social media how toDo you use LinkedIn to market yourself?

Want to make it easier for people to find you in Internet searches?

With a few tweaks, you can improve the chances of the right people finding your LinkedIn public profile.

In this article you’ll discover how to create visibility for your LinkedIn public profile.

What Is Your Public Profile?

Your LinkedIn profile has two components: the profile that LinkedIn users can see, and the public profile anyone can see with a simple Internet search for your area of expertise, even if they’re not a LinkedIn user.

improve linkedin profile visibility

Discover how to improve visibility for your LinkedIn profile.

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This article shows you the steps to improve your profile’s public page, which includes assessing your regular LinkedIn account. The goal of having a stellar public page is to entice people to view your full profile, so both pages need to be in great shape.

Here are some ways you can improve the visibility of your LinkedIn public profile.

#1: Edit Your Public Profile Settings

First, you want to ensure that people can find your profile when they do a public search.

Locate the Privacy & Settings option on your LinkedIn homepage and click Manage.

accessing public profile settings

To access your public profile settings, click your profile image and select the Privacy & Settings option.

On the next page, click Edit Your Public Profile.

editing public profile settings

Click Edit Your Public Profile to see what items are displayed on your public profile.

The right side of the page shows a list of items that are displayed on your private profile. You can choose which items to show on your public profile.

You can choose to share only a few sections of your profile with public viewers, or be fully transparent and show all sections. Make sure that you enable the setting that allows anyone to see your public profile.

items to show feature

Select which items you want to appear on your public profile.

If key information isn’t showing up on your public profile, such as your publications or awards, go ahead and check those boxes. You want to show public viewers as much as possible to convince them to view your full profile and make a connection.

You may be wondering why you’ve checked the box to show your entire profile.

Your public profile will never display rich-text media like videos or full-text recommendations. Therefore, your description of your job experience is the most important part of your profile. Make sure that this information is in top-notch shape by using the tips discussed next.

#2: Update Your Profile With Relevant Information

Now, you want to take a look at your public profile, so sign out from LinkedIn. Otherwise, you’ll see your full LinkedIn profile and not the public version of it.

Next, type your name into the Google search box. One of the first search results that appears is your LinkedIn profile. Click on your profile.

public profile in google search results

Do an Internet search to find your LinkedIn public profile.

You’ll see the version of your profile that is available for anyone to see.

public profile view

Assess your LinkedIn public profile to identify areas that you can improve.

When you’re viewing this profile, ask yourself these questions:

1. What critical information is missing?

2. What important messages am I not communicating about my work and experience?

3. What do I want people to view on my public profile that isn’t there right now?

4. What is shown on my private profile that would be beneficial to show on my public profile?

Write down the answers to these questions so you can make changes when you log into the full profile. By answering these questions, you’ll have a small database of words and phrases you can use to improve your profile.

Visit your LinkedIn account and update the content. Make sure that all of your skills are listed, your job descriptions reflect what you’re doing and everything is up to date. Spend some time updating all of the content based on your answers to the four questions above.

#3: Add Keywords

It’s important to optimize your profile for keyword searches so more people can find you.

Search for your keywords with LinkedIn’s search feature to create a list of keywords that are relevant to you and your business. For example, you may list the word “sales” as one of your keywords because it’s one of your areas of expertise.

keyword search results

Search for your main keywords to see where your profile shows up in search results.

Look at the results to see where you show up and which users are ahead of you. View their profiles and take note of how often they use the keyword and how they’ve strengthened their profile around that term.

If you visit a user’s profile, the keyword you searched is highlighted in yellow throughout his or her page.

Then go into your own profile and add the keywords strategically. You can include keywords in your summary, job descriptions or headings. Keywords help people see your expertise and find you more easily. They also increase your exposure on the platform.

#4: Customize Your Public Profile URL

Now that the content of your public profile represents you accurately, it’s time to update your URL.

editing public profile url

Creating a public profile URL boosts your profile ranking in search engines.

With a custom URL, your profile will rank higher in Google so more people can find it. It’s also easy to remember a custom URL so you can hand it out to people.

#5: Capitalize on Traffic From Your Public Profile

By taking the steps above, you have a greater chance of people visiting your profile who are looking for your expertise. Your ultimate goal is to make a connection with them on LinkedIn. Make sure that when people click View Full Profile on your public page, they’ll be able to see even more high-quality information about you.

What can private viewers see that public viewers can’t? This is a chance to differentiate your profile and optimize features that can’t be shown in the public profile, like recommendations and rich-text media.

For example, if you regularly post videos on YouTube, share that content with your LinkedIn connections in the Experience section of your profile.

rich media on linkedin profile

Andy Crestodina enhances his profile by sharing video in his Experience section.

