social media how toIs LinkedIn working for you?

Do you want to generate more business from LinkedIn?

When used properly, LinkedIn can be a gold mine for your business.

Here are five steps to improve your efforts to generate more business from LinkedIn.

get more business from linkedin

Follow these steps to get more out of your LinkedIn efforts.

As a business, the foundation of your success on LinkedIn begins with your LinkedIn profile.

Do you know if your profile is showing up in search results? If it’s not, you may be losing valuable opportunities and ideal clients.

And after you’ve ensured that your profile is showing up in the right places, you’ll want to do what it takes to make the connections your business needs.

#1: Let Prospects Easily Find You

Before you can start generating business on LinkedIn, you need to optimize your profile so prospects can find you.

If you are not showing up at the top of the search results when potential prospects are searching for the product or service you offer, they won’t know to connect with you. While this might seem common sense, it’s often something people overlook when creating their LinkedIn profile.

So what does it take to be found on LinkedIn? First you need to figure out the keywords your ideal clients use when searching for what you offer. Just how do you decide what keywords your ideal clients are looking for?

Figuring out the keywords for your LinkedIn profile is a little different than the keywords you would use for your website. On Google, people often look for things by typing queries like, “How to write a great LinkedIn profile.” On LinkedIn, people are looking for a person and search for a title, such as “LinkedIn profile writer” or “LinkedIn expert.”

Business owners will often use the words “Owner” or “Founder” in their profile. While I am the owner and founder of my company, these are not the keywords that I use on my profile. I use keywords like “LinkedIn expert,” “social media speaker,” “social media consultant” or “social media trainer” because this is what people look for on LinkedIn.

use keywords in profile

Avoid using the words “Owner” or “Founder” in your profile. Instead, use keywords that your ideal clients will be searching for.

This is a key concept to understand before prospects can find you when they need what you offer. Use the words your ideal clients would use to search for you on LinkedIn.

#2: Give Prospects a Reason to Connect With You

It’s not enough to just show up in the search results. There are numerous other profiles that show up as well. So unless you give prospects a good reason to click on you, they are just as likely to click on someone else’s profile. You must have a compelling headline that grabs their attention and makes prospects want to click on your profile.

use compelling headline and image

Your headline and image must compel people to click on your profile from the search results.

To do this, you need to combine an attention-grabbing statement with one or two keywords (for search optimization). If you are a business that provides services in a local area, you may want to include your location in your headline with your keywords.

For example, this accountant and business advisor in Kelowna has a headline that reads “Kelowna accountant & business advisor helping businesses, start-ups & real estate investors experience growth & profits!” This is a great example of an attention-grabbing statement that includes the keywords “accountant” and “business advisor,” as well as a location.

a great headline

A great headline includes an attention-grabbing statement, one or two keywords and possibly your location.

Here’s another example of someone who makes great use of the headline to include the keywords she wants to be found for.

search results

Your headline needs to grab people’s attention from the search results and tell them what you do.

It’s also really important to have a professional headshot to complement your great headline. I see many people with no picture. This is a red flag for anyone wondering if the profile may belong to a spammer or someone who is not totally legitimate.

People want to see whom they are connecting with, so it is important for you to add a picture to your profile. Without it, they will be far less likely to click on your profile.

approachable and friendly

Appear approachable and friendly with a great smile in your headshot.

#3: Give Prospects a Reason to Take Action

Now that a prospect has landed on your profile, it must speak to their needs so that they will take the next action, whatever you choose that action to be. The first section that they see is your Summary section.

It’s important that you include your keywords in the Summary section to increase the number of people who find you. This section must be client-focused.

This may seem completely counterintuitive to what you might believe about LinkedIn, but LinkedIn is a business-building tool (this does not refer to job seekers). And if you are using it as a business-building tool, then skip the resume, curriculum vitae (CV) or professional bio. Nobody really cares about you. People only care about what you can do for them.

With this in mind, be sure your profile speaks directly to your ideal clients. Begin your Summary section with a paragraph about who you are, share some of your story and position your credibility. The rest must speak to your specific target market, who they are, what their problems are and of course what solutions you provide.

why are you credible

Tell potential connections why you are credible.

You should always end your Summary section with a call to action. So many people miss this important piece in their LinkedIn profile and lose opportunities by not telling those who land on their profile what to do next. Tell them exactly what to do and where to go, whether that is to your website for a free report, to email you, to call you, etc.

call to action

Make sure you include a call to action in your Summary.

