social media toolsAre you looking for an easy way to create attractive pages on Facebook? Are you wondering how businesses are creating Welcome tabs?

In this article I’ll reveal a number of applications that make it very easy to add functionality to your Facebook page.

Custom Tabs: What You Need to Know

You may have seen some Welcome pages on Facebook that encourage new visitors to Like the page. You may even be given an incentive such as a free report or, in Tim Ferriss’ case, a free chapter of his book. This is sometimes referred to as fan-gating, meaning only fans see special content.

tim ferriss

Tim Ferriss gives away a free chapter of his book to those who become fans.

A brand may also be using a Facebook custom tab in many different ways, as Social Media Examiner covered in the post 8 Powerful Ways to Use Facebook Landing Tabs.

But how do you create these custom tabs? You can create a custom tab on your Facebook page with an iFrame application.

First, what are iFrames? iFrame stands for Inline Frame and is basically an HTML document embedded inside another HTML document on a website. An iFrame pulls the content from one website into another. So in the context of Facebook, an iFrame pulls the content of another website into an area on your Facebook page.

iFrames are very powerful because anything you can create on a website, you can bring into your Facebook page, providing a unique and rich experience for your community.

How to Use iFrames

To use iFrames on Facebook pages, you have two different choices. You can build an application from scratch or you can use one of the third-party applications available. In this post, I won’t cover building an iFrame application from scratch. You can learn more about that on Tim Ware’s post: Tutorial: Add an iFrame Application to Your Facebook Fan Page – 2011 Edition.

In this post, I cover the top 10 iFrame applications that you can use to easily create your custom Facebook tab. These applications are available from third parties (i.e., not Facebook) and make it very easy to create a professional Welcome page or whatever you choose to display.

Typically you’ll need your own graphics or HTML code to use these applications. Some are more customizable than others with drag-and-drop features that allow you to easily add videos, pictures or your email option forms.

Many of the third-party apps will “host” your content for you. Your content in this case will be either your image or your HTML code that you’re using to create your mini-webpage within your Facebook tab.

If you’re using an image, it’s best if it’s 520 pixels wide by 800 pixels high at maximum.

Many of these third-party apps also have the “fan-gating” or “reveal” option (also called “fan-only content”) where you have to Like the page before you see the next page. Giving visitors something for free (i.e., a coupon, a free chapter, a free report) is an added incentive to Like your page.

How to Install an iFrame Application

Before we get into the various applications, I want to cover how to install an application on your page.

Some of the applications will be installed from the websites given below (and I’ll indicate when that’s the case).

Other applications can be installed from the Facebook App page (the special page designed for the app you want to install). In those cases, you will click the “Add to My Page” link in the left-side bar and typically a drop-down menu appears to select the Facebook page where you would like to add the app.

add to page

Use the drop-down menu to add this application to your Page

After you have added the application to your Page, navigate to the Page and then it should be in the left side-bar.  If not, you can go to the Page dashboard by going to Edit Page and then select Apps and find it listed there.

Top 10 iFrame Apps

#1: Wildfire

Wildfire has several Facebook applications, most notably their contest and sweepstakes apps.

Their iFrame app is currently free and works very well. But, per their blog, they may start charging for the app at some point in the future (if you install it now, you’ll be grandfathered in for the free option). Wildfire is easy to install right from their website and has the option for fan-gating.

Once you install the app, you’ll see this screen on your page where you can either upload your custom image from your computer or add your custom HTML code.


Add your Image or your HTML content within the Wildfire application on your Facebook Page

#2: Involver

Involver also has a suite of Facebook applications and their iFrame app is called Static HTML.

To install it, just go to the Involver website and click “Install” next to the Static HTML app. Involver also allows fan-only content and one of the nice things about Involver’s app is that you can easily add multiple custom tabs by clicking “Add a Second Static HTML Application.”


You can add additional custom tabs by clicking Add a second Static HTML application

Involver allows you to use two applications for free. If you want to use more, you have to switch to their paid plan. So if you’re currently using two of their other apps on your page, you’ll have to uninstall one of them to add the Static HTML app, unless you want to pay Involver.

#3: TabPress

TabPress is a free iFrame application developed by HyperArts that can easily add fan-only content. Install TabPress from the Facebook application page by clicking the “Add to My Page” link on the left side of the page under the profile picture.

TabPress does not host images, so you’ll have to upload them to a site and reference them using HTML code such as <img src=””> or wherever you have the photos hosted. Or if you have HTML code, just enter it in the boxes as shown in the image.


Enter your HTML code within the application on your Facebook Page and then Preview your tabs by clicking the Preview buttons at the top

#4: TabSite

TabSite allows you to create multiple tabs within your custom tab so that you can create a mini-website. You design your custom tab on their website and then load it onto your page.

You get two tabs for free. If you want more tabs, there’s a monthly fee. You can see the app in action in the figure below where each blue bar takes you to a different tab within the tab.


An example of a custom tab on Facebook with multiple tabs. Each of the blue bars navigates to a new sub-page.

#5: Static HTML: iframe tabs

Static HTML: iframe tabs is another free application and it doesn’t host your images similar to TabPress as mentioned in #3.

I found this app to be more accepting of some of the HTML and CSS tags than some of the other apps. To install it, go to the Facebook app page as linked and click “Add to My Page” on the right column. This app also allows FBML tags if you used those in the previous Static FBML app that came before iFrames.

static html iframe tabs

Add your HTML code within the Application on your Facebook Page. If you have FBML tags in your code, check the Enable FBML box.

#6: iwipa

iwipa is a cool free iFrame application that’s somewhat easier to use if you don’t know how to do HTML coding.

You can add banners, slideshows, videos and pictures in a visual environment. They have some nice video tutorials to help you out. To add iwipa to your page, go to their Facebook app page and click on “Click Here to Install” on the left-side bar.

You design your custom tab within their website and then add it to your page.


The iwipa application on Facebook has some handy tutorials embedded in their custom tab.

#7: Lujure

Lujure is another iFrame app that’s easy to use (if you don’t know coding) with their drag-and-drop design area.

