social media how toDelicious is the world’s largest social bookmarking site.  With it you can save, manage and share pages in a centralized source.

It also brings a very powerful community aspect to social bookmarking. This article will reveal innovate ways to use Delicious.

8 Innovative Uses for Delicious

So why should you use social bookmarking instead of just your browser? Two important reasons include that your bookmarks can be shared with others using a specific URL or RSS feed, and they can be accessed from any computer with an Internet connection.

Delicious show popularly bookmarked pages on it’s home page.

But there are lot more reasons to consider using Delicious. Here are eight more:

#1: Organizing Your Resources

Probably the most obvious reason to use Delicious is to organize the content you come across on a daily basis for future use. It’s hard to read every great blog post that’s shared with you through other social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. Why not bookmark them for later, so whenever you’re looking for information on a particular topic, you have a great compilation of favorite articles and pages to choose from?

#2: Action Plans

Another thing I find when I’m browsing the web or reading a great how-to post—I want to actually use that information, but not necessarily at the time I find it. So instead of possibly forgetting about what a great idea it is, I create action tags instead.

For example, you can use tags such as actionbusinesscard to save a page on a great business card design service that you want to use to redesign your business cards, actionlinkedin for posts on LinkedIn tips and marketing, or actionfacebookpage to save a great post on how to create fan-only Facebook content.

#3: Company Sharing

Because my company does content marketing, we share a lot of links to great content development ideas back and forth by email. Instead of having to dig through a bunch of emails to find something in particular, we set up a company-wide Delicious account and now we bookmark items there. This way, whenever we want to see the latest finds in infographics or graphic design resources, we can refer to our Delicious bookmarks. This can be used to get employees active in not only learning new things, but also sharing what they learn with their colleagues in any industry.

#4: Backlink Recording

There are tons of ways for link-builders to keep track of the links they build for their websites, from Excel spreadsheets to paid software. But what if you want to do it faster? With Delicious, you can simply bookmark a page you requested a link from and tag it by topic, quality or type for future reference. So if you’re making a comment on a .edu blog about pets, your tags would be edu pets blogcomment, and the next time you need to look for one of those three elements for another link, they would be right in your Delicious bookmarks.

#5: Social Networking Profiles

Do you create profiles on sites only to forget about them later? Bookmarking them in Delicious not only gives the profile a little link juice, but will keep the profile links handy in case you want to share them or at least remember what networks you’re on. You can tag them with socialprofile updatemonthly so you know that it’s a network you want to update on a certain schedule.

#6: Social Mentions

A great idea by Ari Herzog is to use Delicious as a way to keep track of mentions about you in articles, or as he likes to call it, sharing his ego. Keeping track of these kinds of mentions could come in handy for testimonials or references in your own writing or websites.

#7: Writing Showcase

Combining Ari’s ego idea and a great template, you can use Delicious RSS feeds to create a customized portfolio.

Delicious Feed Import to a WordPress Theme

Separate Delicious RSS feeds help generate the content on this portfolio page.

I made some WordPress customizations to a theme that gives you the option to import your Delicious bookmarks, and I use it as my own portfolio, separating guest posts from article directory entries by using the feeds for my bookmarks tagged with guestpost and articles.

#8: Don’t Lose Your Bookmarks!

Last, but not least, if you’re paranoid like I am, you’ll want to know that your bookmarks won’t be lost if something happens to Delicious itself. Delicious offers the option to export your bookmarks and download them as an HTML file. Just set a reminder to do this periodically to save your bookmarks just in case something should happen, à la Magnolia.

Now, let’s look at how to use Delicious and why you should use this particular network for your bookmarking needs.

Signing Up

If you don’t already have an account with Delicious (you can use the old-school login page here for accounts created before Yahoo took over), you’ll need a Yahoo account to sign up. Click on join now on Delicious and login to your Yahoo account.

Delicious Username

You’ll be given an option to create a Delicious username similar to your Yahoo ID or create a custom Delicious username. Consider as you create your custom Delicious username that it will also be the URL for your account (

Importing Bookmarks

After choosing your username, you’re given the option to import your bookmarks from your browser. You can choose to have your browser bookmarks imported as private or public.

Delicious Tools

Delicious offers a variety of tools to help you conveniently save bookmarks and review bookmarked pages.

Firefox Add-On

Probably the most useful tool for Delicious is the Firefox Add-On. Once installed, you’ll be able to:

#1: Access your bookmarks via a drop-down menu from Firefox.

Delicious Firefox Add-On Menu

See your bookmarks in your Firefox menu bar.

