social media how toAre you looking for more ways to use LinkedIn for your business?

Have you considered showcase pages?

LinkedIn showcase pages enable you to promote certain products or services to specific customer segments.

In this article you’ll discover how to use LinkedIn showcase pages for your business.

use linkedin showcase pages

Discover how to use LinkedIn Showcase pages.

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What Are Showcase Pages?

Showcase pages are an extension of your LinkedIn company page and allow you to highlight a particular product line or brand. Although you need to have a company page to create showcase pages, they’re somewhat of a standalone feature. Each showcase page has its own followers, status updates and functionality, sort of like a mini LinkedIn company page.

hp linkedin showcase page

A showcase page works similarly to a company page. It has its own followers, and you can post status updates to the page.

Any showcase pages you’ve created for your business are listed in the right column of your company page. For example, IBM has a number of showcase pages, including IBM Cloud, IBM Analytics, IBM Security, IBM with MSPs, IBM Social Business and IBM Watson.

ibm linkedin showcase page

All the showcase pages you’ve created are found in a list on the right side of your LinkedIn company page.

Here’s how to set up showcase pages for your business’s products and services.

#1: Choose a Page Name

First, you need to choose a page name. To take advantage of showcase pages for SEO, include your target SEO keywords as part of the page-naming process. For example, because I provide search engine optimization training, I claimed, created and optimized the showcase page with the same name: Search Engine Optimization Training.

The URL for the showcase page I claimed is

As you can see from the URL, showcase pages are not directly linked to your LinkedIn company page. The URL just says …/company/…, and only the name of the showcase page is included in the URL. This means no one else can claim a LinkedIn showcase page with that same name. It’s sort of like registering and claiming a really cool .com URL and making it yours.

#2: Create a Showcase Page

To create a showcase page, log into your LinkedIn company page, hover or click on the down-pointing arrow next to Edit and select Create a Showcase Page from the drop-down menu.

creating linkedin showcase page

To create a showcase page for a product or service, go to your company page, click the Edit button and then select Create a Showcase Page.

You can claim up to 10 showcase pages for your company. If you need additional pages, reach out to LinkedIn’s support team and request them.

#3: Optimize the Page for Search

Without a doubt, Google loves LinkedIn company pages, and frequently ranks them high in search results if they’re properly optimized. The same principle applies to showcase pages. The more followers you have and the more actively those followers engage with your showcase page, the better.

There are a number of ways you can optimize your showcase pages for search. You get more SEO juice by including target SEO keywords in the showcase page name (as described earlier) and in the description. You can use up to 200 characters to draft an engaging and compelling product or service description, so make good use of this real estate.

In the Website area of your page, make sure you include a link to the corresponding service or product page on your website.

optimize the description and website url for a linkedin showcase page

To optimize your showcase page for search, include target SEO keywords in the product description, add your website URL and upload a logo and header image.

Also add your logo and a header image to your showcase page. For the header image, you can upload an image in the PNG, JPEG or GIF format. The maximum file size for the image is 2MB, and it must be 974 x 330 pixels or larger.

Be sure to invite people to follow your showcase page and encourage them to engage with your posts. When you post status updates on the page, keep them focused and include your target SEO keywords.

Companies Using Showcase Pages

Here’s a look at how three well-known companies use showcase pages to promote their products and services.

Adobe Creative Cloud

The Adobe Creative Cloud showcase page has more than 15,700 followers and features an excellent and relevant header image. The Adobe company page encourages visitors to follow all of their LinkedIn showcase pages.

adobe creative cloud linkedin showcase page

The Adobe Creative Cloud showcase page includes the product logo and an eye-catching header image.

Intel IT Center

The Intel IT Center showcase page, which has more than 47,200 followers, takes advantage of the Featured Groups function to cross-promote their Intel IT Center LinkedIn group. They also have a status update pinned to the top of the page to maximize visibility and engagement for the post.

intel it center linkedin showcase page

The Intel IT Center showcase page cross-promotes their LinkedIn group as well as includes a status update pinned to the top of the page to make it more visible.

LinkedIn Social Selling

The LinkedIn Social Selling showcase page, which has more than 37,200 followers, also takes advantage of the Featured Groups function to cross-promote their corresponding group. Attracting attention these days can be challenging, so having two ways to reach your target audience on LinkedIn is a great strategy.

You’ll notice LinkedIn also pinned a status update to the top of this page. This feature is great for A/B testing to learn which posts and content your target audience responds to.

linkedin social selling linkedin showcase page

The LinkedIn Social Selling showcase page has an update pinned to the top of the page as well as cross-promotes the related group.


LinkedIn showcase pages are yet another social media marketing tool that can benefit your company. As with the management of any social media stream, it takes time, resources and commitment to be successful.

What do you think? Does your company have a presence on LinkedIn? Have you set up any showcase pages for your business? And if so, how have they benefited your business? I’d love to read your feedback, comments, best practices and tips!

how to use linkedin showcase pages

Tips for using LinkedIn Showcase pages.

