social media toolsAre you looking for ways to better engage Facebook fans and build your community?

These top 10 Facebook apps are, in my opinion, some of the most useful ones for pages when it comes to encouraging fan engagement and giving value to your community.

They are also very easy to use. Some may be familiar to you, but you may find some new gems to try out.

By the way, check out Top Ten Facebook Apps for Building Custom Tabs & Pages. If you are looking for a more comprehensive list, check out the one by Mari Smith: Top 75 Apps for Enhancing Your Facebook Page.

#1: Fan of the Week for Pages

Your fans like to be recognized. This application keeps track of participation on your Facebook page and then automatically posts a “shout out” to your fan of the week.

The application is free for the basic message shown below, but you can upgrade for a small fee to customize your message.  The Fan of the Week App will also be installed as a tab on your Page so that people can see who the Fan of the Week is for that week if they miss the post.

fan of the week

When you are recognizing your audience for participation, they will watch for your posts.

To add it to your page, just go to and then choose the page to add it to. The app will automatically post to your page wall at the same time every week. Make sure you add the app to your page at the exact time you would like it to post.

fan of the week app

Enabling the Fan of the Week for Pages app is easy.

#2: Booshaka

Booshaka is another application that will highlight the fans who are participating on your page more often. When you install the application, a custom tab called Top Fans is added to your page.

Fans get the most points for posting to your wall and they also receive points for comments and likes.


Booshaka gives points for participation.

You can view the stats of each fan listed to see how they have participated. The app gives a complete history of the fan’s activity on your page.

To install Booshaka, just go to and click the blue Install button. They also have a Top Fans Pro version that rewards the top fans with perks.

#3: NetworkedBlogs

Facebook has changed the news feed algorithm, so it can be hard to keep track of what’s working and what’s not.

But in recent news, Facebook appears to have changed its algorithm again so that third-party posting applications such as NetworkedBlogs, HootSuite, TweetDeck and others will not be hidden in the news feed.

I have done my own research and have not found any collapsed posts from these applications, which is good news.

Even though it’s always best for engagement and EdgeRank purposes to post manually on Facebook, sometimes a little automation can be helpful. NetworkedBlogs is an application that automatically posts your new blog posts to your Facebook wall. You can use it to post to your personal profile, your Facebook page and Twitter accounts.

The application will pull in the title of the blog post, the first picture in the post (or a screen shot of your entire blog if there isn’t a picture) and the first few lines of the post. When someone clicks on the post, there are Share buttons at the top of the post to allow readers to easily share it with their networks.

networked blog post

NetworkedBlogs automatically posts your new blog posts to your wall.

I find the setup and navigation of NetworkedBlogs a little challenging, but there are help files. The easiest way to add NetworkedBlogs to your fan page is by going to and clicking on the Add to My Page link on the left sidebar.

#4: Post Planner

Sometimes you need to schedule your posts to your Facebook page. There are some scheduling tools such as SocialOomph, HootSuite or TweetDeck, but none has the capability to schedule posts with pictures or video. Post Planner can help with that.

The tool does cost $4.95/month to post to pages, but having some peace of mind that you won’t forget to post at the perfect time can help. Always make sure you are engaging and checking back into the conversation.

Post Planner also has a White Label version so you can customize the app name and send people who click on it to your website instead of to an application.

post planner

Post Planner can schedule posts with pictures.

The easiest way to install Post Planner is to go to

#5: YouTube

If you have a YouTube channel, I recommend integrating it into your Facebook page so that people who come to your page can easily access your videos. There are many YouTube applications, but my favorite is YouTube for Pages by Involver. It’s easy to install, the layout is nice and it offers easy sharing.

Your most recent video is automatically displayed as the largest. The application will not automatically post your newest video to the wall, but you can easily post it with just two clicks.


The YouTube for Pages app prominently displays your most recent video

The application is easy to install from and then click the Add to My Page link on the left sidebar.

#6: Livestream

Livestream is a great way to bring live video events to your Facebook page. The chat feature can make it more interactive with the audience. You can record the events for later viewing.


Mari Smith's recent Livestream broadcast.

To add Livestream to your page, go to and click the green Get Started button.

#7: ContactMe

Make it easy for people to get in touch with you with a contact form on your Facebook page. With the ContactMe app, you can add many different fields and customize the form to suit your needs. Install the ContactMe form at

contact me

Customize the fields or just keep it basic with a name, email and message.