Their free option comes with one tab and they have the fan-only content capability. Install this application directly from their website. They do require billing information even to install the free version.


An example of a custom Welcome tab created with Lujure.

#8: Hosted iFrame

Hosted iFrame is free for up to 25,000 fans and you can have up to five tabs. They have an easy place to add your Google analytics code. They’ll host your images up to 25 MB.

To install just click on the green “Get Started” button on their Start Here tab.

hosted iframe

Configure your custom tab with Hosted iFrame on their site and add it to your Facebook Page afterwards.

#9: iFrame Engine

iFrame Engine has a free version that allows for one page with one tab and does have fan-only capability. Their upgraded model is a one-time fee, which I like because you aren’t paying that monthly fee for the life of your page (that adds up!)

iframe engine

iFrame Engine has a video tutorial on their Page to show you how to set it up.

#10: FaceItPages

FaceItPages has easy-to-use templates that allow for multiple tabs, embedded pictures, videos and more. The free version doesn’t allow for multiple tabs and is more restricted as to what you can add.


FaceItPages has lots of examples of their templates in action.

You can always try one of these applications and if it isn’t working for you, try another.

If you’re creating a Welcome tab that you want people to land on first, make sure you change the Default Landing Tab in the Manage Permissions area of your Facebook page dashboard.

New applications are being added all the time, so watch for newer, easy-to-use iFrame apps.

What do you think? Have you used these applications to create a custom tab on your page? I’d love to hear from you. Leave your comments in the box below.

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  • I’ve tried several of the ones suggeted…in free versions. I ended up choosing PageModo which is not listed. It has limited capabilities, but is by far the easiest to set up. If you only need one tab on a page it’s great. However, I can see that many companies would want more features.

  • Thanks for putting this list together!

  • Great list!

    I’ve used a few, and had looked forward to trying a few others on the list, so I appreciate your feedback, Andrea.

    One that I’m excited to try” HyperArts Tab Press — I’ve seen others’ creations, and presentation looks terrific!

    Thanks so much!!


  • Andrea:

    Thank you for putting this list together.  It is very useful!  I’ve been using TabSite for over a year now and absolutely LOVE IT!  There’s many more features that make it #1 on my list – ease of use, price, analytics, drag & drop design, HTML access, non-fan landing page, etc, etc, etc. Here’s an example of my latest one:


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    This is good info. With a creative photo strip though, we’ve done well bypassing the landing page altogether, 🙂 

  • Need to find a reason to put this to use 🙂

  • timely. 
    getting ready to build a new fan page.
    thanks Andrea!

    Mtn Jim

    p.s. which one would YOU use?

  • Great info and very timely, thanks Andrea! I was just talking to someone about customizing a Facebook page last week.  

  • Webtrends Apps has great pre-developed applications for Facebook that are simple to add as well.

  • Guest

    Great article.  I am familiar with how to create custom tabs for my business but the one customization I’m interested in and haven’t seen any information on is customizing post attributes.  For example, if you go to DisneyLand’s facebook page, you will see that the majority of their wall posts are tagged with “via DisneyLand” after the time stamp – does anyone know how to do this?  

  • We used Static HTML to create a landing page on It worked well and the feature to have different content for fans and non-fans is great. The only drawback is if you are the page admin then you can’t see how the page looks live.

  • Cindy

    Andrea, love this article, great info… however, I have tried with several of these applications and the problem comes when in MANAGE PERMISSION in FB, there is supposed to be a pull-down menu that says “Make this the default page” but that option is not there for me and apparently, there are many others having the same problem.  Might you have any resource or info on this?

  • I think ShortStack was overlooked in this article…

  • I do like PageModo as well – it was hard to choose the top 10!

  • You are welcome Keri!  Lots of these apps have different approaches and are easier for some applications so it’s good to try them all!

  • Each of them have different advantages depending on what you are doing.  I’ve used different apps for different things so I don’t have a clear favorite.

  • Happy to help!

  • Meghan – they have created a posting application to do this.  If you click on it you will go to their app that they have programmed and named Disneyland.

  • Looks great Chad!

  • Thanks Douglas – always good to see what is out there!

  • The Static HTML app has a preview window that you can access.

  • Are you trying to make it the default landing tab?  I do know that some people who have classified their page as a Non-profit have had trouble with the default landing tab option.  I don’t know why that is but it looks like a bug in Facebook.

  • I know there are a lot of favorites out there – I know a lot of people do like ShortStack as well!

  • Chris Syme

    A good application for custom pages: DIY from Splash Labs Social. They have a free trial so you can check it out. I did a free trial and had a nice custom page built in just a few minutes.

  • Excellent list of resources, lots of them new to me.  Thank you!

  • Definitely think that ShortStack is worth a mention, I’ve used several and they’re the most user friendly and best value for money in my opinion.

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  • Great choices but still for the average business owner who doesn’t understand coding, html, or css they aren’t going to be able to create or design a landing page that really pops.  That’s why a lot of companies are hiring outside companies like ours to design and then code landing pages.  Landing pages are very similar to creating websites and if you don’t have programs that design or coding knowledge it will end up looking unprofessional to the fan.

    :0 PS – I’m a huge FAN of Static IFRAME Tab for custom designs. 

  • Dustin

    I agree… Shortstack is pretty awesome and easy to use. And they offer a free version to test it out.

  • Marcos Domiciano

    Shortstack is great, I love using them, very easy to use and for one cost you can use it for multiple pages. 

  • Reading this and the comments is why my welcome tab is still FBML.  So, many choices.  And soon we’ll have to duplicate our efforts over at Google+.  

    Thanks for the research.  Got this one bookmarked. 🙂

  • TroyRumfelt

    Andrea, we at TabSite thank you for including us in the top 10.  With our new and Drag N Build platform that we launched in mid June, we are thrilled to offer more power and ease of use for the non-coder.  Just today we announced  the addition of a Free Google Map Widget for all plans including our Free Version.

    Thanks again!

