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Are you leveraging your LinkedIn Company Page as best you can?

In a recent LinkedIn study, 50% of current company followers stated they are more likely to purchase products and services from a business they engage with on LinkedIn.

This means that an active LinkedIn presence could help your business. And you’ll likely want to improve engagement on LinkedIn.

Here are five simple ways to boost engagement with your LinkedIn followers.

#1: Leverage LinkedIn Groups to Find Engaging Content for Company Followers

Aside from studying what your competitors are doing on LinkedIn, you should spend time in the groups where your target market is engaging. You’ll want to find out what interests them there.

Which “manager’s choice” article is getting the most attention this week? What discussions are getting the most likes and comments? Take time to analyze and read what’s engaging your target market. All of these discussions will help you discover topics and ideas to post in your company stream.

Furthermore, you can search for specific topics in groups to quickly see what type of questions and issues are drawing the most engagement. Simply go into a group where your target market is active and click on the Search tab. You’ll then see the box on the left-hand side where you can search for posts by topic.

group search

Use the Group Search feature to find the most engaging content on a given topic.


Create a log of what types of topics, questions and challenges are being discussed by your target market.

You can also dig deeper to find the most engaging discussions month-over-month by analyzing the group’s activity data. Simply click on the More tab in a group you’re part of and select Group Statistics in the drop-down menu.

group stats

The Group Statistics link will provide you insights into demographics, group growth rate and activity by month.

Next, click on the Activity link in the chart navigation to see trends in engagement, as well as what months received the most comments. This insightful look can help you figure out trends and what topics might be more interesting at certain times of the year.


add caption...

Once you know the periods with high engagement, go “back in time” by scrolling to the bottom of the group discussion stream and click on the Go to Archive link. This can help you find older posts with high engagement.

go to archive link

If you scroll to the bottom of group discussions, you’ll find a Go to Archive link that will help you see older discussions faster.

Tip: Groups are also a great place to “test” status updates to see what type of engagement they receive before adding to your company stream. Not sure whether a certain post would be valuable to your followers? Add the update into a group first to see what type of interaction you receive.

#2: Post Status Updates Often (Especially Every Morning)

Recent data from LinkedIn reveals that posting status updates in the morning is the best time for businesses to engage followers. That said, it’s also important to schedule posts throughout the day to increase post visibility and engagement with those logging in later in the day.

This is why you should use a tool like HootSuite to automate LinkedIn posts when you’re not able to manually update. Automating your status updates in LinkedIn allows you to schedule posts on weekends or late at night when you’re not working on your LinkedIn company account.


HootSuite is a free tool that allows you to schedule posts for your social media channels.

Using HootSuite to schedule posts doesn’t mean you should schedule a bunch of posts and never log in to check metrics. You should still check your engagement metrics for each post to see what content is resonating with your followers and dig into your Page and follower insights to see what’s working and what’s not.

Tip: Create a spreadsheet to log days, times, post impression count and engagement stats. This will help you figure out what days/times are giving you the most reach. This will also help you figure out what topics are getting more or less engagement.

#3: Add Pictures, Files, Questions, Links and Contests in Status Updates

Now that you can add images and files to your LinkedIn company status updates, there is no excuse not to test out pictures and files along with your text updates. As you know, images make your status updates “pop out” in the stream, and this can help you get more eyeballs and engagement on your status updates.


Add images to your posts help you get more attention and more engagement with your posts.

Interesting links with status updates can help you pull in hundreds (if not thousands) of clicks to a URL you are promoting. So take advantage of driving relevant traffic to a blog post you’ve written for your target market.


Number of likes and comments can signal high engagement, but the click-through data can provide even more insight into what’s engaging your audience. (Note: Engagement stats listed in example above are not real data.)

Aside from testing images, files and links to interesting articles, you should also explore using contests to gain more followers (and potential clients).

London-based Reconverse started up a LinkedIn page to reach out to the human resources community. Even though they had less than 200 followers, their first status update below helped them gain 1,431 likes, 124 comments and 87 followers because of the shares and virality of the post.