#8: Constant Contact

Many people wonder how to add a newsletter signup to their page. There are lots of ways that include iFrame apps and design.

What I like about the Constant Contact application is that it is very simple to use. But it doesn’t allow for a lot of bells and whistles. You can add text to talk about your newsletter and even a picture as shown in the figure below.

But for people who are intimidated by code and too much customization capability, this application can be just the ticket to add a newsletter signup if you use the Constant Contact email service.

constant contact

The Constant Contact Join my List app is easy to use.

Get started at

Note: MailChimp also has a Facebook app for newsletter signup if you use their service:

#9: Scribd for Pages

Scribd is a document-sharing service that makes it easy to upload and share PDF, DOC, XLS, JPG and PPT files. People often want to be able to share a document with their Facebook community.

While you could upload the document to your website and share the link, the Scribd application allows people to easily view the document right in the tab and download it if they wish.

Involver also developed Scribd for Pages, and the easiest way to install it is to go to You can also access it by going to


Add PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, pictures or Word documents that your audience can download.

#10: Ecwid

To open a storefront that operates within Facebook, add Ecwid to your page. Ecwid integrates with PayPal, Google Checkout, and several other payment processing options.

Setting up a store is a little more involved than the other apps listed here, but can easily draw attention to your products and services. Ecwid has forums and very good customer support to help you on your way to becoming a social e-commerce pro.

To get started, go to


Easily create your own storefront that integrates with your Facebook page.

Applications can and should enhance your community’s experience with your Facebook page. They can also make your life easier with a little automation.

What do you think? Have you tried these applications? What has been your experience? Share your questions and comments with us in the box below.

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  • Pretty cool list, definitely give some of these a try on my facebook page.

  • Austin Meadows

    Just curious why you selected Constant Contact Vs another service like MailChimp (criteria, features, etc…)?

  • Julie from Post Planner

    Very cool list Andrea, and thanks for having us on board. Your readers can contact us if they have any questions by email on if they like. All the best and thanks again! 

  • Thank you for this list. It’s a great resource.

  • Thanks for this, definitely going to give Booshaka a try.  The You Tube reminder is also useful.  I can’t believe I haven’t already done this.

  • Jesse Fowler

    Great list! I just started using the Lujure suite, and although I know code – it helps me finish the page quicker. 
    Another great feature about it, for a designer, is that I can give my client the ability to edit their page (and charge a monthly fee for it). Have you found others to offer this as well? If so I’d like to check them out, but that was the selling factor for me.

  • Great list, Andrea! I’m using Booshaka which I like a lot for tracking the activity by fans. At the end of the month I feature the top fan and link to their site/blog. I’ve recommended the Constant Contact app to clients who use CC. Always good to give as many options as possible for people to opt in to your content.

  • Thanks for this list, Andrea. My favorites are: Youtube, ContactMe and Scribd for Pages. I’m still hoping that someone will fix the bug on the “My LinkedIn” profile app. I installed it on all my client’s pages and loved it !

  • TMGoldbach

    Thanks for this post! We are definitely going to dowload a few of these! I have a question on the Scribd app. If we already have a Scribd account (outside of Facebook), is it possible to integrate that into Facebook so it will pull the documents we already have in there? Or will we still have to download the Facebook app you mentioned about and manually re-upload all of the documents? I guess I’m asking if there is a way to link both the Facebook Scribd and our Website Scribd so when we upload a new document it will appear in both places. Thanks!

  • Hi Austin – I considered making it a double whammy of MailChimp and Constant Contact – I like both for sure.  I do know a lot of people on Constant Contact who aren’t utilizing this feature.  I did find Constant Contact just a bit easier to install but they are both great.

  • Always good to have a nudge to do the things we’ve been meaning to do!  Thanks Katherine 🙂

  • I love Lujure as well and did have them featured in the list of Apps to help with custom tabs.

  • I know  – I did like the LinkedIn app too – hope it gets fixed!

  • Definitely, the Scribd App works with your current account so they will be linked.  

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  • This is an excellent list Andrea – thanks for putting this together. We’re going to implement at least two and perhaps three of these ideas right away.  You may have covered this in a previous article, but I’ll go ahead and ask – do you have a recommendation for an app that lets you host a webinar from within your Facebook page? I’m interested in your experience doing this.  I have lots of experience with Webex and GoToWebinar, so I’m familiar with that experience.