You can view your bookmarks based on Recently Bookmarked, Most Visited and Tags. You can also use the More About This Page option to see if a page is already bookmarked on Delicious, how many times it has been bookmarked and which members have saved it publicly.

#2: Keep your bookmarks open on the left side of your browser.

Delicious Firefox Add-On Bookmarks Sidebar

See your bookmarks on the left side of your browser window.

You can sort your tags alphabetically or by most used, and your bookmarks alphabetically, by site, by date added, by most visited or by last visited.

#3: Keep your bookmarks in a toolbar.

Delicious Firefox Add-On Bookmarks Toolbar

See your bookmarks in a customized toolbar.

If you’re not a fan of using the menu bar option or shrinking your browser space with the sidebar, you can simply have a toolbar that displays your bookmarks by the latest added or by favorite tags. I personally like the Favorite Tags because you can customize it for your most visited topics.

Delicious Firefox Favorite Tags

Put your favorite tags in your Delicious toolbar.

#4: Use Ctrl-D or the option in your right-click menu to save a bookmark on Delicious.

Want to save a bookmark quickly to Delicious? Simply hit Ctrl-D to toggle the window to save your bookmark.


If you’re not a fan of add-ons or if you use another browser, Delicious also offers some helpful bookmarklets to drag onto your browser’s bookmark toolbar.

Delicious Bookmarklets

Use bookmarklets in any browser .

  • Bookmark on Delicious—This bookmarklet will allow you to bookmark the page.
  • My Delicious—This bookmarklet will take you to your bookmarks on Delicious.
  • Bookmark History—Want to know how many times a page has been saved and by whom? Use this bookmarklet to go to the Delicious bookmark for any page that you’re on.

Connecting With Others

Whenever you’re on another user’s profile, you can add him or her to your network using the options on the top right of the profile.

Delicious Add to Network

Add other users to your network.

Unfortunately, the only way that other users will know is if you tell them, or if they notice you’re following them in their network listing.

Delicious Network

See whom you're following, and who's following you in your network.

Saving a Bookmark

Delicious Save a Bookmark

These are your basic options when saving a bookmark.

Whenever you save a bookmark to Delicious, you have several options to fill in about the bookmark. Delicious will automatically pull in the URL and the title (based on the title tag of the page or post you’re saving). You can edit these as needed.


Notes are your additional description/information about your bookmark.

Delicious Bookmark

Your notes will be displayed with your bookmark.


Be sure to use descriptive tags for your bookmarks, as they will be key to finding relevant information again. Tags are space-separated, and if you’re using multiple words, they should be run together, such as socialmedia.

Delicious Tag Dropdown

Use tags to organize your Delicious bookmarks.

You can start typing in a tag, and it will bring up a drop-down, or you can select it from the complete list of tags below.


You can share your latest bookmarks with your fans if you think they might like them. Start typing in the name to get a drop-down or use the Send tab to select the fans you want to share with.

Delicious Send a Bookmark

Send your bookmark to fans who have the same interests.

You can also add a personal message (up to 116 characters) to your fans about the bookmark.

Delicious Send Message

Send a message with your bookmark.

When you save your bookmark, it will be sent to the other user and arrive in his or her inbox.


Want to keep that bookmark to yourself? Simply check the Mark as Private box. Otherwise your bookmarks are visible to anyone who happens to come across your profile.


If you’re interested in particular topics, you can subscribe to those tags by going to your subscriptions area and Add a Subscription.

Delicious Subscriptions

Create subscriptions to follow your favorite topics.

You can follow a particular tag and even specify bookmarks with that tag from a specific member.


If you prefer to have your subscriptions in your RSS reader, Delicious offers RSS feeds at the bottom of each page, so you can subscribe to particular topics (explore tags or view most popular tags) and users:

  • Bookmarks with a particular tag—
  • Other users’ bookmarks—
  • Other users’ bookmarks with specific tags—

Your Thoughts on Bookmarking With Delicious

Do you use Delicious social bookmarking or do you have another service you prefer? What other innovative uses for Delicious can you think of for saving and sharing bookmarks? Leave your comments in the box below.

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  • Joe

    Thanks for the post. Online bookmarks is not something I use very much. I may give it a try now.

  • Kristi:

    I do use Delicious but not to the extent that you discuss above. It is one of the many sites that I use for social bookmakring.

    I never put much thought into using Delicious before other than just bookmarking. I have never used the tagging feature to help organize my bookmarks. I also did not know that I could export the bookmarks just in case something happened to Delicious.