    TabSite CEO
    Troy Rumfelt

  • Cindy if your page has been classified as a “Community Page” you can’t select a default tab. If you aren’t seeing that option that’s likely what has happened.

  • Hey Andrea!!! We over at Iframe Engine appreciate the mention! Lots of choices out there and people definitely need to decide which they like the best. For developers selling pages our Developer package is 10 times less expensive than our competition. Be sure to check us out on Facebook : or

    Thanks again Andrea!
    Scott Ayres
    Squad Leader
    Hubze, Inc

  • This is really useful –  never previously seen these apps summarised in one article, will definitely save for reference.  Thanks!

  • Hi Andrea! Thanks for the mention of our TabSite platform! Our aim is to keep providing more tools for the small and medium sized business so that they can create custom tabs for themselves.  We’ve recently added some cool tools including a nifty YouTube Channel display, PhotoShow, ProductShow (slideshows you can resize).  All available in our Drag N Build platform.  Since we just rolled Drag N Build out in June, I’m not sure if you were able to test it for this article.  We’d be glad to give you a demo! – Mike, Community Manager for TabSite

  • I was kind of surprised not to see NorthSocial in the list.  They do not have a free service that I’m aware of, but they have tools that are more suited for small businesses when compared to similar tools from Wildfire and Involver.

    The biggest thing that kills me about some of the bigger names is the complexity of the setup and the variety of charges incurred – you almost HAVE to use their managed solutions to get off the ground running.

    Hands down, North Social has been my fave, using it for automotive dealers on Facebook for some time. is one example.

  • Hey Andrea –

    A little surprising that North Social wasn’t referenced in this post, since the Tim Ferriss screenshot you included is actually powered by North Social’s Exclusive App. Using our app, Tim has ramped his fan count by more than 70,000 in just a few months.

    The Exclusive App is one of 18 powerful apps in our suite that can be used for fan growth, promotions,
    contact capture, content distribution, e-commerce, and more.

    Check out to get more ideas on how to get more impact out of your Facebook page by browsing 150+ usage examples across 20+ industry categories.

    Please contact me anytime if you’d like to learn more.


    David Brody, Managing Partner, North Social

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    mso-font-signature:3 0 0 0 1 0;}
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    mso-font-signature:1 134676480 16 0 131072 0;}
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    @page WordSection1
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  • Thanks for the excellent article! I have tried both Lujure and iFrame engine and like them both but I may check the others out as well.

  • I have a bookmarks folder titled, Blog posts with great info. When I look in it is mostly posts. You guys rock!

  • nathanlatka1

    Andrea, thanks for including Lujure. Our whole team did a happy dance 🙂

    You’ve highlighted some of the top apps in the marketplace here- awesome. I do think Jim at Shortstack has put together a stellar app as has North Social.

    Our goal at Lujure is to continue allowing free form customization yet eliminate the need for coding knowledge.


    Co-Founder, Lujure

  • nathanlatka1

    Too funny Lauren! We tried calling you this morning but you were busy :). Your pages are looking great!

  • nathanlatka1

    Agree here- North Social’s got a highly effective and quick to install solution.

  • ETYellowRose

    Scott, I have the same problem. Mine is not a non-profit (although I have one that is) but I wonder if other people come to the landing page and as the admin I land on the wall. Could that be the problem?

  • Yes I tried to call you back but no answer. I will keep trying.

  • Yeah.. Once you like a page you will always go to the wall. That applies to admins and fans. The only thing you can control is where non-fans land.. 

  • That is a nice Kuno design!  Glad TabSite is working out well for you guys!

  • Nice post! Interesting info! Thanks.

  • Thanks for the shout out Ryan. Good looking Page. Keep it up.

  • nathanlatka1

    Totally agree with you Kelly! Just shot you a FB message 🙂

  • Cheenan

    You missed Short Stack, in my opinion the best of the bunch!

  • Sofia

    Have you tried Wix?

  • gregcooper

    Totally agree. ShortStack is awesome. I’ve used 6 of the 10 here and ShortStack is way better.

  • Thanks Nathan – I know North Social and Short Stack are definitely good as well! 

  • Thanks Cheenan – definitely a lot of Short Stack lovers out there!

  • Thanks David – I do also like your video tutorials on your site.  North Social does have great apps that we cover in the Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies book coming out next month. 

  • Nella

    Wow, I’ve been looking for a list like this! Thanks a bunch!

  • Andrea we’ve been using a WordPress for Facebook solution for some of our financial advisor clients that is super simple, especially if you’re a WordPress user. Have you heard of this one? It’s actually a WordPress theme so you’ll need a domain and a host for this, but the theme is free. We’ve found that it will also integrate with some WordPress plugins. For example, we use Gravity Forms which allows us to create a reveal page that offers a free white paper using wp4fb, and we can capture the sign-up through Gravity forms right there on the Facebook page. 

    I’ll have to check out some of these others that you’ve listed!  Thanks!

  • Diane

    Thank you for this great article.  I haven’t tried anything yet, but I’ve been meaning to research the whole IFrame thing and you just saved me a lot of time!

  • Melanie

    This list is great. I recently made a new static html page. It comes up as a Welcome page. It seems that others have been able to name their page something else; I couldn’t figure out a way to do this. Can you only give it a unique name with the iframes solution? Thanks!

  • Just wanted to stop by and thank you SO much for the mention. We started the FanPageEngine back in March of 2010 and it has been a great ride. We have met some awesome people and love moving at the speed of social. I agree there are so many great solutions and we like them all.

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  • These are great applications and a good way to drive traffic to your site – don’t forget that you can also import your entire website to your Facebook Page as a tab, so you keep your fans in the same place! Check out the new Facebook app – click the big blue connect button 🙂 enter your URL and your entire website is imported as a tab to your Facebook page – which is pretty cool!

  • Andrea – as always great info! I currently use Tabsite and Lujure on my Page, but will be checking out those on your list, as well as the ones listed by the other comments. Thanks!

  • Marcos Ruiz

    Very very useful post. Thank you very much. Your page is wonderful!

