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Speaker Support Page

We’re super excited to have you speak as part of Social Media Marketing World!

This page will help you prepare for your session and your time in San Diego. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out or come visit us on site in the Speaker Office, Room 27.

Quick Links

Logistics Packet
Key Dates
Your Presentation
Audio/Visual Equipment
Dietary Restrictions
Networking Platforms
Pre-Networking Party
Private Speaker Party – Save the Date
Table Talks
Join the SMMW18 Chorus
Facts About Our Audience
Room Diagrams
Traveling Internationally?

Logistics Packet (top)

This PDF document contains all the information you need in a convenient package that you can print or keep on your computer or phone.

Key Dates (top)

December 20 – Session Descriptions Due
January 31 – Schedule Released
February 5 – Dietary and AV Requests Due
February 14 – Your Presentation Slides Due
February 27 – Pre-Networking Party, 8 pm at the Hyatt bar
February 28 and March 1 – Speaker registration in Hall F, located on the first floor

    • Wednesday, February 28th from 9:00 am – 8:00 pm
    • Thursday, March 1st check-in opens at 6:30 am

All speakers are asked to check-in for the event at least two hours before their session time.

February 28 – Speaker Party at SDCC, 4:30 pm. Please note you MUST pick up your badge in registration to attend the Speaker Party.

March 2nd – Post-event Party, 8pm at the Hyatt bar.

Your Presentation (top)

By way of reminder, we are asking that your presentation be non-promotional and original content created uniquely for this event.

Slides Due Date

Please submit a pdf, PPT or Keynote of your finalized slides here by February 14th. We encourage you to use your own computer to present but should you wish to use one of ours please let us know here.  In this case we will need your actual slides (Keynote or PPT) no later than February 14th so we can preload them on a MacBook Pro in your room.

Panel moderators: Most panels will be discussion based and therefore won’t require slides. However, you can prepare slides if it will help your discussion. If using slides, please submit them by February 14th. We also request you set up a pre-conference call with your panelists so they feel comfortable with what you expect from them.

Breakout Session Length

All sessions are 45 minutes long, including a suggested 10 minutes for Q&A.

  • Welcome from Track Leaders including housekeeping and speaker introduction (2-3 mins)
  • Presentation (30 – 35 mins)
  • Q&A (10 mins)

Workshop Session Length

All workshops are 90 minutes long with a focus on hands-on experiential learning, including a suggested 20 minutes for Q&A (which can be interspersed through the session or reserved for the end).

  • Welcome from Track Leaders including housekeeping and speaker introduction (2-3 mins)
  • Presentation (65 – 70 mins)
  • Q&A (20 mins)

Note: If you have materials you would like attendees to download for your workshop please send a download link (or the file) and we’ll post it to our secure site. You are also welcome to bring printed handouts to your session.

Please plan on arriving to your assigned room at least 20 minutes prior to your presentation. A Speaker Concierge will reach out to you prior to your session should you need assistance finding your room.

Slide Template

To create a consistent visual experience we have created a slide template (you may also use your own template).  A few notes about your slides:.

  • Slide format should be 16:9 aspect ratio
  • If over 10MB please use Dropbox, WeTransfer, etc to send
  • Please work with the AV tech in your room to test any videos, web pages, animations, etc during the break prior to your session.
  • We provide a pdf of your slides to attendees via our secure site.  If you have questions about this please let us know.

PowerPoint Download Link

Keynote Download Link

Audio/Visual Equipment (top)

Here is a list of the equipment we will provide in each training room:

  • For Individual Speakers: Podium, screen/projector, lectern microphone, wireless lapel mic, computer (Mac), slide advancer, digital clock, audience participation mic
  • For Panels: Same as above plus table, chairs and panel microphones (2 speaker sessions will have 2 lapel mics, but panels of 3 or 4 will use panel microphones)

Please submit additional A/V requests or set-up needs such as a chair, stool, table, flip chart, markers, whiteboard, etc here. If you plan on presenting using anything other than your own computer (ie tablet, phone, the Mac we provide in the room), please indicate this in this form so we have appropriate cables available..

Keynote speakers: Shawn Quintero (shawn@socialmediaexaminer.com) will be in touch with you directly to coordinate your set-up, rehearsal time and schedule.

Dietary Restrictions (top)

Vegetarian? Vegan? Kosher? Gluten-or Lactose-Free? Please note your food restrictions in this form by Feb 5th and we’ll have information about your meals ready for you at registration.

Networking Platforms (top)

Facebook Event page
Facebook Speaker page

Pre-Networking Party (top)

Arriving early or already in San Diego? Join us Tuesday evening at 8:00 PM at the Hyatt bar for a little informal gathering before the official festivities begin on Wednesday.

Private Speaker Party – Save the Date (top)

We will be hosting a private party for speakers and VIPs on Wednesday, February 28th from 4:30-6:30pm (watch for an invite via email with details). Please note you MUST pick up your badge in registration to attend the Speaker Party.

Table Talks (top)

We are offering table talks on both days at lunch. This is a chance for attendees and speakers to discuss a wide variety of social media topics.

There is no need to pre-register for a table, simply show up during lunch time in the Networking Plaza and join the topic you’re most interested in leading or exploring.

Join the SMMW18 Chorus (top)

Do you like to sing? Enjoy being on stage? We are looking for 50 or more singers to join our fourth annual Social Media Marketing Chorus. If you’re interested, please fill out this form. Send questions to Joanne (joanne@socialmediaexaminer.com) for more details.

Facts About Our Audience (top)

We anticipate over 4000 marketers to attend this year’s event. The crowd consists primarily of savvy marketers who are eager to improve their knowledge and skills related to social media marketing. They prefer no-fluff, highly tactical sessions that provide insights and tips that can be applied right away. Here are some findings from a recent survey:

    • Experienced social media marketers: 90% have been using social media for at least 2 years; 53% for 5 years or more
    • Business size: 48% work for businesses with 10 or fewer employees; and 17% work for companies with 500+ employees
    • Job titles: 24% managers, 15% specialists, 39% CEO/President/Owner
    • Audience: 33% B2B, 67% B2C
    • International: 15% come from outside North America representing over 55 different countries

Room Diagrams (top)

Here are diagrams of the rooms. Check the online agenda to see which room you’ll be using. We also created this online session matrix sorted by time, track and room. This document will be updated as changes are made.

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