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  • How do you get connections and others to follow your business page on Linkedin. As the business page is not obvious from your individual profile I find it confusing

  • Chris Raulf

    Great question, Peter. I personally cross-reference and promote all of my social networks. I will for example occasionally send out a tweet in which I’ll encourage my Twitter followers to also follow my LinkedIn Company page or individual LinkedIn Showcase pages.
    Also, make sure that in your personal LinkedIn profile under the Experience section, your title is linked to your LinkedIn company page. This will help drive your connections over to your LinkedIn Company page.
    I frequently teach LinkedIn classes and workshops and this is a topic that comes up quite often.
    Hope this helps,

  • Peter Andrews

    Thanks Chris that is really helpful. I was beginning to think it was me not being very bright!
    Kind regards


  • Thanks for the information on LinkedIn Showcase pages! I’m curious to know how a nonprofit could utilize this extension of a LI company page. They don’t have products, but they serve a cause and/or community.

  • Chris Raulf

    Hi Amandah, so glad you asked. Yes, you can also create Showcase pages for a cause and/or community. Think of a Showcase pages as an opportunity to promote or spread specific information about something that people are interested in learning about. Instead of having people find the info they’re looking for on your LinkedIn Company page only, you can now publish very specific information to a very targeted audience. Hope this helps!
    Best wishes from Boulder,

  • Thanks Chris! That’s what I was thinking. I wonder if a LI Showcase Page would work for nonprofits who are looking to build and maintain corporate partnerships and sponsorships. Hmm…

  • Chris Raulf

    You’re welcome, Amandah. I would give it a try and see if it works. It’s so hard to get someone’s attention these days so probably worth a shot!

  • Great!

  • Great move for Linkedin but I find it hard to promote or increase my showcase page’s (if I create one) followers,.

  • Romona Foster

    Thanks for this Chris. You’ve encouraged me to go ahead and setup my training showcase, however I am having problems uploading my header image, which is 978 x 334. I noticed you don’t have one on your SEO training page. Are you having the same problem?

  • Social Media Examiner is very informative

  • Earnestine7845

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  • Alex Fabalus

    I correctly understand that LinkedIn is a network for job search? How can I use for B2C Business?

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  • Katrina Thornely

    We have a group page for our company as it is part of the larger organisation. Therefore am I right in understanding it has different features than being a business page? If so is it easy to change it to a business page? I am at a bit of a loss.

  • Willie

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  • Chris Raulf

    Hi Katrina, it sounds like your company is facilitating a LinkedIn Group which is different from a LinkedIn Company page. A LinkedIn Group can’t really get converted into a company page and both services have very different purposes and features. Regardless, if you work for a larger company you should have both. I just sent you a request to connect on LinkedIn and I’m happy to provide more details in a quick phone or Skype call if you’d like.

  • My linked in account has becomed confused and continues to tell me I have the wrong
    password and they also want me to upgrade and pay $49.00 a month

  • Jkoczela

    Thanks for the information, Chris. This really gives us the exact steps to take. I admit I have neglected my company page—one more thing to do. But I’m wondering if it’s necessary to be adding content there when I also have a large group on LinkedIn. Wouldn’t the same people be following my company page as my group? And if so, I’d need separate content for each one. But I’d be interested in hearing your take on that.

  • Peggy

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  • Chris Raulf

    Hi Virginia, sorry to hear that. I’d reach out to their support team and let them know about your issues. LinkedIn usually responds in less than 24 hours to my support requests. Best of luck to you!

  • Chris Raulf

    Hi Jeannette,
    Great questions! In an nutshell: Your Group and Company Page may have different audiences / followers and I would definitely try to drive both of the audiences over to the other platform so that you have multiple opportunities to reach them with your messages. It has become extremely challenging to get someone’s attention online (and also sometimes in person…) these days so the more touchpoint opportunities you have the better. I wouldn’t necessarily post the exact some content but rather try to diversify your messaging slightly. I know it’s a lot more work but potentially worth your effort.
    Hope this helps,

  • Chris Raulf

    Yes, I agree. It’s yet another social platform to promote and manage but worth it if you have the resources available!

  • Jkoczela

    Oh, thank-you so much, Chris. I see what you mean, and they do say that repeated exposure is what develops the “know, like, and trust” factor. Thanks so much for your advice! Now I know what to do.

  • Vinitha Tellis

    Hi Chris,

    I am handling my company’s LinkedIn page and we are just about to start with Showcase pages. The company page has been on LinkedIn for a while now. We have 5 divisions, I have been posting all division posts on the company page, now if we start the showcase page- should I transfer all the content to the show case pages for each division?
    Could you please help me with some tips to begin these pages.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.


  • Zoe

    Hi Chris, I manage the LinkedIn page for my B2B company and I’m trying to ramp it up a little. I’m considering implementing showcase pages but I’m worried it might cannibalize followers for our company page. I think a large number of followers on the general company page looks better than having few followers across multiple showcase pages. What do you think? Will implementing showcase pages deter users from following our company page? Do people really follow both?

