social media how toAre you looking for creative ways to embed tweets on your website?

Do you want to show off your customer’s kind words about your business?

Since Twitter allows the ability to embed tweets on websites, people have discovered lots of creative ways to use them.

In this post, I’ll show you six ways to use embedded tweets to enhance your content, drive engagement and establish social proof.

How to Embed a Tweet

From sharing spontaneous customer testimonials to increasing traffic and promoting events, embedded tweets can capitalize on or support engagement with your brand in a number of ways.

Before we get started, let’s quickly review how to embed a tweet on your website.

When you find a tweet you want to embed on your website, hover over that tweet and click on the More link. Then you should see an Embed Tweet option.

embed tweet option

Finding the Embed Tweet option on Twitter.

When you click on Embed Tweet, you are prompted to copy the sharing code for the tweet.

copy embed code

Copying the embed code for a tweet.

Then you paste the embed code in your website. If your site is on WordPress, use the HTML/Text editor. When you save or publish, you have a live, interactive tweet on your website.

Yes, it’s that simple! Now, let’s look at some ways to use embedded tweets.

Here are some creative applications of embedded tweets:

#1: Build Your Reputation With Customer Testimonials

This is one of my favorite ways to use embedded tweets. For some businesses, it’s tough to get fans to write personal or product recommendations on LinkedIn, send testimonials via email or otherwise profess their respect for a brand in long form. On Twitter, however, you generally find people who will take a quick moment to share their good experiences.

twitter testimonials

Twitter testimonial search for "I received great service."

Find potential testimonials by looking through mentions of your @username and a Twitter search of your business name or product. As you browse through your mentions, save the best tweets about your business by marking them as favorites.

favoring tweets

Testimonial tweet saved as a favorite.

Once you find enough good mentions, add them to an existing or new testimonials page on your website, or scatter them in random places where you need social proof, like a sales page!

#2: Back Up Your Statements

Don’t let readers of your content wonder whether you made something up. Use embeddable tweets to cite sources and quotes. For example, if I were to write that having errors on your website that affect smartphone users may hurt your rankings in mobile search, you may wonder where I got that information. But if I included this…

Then, you would know how I came to that conclusion. As a writer, tweets from a reputable source help you quickly solidify content. And as a reader, they help you move from “Wait, that can’t be true.” to “What should I do about this?”

#3: Encourage Retweets of Your Media

Instead of just embedding a video or SlideShare presentation directly on your webpage, why not share that content on Twitter and then embed the tweet with the media in it?

This way, people not only see the content on your site, but it’s also easy for them to retweet it to their audience or reply to you with a comment.

#4: Increase Website Traffic With a Tweet Chat

Want to host a small Twitter chat or party on your own website to increase overall site traffic or page visits? Take embedded tweets a little further and add an embedded widget.

For example, let’s say you want to have a Twitter chat with the hashtag #socialmedia. Go to Twitter and search for #socialmedia. Then, change the filtering to All tweets, click on the settings wheel icon, and select Embed this search.

embedded search results

Embedding search results for a hashtag.

When you configure your widget, be sure to turn safe search mode on to keep the conversation PG.

embedded tweet widget

Configuring your embedded tweets widget.

Now, just copy the code and add it to your webpage. You’re all set to invite people to come have a Twitter chat on your website.

embedded tweet widget

Embedded tweet widget on a website.

Note that the refresh rate on these widgets is not very speedy, so you would only want to do this with a slow chat and not something insanely popular or fast-moving.

#5: Create Twitter Engagement for Blog Posts

Want to get more Twitter engagement and perhaps some extra tweets for your blog content? Search Twitter for the URL of one of your blog posts.

blog post search results

Search results for a blog post URL.

Change the filtering to All, and then click the settings wheel icon to embed the search. Then, embed it somewhere in your blog post.

Right below the widget, tell users how they can click on the area to compose a new tweet, add a comment about the post and then include the link so their tweet also shows up in the widget. The result? A new way for people to engage with your content and more tweets for your post!

Go ahead and try it here. Compose a new tweet in the widget above, copy the URL to this post ( and paste it into the tweet with a comment!

#6: Promote Your Event

Whether you’re marketing an upcoming event or showing off tweets from an event in progress, an embeddable tweet widget on your website does wonders for getting visitors excited.

See this in action in the margin of the Social Media Success Summit page!

One Thing to Consider

When using tweet widgets on your website, remember that any tweet containing those items is displayed.

