social media how toAre you thinking about adding videos to your social media mix?

Do you want to boost your awareness and increase engagement?

Social media networks provide a lot of video options.

From Google+ Hangouts to Twitter’s Vine and Facebook’s launch of Instagram Video, video is fast becoming an essential part of any business’s online marketing strategy.

In this post, I’m going to show you how to incorporate video from 5 platforms into your social media strategy.

#1: Vine Video

For those who aren’t into complex video production, Vine lets you create simple, six-second looping videos to share on Twitter and Facebook.

vine video

Showing off products at Walgreens in a Vine video.

Some brands on Vine include Xbox, HTC, Puma, Urban Outfitters and Walgreens.

Here are some ways businesses can use Vine to support strategic goals.

Tease or Demo a Product

In six seconds, you can show off the best features of your business’s products or tease a new product launch.

The Glitch Mob used Vine to tease the preview of their new album.

Preview an Event

Got an upcoming webinar or conference? Give people a quick snippet of what they can expect with a Vine video. Take them behind the scenes of the preparation and make video a part of your event marketing strategy.

Showcase Your Portfolio

Share a six-second video sweep of your latest interior design creations. It’s more powerful than a flat photo because potential customers experience your work in context.

Pulp Design Studio used Vine to showcase their new spring line of silk florals.

Take Fans Inside

Take your fans inside your office, your store, your restaurant or any other place they usually can’t go to help them get to know your business on a more personal level. Show employees at work, hanging out and having fun. Show that the people inside your company are passionate about what they do and customers will be more confident in your service.

#2: Instagram Video

Instagram recently launched their own 15-second, non-looping video capability.

instagram video

Instagram videos are distinguishable from Instagram images with a play button in the top right corner.

The service has an edge over Vine thanks to the editing capabilities that Instagram has to offer along with the fact that you can share Instagram posts beyond Facebook and Twitter to Tumblr, Flickr, email and Foursquare.

Some brands using Instagram video include Taco Bell, Burberry, Starbucks, Disney, Nissan USA, Topshop and General Electric.

Use Instagram video similar to the way you use Vine, with the added bonus of having almost twice the time to get your message across.

Starbucks shared a video of their flagship store in Pike Place.

#3: Facebook Video

Facebook allows verified users to create or upload up to 20 minutes of HD video. According to a study done by Dan Zarrella on how to get likes and shares on Facebook, video added directly to Facebook outperforms other video linked from networks such as YouTube in likes, comments and shares.

facebook video

Chase uses Facebook video to show their community service.

If you want Facebook engagement for your videos, add them directly to your Facebook Page.

Brands using Facebook video include Chase, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Skittles, Burberry, Hollister, Wildfire and Angry Birds.

Here are ways businesses are using Facebook video:


Bring your offline marketing online by sharing commercials for your business directly on your Facebook Page to increase engagement and feedback. Better yet, let your fans help you choose the perfect commercial!

Skittles has 25 videos loaded to their Facebook Page.

Encourage Fan Video

Boost the activity level on your Facebook Page (and your EdgeRank score) and ask fans to share their best videos of your product. This is a great way to build up your video content without having to even create a video.

Send Personal Messages

Since you can record video directly from your webcam to your Facebook Page, why not send personal messages to fans? It can be anything from a well-known person in your business addressing current news about your business to employees recording their own tips of the week.

Show Your Caring Side

People love businesses that are involved in their community. Continue offering your fans more of your personal side and show how you help your community through service, donations, or by bringing awareness to important issues.

#4: Google+ Hangouts

If you’re looking to incorporate live video into your social media strategy, then Google+ Hangouts are your best bet.

google hangouts

Coca-Cola uses Google+ Hangouts to add to their YouTube video collection.

Google+ Hangouts allow you to have up to 10 people (including the host) on webcam. You can also share your screen, YouTube videos and other media during your Hangout.

Since you can record Google+ Hangouts to YouTube, you can easily share them later on other social networks, just like you would any other YouTube video.

Some brands and well-known organizations that have used Google+ Hangouts include Glamour Magazine, NASA, Jaguar USA, Clinique UK, National Geographic, Cadbury UK and Coca-Cola.

Businesses can use Google+ Hangouts to:

Conduct Webinars

Educate your audience using a live stream through YouTube. You can reach an unlimited number of viewers who can watch you speak and share your screen, and you can record the webinar for your video library.

Interview People

If you like to record interviews as a part of your content strategy, you can create the Hangout just for two people, record it and upload it to YouTube after the interview is finished.

National Geographic interviewed Buzz Aldrin and Conrad Anker in the Everest, Mars, and Beyond: Hangout With Risk Takers.