  • Bentley the Bulldog

    Hi Andrea,
    thanks for the suggestions Fan of the Week, Constant Contact and Scribd looks
    great for me… I will probably install them soon.

  • Hmm, not to be a party crasher, but a decent brand will have their own custom page, that should take care of most o this things.. right? 

  • Andrea,

    Great list!

    I am currently using Booshaka and LOVE it — I recognize fans each week.  And also use it to reach out to Pages that have liked my page.  Really like Denise’s idea of recognizing a top fan monthly & giving their web link! 🙂

    I’ve played around or used the others, except… Scribd.  Was not aware they had a FB option.  Now my wheels are turning on just how that delicious tidbit could work going forward.

    Appreciate the tips! 🙂


  • Excellent FB apps here. I love the Fan of the Week app. Who wouldn’t want to be a fan of the week, I know I would! Can’t wait to test this and see the increased engagement. Cheers!

  • Cicely

    Regarding the “fan of the week” app, I love the idea of rewarding the fan but would this be against the Facebook promotions guidelines? Since fans would be using FB functionality as basically a way of entering to win something? 

  • Julie Wingerter


    We also think quizzes, personality tests, surveys and sweepstakes are great ways to boost engagement and create a connection… and we think SnapApp  ( is a great platform for creating and publishing these!

  • Delaney Diamond

    Wow, this is a great list!! Thank so much for this good information.

  • Great post about FB Apps!  I’ve actually been looking for a resourceful article on the most current, helpful FB Apps, so this is right up my alley.  I do love MailChimp, and did not know there was an easy way to integrate it with Facebook so I will definitely be including that on my FB!  Thanks for the post!

  • Marlar6

    Do you have some page examples of using Top Fan? I’d like to see some ideas for perks that pages are using successfully.

    Great list!

  • Just when I thought I was pretty well-versed on all things Facebook!  Great list, I’ve already implemented two.

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  • Question regarding #1:

    “To get picked as our next fan of the week, post on our wall or comment / like other posts and we might just pick you”

    “Club D’Ville has upgraded to the paid version to post a custom message that rewards the fan of the week even more with some free passes”

    Fans must interact on the wall in order to win free passes – how is this not a blatant violation of Facebook’s Contest Rules?

  • Bev Carlson

    I’ve used ecwid and I love it. I use it as a store on my website, a link to my website on my blog and on my Facebook fan page. Very easy. Best part, one change in the ecwid site will change everything immediately.

  • Cicely

    I had the same question – not sure how using this app gets around this. Admins would still have to promote the fact that fans will win a prize based off of using Facebook functions.

  • M Chan

    Thanks for the great information. There is so much out there that it is hard to figure out which ones to use especially when I am following so many gurus who are using different other tools. Being a solo entreprenuer, I am implementing tools to save time so I can use the extra time to get an extra hour of sleep since I work f/t to sponsor my businesses.

  • I’ve also used the Mailchimp newsletter signup app without fuss for those who use mailchimp instead of constant contact. Again, not a lot of customization, but effective.

  • MLouise

    Just added the YouTube tab!  AWESOME!!!  I love all your articles by the way.  So helpful!

  • Whistler Heather

    wow…loved this blog.. signed up for a few right away.. thx

  • Hi Jerry – has the ability to share your PowerPoint in a live streaming Facebook app.  I haven’t tried it for PowerPoint – I’ve used it to broadcast with webcam.  But take a look and see if it meets your needs.

  • Hi Victor – Yes I think custom tabs are good.  Not all these apps would be easy to create with a custom tab and some smaller companies may just want to use apps that are already available and achieve a needed purpose.  

  • Many people just like the recognition and that is reward enough.  You do have to watch the promotional guidelines when giving things away on Facebook – great point!

  • Take a look at the site – they have some examples.

  • You do have to actually enter on a registration page – take a look at  And Facebook’s promotional guidelines do say that you cannot condition entry on Liking the Page or Post but looking at Facebook’s promotional guidelines it looks like the app is following the rules:

  • Ok, I read that and I am still pretty confused how the “rewards” part of #1 and #2 don’t conflict with Facebook TOS.

  • Shannon

    We just set up vendorshop on some of our client’s FB pages.  Is Ecwid very different?  Love the list!

