I’ve participated in – and I want to learn more. Launch and The New Relationship marketing are great resources, and I’d love to learn more from these top experts, as well as the other panels that will be featured at the Facebook Success Summit. 

    Also, because my company is cutting budget dollars, I wouldn’t be able to attend otherwise! In addition, I’ve got one of the larger networks, nearing 15,000 – and I’d be very able to promote the Summit to them as well.

    Please let me know – Thanks!

  • Administrator

    Was looking through the commentaries and yours seemed to standout in regards to the following: 
    A ten-year-old growing Japanese entertainment-oriented corporation is seeking a social media expert(s)/consultant(s)/workshop providers, especially those who already have training/test materials/courses revolving around the Social Media Manager niche.

    (If you are a uber-specialist in one aspect of social media, for example Twitter or Facebook or You Tube or blogging, we would also consider your work as a part of the whole project.  But obviously preference goes to an individual(s)/concern(s) with full-package training for social media managers intact.)

    This is an absolutely new and exciting field in Japan, so the chance to tap into this high-tech nation (brand yourself or your product through us) is enormous for you.  Looking for up-front riches, then this is probably not for you.

    No Japanese language skill is required, just a lights-out knowledge of and experience in training people to be social media managers at home/industry.  There will probably be no need for presence in Japan, especially in the initial stages of development of the course and certification certification.

    Must be able to work with deadlines and help us produce a social media manager certification test.

    If interested in putting Japan on your roadmap to success and absolutely qualified, please contact me with urgency at or connect with me through Skype (nick is “sushitune”).  

  • Ideamaned

    Hi Mike and Mari,

    I took advantage of the Social Media Success Summit back in May and that was
    extremely helpful in advancing my knowledge in all sorts of things involving
    social marketing – thank you!

    I’m getting ready to carve out a niche as a word-of-mouth strategist.
    And since I am a big believer in the value of the educational product you are
    constantly churning out, here is what I propose:

    Award me those two tickets and I will use the extra ticket as a springboard to
    get your organization even more publicity.

    1. I will issue a press release to my target industry – which is of
    substantial size – announcing the availability of an important and timely free
    ebook of mine, and included in the release will be a prominent announcement
    that a valuable $597 ticket to the Facebook Success Summit 2011 will be given
    away. Yes, I will continue the giveaway!

    2. In addition, I will put a Facebook Success Summit 2011 ad on my new

    3. And I will give you front page ad space on my website for your next
    big summit. Who knows what kind of website volume I’ll have at that point?
    Could be very valuable! Hmm… (!)

    4. AND, I will send out a general press release about my word-of-mouth business
    and the giveaway for the Facebook Success Summit to news outlets in
    metropolitan Philadelphia – (where I live) – the fifth largest city in the
    United States! Ka-POW!

    5. Plus, you’ll get to see the clever stuff I’ve been working on,
    which could add to your repertoire of social marketing knowledge.

    How ’bout that?

    So, we can sort of piggyback on each other here.  Sound like a winner? I think it would be fun
    to take the torch and run with it a bit, and then give it to someone else. In
    the process, you’ll probably be landing a bunch of last minute full-margin
    ticket buyers who never heard of you before while getting loads of new
    followers for yourself which will trickle though to your top tier presenters
    and also to the many others that you partner with. 

    If the plan works, awareness of your event will spread. Your stature
    and prominence as the premiere aggregator of social media and social marketing
    information will grow, and as you can imagine, that will lead to more better
    and better things.

    Let’s give it a try.

    Ed Ryder

  • Ben Comer


    Navigating the social media jungle is like fishing. As the
    saying goes: “Feed a man a fish and you’ll feed him for a day. Teach a man to
    fish and you’ll feed him for a lifetime.”


    Just as anyone can feed a man a fish, anyone can make
    someone else a Facebook page. But not everyone can teach someone else how to
    use and maximize the benefits of a Facebook page.


    Maintaining a personal page may be a game of catch and
    release, but a business page helps business owners put food on the table.
    Unlike social media directors within corporations and larger businesses, most
    small business owners neither have the time nor the resources to maximize their
    business page. This fact means that many small business owners wander in a
    social media jungle without a map or compass to guide their efforts on
    Facebook. Fortunately, a service called Get On Social is the map and
    compass these owners need!


    I am developing the Get On Social business model because I
    am passionate about helping small business owners achieve their goals by better
    leveraging Facebook. Many of these owners cannot fully experience the business
    value of Facebook, yet most of them agree that word-of-mouth advertising is the
    best way to grow their business. They are unaware that Facebook is an excellent
    source of word-of-mouth, as 81% of people have had a recommendation to buy a
    product from a social network according to Click Z.  


    The knowledge I gain from the Facebook Success Summit will
    allow me to better communicate the business value of Facebook to small business
    owners. Sharing the skills I learn from this summit, I aspire to help owners
    increase their profits by growing their Facebook following. I will also more
    easily identify the mass market for Get On Social by understanding how to
    develop a Facebook marketing strategy. By increasingly guiding this mass market
    of small business owners through the social media jungle, Get On Social will
    create new jobs in the social media industry.  

  • After over 15 years in the marketing field,
    with a close eye to social networks (I worked for the first Italian online
    community back in 1998!), I am now for the first time without a job and I am
    now looking for my next career challenge. I would love to participate into this
    online event, but since I don’t actually have any budget to pay for online
    events or travels my only option is having ne of these free tickets.

    I want to stay informed and I want to keep learning all that I can, especially
    on Facebook marketing.
    Marketing (and our life!) has totally changed with Facebook and I want to learn
    how to use this channel at the best I can.

  • Jan Kolstee

    A little late but 3 reasons

    1. wil write about it on several Dutch marketing blogs

    2. I love the principles of Cialdini , one of his principles is Reciprocity measn first give something away and then you get back loyalty but the like button works different , first like and then you get some thing

    3. Facebook is great for brands whre customers buy on a regular base products but what if you sell only 1 product which they only use for a cpuple of months

    So how to build a relationship with these customers


    from the Netherlands

  • Congrats Theodore on winning. I can’t even begin to imagine what you’ve gone through in the past two years. Yet I was moved by your story and hope you get more than you expect from this event. Enjoy.

  • Valerie Soule

    I am working for a direct sales jewelry company.  I am new to the social media business. I am learning as I go but think and opportunity like this is just what I need.  My company is trying to change the perception of direct sales by utilizing social marketing as the primary tool.