social media how toHas your Facebook Page growth stalled?

Now is a good time to examine your Facebook activities, cutting out what isn’t working and expanding what works.

Here are ten tips to help grow your Facebook community.

#1: Connect With Other Page Managers

This is a powerful tactic to a make a live connection with other Page admins who have a similar demographic to yours and cross-promote each other.

So if you are an ice cream store with a Facebook Page, make a live connection with the pizza parlor in your neighborhood that draws the same clientele (you may already know the owner of the pizza parlor). Then talk to him or her about doing a little Facebook cross-promotion and share each others posts with your audiences every once in a while.

Joint ventures also help forge these meaningful connections. Host a webinar with another company that has a similar audience.  This can be a great way to become visible to their audience.

meaningful connection webtrends

When you make a meaningful connection, you can cross-promote to each others' audiences.

#2: Share Original Content

Content is still king and when people share your content, your Page name travels with it. Think of new ways you can add original photos as part of your content.

Maybe it’s a screenshot from a hot tip. Or maybe it’s a photo from something happening behind the scenes at your business that you ask people to caption. Or you can add an inspirational or thought-provoking quote to a photo.

Just make sure you are following photo copyright laws. Notice how this photo is also branded with the name of the blog.

original content

Your Facebook Page name and original comments will travel with shared photos.

#3: Tag Your Page From Your Personal Profile

Make sure it’s easy for your friends to like your Page. As we know, Pages are not being seen as much in the news feed, so what is a page owner to do?

I recommend you post about your business occasionally on your Personal Profile. If you tag your Business Page (type “@” and then start typing your Page name until you can select it from the drop-down menu that appears) rather than share the status, people who mouse over your Page name in your post can easily like the Page right from your update.

tagged status update

When you tag your Page, it's easier for people to like it without leaving the news feed.

#4: Link Your Profile to Your Page

This is a very simple thing to do, yet I see so many people skipping this step. If users are searching and finding your Personal Profile on Facebook, you want to make it as easy as possible for users to find your Business Page as well.

When people list where they work and it’s not properly linked to their Facebook Page, a strange “Community Page” is created with that same name and it has a suitcase icon. Then people start liking that Community Page rather than your real Facebook Page.

All you need to do is to delete the Community Page from your Work and Education section in your About area (click Edit in the About section), then add in the correct Facebook Page.

link your profile

Your profile should be linked to your Facebook Page.

link your profile edit

Click your About section on your Profile, then Edit in the Work and Education area.

link your profile page name

Start typing the name of your Facebook Page and select your Page from the drop-down menu.

#5: Add Facebook in Your Email Signature

How many emails do you send each day? Again, this is not rocket science—just consider this tip as your gentle reminder to add a link to your Page in your email signature. Many email programs such as Gmail make it easy to customize your email signature with clickable icons.

clickable icons

Get fancy in Gmail by adding clickable icons.

Or you can use WiseStamp to make your email signature stand out.

#6: Comment (Thoughtfully) on Other Pages as Your Page

This is a great way to get more exposure for your Business Page with a target audience. Participate on other Pages where your audience is already having conversations. Find complementary Facebook Pages and like them as your Page, then watch your Page home feed and comment on the posts.

Use Facebook as your business the same way you use it personally: by interacting and having conversations as your Page.

Remember to add to the conversation and authentically build relationships. That will lead to those meaningful connections I mentioned in point #1.

This activity takes time and you may find that you only have 10 minutes a week to do this. But it’s a good habit to get into to get more visibility for your Page.

comment on other pages

When you like other Pages as your Page, click Home to see your own Page's news feed and then make comments from time to time on those other Pages.

#7: Run a Contest

Running a contest can be a great way to get new likes on your Business Page. It does cost some money to run a contest, but hopefully you have a marketing budget for your business.

Many of the apps that are available for Facebook contests (and you MUST run a Facebook contest through an app) are not too expensive and are easy to set up yourself.

Running a contest is also a great way to promote your product or service in a fun way. Running a contest with a like-gate on your contest app also gives you the ability to make sure people like your Page before they enter. And it’s a great way to get folks on your email list to come over to your Page to like you and enter your contest. Who’s the winner here? It’s you.

vitamin burst contest

Promote your product and get new likes on Facebook.

