Are you looking for some good blogs to read? Look no further!

Our fifth-annual social media blog contest generated over 750 nominations.

Our panel of social media experts carefully reviewed the nominees and finalists, analyzing the quality of their content, the frequency of posts and reader involvement (among other things).

With that in mind, here are 10 blogs that need to be at the top of your reading list.

#1: Social Fresh

Social Fresh, the brainchild of Jason Keath, provides quality social media content from a community of bloggers.

social fresh1

Social Fresh is an excellent blog with an engaging editorial calendar.

#2: Boom Social

Boom Social, where Kim Garst regularly shares useful and practical information that’s easy to read and understand.

boom social

Boom Social has a vast audience, consistent content and solid information.

#3: Jeff Bullas

Jeff Bullas consistently provides quality content that generates good conversations on the topic of social media.

jeff bullas1

Jeff Bullas provides information that is actionable, easy to read and very shareable.

#4: Danny Brown

Danny Brown provides excellent articles and thoughtful opinion pieces on social media marketing.

danny brown

Danny Brown's community and blogging are brilliant.

#5: Heidi Cohen

Heidi Cohen consistently publishes useful content focused on blogging and social media.

heidi cohen blog

Heidi Cohen provides useful content for marketers.

#6: Jon Loomer

Jon Loomer writes excellent in-depth articles about Facebook marketing.

jon loomer blog

Jon Loomer's blog provides so much depth of content about Facebook that it's almost like a Facebook wiki.

#7: Lighthouse Insights

Lighthouse Insights is the brainchild of Prasant Naidu with a focus on social media in India.

lighthouse insights blog

Lighthouse Insights has a very strong community with solid interaction.

#8: Razor Social

Razor Social, founded by Ian Cleary, is a useful resource for social media tools with a good community where they motivate people to share their content.

razor social1

Razor Social has a style that invites you to participate in their community.

#9: Pushing Social

Pushing Social, founded by Stanford Smith, teaches readers how to use social media.

pushing social blog

Pushing Social is a good blog for learning more about blogging for business and other social media skills.

#10: 60 Second Marketer

60 Second Marketer, founded by Jamie Turner, shows marketers how to use social media.

60 second marketer blog

60 Second Marketer publishes helpful articles about social media marketing.

Congratulations to the winners! Be sure to check out these amazing blogs.

top social media blogThe badge of distinction: If you’re a winner, you can post the image you see here on your blog. Please link back to this page.

A special thanks to our judges: Gini Dietrich (co-author of Marketing in the Round, founder and CEO of Arment Dietrich), Marcus Sheridan (co-owner of River Pools, founder of The Sales Lion) and Michael Stelzner (author of Launch, CEO of Social Media Examiner and host of the Social Media Marketing podcast).

What do you think? Share your questions and comments in the box below.

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  • Prasant Naidu

    Now it calls for a party 😀 Thanks Cindy and SMExaminer for making us special. Congrats to my co-founder, team and the rest of the 9 blogs who have featured in the list. Keep blogging.

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  • Scott Linklater

    Congratulations to all the winners! Some exceptional blogs amongst this group! Good to see a personal favourite of mine, Jon Loomer, recognised for his outstanding work!

  • Tessvis

    congrats jason @socialfresh and kim @boomsocial!!

  • Ian Cleary

    I’m so delighted to be included on this list with so many other great blogs.  Social media examiner is the blog that sets the standard in our industry so it’s a true honor. 

  • Vijay S Paul

    LightHouseInsights!!!! Hurray!!!!! I’ll cry outta joy now :) *sniff*

  • John Lee Dumas

    Congratulations to the the 2013 winners of the Top 10 Social Media Blogs! I am certainly going to check them out for great articles and social media updates and tutorials.

    Keep rockin SME! You’ll always be on top of my list!

    ~John Lee Dumas

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  • Cindy King

    Congratulations, Prasant!

  • Cindy King

    :)  Happy to see your blog here too, Ian!

  • Liza Shaw

    Congratulations to all the winners

  • Vijeet Rathi

    A page worth bookmarking. Congratulations to all who made it to this list.

  • jaybaer

    Congrats! Many good friends on this list, and a terrific cross-section of blogs!

  • Ian Said

    Congrats to all the winners. Jon Loomer helped us out with our Facebook page last year and provided some valuable info. Well done.

  • Omkar Mishra

    Great Compilation..Good to see SocialFresh and JeffBullas along with LightHouse featured here..:)

  • Danny Brown

    Agreed, Scott, Jon’s blog is awesome, great to see him recognized.