    This is some great content! I am going to have to spend some more time on Delicious.


    – Rick

  • I think Delicious is great for organizing different sources of information that are relevant to you. From a sharing perspective, I am not sure I see the value, as Twitter and Facebook are more powerful engines.

  • It is part of my everyday use- Everything I share on Twitter thru my Greader is then bookmarked if it’s PageRank in the reader get above an 8, then I tag it in Delicious unless it has special meaning or fills a need of mine.

    Also I research folks that I am getting ready to talk with or do business with thru a quick search of their profile in different I can find out what is important to them. Delicious is interesting because you can get an insight into where their mind is because it shows you what they are thinking is important to them or their businesses. I agree with Nick above that it’s sharing is not as powerful as Twitter. But as with all communities I follow a lot of folks to aggregate what they think is important- so you have in my account the ability to filter this info from my tags, my network tags and the whole of the community.
    Great Post- Chrome has great extensions also…

  • Pietro Polsinelli

    I wrote a comment on the 8 points from the point of view of Licorize here: “8 Innovative Uses for Delicious” are much more innovative seen from Licorize”

  • I had no idea that Delicious was so versatile. I particularly like the Backlink Recording and Organizing suggestions, since I like to comment on blogs in my niches. Great suggestions, thanks for the article and advice.

  • Marc

    You may want to add to your Delicious toolkit. It automatically bookmarks links you tweet or favorite on Twitter.

  • Excellent article, Kristi. I’ve used Delicious for years and the tags are so helpful for keeping articles organized into categories. I’m going to try your idea about “action” tags, and I’m going to check out the Firefox add-on. Thanks for teaching me something new today.

  • Thank you for such a useful post Kristi! I’m using Delicious much more now after reading this… and I think it’s increased my productivity quite a bit too.

  • I love Delicious as a bookmarking tool. Thanks for the tip about backing up your delicious bookmarks – great idea. One thing I do is bookmark articles with social media and blogging stats and tag it stats and presentations – so that I can find just the right stat for my next talk.

    I also use the Send feature to email really useful posts links to myself (it saved email addresses for you), and to clients and friends, as well as send them to the Delicious inbox’s of my online friends who also use Delicious. When you email it comes in funny – from: no reply “YourUsername wants to share ….” – so in my Gmail/Google apps I’ve created a filter to tag these emails & create a folder “Delicious.”

    I also code things with the year and date-year – so that if I can’t find something I know I was doing in September – I can search “my delicious bookmarks” and find everything tagged 9-10; and at some point I should go in & delete everything tagged 2009…but I probably won’t.

    I will be pointing people to this very useful article!

  • The ability to export is gold for me… it’s scary to think of what you might lose if you have invested all of your time saving resources onto a social network and have it crash. At least this way, you won’t lose all of your discoveries!

  • This site isn’t good from a mass sharing perspective, unless you get enough votes within a certain time period to make it to the front page of the site. 🙂 If people are looking for content through Delicious though, the more votes your content has, the better the chance your link will come up first.

  • Very good point about researching. You can usually tell what I’m into at the moment by what I have bookmarked lately. An email marketing company would have gotten a good insight into what I was looking for when I went through my phase of researching how to put together an email campaign, as I was bookmarking lots of resources and references.

  • I don’t know how you guys consistently write articles that suit exactly what’s going on in my brain at any given time….(perhaps secret Google technology, like the self-driving cars?) Anyway, I’ve had the delicious plug in on my Firefox toolbar for a while now, and was struggling with how to make better use of it. I LOVE the idea of saving “to read/followup on later” items here. I’m currently dragging stuff into a “read later” folder in my email—but using delicious gives the content much more leverage. Thanks as always!

  • It increases my productivity simply because I don’t feel like I have to read everything as it comes through the pipeline. Instead I save it, tag it for the topic, and when I’m ready to actually apply some tips and strategies in that area, I have a set of resources ready to go for use.

  • You’re welcome. Action tags (especially since they are at the top) can make a nice “to-do” reminder when you visit your bookmarks.

  • There are some articles that are timeless, so maybe hold on to those older bookmarks, just in case they still are applicable! 🙂

  • Thanks for this! I’ve been meaning to try out Delicious, but have always put it off because I didn’t feel I had enough time to really figure it out. This was a great overview and I know I can get started quickly. I will be so much more organized now!

  • Great article. You described some new ways to use Delicious that I hadn’t thought of. Liked the idea of tagging/action plans/social mentions/ego, etc. Will be implementing this idea myself!