#8: Add a QR Code to Your Business Card

How many business cards do you give out? Make it easy for the people you have connected with in person to connect with your Page. Creating a QR code is easy and free at sites like Kaywa and QRStuff.

Use the link for your Facebook Page and you have automatically created a QR code that you can add to the back of your business card.

#9: Advertise Your Page on Facebook

Today there are many options for advertising on Facebook. To get the best value for generating new likes for your Page, I would suggest you use a Sponsored Like Story. This will advertise your Page to friends of your current fans and give social proof in the ad by showcasing that the user’s friend likes your Page.

Sponsored Like Stories can be a bit cheaper to run, but you won’t have any ad copy to help convert people into fans. Hopefully seeing that their friend likes you is a sufficiently compelling reason.

Your Sponsored Like Story will be targeting the friends of your fans, but you can also use the regular Facebook targeting features to narrow the audience to your perfect demographic.

It’s easy to create your ad and limit your budget so you know how well it works before spending an arm and a leg.

sponsored stories

Use a Sponsored Like Story as an easy way to get new likes for your Page.

#10: Add a Like Box to Your Website

In the Business Pages I have seen, a Like Box is one of the largest sources of likes for the Page if the website gets good traffic. It’s very easy to add a Like Box—just go to the Facebook Developers site, add the URL of your Facebook Page, configure the settings for how you want your Like Box to appear and click Get Code.

You will now have a choice among HTML5, XFBML, iFrame or URL. For most WordPress sites, you can choose HTML5, XFBML or iFrame for your code. But your WordPress theme may affect your choice. In this case, the easiest thing to do is to paste the code into a text widget on your sidebar.

like box code

Use the Facebook Developer site to get your Like Box code.

Finally: Watch what is working.

Know where your likes are coming from and do more of that. Do some tracking by using link shorteners such as bitly to drive traffic to your Facebook Page and see how many clicks you get.

Dive into your Facebook Insights and click on the likes link to see your sources of likes. Many of these you can’t control, but at least you can be informed about your statistics and know what is currently working for you.

How about you? What are you finding to be a good way to get new likes for your page? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • excellent post as usual. Can you suggest how can one co-host some Facebook events with other page owners besides a webinar ? thanks

  • One more question here. I have advertised my page , getting many likes to ad. But very few actually click on the link [which is a fan gate] & ultimately very few actually subscribe to my list. So my question is why do people like an ad & not come to the page & any tactic to make them [white hat of course] to come to my page ?

  • Wonderful work Andrea! I think tip # 4 (linking profile with page) and # 6 (commenting as page) are what people need to follow most. Most people i come across with don’t follow num. 4 and thus they directly or indirectly replicate their official page on facebook which distributes their loyal and real fans across duplicate pages and keeps their original page away from the reach. Hope this tip will help people in many of these cases.

  • Thanks Andrea for those hot tips! I still have a lot of work to do to gain more followers, but with the help of SME, I can really say I’m getting better and better everyday! 

    SME rocks!

  • A very detailed article on how to increase traffic on facebook page was really great.. I loved it.. Thank you Andrea… It was much informative and helpful article 🙂

  •  Hey Andrea,Thanks for this great tips to help grow the facebook community.  Facebook is a great tool and is worth investing time on. I have not done much on my facebook fanpage and these tips are great and will have to focus on some of them.

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  • Eric

    Lots of good stuff, thank you!  A big thanks for item #4, that’s been bugging me for a while.  I deleted my 2 previous Community Pages from my work section but am unable to enter in my real page name…when I type in my page name the 2 old pages keep coming up and my real page is not even showing as an option.  I’ve tried re-liking my real page  and clearing likes & co-workers from the old pages. Cleared out lists for old pages. I tried changing old page names…  I suspect it may be a duplicate page issue so I submitted a request to FB.  IDK…any ideas?

  •  Thanks Soumitra.  You could also look at in-person networking events with other local people and use Facebook to help promote it.  When you do that, you will also be cross-promoting each other.  Or use the app on Facebook to host a chat on Facebook.  Or   Hope that gives you a good start!