Public viewers can see the number of recommendations you have, but they can’t see what’s written or who made the recommendations. Ask others to write recommendations for you, and reciprocate by giving recommendations to others.

linkedin recommendations

Recommendations are a great way to stand out from other LinkedIn users.

Recommendations are your social proof for people who have already seen your public profile and are looking for more information about you. It’s akin to the testimonial page on your website.

Consider Upgrading Your LinkedIn Account

The goal of improving your public image on LinkedIn is to get high-quality connections. With a premium plan, you gain access to additional features such as seeing people who viewed your profile, requesting and making introductions and mailing other users from within LinkedIn.


By following the tips in this article, your LinkedIn public profile will accurately reflect the best of who you are and what you do, improving your chance that the right connections will come your way.

What do you think? Have you tried any of these tactics to improve your LinkedIn public profile? Have you gained any new connections? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • treb072410

    Thanks for sharing Lisa, very useful and helpful..

  • Joyce Anderson

    This came at such a great time! I am about to retool my profile with a career change. So appreciate the tips here! Thank you so much!

  • Fantastic resourceful how-to! Thank you so much for sharing. Bookmarked, pinned, tweeted, etc and so on lol.

  • That’s great to hear! Thank you. Let me know how the changes go and the results you see.

  • How exciting Joyce! Congratulations on the career change. I’m glad these tips have come at such an opportune time for you.

  • The pleasure is all mine Shannon! I love helping others and seeing their success. Thank you for sharing.

  • Excellent article, I was having this very discussion with a colleague of mine a few weeks ago and you’ve just answered all our questions. Good job and thank you.

  • Happy to help Stewart! Let me know if there is anything else I can help sort out.

  • Farhan Saeed

    Hey Lisa,
    Thanks for great tips but I want to ask you a question. Sometimes there are so many profile views in a week and sometimes, there is none. Why is it so, when all the settings are according to given instructions.

  • Bijan Roy

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  • Claudia H. Blanton

    very cool resource, I am about to implement these steps. Your blog post came at the right time, as I was just thinking about how to improve my work with Linkedin, it seems to be the social media network, I work with the least – but should not. Thanks for the tips, blessings!

  • Farhan, the most likely reason for this would be your activity on LinkedIn and how often you are driving traffic to your LinkedIn Profile. The more you post on LinkedIn and engage on others posts, the more people will click on your profile to learn more abut you. Sharing your LinkedIn profile via other social channels and your website will also help to bring those up.

  • Glad these were helpful for you Claudia. LinkedIn should definitely be at the top of your social media platforms list if you are looking to connect with other professionals.

  • relesol

    Thanks for sharing to valuable tips and this is very useful and helpful..

  • It works exactly as you mentioned 😉

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    Many thanks Lisa, have amended my Public & Personal Profile, can’t wait to see the results!

  • Excellent. Happy to hear. Keep me posted on your success with this great tool Florent.

  • That’s what I like to hear – taking action! Thank you for letting me know. Now, don’t wait too long to get to that to-do list 🙂

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    Thanks for sharing, Lisa.

  • My pleasure. It’s great seeing people finding value and actioning these tips to help reach their goals.

  • Vivian Chan

    Great tips. Thanks for sharing. I totally vouch for Linkedin Premium. You get a sense of who is following you, in what industries, how they found you, what the composition of your network is. For instance I started out with Technology/Software contacts and now my network in Entertainment industry is phenomenal, after I made a post highlighting my intent to work on a film project. Linked in is the only medium for professional social interaction, my Instagram, Twitter are more for broadcasting short commercials, while Facebook is for hmmmm…if used properly for my friends and family – however I find the way people respond to Facebook pretty judgmental. Don’t know why but people either like or hate your pretty pictures. thoughts?

  • Excellent content Lisa for someone like me who has a lot to learn about Social Media!

  • As long as you are open to soaking in and actioning all the lessons, you will learn lots John. I’m glad you enjoyed the content and hope it held many lessons for you to action.

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    These tips sound good. I personally took the lazy approach, but it worked really well. Once I got the views on the page, it ranked better and grew on its own. Just sharing the tip : )

  • I’m glad that method worked for you…but just imagine how much more successful it might be with just a little bit more effort 😉

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    my friend on linkedin can’t comment on my wall , but i don’t know how to change setting about public comment. thank

  • I’m not sure which part of LinkedIn you’re asking about, but you could try finding a solution in their help section at

  • Gaurav Vasani

    This can be helpful 🙂 – we don’t need to log out to view public profile .. there is a option “View Profile as”

  • Yes there is! Maybe it’s time for me to write an updated version of this article 🙂