social media how toDo you have a Facebook page for your local business?

Are you looking for ways to reach your customers on Facebook?

Because your audience is naturally limited by the area you serve, local marketing on Facebook can be challenging.

In this article you’ll discover nine ways to use Facebook to get more local exposure for your business.

create facebook visibility for local business

Discover how to create Facebook visibility of your local business.

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#1: Use Local Videos and Images

Facebook native video is more visible and gets more reach in the news feed, so it’s a good idea to have a Facebook video strategy for your local business.

Really tailor your videos to appeal to local users. Add a fun video about a local event, share a quick tip or even cross-promote another business. Your video doesn’t have to be professionally done to get results. This local video about elk in Estes Park received over 220,000 views, and led to at least one direct booking.

local video facebook post

Upload videos with local appeal directly to Facebook for maximum reach.

Local images are also very shareable. If your business doesn’t have regular images to post, take pictures occasionally when you’re out and about in your town to share in the future.

local image facebook post

Local images attract the attention of local clients.

When your local clients recognize the area, they’re more likely to visit your page and your business.

#2: Feature Your Customers and Fans

Share photos of happy customers on your Facebook business page. Personal photos help your visibility with the friends of your customers. Encourage people to tag themselves in your photos.

Remember, a page cannot tag a fan unless the admin is a personal friend of that person. Only people can tag other people or people can tag themselves.

facebook page post featuring a customer

Post photos that show your customers at your location.

Also, thank your customers from time to time. Post an image and tell your community how much you appreciate them.

facebook page post featuring fans

Thank your fans and your community in photo posts on a regular basis.

When you have a post such as a photograph that people can easily like, you increase your chances of being seen by those people in the future, because they have already interacted with your page.

#3: Collaborate With Other Local Businesses

One of the best ways to connect with your community is through other local pages. Interact regularly as your page with other local pages: share their posts, tag them, comment on their posts and show them a little love. This will make you more visible to their audience.

facebook page post featuring another business

Cross-promote other local pages, so you’re more visible to each other’s fans.

A side benefit of promoting other pages in your community is they’re likely to promote you too. Create a formal cross-promotion plan or just give other pages a shout-out from time to time to create goodwill.

#4: Use Reviews

Social proof and recommendations can benefit your business in a major way, so use the Reviews capability on Facebook for your local business. Reviews show up prominently on mobile phones especially.

To enable reviews, make sure you set Local Business as your category and have a physical address. You also need to check the Show Map box on the About tab. For further details, see #6 of our Frequently Asked Facebook Questions post.

facebook page reviews

Use Reviews to show off ratings to your fans.

Be sure to respond to all reviews (good and bad). If you have negative reviews, try to correct the issue. You may even want to consider giving your best customers a little incentive to leave a (hopefully positive) review about your product or service.

#5: Build Your Email List

One thing that many local businesses don’t do often enough is build their email list. Once you have a list, you’re able to email your customers to promote something new, share a contest and so on.

facebook page encouraging email submissions

Use Facebook to build your email list.

Like with reviews, offer something good as an incentive to get people to opt into your list.

#6: Create Local Awareness Ads

Reach people who are near your business with a local awareness ad, either because they live nearby or because they’re in your area with their mobile device.

facebook ad options

Local awareness ads reach people who are in your area and direct them to your business.

Create a different call to action, such as Get Directions, for each ad. A local awareness ad is also the perfect way to attract someone to your business for the first time with a coupon.

#7: Join Local Groups

If your business focuses on B2B, then a networking group could be a great place to reach other business owners, especially those in your neighborhood. Do targeted searches to find the Facebook groups that would be most beneficial. Make sure you read the rules for what you can and can’t post before you jump in.

facebook group

Join Facebook groups to network, and read the posting rules to learn what’s acceptable to share.

One caveat to Facebook groups is that you must join as your personal profile, not your page. However, many groups allow some type of promotion too.

#8: Offer Special Perks to Your Fans

Your fans want perks. Use things like Facebook Offers, special coupons or check-in incentives to help get your fans through your doors and increase your sales. You can do something simple, like the “guess the quote” post below, and put those who gave the correct answer in a raffle to win.

facebook page quote contest

Create a contest for your fans.

Whether your winners get a prize or are eligible for a special offer, announce them on your page. This will keep fans coming back in anticipation of the results.

facebook page fan reward post

Using Facebook to make special fan announcements will help people want to watch your page.