While Twitter removes any profanity or sensitive information, it won’t necessarily remove spam or negative responses. So you definitely want to scroll through tweets to see what people are saying before you add them to your website, and continue to evaluate embedded tweets on an ongoing basis.

What do you think? Do you use embedded tweets and tweet widgets? How do you apply them to your website? Please share in the comments section below!

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  • LOVE the creativity you show here Kristi – great ideas!

  • Great post, loved it.

    I bet you could do some of this things with Facebook too right?

  • AmandahBlackwell

    Thanks for the reminder about embedding tweets. Don’t forget to embed Facebook posts. Both of these techniques can double, even triple your exposure and connection with your clients/customers.

  • Great article and ideas! I haven’t done any tweet embedding yet but have some great ideas now from reading this post.

  • rick

    great and helpful post.

  • Great ideas! Quick question: I have a Word Press site, and already have a Twitter feed showing on my blog page only. WHERE do i embed the tweets? As a new blog post OR do I have to create a NEW PAGE???? Thanks, Kristi!

  • Taryn Aronson

    Do you need to get permission to use tweets in this fashion? How do you go about that?

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  • Great post, Kristi! I think embedding an event’s hashtag is always a good idea and certainly encourages the conversation and connections among attendees! Your warning to check out what the general tweets look like before incorporating the feed is definitely warranted – this might change your decision to use a specific acronym!

    Thanks for sharing the tip about “Safe Search Mode.” What a great feature!

  • Hi Kristi,
    Wow, the possibilities seem endless! Thank you for this great post on how to use embedded tweets. I didn’t even know about #4: Tweet Chat, so thank you for the step-by-step here!

  • Thanks Neal! Twitter definitely has the most useful embed options. 🙂

  • We’ve got a post coming up with what to do with Facebook shortly! 🙂

  • Exactly Amandah! We’ve got a post on embedding Facebook posts coming soon! 🙂

  • Glad to hear you got some implementation ideas Debbie! 🙂

  • Thanks Rick! 🙂

  • Hi Ali! You can embed tweets anywhere within pages, posts, and even sidebar widgets. You just need to do it in the HTML / text editor as opposed to the visual editor. 🙂

  • Hi Taryn! You can only embed public tweets, and the embedded tweets come with proper attribution included, so I don’t think you should need permission. You could always tweet someone and say “Hey @username – I’d like to use your tweet about ___ in my post. Is that ok?” Maybe you’ll get the added option of them tweeting it!

  • Thanks Sarah! Yes, I was trying some different ideas, and ran into a few that didn’t work like embedding a trending news topic because you’ll get all of the spammers who are hijacking the topic. Safe Search Mode helps, but it doesn’t get everything.

  • You’re welcome John! 🙂

  • Chris Alphen

    Hi Kristi,
    Absolutely terrific. And so many possibilities inside the possibilities. So, any event, like a 10K for a cause, now has live updates as easy as 1-2-3. I’ll be exploring these ideas.


  • Thank you Kristi!

  • Oh, true! Those silly spammers. Good to know Safe Search Mode doesn’t catch everything!

  • Amazing article Kristi. Thanks for sharing your significant thoughts
    here with us. I knew about the initial points of the article, but some
    of them are new for me i.e. embedding blog post and an event.

  • Very informative & useful article. I think with embedded Tweets, users won’t be able to ignore Twitter accounts of their favorite brands. Embedding tweet will be like a reverse process, directing website visitors to Twitter rather than going other way around. It is sure to create more engagement.

  • Great post @kikolani:disqus, really some of the creative ideas you have incorporated here. I loved #3 the most. Thanks for Sharing

  • So much good info! thanks again, im going to have to bookmark this and come back to this! Before reading, I didnt even KNOW you could embed tweets. Now, i cant wait to start using this in all the ways mentioned, and i think this is the easiest way you can grab testimonials for your website. THANK YOU!

  • Lots of good information here! It’s always helpful to be reminded just how many options there are for engaging with Twitter followers, beyond the obvious tweeting, retweeting, and favoriting. Generally with a blog the only way for readers to share their opinion is to comment at the bottom of the page – this way, they become part of the content itself.

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  • Long Vu

    I was wondering if this could be done on LinkedIn at all? I have been trying all morning!
    Look forward to your response

  • Thanks Kristi! That was a resourceful post. Embedding twitter post is like a loop to generate more traffic