social media how toDo you want a quick, easy way to share content to LinkedIn groups?

Do you want to measure how your LinkedIn shares perform?

Oktopost lets you use multiple LinkedIn accounts to schedule shares and track performance.

In this article I’ll share the basic ins and outs of using Oktopost for LinkedIn sharing.

Why Oktopost?

Much like HootSuite, Oktopost is a social sharing tool that lets you easily schedule content shares across the major social networks.

okotpost ins and outs

Find out how to use Oktopost to streamline LinkedIn sharing.

Unlike HootSuite—or any other tool that I’ve tested so far–Oktopost gives you deep insights into how your content is performing in LinkedIn groups. It also allows you to use a number of different LinkedIn profiles to share content in groups, which is important if you have multiple people in your organization contributing to LinkedIn content sharing.

Schedule LinkedIn Sharing

LinkedIn content sharing (and its success) depends on several factors like topic, audience, time of day and more. Depending on your goals for a particular piece, you may want to publish to your LinkedIn groups all at once or at staggered times. Oktopost gives you both scheduling options.

To share specific content with specific groups at the same time, click New Post and choose which LinkedIn profile you want to use as the publisher. (If you have multiple team member profiles on an account, you’ll have several to choose from.)

Now here’s where Oktopost scheduling gets interesting. Each time you join a LinkedIn group, you should assign a tag to it. Those tags show up in Oktopost and you can use them to select specific groups to share your content with.

For example, if I only want to share a post to groups related to content marketing, I don’t have to scroll though my list of groups to find the ones I want. Instead, I can just click the ‘content marketing’ tag to automatically select all of the groups I’m in that are associated with that tag.

group tags in a new post

Using group tags makes it easy to share content to related groups at the same time.

From there, fill in the subject line, compose a message, choose the date and time to publish and click the green Schedule button.

If you want to share your posts to multiple groups, but stagger the publish time (a good idea), create a message asset. You can create as many message assets as you like to promote a given blog post.

message assets in oktopost

Create assets for staggered sharing.

Once you’ve created your message asset(s), click on the Autoposter icon to create a sharing schedule for your content.

On the Autoposter page, select the LinkedIn profile you want to use and click on each of the groups you want to post the message to. (Unfortunately the tagging feature doesn’t work in this mode yet.)

auto poster in oktopost

Set the parameters for staggered sharing.

Select the message(s) you want to autopost and choose the dates and times you want them to publish. Click the Generate Schedule button and click Approve All on the next page (top right).

LinkedIn groups exist to stimulate discussion. Unfortunately, over time, many have devolved into nothing more than a bunch of people spamming their links.

In fact, most people who share content in a LinkedIn group do it in a very spammy way. In an effort to keep a group useful and interesting, the administrator of that group often blocks repeat offenders’ posts from ever seeing the light of day.

You can avoid having your content blocked by doing two simple things: reading the group’s rules and creating posts that stimulate discussion.

The key to getting the most bang for your buck is asking a question. When you create your share message, don’t use your blog post title as the subject line. Instead, ask a question—and include more questions in the body of your message.

Watch for Comments and Discussion

If your goal for LinkedIn sharing is discussion (and it is, right?), it’s important to keep up with replies to your posts so you can actually interact with people. Instead of checking LinkedIn repeatedly or relying on email alerts, you can use the Oktopost inbox.

inbox in oktopost

See comments and questions about your content in the Oktopost inbox.

With the inbox, you can easily respond to any comments on any post in any group.

group with a stream

Pay close attention to specific groups with a stream.

If you want to keep up with the overall activity of specific groups, you can create streams. In fact, Oktopost lets you create streams for the major social networks including Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.

Measure Results

Oktopost’s dashboard is organized into campaigns and gives you a high-level report of how each campaign is performing in terms of clicks, comments and conversions.

oktopost dashboard

A quick glance overview of campaign performance.

After you’ve used Oktopost for a few weeks, you’ll start seeing the impact of your content in the Campaign Analytics section.

Below is the first part of the July report for the Groove Digital Marketing blog.

oktopost message performance

Review specific campaign success and fnd out wich messages resulted in the most engagement.