  • Yes Stephanie – I like that option as well – especially if you are comfortable with WordPress.  Lots of ways to go out there!

  • Glad to help!

  • If you go into the Apps area in your Page dashboard and navigate to the App and then click on Edit Settings you can name the tab whatever you would like.  Hope that helps!

  • Thank you Stephanie for the tip about wp4fb. I’m currently redesigning my site using the Genesis platform and I really would like to be able to integrate it with Facebook, particularly because it’s a website/blog that would benefit from a life on Facebook.

    I checked wp4fb out before writing this reply, and it is AWESOME. Pardon me.

    If you are using WordPress, wp4fb is a must.

    And thank you Andrea for doing all of the legwork to put this article together. I may have never found wp4fb otherwise. Consider a post on wp4fb.

  • How many of these fan page apps have provider branding on them?  Like a ‘brought to you by’ type of branding?

  • Ahmed Ismail

    I am a Shortstack fan as well.

  • Bill Devaney

    I am also a fan of North Social.  Very easy to use and yes, the video tutorials as fantastic.

  • Excellent, thank you … I used Tabpress to embed a Google Calender on … works like a charm.

    Keen to test some of these others you have recommended, now.

  • Tim Hammer

    As others have pointed out, I’m really surprised that Shortstack was overlooked. They’ve got a great app that is much more robust than some of the other options in the article.

  • Guest

    Another great option (not listed here) would be – Although at the moment this very robust engagement platform is only within reach (financially) of mid to enterprise level firms, you definitely get what you pay for. Check out the most recent Social Media Examiner post with a video of our CEO, Bart Steiner!

  • Really some awesome apps are shared here With so many applications coming out just have to find the exact one for your business. Thanks for the share.

    Recently posted:

  • Great apps thanks for sharing.

  • Carl

    Very nice post!!! Thanks for sharing.

    I’m trying to learn how to create my own apps and after a few researching and trial and error I think I got it. That was couple of days ago. I did some testing and everything seemed fine. I was surprised when I logged in today to find a different App creation dashboard. I could still make an app to create a landing page but the there’s a scroll bar in my result. Still trying to figure out what I’m missing.

    Is there any way you can help me out? Or maybe explain why it happened.

  • jeff e.

    Back in late March when we “had” to move away from the friendly confines of static:fbml on our new pages, i tried just about all of the apps i could find (at the time) and static html: iframe tabs seemed to have an easy enough interface, allowed you to use the same fbml code you’d used before and despite it being a free service, they didn’t force you to place their branding anywhere on your page (the closest thing is the star in the tab section next to your tab’s name, not invasive at all).  thanks for the referrals to these other sites (and thanks to all the chimers who have commented on their faves as well)!   

  • propagandahouse

    Has had multiple mentions already – but must add my surprise that north social wasn’t included, great simple to setup apps and not too exy. 

  • Nice!!  Will have to try one of those apps. It will be nice to have a better looking FB page. 🙂

  • I’d love to know this too David!  All the ones I’ve tried so far have hideous branding.  I certainly don’t mind their branding & link being there, but it’s annoying when it’s overwhelming!

  • Thanks for this awesome post Andrea.  Does anyone know which of the free options don’t have over-the-top branding for the App?

  • Isgonfer

    Great article, thanks! Have a look as well at Codeeta ( to create your own contact, booking and payment forms and put them in your website, Facebook page or blog.

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  • Thanx for the tips too, and I agree most companies don’t have people that can code. I use Fanbooster, No coding just a widget drag and drop tool which creates some amazing pages with different background colours and fonts, pictures easily uploaded and slideshow galleries for special effects amongst other widget. So simple to use, it does cost 110 euro a month but you can measure the ROI with the tool too.

  • Danny Hicks

    I use easy fan page design and love it,

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  • Hi Andrea, thanks for putting together this list. The Syncapse Platform is another powerful technology for building custom tabs on Facebook pages – geared exclusively to large enterprise marketers and agencies. I’d be pleased to offer you a demo.

    We’re looking forward to reading your new book!

    PR @ Syncapse

  • I don’t know if anyone mentioned them yet. But, shortstack gets my vote…

  • Ronnie J Coyle

    Thank you for the list. Do any of the custom page builders allow the ability to change the favicon? 

  • Melanie

    I found it; thank you so much!

  • Hi Ronnie.  We do offer ability to load a custom favicon per tab with our Gold plan in TabSite. You do it right in the TabSite Manager.  Hope that helps.  Some of the other companies that have you install your own Facebook app would also offer this. 

  • Ronnie J Coyle

    Great to know. Thank you Mike for your help.

  • Tscott
  • Stephanie

    I’m another Pagemodo fan.

  • I tested Static HTML too and I like it (I even inserted a slideshow in javascript) ; see here
    By the way, David, your facebook page doesn’t display any image right now 🙁

  • pipeempire

    I am new to facebook and amped about developing a dynamic profile and pages. Can the above apps be embedded into profiles as well as pages?

  • Fast Fan Pages is a new option at

    It has a new functionality called ‘Power Gates’ which allows you to present different ‘like’ page options depending on the language spoken by the user and the country that they’re based in.

  • No all of these apps are only available for Pages.  Yet another reason to brand with a Page instead of your profile.

  • ExpressYourCell

    Theres a very robust new company that lets you just do everything as a drag and drop called

    Our company has just started using it, and so far the results are phenomenal. They include tab-specific analytics which is very useful.

  • Bradley many of them do have a line at the bottom or somewhere that does indicate the app.  Static HTML does not have anything at the bottom, just the star favicon. 

  • Thanks so much for this article Andrea! Very timely and thorough! Are there any iFrame applications out there which allow you to change the icon in the main navigation (under the page photo)? These apps are fabulous but being able to brand and change the icon would be fantastic! Thanks again!

    ~Amelia Silbert-Geiger~

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  • Marty

    Found this fantastic WordPress plugin which makes FB pages a breeze
    Check out the video and make up your own mind !

