social media how toAre you looking for better engagement on Google+?

Google+ has a unique culture and set of capabilities that set it apart from other social networks.

Here are four tips that have helped me build engagement and expand business networking.

#1: Follow Active People Relevant to Your Business

Wherever you invest time online, have a target audience or connection with people who could be interested in your product or service, which will eventually lead to sales.

Now, finding these people can be a bit of a challenge, but search makes your job a lot easier.

google plus search 1

The search on Google+ has multiple options to choose from.

When you type a keyword in the search box at the top of the site, you’re first presented with a real-time updating stream. Looking right below the search box, you’ll see your keyword with a dropdown box next to it.

To find people based around that topic, simply select “People or Pages,” and the results will be all people or pages that have the keyword in their profile.

google plus search 2

Finding relevant people is just a few clicks away.

Alternatively, if you want to see posts based around that keyword, select “Google+ posts.” And if the stream moves too fast, you can always press the Pause button right above the very top post. is one business that is applying this first principle. They make sure to connect with other realtors and real estate offices.

real estate google plus is following people relevant to their business.

Tip: Spend the time to find the right people with whom to build a social network on Google+. These people should be active on Google+ and should potentially be interested in what you have to share there.

#2: Take Time to Comment

To build an active and engaged audience, it takes more than just following the right people. You also have to get into the trenches and interact with those people.

Once you’ve found relevant and active people to add to your circles, participate in conversations with them for a few minutes here and there.

dogfish head brewery google plus

Dogfish Head Brewery does a good job of jumping into the comments and interacting with fans.

Tip: Commenting and building an active social network is a great strategy, considering the added search and SEO benefits. With the introduction of Search Plus Your World, Google+ results are integrated into search. People who are connected with you can potentially see your content on Google, depending on what they’re looking for.

#3: Participate in Hangouts

Hangouts are a great way to meet new and exciting people. Video is the next closest thing to meeting a person in real life and allows you to better connect with someone.

Dell is fairly active with Hangouts and does a Hangout On Air (a live-streaming Hangout) about twice a month or so.

dell hangout on air

Dell preparing for an upcoming Hangout On Air and giving users the chance to win a new laptop.

Instead of just sending out a text update or sharing press releases about a new product, Dell engages with their audience through video.

Tip: This fosters relationships because now their business has a face and builds a more visual experience, something that people will remember better.

Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, give Hangouts a chance. If you don’t want to start your own in the beginning, simply keep an eye out for when someone you follow starts one and join in. This will give you a good feeling for how everything works, being able to experience it firsthand.

#4: Publish High-Quality Content

Take the time not only to create but also share great quality content. As Scott Stratten says, “People share awesome.” The same goes for interacting with that content as well, whether it’s +1s, comments or reshares.

In order to get value, whether it’s +1s, comments, shares and beyond, you must first give out value. What’s great about Google+ is that you can write far more than 140 characters and use bold or italic text, which helps bring attention to your content.

ford google plus

Ford getting creative with their content.

Going back to following active and engaging people, you should find plenty of great content to share from other people. Sharing other people’s content shows that you appreciate it.

Also, adding your own comments as you share their content gives those who follow you the opportunity to engage with you and take the conversation further.

jamie furlong google plus

Jamie Furlong sharing practical how-to information and including images.

Tip: Notice the topics and types of content your audience likes to interact with. Figure out what they value most and continue with the same high-quality content.

In a way, Google+ isn’t much different from other social networks when it comes to building engagement. Hopefully you can take these tips, apply them and start experiencing how great the platform can be.

What do you think? What’s your experience with engagement on the social network? Please share in the comments box below.

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  • Thank you for this article, I love google + but keep shying away from not using it to its full potential, this really does give me some great tools to find whom I want to engage with, and really stacks up against the horror that is Facebook, #1 with the search options blew me away with its simplicity. really great work

  • David_Sneen

    Time for confession!  I have known that I need to go visit the hangouts.  You are giving me the push I need to get going. 

    I have not used the Google search engines as much as I should.  Actively locating a relevant person sounds  whole lot more efficient than trolling through my time line.

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  • gwdlv

    Now that Google is placing more weight on socially shared content, I’ve been looking further into G+. This is a very informative post.

  • Hangouts can sound very daunting at first, but the more you use them, the more relaxed and comfortable you get. I’ve met a ton of great people, quite a few who have become good friends.

  • The search still needs work, but being Google, it’s sure to get better over time. Glad you enjoyed the post, Paul!

  • Michael Stenger

    Thank you, Mike…I am trying to get used to all of this social media…and I need to learn it.   🙂
    Michael Stenger (hmmm…the same name?)

  • I knew my evil cloned twin was out there somewhere…

  • Angela

    Mike, I often find links on Twitter that I’d like to share on Google+ (copy and paste).  I am often managing this on my iPhone at the time and seems like the links do not translate on Google+.  Sometimes, only the link will show and other times, the link will not work at all.  Any tips on how to get around this?

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  • Alexmirandasilva

    Wow it’s so difficult to get new people for a page on Google Plus, we can not add people on circles just pages… i will try this tips now! =) later i bring news!

  • Thanks for this great article! Only problem is that Google+ pages can’t add individuals to their circles. Any suggestions?

  • Ideally, you’ll want to publish really great content that people will want to interact with and share, as well as interact with people on their posts (not spam) that are in relation to caregiving or various offshoots of that. Search is the best place to spend your time. Get together several keywords and go from there.