One note with Facebook check-ins is that you can’t see exactly who has checked into your location. Therefore, if you are going to run a check-in incentive, you need to have customers show you their phones to prove they checked in. Even though page admins can’t see the check-ins, they are visible to the friends of the person who checked in, which can help your reach.

#9: Have Fun With Your Posts

People are on Facebook to have fun, so use humor in your posts. Posting a silly picture that fits with your brand on your page from time to time is a good thing.

facebook page humorous post

Use humor that fits with your brand.

Humorous pictures humanize your company, and often get the most interaction. So let your hair down and have some fun!

Over to You

Since it can be difficult for local businesses to track the effect of online exposure on sales, sometimes the only thing you have to measure is engagement on social media. In some ways engagement is easier to monitor online than other types of advertising (print, radio, mail, etc.), so create good content for your local Facebook fans. Be creative with your posts, and find ways to connect with your customers and other local businesses.

When your business has more visibility and engagement on Facebook and other social sites, you increase awareness of your business. Awareness is the first step towards making a sale.

While engagement and visibility aren’t the true endgame for your business, they are part of the equation. Facebook is where people are hanging out and the more techniques you can use to increase your visibility, the more valuable Facebook is to your business.

What do you think? How are you promoting your local business on Facebook? What techniques are you using to increase your visibility? Tell us in the comments below.

increase visibility for your local business on facebook

Tips for increasing visibility for your local business on Facebook.

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  • Great tips Andrea.

    Definitely a big fan of collaborating with other businesses. Really a great way to build relationships and expand a business rapidly.

  • Thanks so much!

  • treb072410

    Cool for sharing Andrea.. Thanks!

  • Some great simple tips here. An organic farm we work with have recently starting posting pictures of their animals instead of their products. We have seen a much better engagement in posts and more traffic from facebook.

  • You are welcome!

  • Fun – yes I can see why that would get more engagement! Thanks for sharing!

  • Nice tips Andrea! Very simple and these are all tried and true techniques local Facebook pages should be using consistently. Happy Monday! 🙂

  • Some good straight forward helpful hints right. A natural farm building everyone
    work together with experience most recently getting into offer imagery from the
    livestock besides most of the supplements. There is personally seen any diamond
    for reports and better website visitors right from youtube.

  • Mike Ambassador Bruny

    Thanks Andrea. I’m working with my local CrossFit and these tips will come in handy.

  • Nice post!

    I work with my local animal shelter and do the following:

    – Create special Thank Yous for donors and partners. I use Canva!
    – Post images of donors and partners (businesses and individuals) when they drop off donations.
    – Upload videos of events.
    – Have fun with posts by creating and posting memes.
    – Piggyback on “national” days (you know there is one for everything) and create and post images.

    One thing I wanted to do was increase the demographics of the Facebook community. When I took over, the target market was mostly women. However, some board members agreed that it was important to target men too. I’ve noticed more and more comments and posts from men. It’s a good thing. 🙂

  • Thanks Steve – Happy Monday to you too!

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  • Very cool Mike! Hope all is well with you!

  • That sounds like a great strategy Amandah! Thanks for sharing what is working for you too!

  • Laljaan

    What about non profit organizations pages how can we promote them I mean they dont have products but they deliver services so how can we engage audience

  • Kate

    Not-for-profit organisations garner greater engagement with personal stories – it helps to make people feel connected to the people or cause you are helping. It’s statistically proven that humans respond better to people than to statistics (this is why World Vision etc. focuses on showing pictures of children in need instead of showing or telling us the stats). If you can show your audience who you have helped and how, it’s a great start.

  • Thank you! I love to share and help others.

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    Great tip! Do you have any suggestions for a startup business trying to break into a saturated market?

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    Thank you for these helpful tips! However, how do I cross promote another event or page when the new FB Business won’t let my business Like other business pages? ie the search bar on the top of the page has disappeared in the last few weeks. How are others getting around this?

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  • Yes, I think story telling really helps with non-profits. Even the comments here that talk about showing the animals on the farm rather than the products show that images can help. Marc Pittman and John Haydon are two great people to follow to learn more about promoting non-profits on social media.

  • I would say focus on what differentiates your product or service. Really tell the story around that difference. Then also share stories and testimonials from your happy customers.

  • You don’t necessarily have to like their page to comment on the posts as your page. You should also be able to tag those pages too.

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