Test out a fun contest to see how many likes, comments and shares you could receive even if you don’t have many followers.

This simple status update also helped them attract 15 delegates and 4 new supplier clients for their events. And their second “contest” status update (offering an iTunes gift card) received 318 likes, 11 comments and 12 requests for more information about Reconverse events. Check out the full Reconverse case study to learn more.

Tip: Use LinkedIn’s Targeting feature to craft specific status updates for select audiences that are following you. For example, use a targeted update to reach out to non-employees only with offers and contests.

#4: Promote Your LinkedIn Company Page Badge and Product Recommendations on Your Website

One simple way to increase engagement on your LinkedIn company profile (and attract new followers) is simply by promoting a link to your LinkedIn Company Page on your website and email signature line. This will inform fans and potential clients about your LinkedIn profile, which can help you establish credibility and more followers.

In fact, Wild Apricot added their LinkedIn product reviews on their homepage, which increased conversion rates by 15%. You see, adding product reviews from real customers (via LinkedIn) adds more credibility for products. This helped them increase leads—not to mention new followers for their Page.

wild apricot

Wild Apricot displays reviews of their products on their homepage, which boosts conversion rates on their site and increases LinkedIn followers.

By promoting LinkedIn recommendations on your website, you’ll gain more followers and engagement on your LinkedIn Company Page. If you’re going to do this, make sure to get approval from the person who will be featured on your home page.

Tip: Test long vs. short product recommendations on landing pages (or pages that you want to boost conversion rates on). You may also want to test type of recommendation based on the visitor coming to your page (e.g., first-time visitor vs. frequent visitor).

#5: Use LinkedIn Recommendation Ads

LinkedIn Recommendation Ads allow you to promote your products and services to your target market. These ad campaigns can help you increase engagement with your Company Page by bringing in more traffic and product recommendations. And each time someone recommends your product, it is automatically shared with that person’s followers (which can bring you even more traffic and recommendations).

at&t recomendation ads

Recommendation Ads allow you to showcase a product or service with a specific target market. AT&T now has 104 people recommending their AT&T Networking Exchange product.

Hewlett-Packard used Recommendation Ads to gain 20,000 new followers, 2,000 product recommendations and 500,000 viral updates in just a few weeks.

Increase Your Company’s Engagement on LinkedIn

If you follow these steps consistently over time, you’re sure to increase engagement with your audience on LinkedIn. And they will be more likely to purchase products and services from your company.

So how are you engaging followers on LinkedIn? Do you find these tips useful? Please share your questions and comments below.

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  • Guest

    Let me know what tips you have for managing LinkedIn company pages.

  • Let me know how you’re managing your LinkedIn page. What works for you?

  • Great post Mike. I’m using Hootsuite to schedule the posting of my podcast updates, as well as Youtube videos on my LinkedIn company page. Thanks for sharing those awesome tips!

    Let’s rock and roll SME peeps! Have a burnin Thursday everyone!

    ~John Lee Dumas

  • Jeff Skal

    We’re excited about the new feature allowing you to add files to your status updates. It’s a great way to get your newest reports out to interested parties.

  • Dara Khajavi

    Great post! I will definitely begin boosting the engagement on my LinkedIn page. I would also like your input on managing LinkedIn company pages.

  • EFR

    Excellent post and very helpful.

    Just wondering, are LinkedIn Product testimonials readily embeddable on websites? Or did Wild Apricot simply create their own display and link it to their product on LinkedIn?

    Thanks for the post 😀

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  • Terry McCusker

    Thanks for this info…extremely insightful

  • Really good article. I recommend getting into groups that you serve. Seems logical but many people don’t do it. For example, if you are into SEO you may be in all sorts of SEO groups. But this is not the place you’re likely to get customers. Instead, go into groups you can serve. Then offer advice and help. If you provide a lot of value and are strategic about it without over aggressively marketing you can do well there.