Broadcast Panel Discussions

Your business can be an authoritative source in your industry when you hold regular panel discussions with industry experts. Your viewers can become a part of the discussion by chatting on Google+ beneath the streaming Hangout.

Hold Business Meetings

Need to collaborate with your marketing team and consultants face to face, but they’re scattered throughout the country (or even the world)? No problem—just set up a Google+ Hangout and you can get a total of 10 people together to discuss your game plan. You can even record it for future reference or for other members of your team who weren’t able to attend.

#5: YouTube

Last but not least is YouTube video. If you have videos on YouTube, you can incorporate them into every part of your social media strategy. On most social networks—Facebook, Google+ and Twitter—you can share a link to any video on YouTube and people can watch your videos directly on those networks.

Distinguish Your Portfolio

Add YouTube videos to various sections of your LinkedIn presence, such as your summary and your individual job listings, to turn it into a more diverse portfolio. Visitors can view your videos without leaving your profile or page.

Your Turn

These are just a few ways you can incorporate video into your marketing strategy. Check them out to see what works best for your business.

What do you think? What types of video do you use in your business strategy? What videos have you received the most engagement from? Please share in the comments!

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  • Video marketing is also the main element for getting traffic, and I must say it can be lead business to the next level, Thaks for sharing ither options. Google plus hangouts and instagram is the best.

  • Great Post!

    Love the idea of using video to demo a launch and build up anticipation. Sending personal video’s is also an awesome idea using Social tools. I use Jing a lot to answer questions, but love the idea of bringing the social aspect into it.

  • Great article Kristi! There’s no doubt that video is very important in our marketing campaign.By connecting with customers in this visual and oftentimes, emotional way, companies can strengthen brand loyalty and generate new business through video’s viral effect.

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  • John Broadbent

    Fun read. I think video marketing is great for branding and product awareness, but videos from let us say YouTube, doesn’t really drive a lot of traffic to your website, but does build up your image. So it is important to still work on it. What do you think?

  • Hi Kristi! This is such a timely post because it seems like Vine for Twitter and Instagram came out with video options simultaneously – add these two to the mix of the others you’ve suggested and it can be a bit overwhelming! I love using YouTube to feature videos and tutorials – it’s a great way to get your content onto a new medium and be able to share it across several social platforms as you’ve mentioned. Thank you for this! 🙂

  • Thanks for the rundown of opportunities for video content, Kristi. I think the best video shows your audience what you stand for, but also that you’re human. Just like in the post on SME the other day from Michael Stelzner about Gideon Shalwick, imperfect is likeable and typically helps your audience relate more. Also videos that inspire, entertain or educate are key so your audience will be inclined to share!

  • Video marketing is an essential part of Internet marketing. The businesses or internet marketer who are not using video marketing in their marketing tactics that means they are missing big audience for their business.

  • AmandahBlackwell

    I’m outlining a couple of video series, one is based on a book I co-authored (created a presentation too).

    I’ll most likely upload videos to YouTube and my website and share them on Twitter and Facebook. I don’t think Instagram is available for PC, and I haven’t had a chance to check out Vine. With so many options, it’s enough to make your head swim. I’d rather select two platforms and build my video presence.

  • Logan Drayson

    Yes! We live in a video world, thats why I dont understand old thinking. When CEOs think they can just cut the video guy from payroll. Yes magazine advertising is okay but our magazines are now on our tablets. Lets add video!!! Your in-house videographer should provide your marketing videos for FB, Vimeo, YouTube, as well as all smartphone social media platforms.

  • Good job, Kristi. Others I would recommend are Vimeo and SlideShare. In regards to live video conferencing, there’s also recording Skype webcam chats, GoToMeeting with HD Faces, and many other professional solutions that have some better features than Google Hangouts. (Plus there’s Livestream, U-Stream, and Justin.TV for real-time streaming and recorded hangouts.) There are also some real-time presentation solutions by an ever-growing number of service providers. With so many socially-apt business video opportunities today, it makes good sense to work with a professional video expert (aka, a “Videologist”) who can help you plan your goals first, and then pick the platforms and content strategy after.

  • You’re welcome Fouzia! 🙂

  • Thanks Mike! I’ve gotten a few personal video greetings, and those people always stand out in my mind.

  • Thanks John! It depends on how you use YouTube video. I’ve been noticing more and more people putting trailers and teasers on YouTube, Instagram, etc. and then putting a link at the end for people to visit the website for the full version. That’s got to be a good traffic driver. 🙂

  • You’re welcome! Yes, as soon as Vine hit the scene, Instagram (Facebook) knew they had to do something to compete with it. They did it pretty quickly too.

