social media how toHave you noticed more videos in your Facebook news feed?

Want to take advantage of the benefits of Facebook video for your business?

Facebook’s Autoplay feature means videos are more eye-catching than a regular post.

Plus, Facebook videos seem to get more organic reach in the news feed.

In this article I’ll share eight ideas to get more engagement and drive more traffic with your Facebook videos.

ways to use facebook video for engagement

Discover how to use Facebook video for more engagement.

Listen to this article:

#1: Inspire Viewers

Inspirational videos get more shares and engagement than sales messages. Marie Forleo regularly posts answers to questions to inspire her audience to go farther in their business. Her videos are very professionally done.

However, you don’t have to have a set or a big film crew to make these types of videos. Just speak a message from the heart or put a series of quotes together with some music using a tool like Animoto.

marie forleo video post on facebook

Inspire your audience to get more shares.

Video communicates a story better than anything. UPS did a great job sharing this story from a charity, which also helped to raise money through their own site.

ups video post on facebook

Help raise awareness for a special cause and inspire your audience.

#2: Educate Your Audience

Another type of effective video is to give a quick tip or teach something useful to your audience. At Social Media Examiner, we’ve been featuring hot tips on Tuesdays, which do very well in terms of engagement and reach.

social media examiner video post on facebook

Social Media Examiner gives hot tips on Tuesdays.

For the Super Bowl, Lowe’s created a fun set of hyperlapse tips. One 17-second video shows people making a fun Jenga-like game with Lowe’s tools; the other is people making a chalkboard table for game-day treats. In less than a week, each video had over half a million views.

lowes home improvement video post on facebook

Lowe’s hyperlapse videos are engaging and quick.

The Food Network also has quick-tip videos that get a lot of shares. A video of the chef creating the recipe in 15 seconds links to the recipe itself to drive traffic.

food network video post on facebook

Create a quick how-to video and link to your website to show more details.

#3: Be Entertaining

People go on Facebook to have fun. But that doesn’t mean you have to post cat videos or something completely off-topic just to get their attention. Entertain with informal, behind-the-scenes interviews at your company or create something fun like a cartoon video that has a business purpose. With the tools available online today, making an unusual video is easier than ever.

BuzzFeed regularly posts humorous videos that get lots of shares. The video below is just a series of images and text set to music. It received more than 45,000 views and 620 shares in 17 minutes.

buzzfeed video video post on facebook

Videos don’t have to be elaborate—add some humor.

#4: Add a Featured Video

Featured videos are still currently rolling out on Facebook.

When you add a featured video, the video is more prominent. It’s placed above your About section and is larger on your Videos tab.

social media examiner feature video on facebook page margin

The featured video shows up high on your page.

Use this space to promote your most recent video or an upcoming event like we do on the Social Media Examiner page.

social media examiner feature video on facebook tab

The featured video shows up more prominently on the Video tab as well.

Featured videos have to be enabled by Facebook for your account. There is no way to request it. They are still in the process of rolling it out. You’ll know you have it when you go to the Video tab and see the button to Add a Featured Video.

add featured video button

Once the option is rolled out to you, add a featured video from the Videos tab.

You can always change or delete the featured video by clicking the pencil icon on it.

set a featured video

Change or delete the featured video by clicking on the pencil at the top.

Watch our video tip on adding featured videos and playlists to your page.


#5: Create a Playlist

Something else you can do on your Video tab is add playlists. You can have multiple playlists, so you can control people’s experience navigating through your videos. At Social Media Examiner, we’ve added a playlist of hot tips so people can get them all in one place.

The BBC networks use playlists to feature different shows. Currently there is no way to link to a specific playlist, but hopefully Facebook will add that feature soon.

bbc video playlist

Think about different playlists you could add with a common theme.

#6: Use the “Watch Video” Call-to-Action

The Facebook Call-to-Action button allows you to draw attention to a video on your website from your Facebook cover image. This can be a traffic-driver for people who visit your page.

There are several options for the Call-to-Action button, including “Watch Video.” Therefore, the cover photo also has to focus on what is in the video behind the button. HGTV teamed up with Ellen for a design challenge. The cover photo illustrates the promotion and the Call-to-Action button takes viewers to the video on their website.

call to action button

Use the Call-to-Action button to draw attention to a video.

#7: Boost Video Views With an Ad

Consider giving your video an extra boost with a Facebook video ad. If your video is inspiring or teaches something, you’ll get natural shares. However, a bit of ad budget will make the video go farther. Dove has some very inspiring videos that they also sponsor with a boosted post. Although we can’t tell how much they spend to get these views, I saw many people in my own news feed share this video.

boost video from dove

Use Facebook ads to help your videos go farther.

#8: Embed Facebook Videos in Blog Posts

Facebook videos have an Embed feature available just like on YouTube. The videos play in the blog posts and someone can also easily see all of the comments and interaction on the post itself.

To embed Facebook video, first navigate to the full video post. Click on the date stamp on the post or go into the Video tab and select the video. Select the Embed Post link on the right sidebar.

embed video option

Embed the video onto a website or blog post.

When you click Embed Post, a pop-up box will appear and you can copy and paste the code onto a blog post or website.

embed video code

Cut and paste the code into the text area of a blog post or on your website.

Facebook Video Tips

Here are some quick tips to make sure your Facebook video is as good as it can be!

  • Keep it short. Two minutes or shorter is best.
  • Make it look professional. Use tight editing and good lighting in the video.
  • Have movement in the first two to three seconds. This will attract the attention of people who have Autoplay.
  • Edit your video, so you have a good thumbnail chosen.