  • Exactly, especially with the extensive tagging. I used to keep a “Read Later” folder in my browser toolbar, but between the fact that I couldn’t access it anywhere and I rarely had them grouped by topic, the folder would just get huge and stay unread. This way, you can read about a particular topic all at once when ready. Definitely more convenient and productive!

  • Thanks for a great article full of tips! I went and edited some of our Delicious tags after reading this, in addition to bookmarking all of our social profiles so that they’re easier to keep track of. The comments from other readers are also helpful!

  • Great post. I still think Delicious is underutilized compared to the activity I see on other bookmarking sites but I somehow still get a significant number of shares on the site regardless.

    I wrote a sharing plugin for WordPress with a Delicious count button included if anyone is interested. Just thought I would share:

  • one other thing I do – is I have included my Delicious RSS feed into my Feedburner Feed for my blog – so it combines together (blog posts and bookmarks). I don’t remember how I did that – either through feedburner or Delicious itself, but my RSS readers really like it.

  • What an awesome and exhaustive article! I use Delicious since a while to categorize interesting material (like this) I find online, but some of these uses are truly mind-opening.
    For example, I am just right now setting up a special tag to keep track of posts I comment on and which I previously tracked via Safari’s internal bookmarks engine.
    Regarding nice tools, I use Delibar on my Macs, very very nice especially paired with the Delibar extension for Safari 😉

  • I’ve been looking for something like this for my blog ( Is there a compact version like the ones at the top of my post?

  • It’s through Feedburner – under the Optimize tag, there is a Link Splicer option to include your latest Delicious bookmarks. That would actually be a great way to update your RSS subscribers of guest posts on other sites – simply bookmark them in Delicious and share them through Feedburner. Thanks for the tip!

  • I started using Delicious for the cloud tag of my bookmarks.

    Good tip to keep track of online profiles and comments on Delicious.

  • Hi Kristi, thank you for the information. I have never used Delicious, but you have sold me on checking it out!

  • I have not used Delicious at all. After reading your post though, I may now dig into yet another social network site.

  • I have been using Xmarks for the longest time, but they are closing shop, perhaps delicious would be a good alternative…

  • deb1221

    Great post. Delicious is a fantastic tool and I too am always surprised by how underutilized by many. It’s a great way to find other material from like-minded people.

    I love that it’s all about links and not about ego or flashy pizazz. It’s really about content all the way.

    Which I think too is worth saying that you can bookmark something that’s a fantastic infographic, video, podcast or graphics. A bookmarked link doesn’t have to be limited to a written post. That’s where using tags can help delineate what you’re saving and why.

    Debbie Hemley

  • I’m sure this is a great article…really. But I guess I’m just under a rock or something. I’ve never understood what Delicious was/does or why people use it…and after reading your article, I’m still not sure I “get it” in terms of why this is such a must-use tool. Perhaps I need something about two levels below “Delicious for Dummies.” 🙂

  • Hi Kristie, I’ve been using Diigo for some of the functions you mentioned. I prefer Diigo over Delicious because you can highlight important text and make annotations on sticky notes. You can import your Delicious bookmarks over into Diigo also. The other thing is you can save a cached version of a webpage that way if it ever changes you still have the version that you bookmarked.
    Have you ever used Diigo?

  • bellevuedentist

    Very excellent article on Delicious. I have used it primarily as a social site to submit articles and events that I really like or have enjoyed, as well as a way to post my blog articles to be available in a wider arena. I think that Delicious is a very cool site that is extremely easy to use, which is not the case with all social marking sites. I do frequent checks for back links to my website ( and its associated blog of which I have a large number back links. However, I have never seen a back link from Delicious. Do have any knowledge as to why some social sites have links through “Do Follow” and other are “No Follow” such as Delicious? It seems to me that links from the various social sites are valuable in giving credibility to your websites! Because of this dichotomy regarding links, I tend to make sure I spend more time with the sites that are “Do Follow”. Also, I might add that I have never even seen my Delicious URL ( appear anywhere as a link. Do you have any thoughts as to why this type of URL would not appear as a back link anywhere??

  • re backing up: I use feedburner to send an email to my email account with new sites I bookmark on delicious. hey presto automatic backup. (I filter the email so it doesn’t clog up my unread items).

  • bellevue dentist – delicious is no follow, otherwise it would quickly become a spam link farm, which is not their aim.