  • Cindy Wats

    Fabulous blog today!  Even though you have many great blogs, this has been extra fabulous.
    Thanks for all you do!
    I need to begin using so many of the apps you mentioned above.  

  • Great list. I’ll definitely give some of these a try. 

    Networked Blogs – I already use this and it is grouping my blog posts together on my new Timeline still.  There is no dropdown, but they are both small and next together.  This is not allowing me to make my blog post a featured item on my Facebook timeline.  Not happy about that and worth mentioning.

    Mailchimp also has a sign up app just like Constant Contact does – for anyone who uses Mailchimp.

    You can schedule a post with a picture with HootSuite.  You can either attach the URL or you just click the image icon and upload an image from your computer and send the photo with the post.  It will post to Facebook and Twitter.  That’s how it did it last time I was in HootSuite, anyway.

    YouTube apps – I’ve pretty much tried them all and the big problem is that most of them will only allow you to post a certain small amount of videos and then they want you to pay and upgrade in order to post more.  The best one I have found to use, which posts all of my videos, is from WeBuzz – it’s free and posts everything.  Definitely the best out there in my opinion.

    Slideshare also has an app you can use for document sharing.

  • Thanks Andrea,
    I have added two new applications to my Fan Page as a result of reading your post.
    Will share the results in the future.
    Appreciate it,

  • I haven’t tried Vendorshop so I’m not sure what the differences are.  There are a lot of e-commerce apps available for Facebook.

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  • Peter Olfe

    Very helpful list.  Thank you!

    Peter Olfe

  • Helen Neale

    Great list!  Will definitely be using some of these.  Anyone out there know if Aweber also has the ability to create a Facebook sign-up page for your email newsletter; alongside Mailchimp and Constant Contact?  Thanks. Also for your info, in the new version of SproutSocial you can also schedule posts on FB both to pages and personal accounts including photos, and links.

  • Marlar6

    We have Aweber too, so I went looking and found this: – I’ll be trying it out!

  • I will defo check out the contact form! Thanks a lot for that tip.

  • Wow what a fantastic list of apps cannot wait to start using some of them, thank you

  • Diane Bianchi

    These are some great tools – thanks for sharing!

  • Thanks for sharing, Andrea!  This is a great list, and it looks like it’s already helping a lot of page admins.  I love how the SME team is willing to give so much to the community.

    We recently released a Facebook App builder designed specifically for small businesses, and we offer a free 14-day trial for anyone that would like to give it a test drive.  I would love for you to check it out and let us know what you think.

    Here’s a link to Waggle Pages, our FB app builder home page >

  • Jessmlara

    Great tips! Thanks!

  • Michael Currey

    wondering if anyone has ever heard of the apps my company has out there… both free and paid versions of each… we have a twitter app, contact form, fangate and youtube app. you can see ’em in action on my fb page

  • Do you know if Exact Target offers a Facebook app for newsletter signup? For FREE?

  • Thanks for the list Andrea. There are a few I wasn’t aware of and have a feeling they’ll work quite nicely. 

  • Andrea,

    I’m not sure I understand – the page you mention in the post is ‘Club D’Ville’ (tab hosted by ‘Fan of the Week’), yet the one you mention in the comment is ‘ONEHOPE Wine’ (their tab is hosted by ‘Bookshaka’)?I took a look at the Fan of the Month tab on the ‘Club D’Ville’ page, and there is no required registration for the promotion: It simply requires a comment, a like or a post on the wall to enter. 

    They would be perfectly within their rights to reward their fan of the month with free tickets, but they can’t request on-page engagement as a requirement to be considered for this award. (The Bookshaka tab of ONEHOPE Wine does require registration – and therefore is within the rules). Am I thinking on the right line of thinking here? 

    I pay for a third party app to ensure I abide by these promo rules for my clients, so it does frustrate me when I see others flouting them – especially if I see this showcased.



  • America Mobi

    Thank you.. Hope they work fine on my side also.
    Americamobi – Mobile Website For Everyone

  • Stacey Killian

    Great tips Andrea! Can’t wait to put some of these into action. Thanks so much!

  • Hi Andrea! It is good collection of Facebook applications. I hope these are very helpful in building community. I like this post.

  • Nhlaka

    There are so many different apps on Facebook, I just didn’t know where to start. This list is comprehensive and targeted, thank you so much for sharing it!