  • Danny Brown

    Thanks for the nod, guys, especially to be alongside some awesome bloggers like Jon Loomer. it’s also nice to see single author blogs can still hold their own alongside team ones. :)

    Cheers, and have a great week!

  • Jon Loomer

    Just awesome. Thanks so much to Cindy, Michael, Marcus and Gini. Pretty freaking amazing to be included on this list only 17 months after this journey started.

    Some of my favorites here. Congrats to the other nine. Is there a party that goes along with this fraternity?

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  • Jon Loomer

    Oh STOP, Danny! I’m the one who should be honored. A really good day, my friend.

  • Jamie Turner

    Hi, Cindy, Gini, Marcus and Michael —

    Thanks for including the 60 Second Marketer on this list. I’m flattered and honored to be part of such an esteemed crowd! We’ll continue to do our best to live up to the recognition.

    Also, thanks for everything you guys do to make SME such an inclusive entity. I don’t think you guys get enough credit for being the hub around which all other social media blogs revolve.


  • Talking Finger

    Awesome! Congrats to all of the winners!! Great blogs and information. We love these “contests”, it shows everyone how real people and companies are using social well. Glad to be in this industry and I guess since we placed in Top 10 Pages ( ) we can call you all sorts of companions in the social world that actually do things the right way! Kudos!!

  • Scott Ayres

    Congrats bro!

  • Scott Ayres

    Congrats Danny.

  • Michael A. Stelzner

    Thanks so much for your kind words Jamie and congrats!

  • Danny Brown

    Cheers, mate, appreciated.

  • Kevin Lee

    Great mix of winners 4 Top 10 Social Media Blogs. Congrats to them all. 

  • Mike Allton

    Congratulations to the winners! And special thanks to Social Media Examiner for putting this together. What a great way to showcase some thought leaders that myself and others may not have been following previously.

  • Nick Cicero

    Thanks so much for naming @SocialFresh:twitter as top of the list. We work really hard to bring great educational content to the community!

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  • Jennifer G. Hanford

    Great blogs and well-deserved wins!  

  • heidicohen

    Cindy, Michael, Gini and Marcus–
    Thank you for including in this year’s Top10 Social Media Blogs. I am really touched. This recognition means a lot to me. 

    Also, congrats to our fellow winners. You do a wonderful job and help me keep my game at its best. 

    Happy marketing,
    Heidi Cohen

  • Ravi Shukle

    Great work by all the blogs here. Great to see so many peoples passion for Social Media come to life through their writing. Well Deserved guys! 

  • Emre GULDAS

    Nice List for Social Media !

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  • Tiana Kai

    Great list, some are new ones I will be adding on Twitter and checking out their posts. Two blogs that I read daily besides this one is Mark Schaefer’s Grow and Hubspot. 

  • Beth M. Wood

    Congrats to all.  Great to see some familiar favorites of ours on the list, as well as some “new to me” blogs to check out!

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  • Pamela Diaz

    great list! in content, all of this blogs are amazing… but as a web designer… some of them are lacking a lot… it’s good to update your web design if you can… but it just may be that as a designer I’m a little critical about this…

  • Cindy King

    You’re most welcome, Jon! You deserve it :) 

  • Cindy King

    Hi Nick!  It’s great to see Social Fresh here! You guys do a fantastic job!

  • Cindy King

    Heidi, congrats on making the list again!

  • Cindy King

    It’s great to see your blog here, Danny!  These blogs were nominated by our audience… it is fun to see both the single author blogs and the team ones in their selection. 

  • Jennifer Lark Kent

    Congrats to all the winners! Looks like I will have lots of great reading choices for social media in 2013.

  • Polish translator Warsaw

    I was waiting for this year edition hoping to discover some new sites with new ideas. It was worth waiting.

  • Igor Beuker

    Still crying that we did not make it to this year’s top 10 :-)  But on behalf of our whole ViralBlog team we’d like to say say CONGRATS to the winners.

    We know it is blood, sweat and tears, so well done!!

    Igor Beuker

  • Stanford Smith

     Toasting all of the winners. An amazing bunch of folks that I liberally steal ideas from!  Congrats everyone, I think I’ve finally convinced my wife that I know what I’m doing 😀

  • Drew Woronka

    Congrats to the winners! I will be adding a few of these to my “must read” list. 

  • KrisOlin

    Congratulations to the the winners!

  • Donna Moritz

    Huge congrats to the winners – my top picks are in here and some great blogs, especially Social Fresh, Jon Loomer, Kim Garst, Pushing Social and of course fellow Aussie Jeff Bullas!  Well done all of you.  Stellar List!  