  •  It may depend on how you are running the ad.  If you are running it as a Sponsored Story, they may be confused and just click like on the post.  I would run the ad as a link to your URL of your optin so they see the offer clearly.  Hope that helps!

  •  Thanks Moin – that is definitely something I see a lot too!  Then people are liking these empty pages and not realizing they aren’t connected to the real business page!  Thanks for your comment!

  •  Thanks so much John!

  •  Hmmm that’s interested Eric.  Sounds like you’ve tried all the right things (and all the things I would have suggested!)  Sometimes I’ve seen this be a matter of coming back on a different day and trying it again.  But it sounds like you may have been trying this for awhile.  When you type your Page name in the Facebook search field, does it come up? 

  • Nina Knox

    What is proper procedure for sending your facebook friends an invite or a link to your page?    I was told by someone that this was spamming?  Your thoughts?

  • For any or all of the above (and much, much more!) contact us anytime! 

  • Jenn

    Why can’t we share the awesome content from here to our pages?  It always goes to my profile – but I want my fans to see these articles…is there something I can do to make it go to my page and not my profile? 

  • Michaelle Dvornik

    These are some great tips, Andrea! I am commenting from my personal FB page, and realized I should have done it from my Speedscription page. Super ideas, thanks for sharing.

  • The easiest way to do this would be to simply copy the URL of this article and paste it in to your facebook post on your page. Then you could upload a custom image to go along with the URL for best results. Hopefully this helps! Most of the social plugins only work through profiles not pages.

  • Great article! #4: Link your profile to your page was particularly helpful for me. Thanks for the detailed instructions.

  • Awesome, Andrea!  Thank you so much for these easy, although previously mostly unknown tips and ideas!  I’ve already followed them all.

  • carlagolden

    I can LIKE this page and I can SEND this page, but how can I successfully SHARE this page on FB w/o just a URL appearing? I’d rather an image and article title. Thx!

  • Aimee West

    All good things to do. I have  found that using pictures give me so much more response than just posting information.  I have also come up with days where I will post about certain things, for example I use Monday as our “Michigan Monday” page where I talk about all the great local items we sell.

    Check out my work page at

  • Some really great ideas that I hadn’t thought of before, I am really interested in trying out Facebook Advertising as this is one area I have yet to explore.

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  • SolsonIII

    Cross Promotion is something that should be done more often. Instead of exchanging LIKEs or Follow me we should be cross promoting campaigns.

  • Hi Andrea. Thank you for your tips. S.M. is something I’ve started to put some focus on and your articles are extremely valuable. I’m guilty of #4, smacking myself for #5 and I’m intriqued by #8.

  • laurelsimon

    Andrea, I have seen some of these before, but I really appreciate you putting them in one place AND showing us screen shots of how to do it. It’s those little steps that make a huge difference to us. You’re the best!

  • Great and insightful. Thank you for sharing and reminding me to fine tune what I am doing with my fans and pages.

  • The way the Like button works on articles is it sends it to the Profile – unfortunately there is no good way to change that. But you can just cut and paste the URL into your Facebook Page update to share it.  Thanks for sharing!

  • I do like sharing your business page with people who you know would be interested – friends who are interested in your business.  I do think sending your business page to all your friends isn’t appropriate.  So if you can keep a list of your friends who are also people you connect with on a business level, that helps.  I have a separate friends list for people I meet at Networking events, or big conferences.  Then I know they are also probably interested in connecting with my page.

  •  Sometimes I find that I have to run a link through the Facebook debugger before it shows properly:  Then it will pull in the picture and the data.  Hope that helps!

  •  Glad to help! 

  •  I agree – I’ve met the best people through cross-promotion and I really think it helps both audiences when done right!

  •  Thanks Laurel!

  • Geneseespridco

    I would like to note you are using a picture of me to promote your own article, without notification or permission.

  • Heya Andrea! Lots of cool ideas and strategies, thanks for sharing. 

    Q: Expanding a little on this topic: What would you say are some of the “end goals” with getting more likes? I know eyeballs/traffic are important. I’m just trying to get a feel for when and how the likes will impact my bottom line (i.e. ‘money’).  Cheers! – J

  • Andrea, fantastic list of tips here. What makes it so great is the detail you added in. I agree with Moin about tip #6. It’s so important to comment on other Facebook pages, yet many page managers forget that companies can (and should) do this–and should do so naturally…thoughtfully, as you suggest.