  • Interesting apps! Fan of the week app seems like a definite engagement generator. 

  • dougricesmbiz

    Fantastic list, Andrea! I haven’t yet delved into Facebook Apps but am definitely going to look into some of these. I love the idea of increasing interaction through points of fan pages.

  • Mia Perry

    Booshaka is a cool app!
    If you’re looking for a Facebook shop, you should visit StoreYa, it imports your inventory automatically and gives you 100% brand customization.

  • Lara Colvill

    Love the involver app, perfect.  Thanks Social Media Examiner, as ever your posts are invaluable.

  • Great tips – Thanks for highlighting the app to help out community managers to better engage and build a strong fan base. Bravo 🙂

  • Jo

    Great information. Already started to change my page to fit with these suggestions. Thanks!

  • Jo Linsdell

    WOW! Thanks for such a great list.

  • #2 is ok because you have to enter on the contest tab to be considered as fan of the month.

    However, #! is definitely against the rules.

  • Woohooo – excellent list here @andreavahl:disqus !! Thanks heaps for the mention, too fun with my party boa on! 🙂  Sharing this post with my peeps now. xx

  • Excellent list.  The YouTube and Booshaka apps are particularly interesting.  However, Facebook seems a bit buggy lately.  I installed both and it put the apps on an unpopulated page (with the same name).  My actual Facebook brand page doesn’t have the new apps.  Has anyone else experienced this?

  • You looked great with the boa!  Fun launch party!  🙂

  • Ravi Shukle

    Hi Katherine, i have been using Booshaka for a while now and the fan of the week app offers a more robust service. The main problem i had found with Booshaka although you could identify the fans who had interacted with your page the most announcing this to your fans caused a small issue as you were unable to tag the user in the post – with fan of the week this places their image in a middle of a star and tags the member helping to increase engagement.

  • Ravi Shukle

    Hi @andreavahl:disqus , Great article thanks, Great selection of tools i have already as a result installed two of these for my business which i was unaware of previously. Truly belive with these tools even a multinational organisation can benefit. Increasing engagement is just as important whether you have 10 or 10,000 fans with tools like this it helps businesses become more in touch with their fans and produce a higher rate of engagement and feedback. Look forward to Facebook introducing its new private message feature for brands 🙂

  • Thanks Will

  • Thank you for Constant Contact plugin description – it will be useful for the company pages!

  • Erica Conroy

    Hi – I think that the CoupSmart apps are very amazing as well. Have you checked out the Hofbrahaus Newport and Pittsburgh pages? They have these amazing social gifting tools! They directly monetize social media. You can pay directly on Facebook and send people real gift certificates over Facebook or email. You can even schedule a delivery date. 

    Check it out here:

  • Thanks for the links! I installed YouTube, Scribd and Livestream easily! I already had Booshaka and my fans really like it. Awesome and so easy to add!
    Unfortunately, when I tried to add ecwid, it referred me to code for Websites and I did not find easily the FB app on their website. Again, it’s the first time i find that kind of list with so easy to implement apps.

  • Thank Ravi, good point about the tagging, it will be interesting to see how it works for my page :o)

  • Joy

    I’d like to add Fan of the Week to the business page I administer on FB, but I do not want FB to access my personal account along with this. How do I get FB to recognize only the business page, without wanting to violate my privacy as an individual?  Anyone have ideas?

  • This is helpful stuff. I just installed Scribd, so I thank you for the tip. Also, I want to let you and your readers know about Social Stage, This is many solutions for engaging customers on facebook, all in one. You build out your facebook page with their flexible tools. Check it out and pass it on. Also, see their blog for many samples of how businesses are using Social Stage to encourage “likes” to stick around awhile and express their interest.

  • Such a nice list; thank you!!

  • Wilsonleews

    Great advice! Love it and wanna try some!

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  • Patsy Stewart

    Thanks for the list of apps for Facebook.  I’ve been using some of them but I’m excited to try the others. I’m mixing them up on the different pages I manage to see how they work with different brands.  Love your work and thanks again!!

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  • Anita

    Hi, thanks for such a great info. How do you manage privacy issues with Fb apps? For example, many of them require, apart from basic info, also “XX may login as any of my X Pages, including”. I wonder why they would need this info and whether this may harm our pages?