  • Hi Vinitha,
    So sorry for not getting back to you sooner; I just saw this question now.
    I wouldn’t simply transfer the existing content over to the Showcase page but rather create new and engaging content for each Showcase page. You could certainly recycle some of the existing content if applicable; as long as it’s useful for your target audience.
    Hope this helps,

  • Hey Zoe,
    Great question and sorry for not getting back to you soon!
    For larger companies, I usually recommend posting more generic content to the main LinkedIn Company page and then product or service specific info to the individual Showcase pages. You could also promote your specific Showcase pages through your LinkedIn company page so that they know about them and also follow these pages. Ideally, you should cross-promote all of the individual pages to each set of followers so that they end up following all of these pages. It’s quite a bit of work and not always a good strategy for every company. I guess it really depends on how much time and effort you’re able to allocate into managing each page.
    Hope this helps!

  • Zoe

    That’s great, thanks so much for the response Chris! I think you’re right, it depends on the company, industry and amount of time that can be allocated. Great point about cross-promoting too, that relieves some of my hesitation and makes a lot of sense. Thanks again and keep the blog posts coming!

  • Perfect; you’re welcome, Zoe! Cross-promoting the various pages amongst each other has worked really well for many of my clients! Just give it some time and stay persistent 🙂

  • Jose Gallegos

    My question as well. I’m not sure if its worth the time to create showcase pages for our company. Do you know of any case studies of companies that decided to split up their content by showcase vs. company page. I think it’s a cool feature, but not sure if this is just a another linkedin feature that will fade away soon

  • Hi Jose, I create individual Showcase pages for most of my clients. We usually post every day to the LinkedIn company page and then at least once or twice a week to the Showcase pages. Give it a try and see if you can build a following for each Showcase page but only do it if you have enough time and resources available to manage the pages in a professional way.
    I hope this helps,

  • Lisa

    Can you advertise with showcase pages? Or can you only advertise via your main LinkedIn company page?

  • Mateo

    Dear Chris. I am managing a Showcase page of my company in LinkedIn. My company page has 20 times more followers than my Showpage and I am interested on cross- referencing to increase my audience. However we are not able to “Like” or “Share” my Showcase contents from the Company page because when the administrator tries to do it, he does with his personal profile instead of page profile.

    Could you explain further about cross- references? Do we need to duplicate the contents or include a link to them?
    Many thanks!

  • Hi Mateo,
    Great question! LinkedIn Company and Showcase pages are static entities and you can’t follow a Showcase page from a Company page and vice versa. I usually cross promote the pages and encourage the respective followers to also follow the “other page”.
    If you have the resources and time available, I recommend posting the same post, but slightly rewritten, also to the other page.
    I hope this answers your question?!

  • Mateo

    Yes, it does. Thank you. We’ll proceed as you suggest
    Best regards

  • Great; glad to hear, Mateo. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn since I publish a lot of educational content to the LinkedIn Long-form publishing platform.
    Best wishes from Colorado,

  • Karin

    If I update my business page, will it also update my showcase page and vice versa? Are the two linked together, or do I need to update each separately?

  • Hi Karen, glad you asked this question!
    No, the two entities are not linked together and you’ll have to post individually. You’ll have to treat each Showcase page, and Company page, as individual digital entities. However, tools such as Hootsuite or rFactr will make this process a bit easier and more manageable.
    I hope this helps.

  • I just read an article about the similar topic and now there’s another one, only about the Showcase pages. I will definitely try it, but I doubt it will help a lot. Maybe some improvement can be made, but not much, because LinkedIn is focused on personal profiles more than on company pages. And interesting things I found in comments here, too.

  • Zoe

    Hi Chris, I’ve come across another question for you. Can companies tag other companies in their updates? I seem to have access to do so from my personal page, but not from the company page. How about on showcase pages?

  • Hi Zoe,
    As of right now you are not able to tag someone or another company in a LinkedIn company page or Showcase page status update. However, I did a bit of research on this topic and this issue has been brought to LinkedIn’s attention. Of what I read, they may be making this function available in the foreseeable future. Stay tuned!

  • Zoe

    That’s great, thanks for the quick reply Chris!

  • sukendhar

    Hey Chris,

    After going through all your answers i must say you are a man with full of SEO information. Recently i created showcase pages for my institute, is it mandatory to update my page regularly as we do not have regular updates because it is a institution which offering online clinical research and healthcare related programs. Can you please suggest me what kind of information should i post regularly to get more followers?

  • Good question! Start at end: Your target audience. What information are they searching for, what issues are they facing at work, what content / ideas could help them be more productive, close more deals, etc. You’ll only want to post high-quality and useful information that’s intended for the target audience of that particular Showcase page. I know it’s quite a bit of work, but this is the best approach. You’ll also want to cross-promote this Showcase page via your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn company page, etc. It’s a busy online world out there and the more work you put in, the more successful you’ll be 🙂 Hope this helps!

  • sukendhar

    Thank you Chris, it helps me a lot. I have one more doubt what you mean by high quality information? You mean to say information should unique and not copied from other sources…..

  • It’s ok to curate content from other sources and to post them to your Showcase pages but it has to be clear that it’s not your own content and it has to be of value to your target audience. I recommend that you use Showcase pages (and other social media platforms for that matter) to drive traffic back to your website. Develop high-quality and unique content on your site and then promote the content through your social media channels!