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  • Thanks Andrea for writing such a good post full of brilliant insights and possible new ideas. Do you have any personal best out of the ten tips you mentioned (if there is any #1)? I like all of them, but I would like to know your opinion.

  • Life coach

    Great article Andrea.Lots of useful tips for someone who wants to promote his/her business page ethically.Thanks for sharing and i did make use of tip 4 to the maximum on my personal profile.

  • Life coach

    Great Article Andrea and Tip # 4 was the most useful & have done the necessary changes immediately.Thanks for sharing and it was a great insights especially for Facebook novice like me.

  • Thanks Andrea for writing such a beautiful article!

    Few points are new for me and yes I know that you mentioned very
    effective points in your post.

    I know cross promotion of facebook post on different
    facebook pages are very important or is one of the best way to increase number of likes as well as visitors.In other words it’s kind of Link Exchange which most of the Seo person are doing as in their regular Seo activities.

  • Thanks Andrea, I have linked the ad to the form itself. My offer is FREE training thru 10 emails, do you suggest me to offer a FREE ebook instead ?

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  • Marilynklemm

    Thank you for all the great information- several things I am
    going to implement right away! 
    Question:  I have a community fan
    page that I share area business postings- localdealsgreenvillemi , fan base is
    slowly growing and business that are active on FB  like the concept,  what strategies would work best to engage
    more businesses to use their FB page as a mean of advertising? 

  • I disagree that QR codes will do anything for you. Marketers seem to love them but I’ve never seen any one scan a QR code more than once. The novelty wears off quickly and they lose interest.

  •  Which picture are you referring to?

  •  Thanks Coreen!  Glad you enjoyed the article!

  •  Yes, it’s always good to keep the end goal in mind!  I also like to make sure that I’m getting likes and getting people connected to my e-mail list – so making special offers or having events where people opt in.  That way you are connecting with them both on Facebook and E-mail.  Then cultivate those relationships and pop into people’s minds as you post and send out your tips so that when you have something to sell, they will make sure to buy it from you if it’s something they need.  Hope that helps!

  •  I think my favorite has been #1 for me – I’ve done well in my business by connecting with others on Facebook and social media.  I’ve met amazing people, partnered with them, and gained new clients.  That tip may not be right for every business but it has been my favorite one to implement 🙂

  •  Yes, I think it has to be good for both businesses and not just a Like exchange – more of a partnership.  But yes it does help to promote each other!

  • Cheers, Andrea – that makes a lot of sense. Thanks again for all your insights! Loved it! – Jon

  •  Thanks for your opinion!  I think it has to be for a particular audience.  Statistics are showing that usage of QR codes are up.  But if your audience isn’t particularly techie then it doesn’t make any sense. 

  • Are you talking about the Stats on usage on QR by marketers or actual scans by consumers? This could also relate to the exponential increase in people with smartphones. Do you have any past and present information on the number of smartphone users compared to the number who actually scan QR codes?

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  • dywrite

    Really useful information. And I appreciate your replies to all the comments-something many writers don’t do.

  • Hi Andrea,

    Good article, I especially like your first tip “Connect With Other Page Managers”. I’ll try that in Facebook and in Twitter as well.

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  • Some of the figures are a little older – 300% increase in usage in 2011 over 2010 and Comscore:  There was also a recent report from Comscore on growth but that was focused on Europe.  But yes I’m sure it’s related to the smartphone increase. 

  • Hi Andrea, I think you’re absolutely right in finding out whats NOT working anymore and finding new methods to grow your fanbase.

    In particular your example with reaching out to other fan pages (The ice cream shop reaching out to the pizza parlor) that’s definitely a win-win and I think people will be surprised about how open other pages are in collaborating or cross promotion. After all this is social media right!?

     One method I’d like to add is Inviting your Friends to Like Your Fanpage. I created a social media tutorial awhile back on how to do so and I hope you don’t mind me posting it here as it makes sense to your article.