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  • Janelle

    Great post Andrea! Very useful list – thank you 🙂 OneLove

  • Tnsauerkraut

    Can you show us how to add MailChimp?  I use it…

  • Tnsauerkraut

    Booshaka sounds great, but I’m an admin for two pages and only want it on one – how do I customize it like that?

  • Tnsauerkraut,

    Thanks for your great question!

    When you sign up for the free version of Booshaka, you will be given a choice where you want to install the Booshaka app.  So, if you only want it on one, choose the page where you want it to go.

    The installation and choices are easy, and only take a few minutes.  Booshaka gives instructions and guides you through step-by-step.

    Hope that helps.  🙂


  • Thanks for this great resource — I have it bookmarked!

  • Apps need the “Manage my pages” permission to get a list of Facebook pages you admin. Such list is usually used to if you’re allowed to manage settings of an app assigned to a Facebook page or not.  The only way to get this information requires the “Manage my pages” permission from you. Unfortunately it’s a Facebook requirement. 

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  • very interesting collection of apps 🙂 really like it

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  • This is great article! Just added YouTube and Fan of the Week! Thanks.

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  • Arturo

    Thanks a lot for these information! I’m so glad Andrea!

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  • Austin, I love the mailchimp integration. It seems more complicated, but the step by step instructions are excellent on the mailchimp site. I use this for all new marketing clients who don’t already have an autoresponder as you get a lot for free on mailchimp. 2000 subscribers and 5000 mailings a month free. Not to mention the unlimited lists allow you to do multiple autoresponders.

     I usually have a separate optin form for Facebook vs my client’s blog with a different offer.  This allows you to clearly Segment traffic and target your offers based on traffic source. You could also segment later inside mailchimp, but you shouldn’t need to. 

    Do you use mailchimp? I also hear good things about aweber and have used icontact. 


  • They have an excellent tutorial on how to add a mailchimp optin form here:

    It is slightly different than how you do it with other tools.

    Good luck and let me know if you need help.

    Have a good day,

  • Check out MyWebees as well – a free app that imports your entire website into your Facebook page (+ a whole lot of other neat features :))

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  • Wickless Warrior

    Thank you so much! finally easy instructions and works right the first time. Not a bunch of Jargon that I cant understand and to be truthful I almost skipped it for that very reason.  I have read a few Top Tens during my “Sunday Self Enhancement” (I’m on overtime right now). That left my head spinning! Two Thumbs up, 5 Stars and a host of other accolades to you! Thanks again.


    Lost in Modern technology (I still have a 35mm Camera) =/

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  • Yes I know what you mean, but usually things are worth as much as you pay for it 😛  One of these free apps may crash at any time leaving your company with a big facebook page.. empty! 

    It’s pretty easy for even a basic developer to do a custom tab.. so with only a small investment a company can have a decent facebook page 🙂 

    But I also understand the appeal of these apps 🙂

  • Excellent article!  Thanks for sharing!  I just spent a good hour trying a whole bunch of these out on our Facebook Page.  I’m researching apps for Band pages right now.  (As on rock bands).  Any suggestions? Like this one

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  • It is a known fact
    that any type of business cannot survive in the competitive market without
    promoting itself. Promotion of products, services and businesses can be done
    via social media marketing. Facebook is the leading social media network with
    the largest user base in the world and it has a variety of applications, but
    which one you choose depends on what type of business you have to offer to
    consumers. We can utilize Facebook applications to push businesses next
    level. One such app is the Facebook Marketplace where one can buy or sell

  • Booksha is too slow is there any better than booksha

  • Dev

    Thanks Andrea! That’s a very nice article you have written I will definitely follow your advice…
    Keep blogging……

  • Mary

    I’d love to add some these apps but I’ve lost the ability to admin my FB page.  Any FB technical folks out there who can help me?  I used to only have a FB business page then recently I finally gave in and created a FB personal profile.  Each account had a different email for log in.  When I tried to merge the accounts under one email address, FB stopped recognizing the email for my business page.  Now I can’t get into the page to admin etc. FYI, FB help is no help without an email log in. 🙂  Any ideas?  Thanks.

  • Ron Cross

    I just added fan of the week. I wish I’d know that they place a huge “add this app to your page” button and ads for games on your page, and that you have to pay a monthly fee to have them removed. It looks really unprofessional on a business page to me. I’ll see how it engages the fans, but I was disappointed when  saw it.

  • Some great ideas. You brought some new ideas to mind for me. I really need to start using more video and I am going to go check out livestream now.

