social media how toAre your employees on LinkedIn?

Do they share your company’s content with their networks?

Asking your employees to promote your company content on LinkedIn is a great way to reach more prospects and increase visibility.

In this article I’ll explain how to help your employees share your content on LinkedIn.

#1: Promote the Program

The first step to starting a LinkedIn employee engagement program is to find and appoint a leader. Look for someone from marketing who’s enthusiastic about LinkedIn and excited about this program. You’ll want to choose a passionate leader who can motivate your employees and get them excited to participate.

encourage employees to share company content on linkedin

Discover how to encourage your employees to share your content on LinkedIn.

Listen to this article:

Once you’ve established a leader, get a couple of employees on board before rolling out the program to the rest of your staff. Later on, after you work out the bugs and streamline the processes, these employees can promote the program and encourage others to participate.

Now you’re ready to launch the program to everyone.

#2: Communicate the Goal

First, explain and outline your company’s current digital marketing efforts and what it takes to get followers for your social media channels.

Then, make it clear that the program’s overarching goal is for all employees to attract new followers and customers by representing the company as a cohesive team.

Finally, create a short but powerful mission statement that will engage employees in helping you to achieve the goal of your LinkedIn Employee Engagement Program.

#3: Highlight Participant Benefits

To get your employees’ buy-in, share why their participation can benefit them personally and professionally. For example, the program can increase exposure to potential customers, drive more leads and increase sales, possibly resulting in higher bonuses or profit-sharing.

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The benefits of participating in your employee engagement program will. Image: Shutterstock.

Additionally, participating in the program can enhance your employees’ personal profiles, activities and visibility on LinkedIn, and they’ll be seen as industry professionals. And it may even improve their reputation within the industry your company serves.

#4: Outline Profile and Engagement Expectations

Spend some time going over what you expect from employees who take part in the program. Keep in mind that you don’t want to overload them with too much extra work.

Here are some tasks you might want to ask them to do:

Optimize Personal Profiles

It’s important that employees have a complete and professional-looking LinkedIn profile. Ask them to update their profile with a company and job description (which may come from marketing).

You’ll probably need to walk employees through how to optimize their LinkedIn profiles. Show them how to:

  • Claim a vanity URL.
benefits image shutter stock 252809272

Edit your public profile to set a custom Linkedin URL.

  • Add or change their profile picture. A professional-looking profile image goes a long way toward making the right first impression on LinkedIn.
  • Set the correct industry description.
  • Update the Summary section and add rich media (especially if your company produces high-quality videos and other rich media).
  • Update the Experience section.
  • Link their current position to the LinkedIn company page (thus increasing your company’s LinkedIn page rank in organic searches on Google).
  • Update and optimize their contact information.

Expand Personal Networks

Share how together as a team you’ll be able to reach hundreds or thousands of people who may be interested in reading and engaging with the company’s content. The larger their personal networks, the better.

Provide instructions on how and why your staff should connect with fellow employees, customers, partners, prospects and so on. Explain how this will help expand the reach of your company’s content on LinkedIn.

You might share an example like the following:

“Say that 20 employees in the program have 200 connections. This means that potentially 4,000 people could see and engage with our content if we shared and promoted it. Even if only a small percentage of these 4,000 people share, like or comment on our content, the content is still dramatically extending beyond its original posting.”

Endorse Co-workers

Ask employees to endorse and recommend their fellow colleagues for skills applicable to your industry.

endorsement for skills on linkedin

Ask your employees to endorse their co-workers’ skills on LinkedIn.

Connect With Company Pages and Groups

A lot of the content that you want employees to like, share and comment on will be posted to your LinkedIn company page, showcase pages and groups.

To make it easy for employees to follow your LinkedIn entities, provide a list of links for them to use. Ask them to click the Follow button on company and showcase pages, or the Join Group button on any groups your company manages to get notified when new content has been posted.

Ask employees to follow your LinkedIn company page and showcase pages.