  • KarenSwim

    Kristi, I use Delicious but not at all in these creative ways. Your ideas are genius! I never would have thought of these without this post and to think I was simply bookmarking. This is a much more in depth and strategic use of a tool that I already love. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • For anyone using delicious the Firefox Add-on is a must!

    It is also possible to send delicious bookmarks to friendfeed, and then from ff to twitter, for those who are looking to lifestream their bookmarks as tweets.

    Great post Kristi!

  • Elusiverick

    Absolutely LOVE it, thanks !

  • awesome low down on How to Use Delicious…I needed this. Thnx kikolani 🙂

  • Nice post, Kristi, thanks. I like Delicious and have used it for a few years; lately, I have been allocating a specific tag to some online destinations I find, and then pulling in (the most recent 4 links) that particular RSS feed into a WordPress site of ours. *Although*, for some reason there’s always been a time delay (about 12 hours or so) of the links showing up on the WP site… but other than that, I really like Delicious, and you’ve definitely given me some additional ideas on how to work with it — tx

  • It has really nice affect on back link generation and updation, I have very excited to get some new and new tips and benefits of delicious social bookmarking.

  • trufflemedia

    Thanks for post. I enjoyed the reminder that Delicious’ super-power is in the RSS feeds. They can be created from multiple tags and piped to other things. We use Delicious to organize stories and then Drupal (our preferred CMS) picks up the Delicious feeds into story blocks or reference / supporting link blocks. Thanks again.

    John Blue
    Truffle Media Networks
    Ag Media You Can Use

  • When I was making the plugin I also came across this:

    Might be more what you are looking for and the developer made a much prettier button than the one I came up with,

  • Ed Winders

    Great information. I have not used Delicious but will have to give it a look now.

  • @kristihines I appreciate this post. I have used delicious over a year or so and find it to be useful. It has saved me when hunting info for post sources and also helped me recall my social profiles. The brilliant idea is your use of the feed on your personal site showing guest posts and articles. I’ll have to look into implementing something similar.

    Thanks for sharing the ideas and examples! Great post Kristin

  • really awsome post..i never known the value of this before 🙂 thanks a lot…

  • Ilana Bercovitz

    This information was incredibly useful. I had previously, and naively, only considered Delicious as more of a personal tool; however, many of your suggestions can most definitely be applied at my work, as well. The action tags will be particularly helpful. While I’m not sure my company is quite ready for a company-wide account, it is something to consider for the future. With all of the information sharing available to us these days, it’s amazing we lived without a tool like Delicious for so long! I love the capacity for collective intelligence that social bookmarking can provide us. Thank you for this.

  • Wendy Snyder Soucie

    I have used Delicious alot for research and saving paper. I thought the use for action and linking considerations especially creative. I try and bookmark casestudies since you always need examples and its always too late to find them when you need them.

    social links at :

  • Thank you so much for writing this post! Until I read it I had no clue what social bookmarking was or how to use it and you did a really great job of breaking it down. This was very helpful and I will asbolutely sign up for an account.

  • That’s a good idea… have been trusting BackType (which tracks by the URL you leave in the comment) and Disqus to track my comments, but at least if you use Delicious, you’ll have them in one place and tagged by topic as opposed to just having to go through lots of pages of history.

  • I hope you like it!

  • On the bright side, Delicious isn’t much of a social network. It has a small social feature with the ability to join someone else’s network and share bookmarks, but most of the functionality is based just on you bookmarking items. So there aren’t any real social commitments with this one!

  • Hopefully you’ll be able to backup your Xmarks!

  • Exactly! My company has a shared Delicious, and it’s home to a lot of infographics right now since that’s the hot thing!

  • A lot of people think of social bookmarking as a way to boost the popularity of their own websites. Delicious is more about organizing your personal content.

    The main reason social bookmarking is beneficial is that, unlike the bookmarks you save on your browser, these will be available to you anywhere you go. I am on about 3 different computers a day between home and work, and Delicious allow me to bookmark and access bookmarks all to the same place no matter where I am. 🙂

  • Hmm, I like the idea of having a cached version of a page when you bookmarked it. I have an account there, but haven’t used it that religiously. I might have to check that out. Thanks!

  • Delicious isn’t really meant to be a SEO friendly backlink, more of a site to organize your personal link collection. If you want to see when people bookmark your site on Delicious, they have a bookmarklet that shows bookmark history of a URL. Yours can be seen at

  • Not a bad idea! Thanks for sharing.

  • You’re welcome. I guess I’ve been using it so long that I just find more creative ways to use it, as organization is a key productivity tool for me!