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  • Really informative, sounds like great.

  • very nice info , i have used for myself 
    #1: Fan of the Week for Pages     
    thank you 

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  • Joel

    Great article!  Thanks.  I’m sharing it with some clients (and employees) right now.   🙂

    Joel Hulett 

  • Rhonda

    Does anyone know if there’s a Testimonial App that can be placed on a business facebook page?

  • Great article!  Thanks.  I’m sharing it with some of my friends also…thanks once again

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  • Andrea, Really cool list. Thanks a ton. I am going through it and adding what I need.

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    Your article inspired me into action! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


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  • Thank you so much!!! This is great!!! I’ll be using many of this apps for my pages. 

  • Mo

    Great list, can you update it to apps that support the new Timeline ?

  • Cherry Frederick

    Yes, I would like to understand this as well.  Hoping someone can provide info. 

  • Ecwid supports the new Timeline already.

  • Quick tip for all of you – Crowdbooster lets you schedule and post Facebook statuses and your posts can contain video or images. No need to pay $5 a month for Post Planner…. 🙂

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  • rajatgarg79


    Please do checkout SocialAppsHQ – we have all the above mentioned apps. Post Planner is the only one missing and is going to be launched by end of this week.

    SocialAppsHQ is the largest FB app store with 29+ apps live on 1M+ FB pages


  • Does the “Fan of the Week” app comply with Facebook’s contest rules? I don’t see any way for fans to opp into participating. Nor do I see a link they can click on for rules. 

  • I really wish I had read the comments first to see that this app does violate the rules. Now I’m going to have to do some back tracking. Thanks Will for making it known. Really wish Andrea would have responded to you and updated this article. 

  • I am so sorry I did not see this reply.  Yes, Will Russell is correct.  I had thought that the Advanced Features of the Fan of the Week App had an e-mail registration but they do not.  I will change the screenshot on this App to show the more standard Fan of the Week application where no prize is given away.  

    I still like the Fan of the Week App for this reason.  

  • All of these Apps work with the new Timeline.  

  • No we are changing the screenshot shortly to show a screenshot with Fan of the Week complying with the rules.  

  • Great list! I only miss one app: Reviews. The 5 star reviews app of Facebook for pages was great to see what people think about your business. I googled for long time but couldn’t find any alternative since facebook removed the app. Any idea how to get a reviews tab with star rating?

  • acsables

    Y a t-il un outil permettant de remonter le statut des fans (par ex : professeurs/ élèves pour la page d’une école) afin de connaitre la répartition de ceux-ci et déterminer les cibles ? Merci de votre réponse 

  • Geri

    How do I get “fan of the week” to stop choosing the page owner as the fan of the week?

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  • Hi all,

    I am Neeraj Kumar. I am working on a side project, Social Munkee. These are a set of Free Facebook apps for pages. These apps are a collection of few essential apps that every one needs. Currently there are two apps, but I am working on more as I write. 

    You can check these apps at: or

    I would love to hear some feedback. 

    Neeraj Kumar

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    thank you very much
    it’s very helpful list

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  • I can’t get to the editing part of the Contact app I just applied to my Facebook page – any suggestions?

  • Brittany Ryan Mathiowetz

    Is there a newsletter sign up app for Adobe Business Catalyst? I’m not able to find anything….

  • Kevin

    Very helpful list, thanks a lot ! 🙂

    BTW, ‘Fan of the Week’ never answers Support emails !

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  • Rosa Pena

    Awesome list, Thank you 🙂

  • Ricky

    I’ve been using booshaka for a month now and the service is horrible. At first it would update every 24 hours, but now it only updates once a week at best. I contacted the company and they told me that they can no longer guarantee regular updates.

    Is there another APP that is similar, but more reliable?

  • Crissie Bennett

    I handle the advertising of the business I work for. My company has items for sale listed on eBay. If we are looking to put a “Store” on our Facebook page, are we able to use Ecwid to link our items from Facebook to our Ebay account?

  • It is quite good list. But, I like most post planner and constant contact. I will use these two in my Page.

  • PostPlanner is an awesome tool. Totally should be here!

  • CareLess Sirocco

    Booshaka how it works ? I couldn’t find that option what mentioned.

  • Raakin Natiq’un

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  • Any updates? All these working well? Adapted to FB algorithm?