  • You’re welcome Sarah! Yes, SME does a great job using video to further enhance their content!

  • It is becoming pretty essential NavNeet. 🙂

  • Hi Amandah! Instagram and Vine are both mobile apps, so you could create a video, transfer it to your phone, and then upload it to one or both networks. 🙂

  • Now would definitely be a bad time to cut the video guy from any business. 🙂

  • AmandahBlackwell

    Thanks! I don’t think Instagram and Vine are available for Blackberry.

  • Kristi – I like to brand my videos with logo, intro and outro before I publish to YouTube. Can I record a Hangout, send to iMovie to edit and then share on YouTube? I took a quick look at the Hangout recording options and it looked like the video goes directly to YouTube live? Please say I’m wrong….

  • There’s actually a feature inside Google+ Hangouts that allows you to put an overlay on the hangout video. If you’ve watched some of the panel style hangouts, you’ll see these in action as a way to identify the person speaking. I’m sure you could use the same feature to add a logo to the video. As for the intro/outro, I believe you can create that in Google Docs and just share it at the start and end of the Hangout.

  • Green With Indy, Llc

    Very helpful and eye opening in how to expand our customer base.

    Thank you.

  • Kristi, Great job on this article, I look forward to receiving Social Media Examiner and it always has so much info for me to use.

  • Ritika Verma

    Thanks Kristi for sharing this great strategy. I’m personally going to use some of the ideas to promote our upcoming webinar! I would also like to add that all the videos that are created, especially the ones on YouTube, can also be shared on Facebook Business Pages via an FB App. And that’s a great way to make sure the videos reach the audience. Apps Mav, my agency, has a YouTube channel FB app, which is easy to install and use.


  • Mira Tekelova

    Hi Kristi, I couldn’t find that Dan Zarrella’s study on how video added directly to Facebook outperforms other videos linked from other networks… Can you provide a correct link please? Cheers, Mira

  • Hi Mira! The results of it are in the post linked above in an infographic.

  • You’re welcome Ritika! 🙂

  • Thanks Kay! You can’t go wrong with articles from SME. 🙂

  • You’re welcome! 🙂

  • Mira Tekelova

    Hi Kristi, I read through that infographic and was looking for it also on Zarrella’s website, but didn’t find any reference to “video added directly to Facebook outperforms other videos linked from other networks”… Any advice?

  • Vivek G Maudgalya

    Nice post. thanks for sharing.

  • emceekeeTV

    ….and now you can upload movies from your library to Instagram, brands can love it even more…….farewell to the 60 second ad?

  • Hi Kristi. A lot of marketers are too focused on uploading videos in youtube, they disregard looking at other places. Thank you for reminding us and showing these great sites to do marketing. cheers.

  • Informative Post Kristi !! I never knew that much deep about video marketing before. Thanks

  • Ah, I see what you mean. That study just measured updates with videos, not necessarily videos uploaded on Facebook itself. I think the study you’d be interested in is this:

  • You’re welcome Vivek! 🙂

  • Everything seems to be aimed towards attracting people with shorter attention spans. 🙂

  • You’re welcome! I always say that unless you’re trying to become a YouTube superstar, it never hurts to spread a video around. 🙂

  • Thanks Nitish! 🙂

  • Mira Tekelova

    Thanks Kristi

  • Abby Edgley Edgley

    Vine video and Facebook videos seems to be great video tool to discover more heights of Social Media Marketing.This can be a great opportunity for social media agencies like Kreata Global for making more engagement.

  • Sibby Khan

    Really useful ideas!! Can’t wait to start videoing the team with some fun office related clips

  • Lenzie O. Winstead

    If I can be of assitance please dont hesitate… 🙂

  • video marketing is the best way to promote your business. It may increase your visibility in market…

  • Good stuff! I only use Youtube for my fitness blog, but it’s extremely helpful. All this makes a lot of sense. Thanks

  • I love the idea of posting a personal video directly to your audience. Gonna have to try that one for my author facebook page 🙂 Thanks

  • Insightful Post!! Thanks for sharing your ideas.Amazing videos you have shared here.. i have really enjoyed it. Worthy post to read and to share.

  • Deborah Hearne

    You seriously need to remove the porn off your page. One of your ads is for PornTube. Not cool.

  • Thanks for letting us know and so dry sorry about that. I can assure you it wasn’t a sketchy video when I added it to the post…

  • LisaDJenkins

    Thank you, Deborah for alerting us to the issue. We published this articles in 2013, and since that time two of the videos have been removed by the channel owners and a third has clearly been redirected to inappropriate content. I have removed the link and appreciate you reaching out so quickly.