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social media how toWondering how to get more value from your Snapchat content?

Want to learn how to reuse your Snapchat stories?

You can get a bigger return on your Snapchat marketing efforts by downloading and repurposing your stories.

In this article, you’ll discover how to repurpose your Snapchat stories for other social media platforms.

share snapchat stories on other social channels

Discover how to repurpose your Snapchat stories for other social platforms.

Download Your Content From Snapchat

Downloading your content used to be easy to do, but since Snapchat brought in the Memories functionality, the process has changed slightly. There are now a couple of ways to do it.

Download Snaps

The easiest way to download snaps is to just make sure you have a couple of settings turned on. From the camera screen, tap the ghost icon or swipe down.

download snap

Tap the ghost icon on the camera screen.

Next, tap the gear icon in the top right.

download snap

Tap the gear icon in the top-right corner.

Then tap Memories.

download snap

Tap Memories.

Under Saving, tap Save to…

download snap

Tap Save to…

Next, choose one of the following options for saving your snaps:

  • Memories: Save snaps to Memories.
  • Memories & Camera Roll: Save snaps to both Memories and your phone.
  • Camera Roll Only: Save snaps to your phone only and not to Memories.
download snap

Select an option for saving your snaps.

If you’re going to be doing a lot of repurposing, options 2 and 3 are best, as they make it easy to download your content to your phone. Option 2 is the safest if you’re worried about losing content, because you’ll be downloading it and backing it up to Snapchat Memories.

Now every time you take a snap, be it a photo or a video, you can tap the download button to download the snap to your phone, ready to be repurposed.

download snap

Tap the download icon to download your snap.

Download Full Stories

To download your full story for repurposing, follow the steps above to make sure you have your settings right. Then on your Stories page, tap the download button to download your story to your phone.

download snapchat story

Tap the download button on the Stories page.

Download Stories From Snapchat Memories

If you’ve been saving your snaps or stories only to Memories but want to download them to your phone, or you want to stick with option 1 above, here’s what you need to do.

Swipe up from the main camera screen or tap the Memories button.

download snapchat memory

Tap the Memories button.

Next, find the snap or story you want to download to your phone and tap on it to open.

download snapchat memory

Select the snap you want to download from Memories.

Then tap Export Story.

download snapchat memory

Tap Export Story.

Finally, tap Save Video.

download snapchat memory

Tap Save Video.

Now that you know how to save snaps to your phone, here are four ways to repurpose your snaps.

#1: Upload Your Stories Natively to Other Social Networks

In his talk at Snaphappen (the world’s first Snapchat conference), Shonduras, one of the most successful Snapchatters, said it isn’t enough to simply flash your snapcode on your other social networks and expect people to follow you. You have to give people a reason to follow you!

A good way to do this is to upload part of your story natively to Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram and encourage people to follow you on Snapchat to see the rest of the story.

To maximize this tactic, try making it fun! Use classic storytelling strategies and end your teaser on a cliffhanger. This can also be a good way to get started with Instagram stories, especially if you already have an audience there.

tease snapchat story on instagram

Shaun Ayala uploads sneak peeks of his stories on Instagram to lure people to Snapchat.

#2: Create Eye-catching Graphics for Social Posts

Snapchat makes it easy to create eye-catching graphics with all of its various features, including filters, lenses, geofilters, emojis, bitmojis, the pen tool, and text.

If you want to talk about something “in the moment” in a social media post, you might create a quick graphic on Snapchat to make it pop on the feed a bit more. For example, here’s one we quickly created for our Facebook group:

repurpose snapchat graphic

Use a creative Snapchat graphic in posts for your other social networks.

#3: Upload Your Content to YouTube as a Video

Another way to repurpose your Snapchat stories is to upload the content to YouTube. This can be an easy way to get your YouTube channel started because creating video content on Snapchat is super-easy and quick, and you have so many effects at your disposal.

The video won’t be the same as a polished and edited vlog, but the fast-paced, 10-second jump-cut style is effective and engaging.

If you plan to upload your story to YouTube, ensure your story has a running theme that would make sense as a stand-alone video. Then download the story using the steps above and upload it to YouTube.

Here’s an example of Chris Ducker talking about how to get more time into your day in a video filmed on Snapchat and uploaded to YouTube.

Once you have your content on YouTube, the options are endless. You could embed your video on your website as a blog post, embed it in a LinkedIn post, create a Pinterest board of all of your Snapchat-created video, put it on sales or product pages, or wherever makes sense.

Get creative and start thinking about how you can use the power of Snapchat video in a way that your competition maybe isn’t.

#4: Create GIFs

Let’s end with a fun, less-serious way to reuse your snaps. If you’ve always wanted a GIF of yourself with a dog on your face, or of your team doing something fun, this one is for you!

GIFs are a great way to show brand personality on your social networks and be a bit more fun. You could even mix up your “meet the team” page, and get each team member to record a GIF with his or her favorite filter!

To create a GIF, first download a fun video snap.

create gif

Download a video snap.

Then on your phone, go to Giphy and log in or create an account. Tap the blue upload icon in the upper-right corner.

create gif

Tap the Giphy upload button.

Tap the Select GIF or Video From Device button.

create gif

Tap Select GIF or Video From Device.

Then tap Photo Library and find your downloaded snap.

create gif

Navigate to your downloaded snap.

Add tags if you like and select whether you want your GIF to be private or public. When you’re finished, tap Upload.

create gif

Tap Upload to upload your GIF.

You can now use your GIF on your social networks.

create gif

Share your new GIF on your other social networks.

Pro tip: If you made the GIF public, you can post it right from Giphy using your phone. If it’s private, you’ll need to log into Giphy on a desktop and download the GIF to post it.


To get more out of all of the videos, images, and stories (a combination of videos and images) you’re creating on Snapchat, you can repurpose them in some way for the other platforms you’re active on.

Although it can be argued that you should be creating unique content for each social platform, repurposing can offer these benefits:

  • Save precious time. You can reuse what you already have or create content quicker on Snapchat.
  • Entice people to connect with you on other platforms, specifically get them back to Snapchat.
  • Be more creative. You can use all of Snapchat’s features to create content for other channels.

So start thinking about all of the ways you can make the content you’re already creating on Snapchat work on your other platforms. Happy snapping!

What do you think? How do you reuse your Snapchat content? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

Tips on how you can repurpose your Snapchat stories for other social media platforms.

Tips on how you can repurpose your Snapchat stories for other social media platforms.


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