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Finalists: Top 10 Social Media Blogs 2012

We received over 750 nominations for our fourth-annual Top 10 Social Media Blogs contest (the blogosphere’s biggest contest for social media blogs).

The list of 24 finalists is pretty impressive! Take a look for yourself below.

The judges: Our judges include Gini Dietrich (co-author, Marketing in the Round, founder and CEO of Arment Dietrich), Marcus Sheridan (co-owner of River Pools, founder of The Sales Lion) and Michael Stelzner (author, Launch, CEO of Social Media Examiner and host of the Social Media Marketing podcast). They are currently finishing up their reviews of these sites.

contest judges

Here are the finalists (in alphabetical order):

How We’ll Pick the Winners

#1: Initial Qualification: A blog must have a strong social media focus and must have been nominated multiple times by multiple individuals. If someone nominated more than one blog, only the first nomination was counted.

#2: Final Winner Selection

  • Quality of posts: Our judges will examine and score the quality of posts on each blog. Educational and discussion-spurring posts are more valuable than self-promoting posts.
  • Frequency of posts: Blogs that feature multiple posts per week will score higher. This is a sign of the blogger’s commitment to blogging.
  • Reader involvement: Blogs that have regular comments from readers are another sign of a healthy blog. In addition, the numbers of nominations for a specific blog play a part in this.
  • Blog ranking: The number of other blogs that link to the nominated blog shows the value of the content. We’ll use accepted third-party blog ranking systems for this portion of the score.

Congratulations to the finalists! We’ll announce the winners here soon!

What’s New This Week?

To help you stay up to date with social media, here are some of the news items that caught our attention.

SlideShare Enhances Sharing With LinkedIn: You can now log into SlideShare with your LinkedIn credentials, use your LinkedIn profile to enrich your SlideShare profile, follow your LinkedIn network on SlideShare and easily share content you discover with your LinkedIn network.

YouTube Turns Your Phone And Tablet Into A Remote Control For Your Television: YouTube has launched a feature that enables you to “send videos from your mobile to your TV with just one button.”

Discussion From Our Networking Clubs: Thousands of social media marketers and small business owners are asking questions and helping others in our free Networking Clubs. Here are a few interesting discussions worth highlighting:

LinkedIn Reaches 200 Million Users: LinkedIn now counts over 200 million members in more than 200 countries and territories and serves members in 19 languages around the world.

linkedin 200 million

LinkedIn now has over 200 million members.

Bitly Announces Social Data APIs: Bitly’s new social data API “gives you direct access to the best available content shared by people across all social networks.” If you use this popular link shortening tool, check out the new realtime search functionality.

bitly attention spikes

Bitly bursts API returns the current phrases that are receiving a burst in attention beyond what we would expect.

Google+ Introduces Pan And Zoom Photos On The Desktop: You can now pan and zoom when viewing photos on Google+ from your desktop.

google+ photo zoom

To pan and zoom, "open a large photo on Google+, use your mouse wheel to zoom in or out, and click and drag to pan right, left, up or down."

Foursquare Friends See The Adventures You Share: “Now when your friends tap on check-ins that you’ve shared on Facebook or Twitter from their phones, they’ll see a pretty new page with all the details of your check-in – the address, photos, badges, points, comments, and likes.”

foursquare checkin details

When you share your check-ins your Foursquare friends now see more information.

And don’t miss this:

Social Media Marketing World is Social Media Examiner’s latest mega-conference—taking place at the waterfront San Diego Marriott Marquis & Marina in San Diego, California on April 7-9, 2013.

As you’d expect, Social Media Examiner recruited the biggest and best names in the world of social media marketing for this conference. Only the best for you! Be sure to check it out.

Watch this video to get a quick overview of Social Media Marketing World.

What do you think? Please share your comments below.

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  • Andrew Hannagan

     Nice to see some recognition for Top Dog Social Media. Love their content.

  • Hendione

    Why not any actual B2B or B2C companies using a blogging platform for success?  With all due respect, I’m seeing alot of marketing companies rehashing the same old advice, pointers, top 10 lists, etc…. 