Publish Company Content

The most challenging and important part of the program can be keeping it going. This is where most LinkedIn employee engagement programs fail. You don’t want to have engaged employees and no content to share. Make sure you have a funnel of content to keep the program growing.

Finally, it’s important you ask employees to share the company’s capabilities and content (articles, videos, press releases and so on) with their LinkedIn networks.

company content share linkedin

Ask your employees to share your company’s content.

Some of your employees may be highly engaged sharers in the beginning but then start to taper off. You’ll need to actively monitor, drive and manage the program.

If you ask program participants to put one or two share reminders each week on their calendar, that actually works sometimes. Or better yet, put reminders on their calendars for them.


With a LinkedIn employee engagement program, you can tap into your colleagues’ networks to increase brand visibility, ramp up lead generation efforts, improve your SEO and publish content on LinkedIn that reaches more of your target audience.

What do you think? Have you started your own LinkedIn employee engagement program? What types of challenges have you faced getting it off the ground? What kinds of successes have you enjoyed? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

Benefits photo from Shutterstock.
how to encourage employees to share your content on linkedin

Tips for encouraging your employees to share your content on LinkedIn.

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  • Dams Cqt

    Great Post Chris !

  • Thanks! I appreciate the feedback.

  • Anna Franklin

    Great post. I’ve been working on this for about a year now and there are certainly staff who ‘get it’ which is great. It’s a constant process but I message people on LinkedIn to share content relevant to to then, emphasising this helps us get leads. We have a photographer take pics for profiles. However shares got a big boost when I started giving away a bottle of wine for best sharer of the month!
    I’ve got some more tips from this post to implement. Thanks!

  • Hi Anna, ha… I love the idea of motivating people with a bottle of wine 😉 I totally agree, the more hands-on you are and the easier you can make it for your staff to be involved in a LinkedIn Employee Engagement program, the more successful you’ll be. I’ve been implementing these programs for quite a few clients now and I frequently have to remind them that someone at the company still needs to be the driving force behind this effort. Sounds like you’re doing a great job at it!

  • Kevin Carrillo

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  • Thanks for sharing this nice article Chris….Loved reading it!…Among all the important points what you said about to keep the engagements going is indeed very important. Posting regular content is an important point to keep the engagement program going without any interruption. These points will surely help to increase visibility of our company profile.

  • Glad to hear you liked this article! These programs will only succeed if a company is able to produce high-quality content on a regular basis and if they can keep their employees motivated to participate. It really isn’t that hard but unfortunately many companies fail because they start losing momentum after the initial excitement. Good luck!

  • Nice article Chris! I agree that LinkedIn must not be used just for job-hunting or building contacts. In reality, if you share your company content in mainstream social media sites, it’ll just be ignored. I also like the idea of endorsing your co-workers. I think it greatly adds to the interpersonal relationship among the team. I’ll surely cascade these tips to my team. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  • Right on; thanks much for the feedback! Another benefit of publishing content to LinkedIn’s Long-form publishing platform is that it may get featured in a Pulse stream. Which is an amazing way to get even more attention 🙂

  • Another superb advice! Thanks Chris! 🙂

  • You’re welcome! Always happy to share useful information 🙂

  • Cathrine Friberg

    Thanks for a great post. I think it is so much to learn about socialmedia and LinkedIn and feel I am one step closer…..

  • So glad to hear that you like this post, Cathrine. LinkedIn, and social media in general, are constantly changing and evolving and I love researching and writing about this stuff 🙂

  • Adealingz Akhter

    best sharer is the crux of your post @annafranklin:disqus . I really liked the idea.

  • How can this be measured?

  • Ashley

    We post 1-2 times per week – how do you notify employees when you post something on the company page? I don’t want to email them for every post but can’t rely on them going to our company page too frequently. Is there a better way to notify so they can share?

  • Nibha Chaudhuri

    Hey Chris! Great article! What difference would you see in encouraging your employees to manually share content versus using an employee advocacy tool like DrumUp? Wouldn’t using a tool be more efficient?