social media how toDo you need to increase the visibility of your Facebook page posts?

Are you looking for fresh ideas to quickly create engagement on your Facebook page?

In this article, you’ll discover four ways you can create better engagement on your Facebook page using social game.

Why Games?

If you’re tearing your hair out worrying about the number of fans interacting with your Facebook business page, moderating your page may not be much fun. Worse still, you may be missing out on getting to know your fans on a deeper level.

The good news is that initiating simple social games on your page’s timeline gives your page interaction a boost.

Social games on your timeline encourage comments, shares and likes, and build a sense of community around your brand. Plus, as a side benefit, they are also a lot of fun for you and your fans.

Why Engagement Matters on Facebook

There are more than 15 million business pages on Facebook. Add in Facebook’s hundreds of complex algorithms that work behind the scenes to help people see what matters most to them, and it’s little wonder that page owners find it frustrating to maintain news feed visibility. Because of the algorithms, fans don’t see all updates from every page they like in their news feed.

But every time a fan likes or interacts with a particular type of post on your page, Facebook uses that information to determine what content your fan likes most, and makes that content more prominent in their news feed.

So if your fans are mainly interacting with your images, they’ll see more of your images; if they’re mainly interacting with your text posts, they’ll see more of your text posts. Get the picture?

Initiating social games is good for your Facebook page.

Using your business page timeline to feature fun social games creates community among your fans and brings them back to your page over and over again, giving them more opportunities to get to know you and your brand.

If you want to improve your visibility without spending lots of money on Facebook ads, initiate social games to draw your fans back to your page.

Each of these games can be run successfully on a page timeline or in a group—which is good news if you administer both!

#1: Take Your Best Guess

With the recent changes to the Facebook Page Guidelines, businesses can now run competitions on their timelines. For information on the latest Facebook policy, check out our post here.

You can choose to run the “What’s Your Best Guess?” game as a timeline competition with a prize or simply to create engagement. Admittedly, it’s more fun for your fans if there’s a prize on offer.

best guess candy jar

The "What's Your Best Guess" game can feature anything in any quantity. Candy in a jar is a popular choice, though!

How the game works.

Buy a quantity of anything you think will interest your fans. You can choose candy, buttons, balloons, branded promotional items like golf balls or even toys. Fill a jar, then take a photo of the jar and post it to your business page timeline.

If you don’t offer a prize, all you need do is post the image with the words: “What’s your best guess? Post your answer in the comments below.”

If you run the game as a competition with a prize on your page’s timeline, you’ll need to ensure you comply with Facebook Page Guidelines and be very clear about what the prize on offer is so there’s no confusion for your fans.

As there is just one correct answer, let people know what happens if there’s a tie. If there’s only one prize, an easy-to-implement tiebreaker is to simply state that whoever posts first wins.

check who posted first

To determine the winner in case of a tie, check to see who posted first by looking at the time stamp on each comment.

See who posted first on a page by looking at the time stamp on each comment. You may also want to put a time limit on the game so people know to post their answer within a specific time frame. This will encourage fans to get in early and makes it easier for you to administer the game.

#2: Ask the Next Friend

“Ask the Next Friend” is a fun and simple game that quickly builds camaraderie and community.

How the game works.

Simply kick-start the thread by posing an “either/or” question and state that the next person to comment should answer in one word, then pose their own “either/or” question.

fast engagement

Keep games simple for lightning-fast engagement on your page or in your Facebook group.

In this example from Queensland Business Group‘s “Ask the Next Friend” game, 95 people commented and not one person went off topic in the thread.

#3: Name Your Life’s Feature Film

Games that help your community get to know each other are awesome for engagement and relationship-building on Facebook. In this game, your fans name a movie that reflects their business or life.

The answers will help fans forge closer relationships with one another.

How the game works.

Ask the question: “If your life/business was a (movie/book/song), which one would it be?”

Remember to kick-start the conversation by answering the question yourself and invite your followers to share the thread so that more people can participate.

movie game

Games can help your community members get to know each other better.

#4: Tell the Story

Have you ever read one of those books where you choose what happens next? This game is kind of like that. One of the best things you can do on Facebook is to harness the power of storytelling. Involve your fans in the storytelling to make them the stars in your brand’s show.

Use this simple social game to co-create a story with your followers. Not only does this game result in a fun and engaging story, but you’ll also get to know some new fans on your page.

graphic with instructions

Use a graphic to share instructions on how to play the game.

How the game works.

Create a graphic that shares the first sentence in the story and outlines the instructions for participating in the game. You’ll also place the first sentence in the description.

It’s a great idea to post a follow-up status update to share the story as it evolves. This not only increases participation; it also lets you restore the story if Facebook mixes up the order of comments.

story update

Post an update of the story every so often to encourage greater participation.

Things to keep in mind when you run social games on Facebook.

Make sure your pictures are clear, attention-grabbing and preferably square. I recommend making your images the optimal timeline size of 403 x 403 pixels or larger. You can actually size your images up to a maximum of 2048 x 2048 pixels, so when people click the image, it takes up the whole window.

