The Biggest Social Media Mistakes (a Jay Baer Interview)

social media expert interviewIn this video I interview Jay Baer of Convince And Convert. Jay provides social media consulting to leading businesses.

In this video, Jay offers social media tips to help businesses succeed.

You’ll learn why Jay talks of “Noah’s ark” in social media and why Twitter and Facebook are not a social media strategy. He shares a wealth of information. Be sure to see the other takeaways below.

Some key takeaways:

  • Twitter is a “tools strategy” not a “social media strategy”
  • You need to “be social” and not “do social”
  • Build a social media playbook with key players in your company
  • Figure out what is being said about you and where
  • Creating content is the future (especially video), bypassing traditional media
  • Location-based social media will be hot in next 18 months
  • Yelp has added checkin’s to their app for authenticity
  • Facebook metrics can be better than Google Analytics
  • Facebook should be part of your sales funnel
  • Email can have a social component

Be sure to check out Jay’s content ladder to help you to create a strong social media content strategy. Want to hear more? Jay does 60 or 70 speaking gigs a year and may be coming near you.

Please share your thoughts and comments below.

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  • Phil Simon

    Great stuff. Very true.

    My favorite quote:

    Apple isn’t about computers; it’s about innovation.

  • John Paul

    Great interview. be social.. I luv that…

  • Gregor –

    Great post. One of the biggest problems that companies have is they don’t know how to be social or how to just talk to their customers, where it’s never been easier!

  • Dino Dogan

    Great stuff…another hit out of the park..thnx guys

  • steveeaton

    Awesome! Thank you for sharing this.

    I really enjoyed this video, Be Social, not Do Social! This is excellent.

    Thank you


  • William Dzib Duarte

    i like

  • Chief

    Great Comments! Looks like Jay’s site is down.

  • Alan

    Great informative video, thanks. Just wanted to let Jay know that the convince and convert website in down when using Chrome, I did not try Firefox. Keep up the good work.
    Best Regards
    Alan Goldsmith

  • Marilyn Casey

    Great reminders; excellent info. Thanks.

  • bblarose

    Great info! A lot of people I talk to still think twitter is about telling people what you had for breakfast…

  • jjrendon

    Great tips about Social Media!!

  • Donna Perugini

    I’m on FB, Twitter, blogspot and have an Author website (to sell my books).

    Are you saying that my emails, FB, Twitter, blogspot and should all be showing the same or portions of blog info (like LuLuLemon)?

    I’ve linked them altogether with the blog posting URLs to FB, Twitter. and an email signature with all the social networking sites in it. Is this what you’re talking about in a portion of the interview?

  • jaybaer

    Thanks to one and all for your kind words. Indeed, site was done for a few minutes today. Glitch. Good to go now. Cheers,

  • MarVeena Meek

    Thanks Jay for the ideas! I am still wrapping my mind around your the ladder idea.
    So much to do!

  • helenconnor

    Another great post – good strategy insight

  • Barney Austen

    Passion is the gasoline of social media. Love that analogy!. Some food for thought in this video – thanks for sharing.

  • Vinil Ramdev

    Social media are tools for you to connect and communicate rather than strategies by themselves. It’s also important to grow your social skills along with learning how to use social media.

  • careyjernigan

    You are of course correct in your POV. Too many marketers have returned to tactics as solutions rather than crafting a strategic and integrated plan.

  • JEBworks

    Music to my ears! I have been advocating the exact same message for some time now. I guess those, like Jay, who have been around since the web first came along and changed everything and then heard the mainstream media successively hype every latest shiny new tool coming along, realize that this is not what the focus should be on. The long term commitment and corresponding strategy is where you start. The tactical tools then follow. “Tactics follow strategy” has been a marketing maxim forever, even if Guy Kawasaki doesn’t seem to agree!

  • melstevens

    So right on. I cannot tell you how many people confuse strategy with specific tactics.

  • Peggy Dau

    Thanks for emphasizing strategy, Jay! I cannot tell you how many times clients strat by asking me if they should be tweeting. My answer as it relates to any tool or platform question, is well, how does it support your strategy? How are you integrating social media with your overall marketing strategy? How does social media support your overall business goals? Strategy first!

  • Jackie

    Great post – so many companies view Twitter and Facebook as their strategy instead of their tactic of a social media plan

  • Inside the Webb

    Extremely interesting video, and really nice post too! I saw your post on BizSugar, hope to see more of your blog it’s really good.

  • Tommy Toy

    As a general business consultant and venture capital facilitator, I’ll let the social media experts do the heavy lifting. That comment about “Noah’s Ark” and “tools” through me off. 300 cubits by 600 cubits. All the pairs of animals on the planet. Social networking goes back 5,000 years, me thinks.

  • DK

    Loving the focus on the fundamental truth that social media is just a set of tools to utilise – this coupled with an underlying strategy of principles to engage and converse with your clients / customers / consumers / audiences, then there’s the win :-)

    We’re all in the change business now not the social media business :

  • Jazz Salinger

    Thanks for the awesome interview. There was so much great information packed into that video. Jay Baer really know his stuff!

  • Naimath

    My Favorite: Apple is not about computers, it is about innovation.

  • website builder

    He got some few good points. Thank you for sharing this very nice video.

  • Syed Hyder Ali

    As per my experience some other major mistakes which I found people doing in Social Media are:

    1. Main focus is given on increasing the network irrespective of whether they are target audience or not?
    2. Social Media is not for marketing but it is for making relationship. Most of us join Social Media with the intension of doing direct marketing. We should use Inbound Marketing concept in Social Media Marketing.


  • Maureen Monfore

    Love this! Smart guy, that Jay Baer. His comments about content marketing are right on the money and meld nicely with my strategy as a B2B copywriter.


    P.S., I guess the interview was posted a while ago, but I just found it on Facebook.

  • Kitchen Taps

    Excellent post!

  • Kitchen Taps

    Excellent post!

  • Antique Lamp

    Nice interview. Jay Baer seems very smart and confident in his interview about content marketing.

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  • Go4Word

    Really enjoyed the interview, some very relevant points raised!

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