  • tracysestili

    Thanks so much for including @socialstrand – it’s an honor to be a finalist! Woohoo! 

  • heidicohen

    Wow–Thank you so much! I feel so honored to be on this list. Happy marketing, Heidi Cohen

  • Absolutely awesome. Some of my favorites on this list, making it even sweeter! Thanks, and good luck to everyone nominated!

  • Blake Jamieson

    Jon Loomer for the #WIN!

  • Congrats bro!

  • Congrats Heidi!

  • Way to go!

  • Congrats to the top 24 and good luck in getting selected in the top 10!! Was an honor to be a part of a blog that was selected in the top 10 last year!

  • rosepleinair

    Do you think when the phone is transmitting your movie/video to the big screen, that all video’s should be uploaded in HD? Because I thought to keep it small- in order to be viewed on android/IPhone.
    What would be best.
    Thank you for your great blog- and even greater podcasts! 

  • rosepleinair

    Sorry Cindy- I see that you have posted this. (Not Stelzner) 

  • Absolutely honored to be on this list, alongside my personal heroes on social 🙂 Thank you so much for believing and supporting. It’s awesome to be on this list, and humbled to be the only one from my side of the world! 

    Much love in social,


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  • Richard Harman

    Holy CRAP!  I made the finals!?? This is awesome!

  • Congrats to all of the finalists in the Top Social Media Blog contest! It’s obvious you were all nominated by our readers for good reasons 🙂

  • Wow. I sure got an awesome surprise reading through this list last night, as I went down the list thinking how great it was that 7 of my must-read blogs are in here (@jonloomer:disqus , LKR, Jeff Bullas, Top Dog, Social Fresh, Kim Garst, Pushing Social. Then I saw my blog on the list!  Talk about being In Good Company. Thanks Cindy.  Such an honour – I have followed Social Media Examiner from a few months after you launched, back in the day of -Amy, -Mike and -Cindy. You guys rock. Can’t wait for SMMW in March – the Aussie contingent is coming!  

  • Well done Jon – so well deserved. Your blog is now on my feed and I look forward to your posts – love your “get real” approach.  There are not many blogs that I always read and yours is one of them now!  

  • Hey Richard, from one Holy Crap to another, Well done!  Love your blog! 

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  • Sharon Tannenbaum

    Great seeing all the nominated blogs. Just want to tell @sociallysorted:disqus that I am not surprised. Her blog  is so appealing visually and her content is always easy to read and right on…So happy for her..:)

  • Fiona Lucas

    OMG. how awesome!  Donna!  Congratulations – I absolutely adore all your blogs.  You have such a wonderful insight into visual marketing and the ability to make your content clear, engaging and easy to read!  Your blogs help me to stay on top of the game and really help my clients too!  If you haven’t checked out then have a look – you will love it.

  • Hey everyone – here is a Facebook Interest List if you would like to check out all the stellar Facebook Pages that go with the blogs!  I just have Razor Social to add when I find the FB page.

  • welcome

  • Congratulations to all the finalists on your well deserved

    Your blogs are all super but I am so pleased to hear that my
    friend and colleague Donna Moritz from Socially Sorted has rocked it totally.
     Donna’s content on is pure gold, full of
    humour and surprises.  Love the no fuss writing style; very intuitive,
    authentic and engaging and I find myself looking out for the next blog post to
    arrive in my inbox!  Donna is
    always a few steps ahead of everyone else so if I need help with something, I
    know who to ask!    

    Can’t wait for SMMW; it’s gonna be a blast!

    Best of luck to you all!!

  • Thanks so much Sharon!  Love what you do for social media too – you are such a great engager and champion for some fabulous communities online.  Well done you and I am sure you will have a fabulous 2013!  I am going to be spending the week reading great blogs.  Super excited for everyone on the list as it is such a great line up and some of my all time favourite bloggers.  Very humbled!  