Include the game instructions and any rules in the post description, not just on the image.

Keep the instructions simple for people to follow so they don’t balk at participating.

Kick-start the process yourself to encourage others to participate or tip off some avid fans to help you get the process going.

Round up some willing fans to help initiate the comments.

If your post is getting great engagement, consider boosting the post to further increase engagement and visibility.

Over to you

Creating engagement for your Facebook page doesn’t have to be time-intensive, complicated or cost you a lot of money.

With a little imagination and a sense of fun, you can use one of these games or come up with one of your own to encourage participation from your fans so they’ll see more of your posts in their news feed.

What do you think? Have you played social games on your page’s timeline? What were the results? What ideas for games can you share? Leave a comment below.

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  • great ideas! Thanks! I especially like the “take your best guess” game

  • Marta

    It’s very helpful because till now I’ve had no idea how to engage my fans. Maybe now when I use one (or all) of your idea, my page gets more fans. Thanks a lot, Cas!

  • Fresh and Good Ideas! These are most likely to get engagement. Fresh Ideas on social media are rare these days. Thanks!

  • Leave It 2 Lori

    Great article! I am going to try the guessing game this week. Just need to figure out what to guess now 🙂

  • Great, fresh ideas, Cas! The “Tell the Story” game seems entirely appropriate since brands are constantly telling theirs through social. I love that each tactic really drives engagement in a genuine way that’s fun for the community.

  • I really like the story telling game. This looks like a great way for the community to well…feel like a community. Wonderful ideas.

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  • Hi Cas. Great article! One brand that does this well is Target.
    They regularly have fun with their fans by asking multiple choice questions,
    for a simpler “Tell the Story” type post. Their latest post asked how Fans
    would spend their time if they have an extra hour on their hands. They had 5
    choices like getting extra sleep, doing workout, etc. The post resulted in
    2,439 Likes, 101 shares and 1,257 comments.

  • Susan Tellem

    could not find friday funnies either or on their site???/

  • AmandahBlackwell

    Great post and ideas! Thanks for sharing.

    I have not played social games on a timeline, but I will. I tweaked the “Name Your Life’s Feature Film.” I like the “story” one, too, and will test it out. Stay tuned.

  • gregcooper

    This reminds me of this page:

    Please, engage your fans with something that’s related to who you are and what you do. Engagement means nothing if you don’t relate it back to your business goals. People liking and commenting on your page doesn’t make you money.

    You should only be playing “games” like this if you can directly relate sales/leads/income.

  • Chris Picanzo

    Great post Cas, I struggle so much with my clients pages as they are all different with different audiences. I’ve been waiting for someone to come out with some examples how to engage a page lol Thank you and I think I will be using some of your tips and examples.

  • Terri Main

    I love the update on the how many jellybeans in the jar contests we had when I was a kid. And that was a long time ago

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  • Hi Mario, that’s one of my favourites too! Thanks for your comment!

  • Glad i could help! Let us know how you go and which ideas you try hey!

  • Thanks Dave! The team in the Queensland Business Group are great at coming up with fun ideas! We’ll be sure to post more in future!

  • Phil McGregor

    Great point Greg, except engagement can also mean attracting fans. If I see people guessing on a candy game it would attract my attention. I’m even likely to play. If the page fits what I’m about then I’ll like it. Exposure is a neat strategy.

  • We had so much fun with that one! Let us know how you get on! Thanks for your comment!

  • Thanks Sarah! I had so much fun with that one! Ping me if you give it a go! I’d love to read another Facebook story!

  • Hi Ricky, yes that game is super fun! Thanks so much for your comment!

  • Hi Adella! Thanks so much and thanks for sharing that e.g. Love to hear what the big brands do well. It’s helpful for little businesses to see simple strategies work on any scale I think!

  • Hi Susan, that e.g. Is in the Queensland Business Group on Facebook, not on the group’s page. Sorry for any confusion.

  • Fantastic Amanda! Good luck with them and let us know how you get on!

  • I used to think that too Greg, that games like these can be time wasters, but since seeing the community building aspect at play, and seeing how that leads to sales down the line, i’m convinced a mix of strategies work well. These should always be targeted at your ideal audience though. I absolutely agree with that.

  • Yes, more research always helps me to get better ideas 🙂 Thanks for the comment, Cas!

  • You’re welcome Chris! So glad you liked the ideas. Let us know if you try any!

  • Oh yes! For me too! Thanks for commenting Terri.

  • Mathilda Wu

    Brisk ideas! Thank you Cas, I can’t wait to use them right away!

  • Susan Tellem


  • Great ideas thanks!

  • Darleen Redman

    I love this. Thank you Cas. I will be trying these ideas on my page.

  • I really like this article of your’s Cas! In #4 Tell the Story.Posting a unique and enlightening post on Facebook makes you stand out.:)

  • Donatien Kangah


  • These all sound like fun and interesting games Cas! I think #4, Tell the Story, is
    an awesome way to get a conversation started on your page and really
    make your fans and followers feel included. Thanks for this!