  • Would you say that Google represents a different kind of audience from other networks? Is there anything about that difference that’s worth considering? To me, it seems much more of a place for ‘techies’ right now. 

  • Could be different on the iPhone, but I just tried sharing a tweet URL with the Google+ app on Android and it looks okay. Maybe you could quote the tweet and then link to it in the text?

  • Google+ is definitely more of a tech savvy crowd whereas Facebook and Twitter is far more diverse. Have come across quite a few people who weren’t tech savvy or “techies” however.

  • Diane Bianchi

    These tips are great!  I’ve been on Google+ for a while and haven’t been able to increase my circles very well, but this article helps a lot.  Thanks!

  • Good article, Mike, thanks! Something we’ve found useful is getting involved with the themed days for photography, e.g. Cactus Thursday, Mexico Monday, Wildlife Wednesday. We’ve met people with similar interests to ours 🙂

  • Stacy Layman

    Great article, very concise. I’ve been on Google+ since the beginning, if one could easily add individuals or other pages to one’s “page”, that would be awesome. Google+ is definitely growing steadily I’ve noticed. Thinking I’ll take the time and explore Hangouts soon. Thanks Mike!

  • Hey Mike!

    Great post! Really enjoy the content you share on Google+ as well. Great tips from someone who really knows the ins and outs of G+. Will be sure to give this a share as well!

    Jason Miller – Marketo

  • Hey Jason,

    Nice to see you stop on by! Really appreciate your kind words. Hope you’ve been well!

  • Megan

    Great article with tons of tips! I learned a lot and I have a lot of things to get started on.

  • Thank you Mike for putting together some great advice to those trying to get a grip on google plus. It seems that the masses of regular folk are still not catching on to google plus. To me it feels like they are more like tech and web minded people who are most active. 

  • Hi Mike Stenger,
    Great tips you have mentioned about the gplus,the thing i like in this article you emphasized on google plus engagements I had never idea how to target this network.

    Thanks for share.

  • Thank you for bring out the great tips of google plus and the emphasis made on the google plus engagements was the thing that has attracted me in the article..

  • Genevievelolivier

    The problem with proactive following on google+ though is that i you’re a brand, you can only follow other pages, unlike Twitter. We use Google+ for the SEO benefits more than anythimg else, personally it does not quite meet the standars of Twitter or Facebook, it’s like an undecided hybrid.
    Hangouts are pretty cool though, I habe to say 😉

  • Mike, I still feel a steep hill in front of me when it comes to using Google+ . But after reading this post, I at least have some guidelines to start with. Maybe it will flatten out soon… 🙂

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  • Hi Mike, I love Google+, although admittedly I have yet to improve my content strategy for this network. I particularly like point two (2) in your post “Take the time to comment”… so true! The more you comment on Google+ the more people get to know you and reciprocate. I haven’t sat in a hangout as yet, but am working on that one. 🙂 Thanks for your post.

  • Hi Mike, I’m pretty new to Google+ but interaction and leaving comments is absolutely the way to go in building social medial communities.  Thanks for the “search” tip! That is very helpful in looking for the type of people I’d like to add to my circles. Great post!

  • Great post Mike, I now know of to use Google+ I’ll start to use it more often thanks.

  • mattmassaro

    I’ve been using Google+ a lot more and have been shifting my focus to Google Plus and Twitter. I really like the features. It can be pretty easy for people to adjust that don’t have a lot of computer skills and offers more of the complicated features and being able to dig into a little bit for us that enjoy and use those features. It’s a good time to start using it more. Thanks for the tips the search functionality is great! 
    G+ & 

  • Good article, Mike. I consider myself pretty tech savvy and am forcing myself to really give G+ a chance, but like many others, I’m trying to get comfy with its role in the grander social media scheme of things. One problem I’m seeing is that many of the people I’d follow on G+ in my niche (real estate) I’m already connected with on Facebook, so it seems largely redundant. I guess the way for G+ to then hold value for me (aside from Hangouts) is to connect with people with whom I’m not already connected with on FB.

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  • HI Mike,

    Excellent points and I like the idea of hang outs as its been a great feature added by google+ and I love using this and certainly interacting with the followers actively boosts your trust and builds a strong relationship with them. Thanks for sharing great tips. 🙂

  • Hey, good article! I just got into Google+ recently so I’ve slowly been building up my presence.  I really like the idea of the circles compared to the 1 group of friends.  I can’t wait to get the ball rolling

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  • mrtr

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  • I’ve been avoiding Google+ because of the “one more thing!?” complex – that, and the fact that none of my clients are interested –  but just last week we got up and running.  This post was a good kick in the butt to keep moving forward.  Thanks!

  • Guest


    I just got started with Google+, and was struggling with finding the right people to follow. I like the platform and am convinced that I can find customers and get more business. I want to have a plan to optimize what it can do for me. Thanks for the tips!

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  • Extremely helpful!   Thank you!!!!

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  • Felix Brown

    Thank you for an insightful presentation of G+’s capabilities. Many of
    us never knew about a few things which get us advantage in SEO & here I
    must say a great tip to go

  • Akash Agarwal

    Google+ is the top most social media site. I use it in social media field but can’t utilize properly. This is a great help to me. Thanks for sharing.

  • G+ is such an amazing place. Thanks guys for sharing this insight. A bit more exploring it can change our entire perspective of how it works.

    Spending just 15 minutes on G+ a day, learning more about communities, hashtags, mentions, engaging and so on is really an eye-opener.

    Google+ rocks.