  • Donna Moritz

    Well done Stanford! So great to see you win – your blog definitely deserves to be on this list.  I am glad you got to convince your wife that is all very important!  ha ha.  My husband was the same just with a nomination – does wonders for the family perception of blogging.  Well done!  

  • reddel

    Congrats to all the winners (and the runners-up). Great to see that some I follow regularly made the list. Social Fresh, Jeff Bulas and Jamie Turner are all rock-stars. Also glad to see a few new ones to add to my list. Thanks! 

  • Gini Dietrich

    Congratulations to all the winners! Judging the blogs was the most fun I’ve had in a long time. I learned about some really great sites.

  • Toni Brasch

    Well done Jeff Bullas – great to see you recognised and amongst such esteemed company. Congratulations to you all. 

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  • Michael A. Stelzner

    I echo @ginidietrich:disqus and say congrats to all the winners!

  • Mayank

    Way to go Prashant :-)

  • Danny Brown

    Don’t let Jack Bauer hear you say that!

  • Prasant Naidu

    Thanks Mayank :)

  • Prasant Naidu

    Thanks @csharpdflat:disqus :)

  • Prasant Naidu

    Thank bro :)

  • Prasant Naidu

    I have a good list of blogs to follow now @ginidietrich:disqus :)

  • Manish Kannan

    Congrats to Prasant and his Lighthouse team for this wonderful achievement. Wishing you all the best.

  • Jason Keath

    Thanks again to those that nominated Social Fresh for the inclusion and to Social Media Examiner for the gracious recognition. Loved discovering some new feeds to dive into from this list. And I smiled when I saw @dannybrown:disqus being recognized, well deserved. Thank you @CindyKing:disqus  and @mikestelzner:disqus – keep up the amazing work on Examiner. All ships. 

    And thanks to all those that contribute to and make @SocialFresh:twitter so great. It is a pleasure to work with you all.

  • Jason Keath

    Thanks for judging so well @ginidietrich:disqus ; )

  • Ian Cleary

    Thanks Gini, delighted to be part of the list!

  • Richard Ng

    Wow! Many of them (except Jeff Bullas) are new to me, will check all of them out!


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  • Cas McCullough

    Congratulations to the winners. Awesome bloggers for sure! A special congrats to fellow Aussie Jeff Bullas.

  • Tracy Terry

    No crying!  Last year I made the top 20 and this year I put out 5 times as much content and didn’t even make the 20 list :(  Which means I need to now put out 10 times as much content and have my work cut out for me LOL! 

    Congrats to all the winners this year!  I know it’s hard work and is well deserved. :)


  • Nebulas Website Design

    Thank you for the recommendations not heard of a lot of these blogs. I’ve signed up for email updates to a few of these already.

  • Jenillustre

    Congratulations to the winners. I am sad ‘thought, that Social Strand Media didn’t make the cute. I really look up to her (Tracy). She is very human with her posts and reactions.

  • Judy Bellem

    Thanks for compiling this great resource. Congratulations to the 10 mentions here. Cindy, is there a more inclusive list? Perhaps another five you’d recommend but didn’t have room to include here? A reminder: Kim Garst @KimGarst:twitter will host a webinar this evening on the subject of Twitter. 

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  • Michal Smetana

    Congratulations to all the winners. It would be a great pleasure to know all of you in person, because you are always full of excellent new ideas. Keep up the good work guys.

  • Danny Brown

    So THAT’s what the “Boom” tweet was – ha, cheers, mate!

  • Malhar Barai

     Way to go buddy!! Congratulations.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Prasant Naidu

    Thanks @malharbarai:disqus  :)

  • Prasant Naidu

    May be we can do a party over a Google Hangout :)

  • Prasant Naidu

    Congrats @iancleary:disqus :)

  • Prasant Naidu

    Thanks @ae3082ae6146f40c5d7db6d69337bcf1:disqus for your wishes mate :)

  • Fair Play

     Just congratulate, all deserve the award :)

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  • tracysestili

    Great list! Found a few new ones to check out. As always, it was an honor to have @socialstrand make the final Top 20 finalists 2 years in a row, but even though we didn’t make the final 10, it’s a great list of examples for us to strive toward for next year. I agree with Danny Brown that it’s especially nice to see some of the single blogger blogs get recognized as that’s what Social Strand Media is (and some of my faves are on this list like @heidicohen @jonloomer and @dannybrown ) Congrats to everyone! 

  • Hunter Boyle

    Congrats to all the winners on this list! Great resources and a really solid roundup of top-notch blogs.