We provide a few more tips in this video:


This is the year for video on Facebook.

Facebook recently announced that people are posting 75% more videos to Facebook than they did a year ago. Overall, U.S. users are posting a whopping 94% more videos. Plus, Socialbakers reported that brands are now uploading more videos to Facebook than to YouTube. The same article states that Facebook videos are getting more engagement than YouTube videos posted to Facebook.

Every business can benefit from having a strategy to take advantage of the organic reach from posting videos. Use video to connect more deeply with your audience and drive more traffic to your website. And don’t forget to smile for the camera.

What do you think? Are you using video on Facebook? What types of videos do you post? How have your videos worked for you? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • Thanks, Andrea, this is fabulous! I stressed the importance of video on
    fb in my last webinar and I will definitely be sending a link to this
    post in my follow-up email today.

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  • Krithika Rangarajan

    WOOHOO – loooveee this! Thanks Andrea!


  • Thanks so much Monica! Yes, video is definitely getting a lot more Reach!

  • Thanks so much Kitto!

  • Natalie

    Thanks for this post guys! I was just wondering, when you add a video to your page it doesn’t always display / auto-play as it does if you share someones video. Have you noticed this,too? Hope that made sense!

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  • LauraBel

    This is all very interesting and encouraging, but I’d like to see more than big brands mentioned or used as examples. How is it working for small businesses?

  • Good point Laura – so every small business I have spoken to as well as all of my clients have seen huge Reach increases and more engagement compared to their other types of posts. That was part of the reason for the inspiration for the blog post. But I should have included some smaller business examples.

  • I’m not sure I follow exactly what you mean – do you mean it doesn’t autoplay on your own Timeline? It typically autoplays in the News Feed if the person has autoplay on. But if they have turned autoplay off then it won’t.

  • I can’t wait for the featured video option to hit my Page! I have a few welcome video themes in mind, and this gives me the motivation to get it going.

  • David Sibila

    Today I had to remove an embedded FB post from my blog. Readers couldn’t see the embedded post unless they were already logged into their FB accounts. If they weren’t logged into FB the embedded post also disrupted mobile responsiveness. Have experienced this same issue?

  • Ron Harper

    With Facebook and now Twitter showing more videos finding the right message and headline is more important than ever for maximum engagement. Thanks for the ideas, and yes, please follow up with examples of small businesses.

  • Yeahhh mind blowing post!! Video has great impact in inbound marketing and organic results….

  • dave

    Yes. There’s a list of problems with facebook video embedding – it’s a mess – to suggest it’s “Just like You Tube” is just wrong.

  • Marvin Sykes

    Thanks for this awesome article. I shifted my focus to FB videos because it was getting more views then my yt vids. The embeds will also help my blog. Thanks again.

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  • Thomas Lundy

    Great info. This is our year to make more video updates. Thanks for the insights.

  • @andreavahl:disqus what kind of engagement have you received from embedding Facebook video into blog posts?

  • Cool, great information, thanks to share with us.

  • Jeremy

    We’re seeing some great reach on our videos at Visit Savannah. Check them out!

  • Stacey

    What are people looking for in a video that will reposted to Facebook?

  • Stacey

    Sorry, there was a typo…What are people looking for in a video that will be posted to Facebook? Thank you. I.e, a 5 minute video on teaching the right form for fitness.

  • Thanks Andrea for these great tips! I disabled autoplay for my newsfeed and totally forgot to think that others might have it activated, so best is to build in movement in the first few seconds…

  • Awesome i just picked up a new video camera and accessories i am going to put these ideas to use. Thanks!

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  • Steph Halter Merkle

    Why do some videos auto-play and others do not? Can you specify when you upload a video directly to Facebook?

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    Great! you can create a tab with facebook videos?

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    Hi, sorry I’m late to this Andrea, but can you do these video messages to entire groups?

  • Shah Shaifullah Al-Zakerin Pre

    Thanks Andrea. Although I was using some of the tips but now this complete set will help me a lot for sure.

  • Hi Andrea

    Nice read. I’ve always believed that a good video is better than a good infographic or blog. We’re currently planning on what video to produce and these are really helpful. Good work. 🙂

  • I love #6 ‘Use the “Watch Video” Call-to-Action, great ideas thanks Andrea.

  • Nora Flint

    short videos are more effective !!
    Great work .. keep it up 🙂

  • Joe


    Hey guys, I’m not really marketing guy for Facebook videos so I hope someone can teach me a trick or 2.

    example: I see the same video on different pages and every page shows the video as their own. In other words they don’t post as share, instead video starts playing without showing where the video came from. Does this make sense?

    How do I do that? Is there an option to save just the video and repost without showing the page where video first originally appeared?

  • So that is actually a violation of copyright. To do that, you have to download the video and upload it to your own page as if you own it, which is a violation of copyright. Facebook will be cracking down on this behavior soon since it hurts the artists and people who created the content originally. Only post videos that you have ownership of. Hope that helps!

  • Vicky

    When I selected the featured video, it didn’t show up above the about section; the only time that i could see it was featured was if I went to the videos tab. How do I make it so that it is above the about section? Thanks.

  • If you are also categorized as a Local Business, the map and information “trumps” the Featured video on the main page. So you would have to change your category – but that may not be recommended if you truly are a local business since there are advantages to having things like the Reviews and map in place. Hope that helps!

  • I love using videos, need to expand from YT to Facebook.

  • jassi

    When i paste a link in the status update section it shows video as Image and by clicking it opens up in a new tab. Is there a way that the video plays at the Facebook page itself