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We’re so excited to have you speak as part of Social Media Marketing World. This page will help you prepare for your session and your time in San Diego.

Use the quick links below to guide you through the information and due dates. We’ll also be sending out friendly reminders as due dates get closer.

Quick Links

Key Dates
Facebook Event Page
LinkedIn Group
Your Presentation
Book Store and Signings
Table Talks
Can We Quote You?
Audio/Visual Equipment
Pre-Networking Party
Facts About Our Audience
Room Diagrams
Ground Transportation

Key Dates (top)

December – Session Titles Finalized
January 29 – Session Descriptions Due
February 26 – Sign up for Book Signing
March 1 – Schedule Released
March 1 – Confirm Session Description for print
March 18 – Submit PowerPoint
March 25 – Additional AV Requests Due

We prepared our Speaker Logistics Packet to be a single reference document for everything you need to know, including: your airport transportation, event check-in times, the schedule at-a-glance, on site contact numbers, networking parties, and more.

Feel free to download, print or bookmark it for future reference.

Facebook Event Page (top)

If you haven’t already, please RSVP on our  Facebook event page . Many attendees are excited to meet you in person and this will give them a chance to interact with you before the event.

LinkedIn Group (top)

You should have already received an invite to our private LinkedIn group. If you have not, please send an email to Joanne Watt and she will make sure you get in. Hundreds of attendees have already joined the group. Please jump in on the conversations where you can add value here. You can also ask questions to gain insights for your session.

Your Presentation (top)

By way of reminder, we are asking that your presentation be non-promotional and original content created uniquely for this event (scroll down for our PPT template).

Slides Due Date

Please send your finished slide decks to your primary point of contact (Jessamyn, Liz or Wade) by March 18th so we have time to review them and upload a pdf of the slides to our secured download site for attendees. We will preload all slide decks on a MacBook Pro that will be available in each presentation room. These Macs will have the latest version of Keynote and PowerPoint. Requests for slide extensions should be coordinated with your point of contact before March 18th.

Panel moderators: we expect most panels will be discussion based and therefore won’t require slides. However, you can prepare slides if you feel it will help set up your discussion. If submitting, please send panel slides to your primary point of contact (Jessamyn, Liz or Wade) by March 18th. We also request you set up a pre-conference call with your panelists so they feel comfortable with what you expect from them.

Session Length

All sessions are 45 minutes long, including a suggested 10 minutes for Q&A. For most presentations this means an ideal slide length of 35 slides.

Every presentation should follow the below model:

  • Welcome from Track Leaders including housekeeping and speaker introduction (2-3 mins)
  • Presentation (30 – 35 mins)
  • Q&A (~10 mins)

Please plan on arriving to your assigned room at least 15 minutes prior to your presentation.

Slide Template

To create a consistent visual experience, we strongly request you use our template. However, we understand that may be impossible for some of you. Even if using your own template, please send your presentation to your primary point of contact (Jessamyn, Liz or Wade).

A few notes about your slides:

  • Slide format should be standard 4:3 aspect ratio to fit appropriately on the screens (NOTE: this is a conscious decision that we feel makes for a better visual experience)
  • Please make sure all of your text and images fit within the slide borders
  • Keynote users: please import our PPT template into Keynote
  • If over 10MB please use an ftp service such as Dropbox, WeTransfer, Google Drive, etc when sending to your point of contact

Below is a link for downloading a PowerPoint template. You will find instructions inside the template.

Download link (see instructions below).

Note: Exact terms in menus will vary by web browser

Book Store and Signings (top)

Do you have a book that you specifically want available within the book store at the networking plaza? Barnes & Noble will be managing our book store and author book signings throughout the event.

We plan on having the following books available. If a book you would like is not listed, please list it in the form below. If there is a book listed you’d rather us not order please also let us know in the form below.

Schedule your book signing by filling out the short form below. We have 30-minute time slots available on a first-come, first served basis. Liz will confirm your exact time slot via email within the week of your request.

Table Talks (top)

We are offering limited table talks on both days at lunch. This is a chance for attendees and speakers to discuss a wide variety of social media topics over lunch.

If you’re interested in facilitating a discussion in your area of expertise, please fill out this simple form. You can choose to do this on one or both days.

Many of our speakers have found this to be a valuable way to create deeper connections with their fans and provide helpful insights.

Workshops (top)

This year we are offering six different 90-minute workshops focused on content creation and business development. These will be hands-on sessions to help attendees develop their written, spoken, visual and video skills and pick up ideas to grow their businesses. We’ve also included a workshop on networking to help make the most of the many networking opportunities we provide. Speakers are welcome to attend any workshop that interests you and fits your schedule.

Can We Quote You? (top)

Leading up to the conference and during the conference we plan to share graphics featuring quotes from many of our speakers. It would help us feature you if you provided a short quote highlighting one of your core mantras about social media. Keep it to 140 characters or less.

Here’s a sample:

Just drop your quote here and we’ll do the rest (you can also email your quote to joanne@socialmediaexaminer.com):

Audio/Visual Equipment (top)

Here is a list of the equipment we will provide in each training room

  • For Individual Speakers: Podium, screen/projector, lectern microphone, wireless lapel mic, computer (Mac), slide advancer, digital clock, audience participation mic
  • For Panels: Same as above plus table, chairs and panel microphones (2 speaker sessions will have 2 lapel mics, but panels of 3 or 4 will use panel microphones)

Keynote speakers: Elise Rollinson will be in touch with you directly to coordinate your set-up, rehearsal time and schedule.

Please submit your additional A/V requests or set-up needs using the form below, such as chair(s) or a stool, table, flip chart, markers, whiteboard, etc. If you plan to present using your own computer, please indicate this in the form below so we have appropriate cables and connections available.

Pre-Networking Party (top)

Arriving early or already in San Diego? Join us Saturday evening at 8:00 PM at the Marriott Marina Kitchen Bar for a little informal gathering before the official festivities begin on Sunday.

Facts About Our Audience (top)

We anticipate nearly 3000 marketers to attend this year’s event. The crowd consists primarily of savvy marketers who are eager to improve their knowledge and skills related to social media marketing. They prefer no-fluff, highly tactical sessions that provide insights and tips that can be applied right away. Here are some findings from a recent survey:

  • Experienced social media marketers: 73% have been using social media for at least 2 years; 37% for over 5 years
  • Business size: 45% work for businesses with 10 or fewer employees; and 25% work for companies with 500+ employees.
  • Job titles: 20% managers, 21% specialists, 38% CEO/President/Owner
  • Audience: 41% B2B/59% B2C
  • International: 15% come from outside North America representing 50 different countries
  • Time Invested: 67% of the audience is spending more than 10 hours per week on social media marketing

Room Diagrams (top)

Here are diagrams of the rooms. Check the online agenda to see which room you’ll be using (this may not be finalized until 2-3 weeks before the event). We also created this online session matrix sorted by time, track and room. This document will be updated as changes are made.

Here is a view of the second floor of the convention center.

Ground Transportation (top)

We have teamed up with SuperShuttle to provide you with hosted transportation to and from the San Diego International Airport.

To book your van service you can go online or call 1-800-blue-van and use code 4VDQ2.

Questions? (top)

Jessamyn and Liz are here to help you with anything you may need regarding Social Media Marketing World.

Jessamyn West | jessamyn@socialmediaexaminer.com | (503) 791-5657
Liz Feiler | liz@socialmediaexaminer.com | (858) 245-7211

Direct all travel and book store questions to Jamie Bruce / jamie@socialmediaexaminer.com or call +1 858-413-7488.

Questions? Visit us in the speaker support room (24A)

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