  • Crystal Vilkaitis

    I LOVE too – so easy to use, great tutorial videos. It does cost, but it’s worth it! -Crystal, Director of Social Media, SnapRetail

  • We have also used pagemodo & enjoy the features. Thanks for sharing this list, we will definitely check into a few that we haven’t yet looked at.

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  • We’re new but you can check out: we’re hoping to help fill in this space in a big way.

  • Hi Andrea,

    As some below I’d like to point out that Venpop ( is missing from the list.  Venpop is currently powering more than a thousand retailers and used by BestBuy, Guess, Bulgari, and many many more retailers.  Venpop is a spin off of the social commerce platform that powers
    Use our custom Facebook tabs to create the best first impression with our iframe application. Our custom Facebook Pages support HTML in a tab, videos, like gates, and more. Please contact me for a demo!


  • Jason Padvorac

    Thanks for mentioning Static HTML: iframe tabs, Andrea! We’ve had people checking us out because of it. Also, as far as code goes, we accept *everything*. No restrictions in our app. 🙂

    – Jason

  • Jason Padvorac

    I’m glad our app has been useful for you, David! By the way, I just checked out your page and had trouble seeing the image. Just thought you might want to know. 🙂

    Jason, Static HTML developer

  • Jason Padvorac

    That’s a nice looking page, Marie! Let me know if you ever have feedback or questions about the app. 🙂

    Jason, Static HTML developer

  • Jason Padvorac

    I’m glad you like static html, Jeff! Let us know if you ever have feedback or questions about it. 🙂

    Jason, Static HTML developer

  • Some of these apps do have the option to change the favicon for the paid versions.

  • “Favicon” – Love it! Thanks so much Andrea – looks like in order to brand, we will have to pay.

  • This is great timing for me since I just started my first Facebook page a couple of weeks ago. Thanks for such a thorough list of Facebook apps!

  • Sdoris

    Andrea, Thanks for post. Awesome info.  This might be very naive, but I get really squeamish about the “allow” messages – sounds
    like I am giving up all my contacts info, etc… should I be worried
    about that with all these apps? Especially with client FB pages? 
    Thanks, again for great info. (Leave it to Social Media Examiner for BEST topics!)


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  • Hi Andrea,

    Great list – some great welcome / landing page applications here.

    Over at YapSocial we’ve 3 Facebook marketing applications on offer, one of which is a welcome page / iFrame app.  They’re all free, and creatively flexible!  Our landing iFrame app is currently being used by over 500 users!

    We’ve also a promotion / discount code application for any product or service orientated business, and a featured products storefront app which is compatible with Google Products (super easy setup for this one too).

    I hope these apps can be of help to your readers too!

  • Jenna Hamlyn

    Hello – I am very new to all of this but trying to create a page similar to Tim Ferriss’s one – with a free chapter download.  Do you know which application he used? Thanks

  • Placing iframes onto your landing page is such a great tool.
    To create enticing interaction right from the get-go is so crucial to receiving that like.  And especially creating a sense of who and what your company is about.

    Getting them with incentives like free documents, or “find out what…” seems to be a great way to win the Like in my eyes.

  • Really great article, fantastic list of apps!

  • Facebook Applications

    Great apps Andrea. Thanks for sharing.

  • Great list Andrea!  Reading through the list, I noticed that most of these applications require the page’s HTML to already be written and then simply pasted into the application.  These are very powerful products for people/companies who have the HTML skills or the funds for hiring a designer to do the leg work. 

    Personally, I use Social Page Builder by High Impact Designer (, this product doesn’t require any HTML knowledge, instantly publishes to Facebook, and supports Fan Gated content.  If I had more time to design & code myself or more money to hire a designer & coder to create my page, I would be more apt to use these applications. At the moment, however, Social Page Builder’s easy-of-use works amazing for me!

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  • Pingback: Four Fantastic Examples of Facebook Welcome Pages()

  • Mike

    Anyone but Involver.  Terrible company to do business with.

  • Hi Chad

    Its a nice design you have going there. I notice that you have 5 custom tabs added. I assume you are using the Gold Package from tabsite?

    Also, is it possible to add different icons for each tab?

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  • Is it possible to use iFrames with your current website?

  • Wassim_rubest

    nik matkoom$

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  • Daivagna Nanavati

    Very nice list of applications,One needs good apps which is trustworthy and useful at the same time,otherwise its flooding with apps as more developer more apps

    As by seeing your list i can not stop myself to suggest one more application which is robust and mainly quite useful in ‘Day-to-day’ life, which is called ‘diskonline’ which can be found on the url , Content sharing is getting new buzz in computing and in web.2.0 as well and this application gives it all,Give it a try and you might find it helpful

    Daivagna R. Nanavati

  • Joe P

    Thank you for this list of apps. I was searching quite a while to get a clear article on how I could add a product page etc.
    Really useful. thanks for the time put into this.
    J P

  • Great list. Thanks for sharing.

  • its good

  • Wix is good but it will not work on mobile phones

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  • MyBizBuddy

    Thanks for sharing your list of favourites. We’re just in the process of building some pages so will check out your suggestions.

    Many thanks

  • This is really great. I really appreciate the information. Gives me additional ideas for my own FB. Thanks a lot for putting this up. It makes me brain storm some ideas.

  • Actually, it will not only work on iPhones. Anyway, there’s something better than Wix when it comes to rich media custom tabs – try MotoFanPages. When I saw this app, I didn’t believe it’s free. Here’s an article on AllFacebook

  • peterzhangla

    Great List! But please let me add one more. Anyone, who’s interested with Facebook Deal
    or GroupBuying. I suggest you can check out,
    It’s a group buying application, we specially developed for Facebook.  


    The purpose for us to develop this app is
    to help the ones who want to sell products with groupbuying to start the business
    adventure with minim cost, INSTANTLY, and market your products to as many leads
    as possible in a simple way.


    With this app, you can start to sell a deal
    on Facebook within 3 mins, collect payment through PayPal and Facebook credits,
    you can share your deals to 300+ social networks, and your clients can click
    “Invite” button to invite all their friends to enjoy the deals. Admin
    area is also easy to control, and you can check all the purchasers’ data at
    admin. Its features are perfect for you to quickly sell products to huge fans!