#4: Grow Your Network So Prospects Can Find You

Even with a fully keyword-optimized and professionally written profile, you are limited to who can find you in the search results based on the number of people in your network.

If you have a small network, you dramatically limit the number of people who will ever see you in their search results. In order for more people to find you, you need to grow your LinkedIn network.

The only way someone can find you is if you are in his or her first-, second- or third-level network or are a member of the same group.


You will only show up in the search results of your first-, second- and third-level connections, as well as members of groups you belong to.

For best results, you’ll want to make a point of accepting most incoming connection requests (unless you suspect they are from a spammer or fake account). Set a regular schedule to reach out to people you know or would like to know and be sure to always send out a personalized message.

A personalized connection request should always include their first name at the top and your name at the bottom. If it is someone you know, remind him or her how you know each other. If you are both part of the same LinkedIn group, you might write a connection request like the one below.

personalize requests

Always personalize your connection requests.

#5: Follow Up With New Connections

Always follow up with new connections who have reached out to you and the ones you’ve reached out to and requested to connect with.

Send a welcome message after someone accepts your connection request or sends you a connection request. Thank them for connecting with you and then offer them something of value.

For example, when someone reaches out to me, I offer them a couple of free gifts including a LinkedIn checklist and a spot at my free webinar. From this gesture alone, many people have reached out and further connected with me, which sometimes was the beginning of a great relationship. This is the step where you’ll actually lay a solid foundation to generate business.

Stay connected to your network, reach out to them regularly, add value for them and move the relationship forward. This means whenever possible, move the relationship offline and have a telephone call or an email. You’d be surprised at how much business still happens the old-fashioned way!

Use These Steps to Create a Strong Business Network on LinkedIn

As you can see, there are a number of steps for using LinkedIn to generate business and ultimately build strong and lasting relationships.

What do you think? Have you had success finding new customers or strategic alliances on LinkedIn? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • ZElahi

    Very helpful article!

  • Melonie, thanks for your tips.

    Another untapped area of LinkedIn for most people is Signal ( This is perhaps LinkedIn’s most powerful feature, allowing for unlimited searches of updates by companies, individuals (by titles or keywords), geography, connections (1st, 2nd or 3rd degree) and more. I’m surprised LinkedIn removed it from the navigation with their latest UI update, but it’s still there at the link!

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  • Kevin Fisher

    Thanks so much Melonie. I’ve already started putting this to use!

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  • Melonie Dodaro

    Glad you found it helpful!

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    You are absolutely correct, the headline needs to be the start of the optimization and then it should be followed through the entire profile.

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    Ben here is an infographic you will find helpful if you want to re-do your profile:

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    That’s the most important part if you want to actually generate business from it Patrick! Glad you agree with me!

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    You are right, it’s often the most simplistic things that people ignore that make the biggest difference.

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  • Melonie Dodaro

    I hear ya Paul, there’s so much to do and so few hours to do it in. I find the best results from LinkedIn so when I’m short on time I cut back on other things – but never on LinkedIn!

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    Yes groups work great – when you choose the right ones, and then of course when you actively engage, contribute to and start conversations.

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    You are most welcome Ben!

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    They did make some interesting changes to their navigation – I love the new user interface but I am not sure why they removed some pertinent things from the nav.

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    Really Helpful article ! Can you please suggest how can we generate B2B leads from Linkedin?

  • Melonie Dodaro

    LinkedIn is most effective for B2B, you can find your target market through advanced search and relevant LinkedIn groups. Follow steps 4 & 5 above once you have found target prospects.

  • Great content Melonie, LinkedIn is a powerful site and a great place to make professional connections. When I type in my first and last name into google my LinkedIn profile shows up at the #3 spot. Powerful site indeed!

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    Unfortunately, point #1 in your article is not valid. You don’t have any visibility whatsoever on your keywords since LinkedIn changed its algorithm back in March 2013. You can test this by asking someone who is not connected to you to search for any of your keywords. Also, you might have seen a steep drop in your profile search views since then.

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    Sometimes it takes a while Aleksandra to catch on in all countries. I’m sure in 2-5 years that will be very different.

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    Keywords are still highly relevant. It is the primary thing people use when do searches through Advance Search.

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