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  • This was good reading and good to know but I don’t manage the company LinkedIn page. I manage my own personal company LinkedIn page and don’t have a website to post to. I have earned customers by participating in groups others have started. Any advice for me?

  • David Gilbert

    Great post! Thanks for sharing

  • James Thompson

    Great post! Useful info about the groups you join vs. groups you serve.
    When updating a company status, is it best to use the same status on your personal LinkedIn page to reach more people/targets?

  • Mike!! What a wonderful coincidence. It just so happens that I’m pitching a “LinkedIn Playbook” to a B2B client of mine this evening, and that I will be sharing many of these ideas in the playbook. We’ll let ya know how it goes! -RG

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  • Susan Tatum

    Hi Mike. Very good info about engaging in groups, but I question the value of company pages. In our work with IT and software companies we use LinkedIn extensively to develop relationships and to drive traffic to our clients’ websites and landing pages. We’re finding currently that company pages do little or nothing to enhance that. Time and resources are better spent engaging buyers from an individual – rather than company – basis. I’d be interested in hearing from business tech marketers who’ve had a different experience. – Susan

  • I’m wondering this same thing. I haven’t seen any way to generate a “recommendation badge.”

  • namitapatel

    I, too, am finding that being a manager of 3 LinkedIn groups is a good awareness generating tool, but I honestly cannot attribute any revenue derived from this channel. My clients also have company pages but they do little to drive traffic to their sites. I just had a conversation about this with a fellow marketer who agrees that beyond branding and awareness, it is very difficult to achieve ROI in most verticals.

  • This is very useful. Our company’s profile is still relatively new and it’s taking a hard time to reach many followers.

  • Hi Mike.

    Enjoyed your tips here. Working on shifting some of my focus from my profile to my LinkedIn Company Page. I have experience good actions towards my profile, but my Company Page has gotten a bit stale and lagging behind.

    So was some cool tips you with here where I shift some of groups focus over to my Company Page. And work on some more strategic Company articles.

    Thanks for sharing.


    Are Morch
    Hotel Blogger

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  • Teresa Verret

    This article is very timely for me. I very recently was charged with maintaining my company’s LinkedIn page and I will definitely incorporate these ideas into our strategy. Thank you!

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  • Thanks for this great tutorial on LinkedIn company pages. I have almost no followers but I believe it’s because I’m better known by given name than my company name, as I am a solo entrepreneur. However, I have filled out my company profile and finally uploaded my masthead. I believe that more people will continue to connect with me on my personal account, but, who knows, that could change as company pages become more popular. I was a little surprised you didn’t mention Buffer as another way to schedule updates throughout the day.

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  • Great stuff Mike, very informative and useful – you should write a book !
    (and we can publish it digitally for you) 😉

    Many thanks for sharing.

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  • vivalapa

    I cannot find out the answer to this question anywhere – in fact I can find very few guides to managing a company page as an administrator for a company, rather than from a personal profile.

    I have just been made an administrator on a Company page. I can post updates but I would also need to see the profile of followers/commentators on posts and follow their company pages so I can engage.

    If I do this – will the person whose profile I am viewing see me as my LinkedIn profile or the company I am administrating? Obviously it is the Company I am promoting, not myself.

  • Madelyne Oliver

    Great post, very helpful!

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  • Clare Hoang

    Mike, thanks for such an excellent post.However, I could’t find the link to ” Go to Archive” as you mentioned in point #1. I am viewing the activity log in a group that I am a member only. Do you have any idea why? Thanks very much. This is what I see from my end btw


  • David Coyne

    Thanks for these tips. I was interested in reading the stat: “50% of current company followers stated they are more likely to purchase products and services from a business they engage with on LinkedIn.” Of course, what people say they’ll do and what they actually do can often be different. But these ideas are definitely worth testing.

  • Vaishakh Nair

    Great Post !! I recently followed these steps for my company group and there was a manifold increase in customer engagement . It would be great if you can share something similar for Company Showcase pages which is the new addition by LinkedIn.

  • Sergio Arboledas

    now linkedIn groups suck! you can´t barely follow these great steps of the article