    In conclusion, it’s very new, so not too
    much people knew about it, but we are sure, with this app, it shall help your
    business a lot, specially for Christmas selling season!

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  • Albena Todorova

    Selling 6 great Facebook Applications Scripts
    You can see, buy and download all applications at

    All of the facebook applications are writen in iframe and are fully compatible with Facebook’s 2011 roadmap plans. This means that they continue to work for a long time after making a purchaise. You can see, buy and download all applications at or send email to

  • Amanda

    As a newbie (and someone trying to set up a business Facebook page) I’m confused on exactly what a “tab” is. I’ve visited some of the application pages and many offer a “one tab free” package. Is a tab the same thing as a page (or landing page?). Or are tabs links to other pages?

    What I would like to have is a home page that has nice colors and photos, and from there the fans can go to the wall, or view videos, etc… Can I do that with a one tab package?

  • Amanda, the tabs refer to the links on the left side bar of your Facebook Page.  So yes, if you have one free tab, you will have one custom listing there.  You can call it whatever you want, Welcome or anything else.  

  • Amanda

    Thanks! Some of this is so confusing when first starting out. Your site (and this article) has been a great help!

  • Lauragram

    Andrea and others, please do take a look at SocialAppsHQ – Like gate is a feature available on all our 22 apps.

    We have seen upto 50% increase in conversion ratio when users use Like gate vs not

  • Kylee M Brown

    Andrea, is there a way to add a seperate tab to facebook that has my company reward card information. The problem i am running into is that i would like fans to be able to click the sign up button and have it direct them to our website. Any help is appreciated, i am VERY new to this!! 

  • Heather

    Hi Andrea and thanks for the great article.  Is it possible to use apps from different companies on the same page?  Heather

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  • Lana

    how do you make your fan page private to a non-fan until they click like, but then have the default for the fans be your wall? I do’nt want a landing page for my fans, just the non-fans so that my page is private unless someone is a fan. 

  • dwight

    Does a customized landing page replace your current Facebook page?  Or is it just a teaser to bring
    people into your current FB page?  If I decide I don’t like the new page, is it easy to go back to your original one?

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  • Great article, thanks a lot..

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  • ThatsGravy Designs

    Thanks for this list and everybody’s comments and suggestions! This is really helpful!

  • If you want fan-gate, multiple images, image hosting and gallery with no limits, custom HTML, CSS, JS and jQuery, multiple tabs, works via HTTPS, white label, embedding youtube, slideshows, tabs (menu) inside tab all for free you should test “Zakladka Polishwords” Unfortunately you need to know polish language first because there is no english version yet.

  • Thanks so much for this info! I opted for Wildfire with a fan gate, and I think it’s working pretty well!

  • Thanks so much for this info! I opted for Wildfire with a fan gate, and I think it’s working pretty well!

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  • Ericaetelson

    Really novice question — when you talk about whether the app allows one or multiple “tabs”, I don’t know what “tabs” are.

  • I think you left out a very popular iFrame App tool, that really should be a part of this list. 🙂

    In my opinion, features hands down, one of the best Facebook Page iFrame App on the market today. There isn’t ONE tool out there on the market, that has as many unique features in place, that has for FREE.

    1) A page admin owner can install a branded app from Woobox or a white-labeled version on a page and it also includes https:// version of the tab for the Oct 1 Facebook security update. Instructions for installing via your own custom app are found at the links above. It has the standard “like” gating features, you can display HTML content, a specific URL page or an image, both in the non-fan and fan displays. You can also “lock” the page tab to one admin, in case you are managing pages for clients or multiple pages.

    2) Friendgate:  iFramehost features the friendgate feature, which is a simple way to get more fans/likes to your page, by gating access to free or premium content or contest entry form, until at least “x” amount of your friends like the page as well. You can set that number from 1 to 100! I’ve never set it higher than 4 or 5, but if you’re offering a $25 Gift Card to your restaurant or $50 VISA Gift Card, friend gating the free card by requiring 50-100 of your friends to “like” the page, might by a very viral way of building fans fast!

    The only biggest, crucial marketing feature missing from any apps on the market, including Woobox’s Facebook and Twitter apps (plus the iFrameHost), is the ability to send/post an email to your autoresponder account or have a way once the email is captured upon connecting to the app, to be automatically sent to one’s email follow up tool (like Aweber, Constant, MailChimp, InfusionSoft, etc). They are still using the CSV download feature prevalent in many other paid apps, and I think every company with an app out, still is missing the boat by not including a way to “autopost” to one’s email autoresponder account, either by just sending the data to a custom email or posting the email/name data via an API.

    3) Form Gate:  Although, with the form gate feature on iFramehost, you could include a form that posts to your email autoresponder, so in that case, it does allow for automatic form entry.

    Thanks again for your Top 10 Facebook Apps list Andrea, very great review list of iFrame apps and I’m going to keep in my Evernote bookmarks! 🙂


    [Disclaimer: I am not employed nor contracted with or any other app tool mentioned above. I have only spent time in the last couple years as a Social media director and instructor, using and reviewing these tools in-depth, in actual social marketing campaigns.]

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  • Sarah Stewart

    Hello, I am new to this concept of Facebook marketing but as a facilitator of an annual online professional event, I need to get my head around the best way to make the most of my event FB page. So, thanks for the info which should get me started.

  • Thank you a lot for such a detail review. After deep analysis I understand that Wildfire suits my needs in the best way.

  • I have of recent, December 24, 2011, gone through the grueling process of setting up a FB Fan Page. I am webmaster and do not like to relinquish control of anything in my efforts. 