    Special kudos to Ian Cleary, Jamie Turner and Heidi Cohen, since I know first-hand how hard y’all work at generating your awesome content. Cheers!

  • Judy Bellem

    Correction: Kim’s Webinar is on Google Plus.

  • Kim Garst ツ

    Thanks to all who took the time to nominate Boom! Social! A special shout-out to Social Media Examiner for the recognition. Thank you to Mike Stelzner, Cindy King, and all the judges who spent a lot of time going through all the entries! Honored to be included in this amazing list of blogs!

  • Ian Cleary

    Thank you so much Hunter!

  • Samuel

    Wow, what a nice set of blogs featured here!

    I hope I will be nominated the next time around! :)

    Good work to you all!

  • Gary Hyman

    Congratulation to all. More social media reading to do :)

  • Oliver Scott

    Congratulations to all the winners:)

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  • Nina

    Congrats to all of the winners!  I will be checking out all of these blogs!

  • Scott Linklater

    Your blog goes ok too Danny!

    Maybe a little (read a truck load) better than ok 😉

    I had not seen your blog before so it’s great these awards allow us to connect!

    Some fantastic stuff there thank you! 



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  • Danny Brown

    Hey there Scott,

    Cheers, mate, appreciate the kind words, sir – have a great upcoming weekend!


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  • Lindsay

    What a great list! Congratulations to all the winners! 

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  • PeterTrapasso

    Great list!

    I love (full disclosure, I guest blogged over there last year.).

    Congratulations to all!



  • Jemma Taylor

    Wow congrats to the winners and all the best. Nice blogs 

  • Michael A. Stelzner

    Thanks @jasonkeath:disqus and congrats!

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  • Nashville

    I like to read Jeff Bullas each and every post, its so informative and easy to understand.

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  • Lewis LaLanne – NoteTakingNerd

    Hey Danny,

    I love seeing your name on this list. I love the attention that will flood your way as a result of being seen here and everywhere this is being shared. But there’s also the little selfish part of me that loves knowing you were bad ass LONG before all the new people you’re being exposed to here as a result of getting this well deserved recognition! :)

    Thank you for being so cool to interact with over the past year and a half (maybe longer)! Your new fans are in for a real treat with the experience that you bring them that I believe will only be enhanced by you stepping up your game to the next level as the result of having the spot light shined upon your gift here.

    Here’s to your spreading your light even farther and wider! Congratulations Danny!

  • Danny Brown

    Haha, how can I not love this comment? It’s typical you, mate! :)

    It’s been a pleasure getting to know you – you always bring gold to the comments of any blog post, and here’s to keeping you interested enough in my content to keep you doing so.

    Cheers, sir!

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  • Devinder Maheshwari

    I would like to know the 750 entries from which these 10 have been shortlisted?

  • Devinder Maheshwari

    I would like to know the 750 entries from which these 10 have been shortlisted?

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  • Elana Winfrey

    I rely on several of these blogs for new and valuable information. Find myself sharing their content on Twitter and other networks often. Well-deserved for sure!

  • Sanmi Lajuwomi

    Wonderful list. I have learnt alot from the blogs listed. Thank you.

  • Sanmi Lajuwomi

    Congrats Prasant. I wish you more success :)

  • Sanmi Lajuwomi

    Congrats Heidi, i wish you more success :)

  • Prasant Naidu

    Thanks @sanmilajuwomi:disqus :)

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  • Bob Walker

    I know most of these blogs, but some are new to me so I will be checking them out. Keep up the great works guys and gals

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  • dotJenna

    This is a fabulous article. All these blogs noted. Thanks!

  • Vivek G Maudgalya

    You can also include social media examiner in this.
    Thanks for sharing. nice insights.

  • Zeeshan Ahmed
  • Chris McCarron

    Brilliant list. Pushing Social is an amazing website.

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  • Adjat Sudradjat

    Good post, thanks

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  • Arif Setyo B

    wow… number one and number two google result when i typed “social network blog”

  • Zak Le Messager

    Great, thx

  • Abdul Sattar

    Thank you Cindy for sharing freaking amazing list.. I am big fan of heidicohen. I followup each and every post of her.. Anyways, thanks for sharing pretty awesome resources.

  • Angela Brooks

    @KimGarst – I have known Kim for several years and love to see her name on this list. She is the real deal down to earth and gives so freely. @CindyKing:disqus

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  • Tyson Downs

    I know this is an old thread, but this was just what i was looking for. Thanks for the post.

  •!/kmadhav Sourabh Rana

    Congrats Prasant Very happy to see your blog in this list. All the best for your future .