  • Thanks, and you’re right. In Firefox, it makes a world of difference having the add-on. I’m just happy they have the bookmarklets for other browsers too!

  • I’ve noticed that delay on my sites that are pulling off of the Delicious feed as well. If I pull up the feed alone, it seems to be there, so there is some communication issue between the two. But it does show up eventually, and my sites aren’t too time sensitive, so I don’t worry about it. It might be something that can be taken up with WordPress support though.

  • That’s the great part about the feeds – you can get them for specific tags and then share them almost anywhere!

  • If you don’t have a theme that supports it, there is a WordPress plugin ( that makes it work as well.

  • Sometimes, when it comes to company usage, you just have to start one and then get people on board. I did that by creating the account and then bookmarking useful items. When people asked “do you have a link to __” I would send them the link to the Delicious account and relevant tag. That led people to getting excited about it.

  • Exactly. It never hurts to save something you feel is valuable, just in case you might need to reference it later!

  • thanks Kristi … realized today delay issue may not be WP plug-in related… we opened the specific RSS feed of the particular tagged links, in browser, where it listed the links I bookmarked, no prob. But when we kept refreshing the page, the order (and links that were displayed), changed! Very weird. Refreshed again, and the list of bookmarked links ‘went back’ to what they should have been. We figure that perhaps one of delicious’ servers is perhaps on a delay? Can only assume their service uses a high number of diff servers …very strange

  • I dont think point #2 about ‘Action plans’ makes complete sense as to why you would want to save a bookmark on Delicious as opposed to saving it locally (unless you want others to take the ‘action’). If all you want is to be reminded of some action plans you are better off using a todo or task list, which is not within the scope of Delicious. That said, I have never installed Delicious firefox plugin even though I use both delicious and firefox daily – this is because of the design of the plugin – every time you save a bookmark, it takes noticeable time to send it to delicious in the background. The solution is to allow user to add as many bookmarks locally as he wants before clicking on a Sync button and then it sends all the new bookmarks to Delicious. Also a bookmarks collection can grow rapidly and it is not good idea to have all bookmarks stored locally and synced periodically with online Delicious. What I want is that the bookmarks should be moved to delicious from my local browser, not copied or synced. And this move should happen in user-initiated batches. Until they make these two changes, I am not using Delicious firefox client.

  • Great write up. I almost gave up on delicious a while ago. They were really getting stale and didn’t do nothing new.

  • easy way to save delicious bookmarks from browsers like mozilla

  • Thanks for your advice and tips. Even I am also using Delicious to bookmark my sites. Delicious is such a wonderful site for storing my data or my favorite sites.

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  • ServiceApartmentSouthDelhi

    I love delicious tool. It’s cool. Thanks for sharing the wonderful information about delicous.

  • I am *so* glad AVOS purchased Delicious.

    As a result, Kristi, I’m back here to execute on some of these tips, and I’m firing up my Delicious account again.

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  • Web Hosting India

    Nice Post kristi, 
    I am regular reader of your Blog Kikolani, Today I find you this blog and very glad after reading few post i really get very nice and knowledgeable experience after reading your all blogs, please keep continue in future with such a nice posts..

  • scott

    Hi Kristi –
    Can you please inform me on how you created a company-wide delicious account?
    I am presuming that the bookmarks that you have saved within this account are private for the company members only – is this true?
    Are you also able to define groups within the company account and restrict bookmark to those groups?

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  • I searched online and found this posts, I have couple websites but never used bookmarking.
    Now I realize I can do much more with bookmarking website.

  • really good info

  • Nnwmarketing

    please tell me how can i get a url of a link from my delicious account? please if any one know send it on

  • Guest

    how to do you search for a specific “user”  of “” ??  how do you add them to your group or whatever??  I need EXACT instructions, there is NO way I can find to search or add a known username

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  • candace

    I liked your explanations. Any chance you know how to export a list from Delicious to Refworks in order to create a bibliography?

  • Errol

    Thanks for the post Kristi

  • I just started to look into using for book marking. This article is a good article. It outlines how to use it very nicely. Thanks

  • Patricia Brenes

    Do you know what is going on with Delicious lately. I have been getting an error message every time I add a link. I have long list of links to add and it’s taking forever. Every time I add a link it gets stuck and I have to refresh the page sometimes several times to get it to work. It’s driving me nuts! Thanks!

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  • edrsvc

    I dint think any person here has thousand of links to remember! I Am developer an i don’t think Delicious has any useful part. Tags? Omg, really, get a brain and remember your site. Or use google… pf, worse post.

  • nice article