    Using third party applications to make life easy is not the answer. At some point you will have to step up and learn the back end of how and why what it is you are trying to accomplish, and do it from the source.Facebook is going through some massive changes and I believe it to be similar to what Google did hence the phrase coined, “Google Slap” a lot of marketers are going to get “FACEBOOK SLAPPED”.The time it takes to learn how a third party system integrates into an application will take the same amount of time if you learned it from the source.Bottom line, if you are a serious IM, you will need to have your own server that is secured under SSL in order to make iframe pages in Facebook. Utilizing third party applications only adds confusion. Example: Grab this code with copy and paste and put it here….blah blah. If you have your iframe pages hosted on your server you will be empowering yourself to an unlimited amount of Apps which can be incorporated into unlimited FB Pages or Hosting Control for many domains.Make it your New Years resolution to think more like a programmer and learn to program. Stop using third party applications that cost you more if you exceed the “free” limitation. Put that money into your hosting and open up a new door of unlimited possibilities! Don’t believe me, look at the DEV APP Center, if you do not own Secure Hosting under SSL, Facebook offers a Cloud Service which they profit from. Why pay FB through a third party secure hosting service when you can own it on your own server. Exceeding the free Heroku Cloud Application hosting will result in cost. Go look at what they charge. Would this money be better spent on Adsence Ads? You have two options here, Add Web Dynos or Worker Dynos. One is dedicated the other sets your application in a que. If you have your application HTML on your own server with unlimited bandwidth you are not penalized and it does not cost you anything but your annual hosting package.There will always be cost. Using third party App’s will often result in their branding on over your content or to add more features to expand the use of the App by unlocking features. All I am saying is Own It! Own your domian, hosting, app html and host it on your server! Avoid the FACEBOOK SLAP!

    Charles Mohr
    Web Master
    Eagle Studios

  • Interesting on how your redirects work. Message me, I am interested in what you are doing there!

    Charles Mohr

  • Julia Rybalkina

    Hi, nice info! Need your advice///how to add twitter app to Fb? to have twitter button on the left along with other standard buttons….fo this page:

  • Charles Mohr


    Currently FB is going through some major changes as stated before. The standard App Interfaces to most popular Social Media Sites are and will be available as they already meet the new FB standard for iframe implementation and SSL Server requirements. To integrate Twitter as a “Page Tab” you can start here” 

    Hope this help you!

    This is how our App is shaping up: 

    In the above example we are promoting our beaded embroidery. The code for the FB Page Tab was developed here in our studio. Again no third party software is being used. The navigation menu buttons at the top of our Page Tab Site are also completely custom. We are now tinkering with adding a SWF file to one of the nav buttons to link to a video page that sits on our server.

    I believe what is causing so much confusion is the nomenclature of the individual components that make up a Fan Page. Knowing the difference between a Page Tab and a Menu Tab for instance or Canvas Page and how it integrates into the Page Tab iframe.

    Once I get done with tinkering on our Fan Page, I am going to write a tutorial from a programmers point of view. Currently there is little to no information available as the third party developers are monetizing this tech.


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  • Viviansville

    PageModo is nice but doesn’t have a “like gate” unless you pay for the app.

  • Cmohr


    With the current changes on FB, there is a “like gate” built in. When someone visits your Fan Page for the first time they will always be directed to the first “page” of your canvas url. Once they “like” the “Fan Page” upon returning they will be directed to the wall. If a person wants to see the canvas page, they will have to select the appropriate “page tab” as you can have many “page tabs” on a “fan page”.
    You also have options to set the “second” page you want visitors to see upon returning. Do not pay for “FAN GATES”!I believe this has caused some confusion. The proper nomenclature for the specific items related to the set up of a Fan Page is often misused or the industry itself not using standard naming conventions. The IM’s are greatly at fault for this. Example: Page Tab or Multi Page Tab, the first refers to the actual “page tab” that is added to the fan page. The second refers to a Fan Page with multiple Page Tabs, which is commonly mistaken for Page Tab Navigation Button on a Canvas Page.For this exact reason is why I choose to do the research to own my content. Having to pay for tech that is already described in the developers area is a crime.

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  • Giro Ross

    Nice post, thx. I tried most of these myself and found favorites: free facebook apps from HostFB and Pagemodo.

  • Stacey Howard11

    I also use pagemodo and I like it.  It’s great for just one Welcome or Landing page.  It is a little slow to load, but I think they all are.  You can view mine here.

  • after exploring the whole google i finally got the one i was looking for..! your post made it easy…!

  • Hi Andrea. Thanks for this list. Its terrific. I use Static HTML by Thunderpenny myself. Don’t know code but I figured it out. I will try some of the others; sample: Thank you again.

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  • kellymc123

    not sure if someone as mention , they are pretty cool and free

  • Naurene (Bree)

    Wow – this is a complete list!

  • lacheynick9

    Nice post. Here’s a tool the lets you create your apps in minutes, without coding. Just Point-and-Click

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  • Great list, thanks! A few I wasn’t familiar with so great to be able to try them out. My issue with most of these is the load speed when you first land on the page – I sure wish it could be sped up somehow. Here’s a page I’ve just set up using #5 STATIC HTML: iframe tabs

  • Hi Andrea!  We appreciate your inclusion of us! Just wanted to give an update on TabSite ( so that you have the latest on our features.  Since this post was released we have now added professional, pre-designed templates for all users, a Sweepstakes widget to customize running your own time-specific sweepstakes entry on your fan page, and released some other upgrades including Auto-play slideshows and YouTube video slideshows.  Always wanting to keep you up-to-date!

  • To create enticing interaction right from the get-go is so crucial to receiving that like.  And especially creating a sense of who and what your company is about.

  • Andrew

    Quick question.  If you can use the free version of WildFire [or any 3rd party iFrame app], can we run a promotion without having to pay WildFire?

  • Saddie

    can we use more than one of these iframe apps simultaneously on one page?

  • Factoryapps

    Fanpage Maker is awesome tab app for page

  • FS

    I discovered this app that lets you create multiple tabs for free and doesn’t limit the number of fans.
    I tried it out and it works great. You don’t even need to code your tab contents because it provides these drag&drop tools to let you place your images anywhere. Animation can also be added.

    Take a look here:!/propplan/home/Facebook-Fan-Page

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  • wow this is really awesome and informational site to me.