  • Rakesh Kumar

    Great to see SocialSamosa being shortlisted. Thank you 🙂

  • Thanks Cindy, delighted to be included!

  • Janina Lear

    Huge congratulations to everyone on the list but especially to Donna at Socially Sorted. I love your blog and all your posts. They are really engaging and I love your visual graphics. Good Luck!!!!

  • Thanks so much for including me in that auspicious list! Another holy crap from me!

  • interesting how many of these blogs DON’T provide RSS links … one of them triggered a malware alert in my Chrome browser … one doesn’t have any title metatext (the result in Google Reader: “(title unknown)” … and several utilized design that made the content near-impossible to read … I would hope that in choosing the best social media blogs you’ll take a holistic view of any given blog

  • Margaret Molloy

    Congratulations to all the finalists on deserved nominations!  I enjoyed many of your blogs already and now have discovered great new ones. 

  • If you are thinking about uploading the movies to YouTube or Vimeo I would send them in the highest resolution because these services take care of sending smaller versions to mobile devices automatically.

  • Hey Craig,

    All blogs have RSS feeds. but many (including us) no longer list them because very few people still use RSS and those that do know how to find it.  All of these finalists came in through a nomination process.  Clearly this is NOT a full sweep of the world of social blogs, but rather the finalists from over 800 nominations we received.

  • Mallie Hart

    Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity. We are thrilled with the nomination and just so happy to be contenders amidst so many strong blogs.

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  • Congrats to all of the finalists !!!there is always something new !!!So we have to follow the advice and just do the right job!

  • Big thank you to our readers and writers who put Social Media Revolver on this list! You guys rock!

  • thanks so much Janina – that is so lovely!  It was such an honour to be listed with some of my all time favourite blogs!  I feel like a groupie ha ha. 

  • thanks so much Mel – I can’t wait for SMMW either.  I won’t be doing this SME summit in my PJs for once ha ha.  Such a great list of blogs, I am so chuffed to be shortlisted!  

  • OMG Fiona what a nice thing to say!  I had never thought of it that way…I am loving reading posts from some of the blogs on this list. If anything (apart from the 7 or so that I follow religiously already!) it has really been a great way to find some fabulous blogs, as always. I am in such good company!

  • Thanks so much Cindy. It is truly an honour to be listed next to some of the best blogs in the world and those that I religiously read. Love SME – can’t wait for SMMW – worth the 17 hour flight and we Aussies don’t have to do this one in our PJs!  ha ha.  

  • I have to admit that my personal favorite is @jeffbullas:twitter . The work what he does and the blog posts he writes are always of a great value and it’s always a pleasure to visit his blog. Nonetheless, I congratulate to all the finalists, many of which I already know and love reading their blogs as well. Good job everyone!

  • Thanks @CindyKing:disqus and SMExaminer for having Lighthouse Insights in the list. Delighted to the core 🙂

  • You’re welcome, Prasant! It was great to see your nomination in the list! We’ve always appreciated your involvement in our community.

  • Kyle Lickenbrock

    Not sure if anyone else has got the same thing but when I click on, Chrome tells me there is malware on the site.

  • Yes, I saw the same warning as well…

  • Again on your page, I found the article, which caught my attention. I searched for any marketing hints on blogs/websites devoted to pure marketing but eventually found the clues here. The key point is to socialize more. And here you are the pros! Thanks for the content – already liked & shared that on G+.

  • Again on your page, I found the article, which caught my attention. I searched for any marketing hints on blogs/websites devoted to pure marketing but eventually found the clues here. The key point is to socialize more. And here you are the pros! Thanks for the content – already liked & shared that on G+.

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  • Simon Cross1

    ummmm LinkedIn have 200 million members in OVER 200 countries. Well that is quite impressive considering there are only 196 countries in the world. The Vatican excluded. Do you research!

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  • Hi Kyle, 

    It was a real nightmare sorry for the inconvenience, we have sorted everything out now and we are back up (this would have to be the worst timing!) 

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  • Avi Lugassy

    A different type of Social Media.. Honouring our Fallen Heroes