    Love your work, and Grandma Mary too! 🙂

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  • Hi Andres,

    Cool tips. Thanks for sharing. In relation to tem #10, if our fan page is currently having a very small number of fans, do you think it is advisable to incorporate likes with the count of the existing fans? I think it might turn the potential fans away in view of its low fan base. What is your view on this?

  • Danielleball3

    This is a great article. Have got some work to do now using all your tips! 😀 Thanks very much! 

  • Nice tips to grow facebook following, Specially i personally like the first one. But one has to find relevant neighbourhood, Above example is perfect example both are well connected (Food).

  • Ultimately it is all about being social, making connections and finding new ways to do so.  Simples.

  • fcaballo

    What a great post! You offered some wonderful tips, such as sharing on your profile what you post on your own fan page. I’d never thought of that before. I’m going to be using several of the tips you mentioned here. Thanks so much!

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  • Very useful article – will be actioning a number of these! Thanks!

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  • Patti Vincent

    Thank you! Good to see #6. I usually spend some time every day or two commenting and liking posts on my pages newsfeed from other pages that I have liked. I also really appreciate it when other pages make comments on my posts. #7 was great to see because I need to host a contest and now I know how thanks to you.

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  •  Thanks 🙂

  •  Thanks Jacob – I do think inviting your friends to Like your Page is a great strategy – I always hope your friends would be supportive of your business.  Some people shy away from this but I get a lot of referrals from my friends even if they would never need my services, they know people who do!

  •  I personally think it’s ok – everyone has to start somewhere!  And if your website is getting traffic than it makes sense to allow someone to Like your Page without leaving your site.

  •  Glad you enjoyed it!

  •  So true!

  •  Glad to help!

  • Yeah I can see how users would shy away only because them being your friend does not necessarily make them your customers who you will eventually be engaging with to build a relationship with. But it’s always nice to have the support until you reach a high enough fan base number to where organic traffic isn’t bouncing off because of a low fan count.

    Also effective if you run a “friends of fans” ad campaign!

    *Off topic, I sent you a message through your contact form on your website about guest posting, anyway you can confirm that you received it?

  •  Great points – thanks Jacob.  And yes, I did get your message – I’ll definitely respond this weekend – crazy week 🙂

  • Cerlyn Wong

    Thank you for your sharing!

  • Ashok Sinha

    indeed too good….

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  • It is also important not to over do it. People don’t like to feel all you want is something from them.

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  • Gnubooks

    I’m sorry but all the advice sounds fine except can’t find any of that on the site I’m lucky I have anything up there at all

  • Rama Nayeri

    How do QR codes help?  I don’t see my target market using them or really having a need for them.  

  • Melpop

    How do like boxes compare to simply having the Facebook logo on your website. Obviously the like box gives more visibility but does it go beyond that?

  • I like the facebook contest idea, i will work on implementing that strategy. Thanks for the pointers.

  • I’m trying to find a poll app.  Or those no longer available?

  • It didn’t work for me as well, but then I clicked on About->Work and Education and when tried editing through there and not directly from the profile page the right page came up.

  • Kathie, in your status update box, click on Events, Milestones and then Question.

  • Kathie, in your status update box, click on Events, Milestones and then Question.

  • Very good article indeed, especially the first one. Making connection is very important and that’s what we all are doing ^^

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  • Vivian Isip

    How do I get out of receiving any news or pictures from Facebook? I do not want to have any pictures or information about me on Facebook. Please advice.Thanks/Vivian Isip 11/25/12

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  • Thanks for all the great info!  

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  • Just started a business facebook page so all these tips are great. Thanks

  • This was a very helpful article. Thanks!

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  • Hello, I am trying to collect the email address of the people that liked my page. Do you have any tips on how to do so?

  • Hi. Our FB page is mainly photo driven (pictures of Alaska), but being that it is winter, it has been difficult to get original photos, so I have been “sharing” a lot from other FB pages. When a fan likes that photo I shared, do others see that like to our FB page? If our fans also share that photo onto their own personal pages, does it show up as coming from our FB page or from where the photo originated?

    Any ideas on how to boost fan base without advertising. Maybe more content than photos?