  • What an amazing job you people are doing. Hope to see latest information.

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  • Hey, just a quick update on TabSite.  We were thrilled to be listed in the top 10 and we are thrilled to share that we are Facebook Timeline ready!  On March 1 we launched a update to TabSite allowing users to build custom Page tab apps at the new 810 pixel width!  We even rolled out our first 810w Template for all plans! Here’s a bit more information:—TabSite-App-Supports-Changes

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  • Looks Great, really awesome apps for facebook custom page design. 
    Thanks for sharing.

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  • hmm nice answers and suggestions.

  • Excelent, nice, brillant,    I work with joomla, and didnt find a site or app who help to manage, create and integrate with facebook apps.     This articule really help me to introduce me in the app world.  Thanks a lot to all.    By the way, for all the companys who offer services here,  think in this, “if it´s free, you can try´t, and maybe you buy´t”

    Thanks a lot, from the country of the Eternal Spring  “Guatemala”

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  • We can recommend #5 Static HTML iframe tabs – you need to know how write code but it allows for more flexibility

  • Have you tried yet? they create and manage the tabs for you. True custom tabs with mobile capabilities.

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  • Ana

    Aren’t tabs becoming obsolete since Facebook is making Pages (and soon user profiles) convert to the timeline method?

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  • I’m using with this tool you can just enter your website URL into your facebook fan page.

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  • Facebook has evolved since this post, so please post news about how to navigate the Admin panel and adapt the timeline. Is there anything to expand on

  •  Hi Ana,

    No, tabs are not obsolete.  They’ve just moved to a new spot on the fan page – below the cover image on the right hand side (rather than on the left). The ability to set a default landing tab is gone, but tabs are alive and well (and much wider too).

    I wrote a post on the changes that you might find useful here:


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  • Bob

    I recommend

    Static HTML Iframe Tabs

    Not require HTML Knowledge Makes it Easy and Flexible to create powerful custom Static HTML Iframe Tabs with WYSIWYG.

    App URL :

    Help & Support :

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  • I need a source code 😐

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  • Thanks so much for this info! I 

  • I think this page needs to update ! Cause some of the features of facebook and apps has been changed.

  • Wes

     Facebook pages have come a long way with the time line update. One of the big advantages is more real estate for content in your iframe tabs! I suggest MYFBCMS It’s the first true facebook cms that allows you complete control of content, images, videos, music, ecommerce, and more. I like the idea that I can have a stunning facebook business of fan page in just a few minutes and mouse clicks. Check it out!

  • awesome resource! Wildfire just linked me to this, because they stopped providing iframes.

  • Yes Facebook or my space has progressed since this publish, so please publish news about how to get around the Administration board and adjust the schedule. Is there anything to grow on.

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  • Evelyn

    Great post! What your thought are about Heyo?


  • Como quedar embarazada

    Thanks for the information, great list

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  • victor willemse

    I am using Static HTML really great and easy to use but, and there is always a but, it doesn’t  work on mobile, do you or any one have a link or a suggestion what to use for mobile, and i prefer to make use of a third party that doesn’t require me to upload my files to there server, should pull the iframe directly of my site?

  • Maybe this was already covered, but I didn’t think FaceBook allowed fan-gating anymore, although maybe they still did at the time this was written. Anybody have a quick answer on this one for me?

  • Well this blog is almost 2 years old.. But you can still fan gate a tab, but not your page.

  • Thanks for your response Scott Ayres. So this means I can’t offer a free report or such to get people to like my page, but I can put a tab on the page asking them to like it if they want the freebie? Am I reading this correctly?
    Thanks for your time, btw. I noticed the post is older – -that’s why I was asking.

  • If someone has already Liked your page they will see the freebie on your tab. But if they haven’t Liked it yet and they go to that tab then the content would be hidden until they Liked it.

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  • Wow, they’re easy to use. GREAT! 😀

  • Nice resources, thank you

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  • Insanely helpful! Thank you! 🙂

  • Andy

    Thanks. I it is very simple tool.

  • At TabSite we try to make this really easy by giving you a new tool to resize any web page and add it to a Facebook tab! see it at www websiteresizer dot com

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  • Tommy

    Hey Chad, what did you do with tabsite on your fb fan page. I don’t see how you utilized anything on your site. If you did, and its something i cant see, please share.

  • Meg de Graaf

    It would be really helpful if you updated this information…

  • I really like Pagemodo too!

  • This is an Article/Post that is woefully outdated. Time for a REFRESH on this Article SME. This was a really great article when it was written. As we all know the landscape changes with Facebook often. But even the examples you provide in this excellent article have changed a lot. Some services are no longer offered and many changed.

    I scoured the internet looking for updated JUNE 2014 or anything 2014 on this topic and cannot find anything dealing with Facebook Apps and Iframes…..many of the videos that are linked on Youtube are also stale and outdated too.

    So….come-on Social Media Examiner….how about a Re-Examine of this TOPIC….Please ? Loyal Follower and Lover all tings SME 🙂

  • Hi Thomas, thank you for sharing. Yes, this article was written in 2011 and things have definitely changed. We do have another article on this subject in the pipeline which will be out soon.

  • Hi Cindy, I had looked at that article too…also very good. However most of those vendors also have OUTDATED videos and information on their sites too. I guess they are so busy with new customers that they don’t have time to update their content LOL….. I am really looking for a lower cost to entry or an article on how to implement an iFrame Tab without the huge cost. Yes most of these have a so called Free option but they are so limited in what you can do….for most SMB’s $30 a month recurring cost is quite a bit…and that’s on the low side.

  • Patrick Lindsey

    Does anyone know how to add tabs to a group? We have a homeless ministry and want to ad a menu tab that can easily be updated by people in the group.

  • shahbaz

    Please Update the List some Links are dead and some have 301 and 404
    some app don’t works

  • GHDuffy

    This is a quite dated post 🙂 We update our site daily with the newest social media tools and tactics. You will be able to find more recent Facebook apps within this category:

  • Brunt Walter

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