  • Carly

    Thank you, I didn’t realise that facebook competition guidelines had changed – great news!

  • These are amazing tips and my head is spinning.

    Just started using Canva and could really do so cool images inside of it easily. Cynthia Sanchez recently recommended the tools and thought there’s a waiting list your approved in days. Its awesome and you could do a ton of this/that or VS. easily.

    Great Post.

  • AmandahBlackwell

    So far the ‘tweak’ I did on “Name Your Life’s Feature Film” is not doing as well as I hoped it would. I tweeted the post to see if that will create more engagement.

  • gregcooper

    Fans are nice…but does it translate to sales? How many products or services have you purchased after liking them on Facebook and playing their games?

  • Will do!

  • Thank you! Have fun with them!

  • Thank you for your comment!

  • Hey Darleen! Thank you!

  • Thanks Julie! Stories are great for engagement on Facebook!

  • Thank you!

  • You’re welcome! Yeah, i loved that one and will no doubt do another soon!

  • Glad we could help Carly!

  • Thanks Mike! Glad you enjoyed it!

  • I hear you Greg and I think it’s a good thing to keep in mind that authentic relationship building takes time and creating fun experiences for people in alignment with your brand is a great way to draw people in. You can then followup with opportunities to get them onto your list so you can measure ROI.

  • LYF Solutions

    Great ideas Cas. I also love the addition of a good old fashioned quiz. We like to do one on Australia day each year, it is good fun for everyone!

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  • Tom

    Thanks for sharing these ideas for games and engagement on Facebook.
    Here is my quandary. My network marketing business has a general Facebook business page and we aren’t allowed to have individual pages as we would be competing against each other. What are your suggestions using these ideas for my personal page to drive sales of my product?

  • I think games are a great idea! Take your best guess seems to work really well. A fan page we liked months ago runs a weekly giveaway to pick a number and the post usually gets shared and liked a couple hundred times. My question is would these tips still apply for a business-to-business situation? It seems more targeted towards individual consumers. -AJ

  • All great points, but I would like to add one more here:

    1. Ask questions – It’s a good way to get heard and increase engagement
    within your community.

    By asking questions you will encourage your audience to reply and comment
    on it, which in turn will increase their engagement.

    Try to ask questions that will give your audience plenty of opportunity
    to talk and help you fuel the discussion. You can also ask your fans to share
    their experience and memories associated with your brand. For example,
    Burberry’s “Art of the Trench” campaign on Facebook celebrated the people who
    wear their coats by asking them to share their experiences.

  • Fergal Sheehy

    Super content, you guys are legends, Thanks 😉

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  • Love these! I like the simple ‘fill in the blank’ sentences for engagement. Haven’t focused on too many contest yet, but excited to try some of these for a giveaway during the Holidays.

  • Debi

    Can’t wait to try these. Really like the Tell the Story idea!

  • Kristen

    Social Media Examiner…. how do I access settings for the newsletter/ customer support?

    I ask because I really do love all your advice, however think receiving info on a weekely basis would be best for me vs. daily. Andy searching all over your site to accomplish this. Please pass this onto appropriate persons. Thank you for your help.

  • Hi Kristen, we only have the one option of signing up to our daily newsletter.

  • Brilliant work Cas. I will give the Best Guess game a go, for a xmas giveaway.

  • Celina Johnson

    I was just talking to a client about this today! Thanks for some more ideas on it Cas.

  • Hmmm, I would consider starting your own group for your region and run the games in there. Groups are awesome for this. Some of the examples above were run in the Queensland Business Group which is a Facebook group.

  • Absolutely! Most of the examples above… well actually all of them were run in a B2B group and on a B2B page!

  • I like that idea too Ray! Great suggestion… hmmm, how to do online trivia games? Will have to think that one through.

  • Sorry to hear that Amandah. Was it right for your audience I wonder? I would definitely be reassessing a games strategy if simple games didn’t get the engagement I thought they should have. I’d also be sharing about it again and again on Twitter, not just once. Hope you fair better the next time.

  • Great tips…gonna put them to the test


    Thank you SO much for these ideas! I have been pulling my hair out trying to get people to interact on my site.
    I am going to put these ideas into play. 😀

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  • Great ideas Cas, thanks for sharing. I’ll definitely try the story idea!

  • Great ideas Cas, thanks for sharing. I’ll definitely try the story idea!

  • Awesome Adella! Thanks for sharing.

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  • Smrithi

    Thank you Cas! Will try them..:)

  • Wow. . . Nice 🙂

  • Bobby Tuck

    Thank for the tips. But i got the problem is. If i sell product & service (air freshener) How do i propose?!! Any suggestion?!

  • JB

    I am in a group that is nationwide and we needed a break from all the complaining and negativity…. I posted this and not only did it make sense.. but the story turned themed to the Rideshare company we all are a part of…. hoping HQ takes notice!

  • Jay

    Thank you!!!