  • I’d look for a free Facebook app you can download that allows users to sign up for your newsletter/email list ect. You’ve probably seen these on a few other fan pages that say “Join my list”

    Once you have the app set up to capture those emails, you can then ask/remind your fans to join it from time to time.

    Just Google search, Email list subscriptions Facebook App

  •  Hi Anela, just looked into this for you. You are correct that when a fan shares a photo you shared it shows it as if they had shared it from the Fanpage where the photo originated from. Meaning your page is not getting that traffic!

    You can always just download the picture and reupload it to your own page (careful for copyright)

    Also, ads are the way to go for “boosting” your fan base. However if you’re looking for more organic growth I would recommend engaging and commenting on other pages of companies within your area that your target audience would share an interest in (going back to step 1) not just cross promoting but also commenting on their statuses (as your page) etc may help get you some traffic back to your own page.

  • Tatne

    Great tips

  • I will love to grow my business with facebook

  • WkW

    Dear Andrea, I have a questions regarding photos on Facebook fan page. I uploaded a photo on my fan page and I tag myself, so my friends cans see them on my profile page. It usually works, and show up on my news feed, but after the second pictures, it will go straight to my a timline album, instead of appearing individually. It also doesn’t show up on my profile page news feed. Need help. Thank you so much!

  • Paloma AM

    Hello, my question is related to the Likes on my FB page. Likes have been increasing but people that like the page are mainly teenagers. Is there any possibility to change this target from my FB settings? Thank you very much.

  •  Hi Pasta! Does your page have a country restriction? Could be that the problem. I have came over the same issue a while ago and it was just because I have had the country restriction ticked in the settings. Have a try!

  • Alaa7777777

    Thanks for this great tips … Its so helpfuly

  • angeliajcasey


    thank you so much for your advice. I love # 4 implemented before I even got # 5!

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  • The number one way that I grew my fb page audience was by cross-promoting with other page administrators.
    Question…Likes from other business pages don’t show-up in a page’s like count; but, I am wondering if they are not more valuable in SEO terms than likes from personal profiles? Do likes from fellow business pages count as inbound links to your page???

  • ande

    Hi, i would like to create a page for “others to sell items to other party” therefore i will create a page call online trades. but how do i gain profits from the page instead? since i am the owner and not doing sales on the page itself. i only maintain the page. shared around and getting likes everywhere.

    sincerely ande farid

  • ande

    How do i follow business page links? coz i am new in this. thank you Jason

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  • Thank you, Andrea. It takes time to build an organic followers. This article helps a lot…Keep up the good work!

  • Mo Sabi

    Thank you

  • Vanda S

    I just love your posts thank you again Andrea !

  • hennierens

    Very helpful post, thank you.

  • Kristen

    How do you like and comment on another businesses page as your own page, rather than as your personal profile?

  • Buy Facebook Likes Cheap

    Nice post. This really helps gain more facebook likes, thanks for sharing.

  • Saransh Sain


    Please guide me on how to start up social media marketing. I already have an account over facebook and also have my companies page. But I am not getting exactly how to start targeting for more business promotion. Also, I am looking for a few free services.

    Thank You


  • Daniel Patterson

    A few techniques that I had not considered but will be implemented immediately. Thanks for the great article.

  • Ħ’àm Z’áá

    fllowers me :/ !

  • I am having the same problem and would love advice on this.

  • I am having the same problem and would love advice on this.

  • I am having the same problem and would love advice on this.

  • I am having the same problem and would love advice on this.

  • Without having a personal page, is there a way I could like personal pages using my fan page account?? Thanks!

  • I am not getting #3 to work properly. I am in my profile and use the @ which does make a link to the page, but I cannot link to any posts on my page. How do you share posts in this manner? I have been able to go to my page and share but often the link to the page name is not part of the share. What am I missing?

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  • Grzegorz Tomczak


    If you are in need of social likes please check this out:

    Here you can buy real likes regarding Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, Instagram and Youtube,

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  • LexesFitness

    Loved the information! Thank you for sharing 🙂 I just spent forever re-doing my e-mail signature, but it looks bomb now and this site gave me that idea!

  • Renec112

    what about Fawour .com? it’s great to team up and grow with infuencers 🙂