During this timeframe, we published 76 posts and generated 84 clicks and 4 conversions. The content also had 14 LinkedIn likes and one comment.

Knowing your shared content got some clicks is great, but what you really want to know is which messages and groups performed best. Check the Message Performance and Group Performance metrics to find out.

With this type of insight, you can make good decisions about how to craft future messages and which groups you might want to invest additional time and energy in.

oktopost top posts

See which of your blog posts did well.

These reports don’t just show your social sharing results, you can also see which of your blog posts were top performers. Armed with this insight, you have a much better idea of the types of posts to create and share in the future.


Promoting useful content that sparks discussion in LinkedIn groups is incredibly valuable in terms of lead generation. With a tool like Oktopost, you can streamline your sharing and control when and where you publish on LinkedIn.

Listening to how other group members respond (to your content and others’) and paying attention to data about your LinkedIn shares give you a good idea of what’s working and what’s not.

What do you think? Have you used Oktopost? Have you found another tool that provides this level of insight? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Cheval John

    This is really intriguing. Still getting better each day with social media. Will look into Oktopost very soon. Hope you have a great week.

  • Rosie Jones

    I think this is a great product for responsible for LinkedIn users but there is so much group spamming now that LinkedIn is becoming a wasteground for average content in many groups.

    Marketers have to stop pushing and start engaging.

    The fact that you posted 76 posts and generated only one comment speaks volumes, you can’t just post endless content, you have to build a reputation and real engagement with these communities.

    The real traffic for these posts comes from getting your discussion to the top of the group and keeping it there, you need a stack of comments for this to happen otherwise it will drop off the front page rapidly.

    With respect, if you’re getting one comment for an entire campaign then did it really reach its objective?

  • Thanks for the detailed explanation and the helpful screenshots. I can see that in the hands of a responsible LinkedIn member this tool could be very helpful. That said, as a LinkedIn group owner I had a very negative reaction. From what I’ve observed over the years, on LinkedIn Groups and on Yahoo groups, people who post the same content across multiple groups tend not to engage with anyone else’s topics and show little regard for the specific areas of interest of specific groups. In other words, it’s spam dressed up to look like “discussion topics”. I agree with commenter Rosie Jones – “Marketers have to stop pushing and start engaging”.

  • salcoombes

    Can anyone confirm if using a third party schedule/publishing tool can hurt results on Facebook? i.e. Does Facebook prefer to schedule posts directly from FB?

  • Pooja

    I faced problems with Hootsuite while scheduling posts with pics! The pics never showed up on my linkedin whenever posted after scheduling through Hootsuite. Does Oktopost post pics along with content?

  • João Freitas

    Can I schedule posts for many company pages on linked in using oktopost?

  • Thanks Cheval!

  • Hi Des,

    Please see my reply to Rosie. I’d like to add, that what I didn’t cover in my post is that Oktopost keeps me abreast of any discussion that happens and I always respond. When I post, I NEVER just put my blog post title in the group headline. Instead, I ask a questions intended to stimulate discussion…and I’ve had group owners thank me for that.

  • I haven’t tried that, so I’m not sure. I will get someone from Oktopost to chime in on that.

  • Cheval John

    You are welcome.

  • Mark Lerner

    Hi Pooja,

    Yes, Oktopost does populate pictures when you include a link. Uploading images, however, is currently not available through the LI API

  • Mark Lerner

    Hi Pooja,

    Yes, Oktopost does populate pictures when you include a link. Uploading images, however, is currently not available through the LI API

  • Mark Lerner

    Hi Salcoombes,

    It’s a good question and I have heard both sides of this argument. I have yet to see actual proof of it though, and I find if you post valuable content on a regular basis your reach will increase.

  • Mark Lerner

    Hi Cheval,

    I’d be happy to speak to you about Oktopost and let you know a little more about the platform. Please feel free to email me at

    Looking forward to speaking with you!

  • Would love to speak to you Mark as I recently let go of my dear Hootsuite and others, and transferred to Oktopost. I’m loving the platform, yet I found gaps in engagement and smm that need to be addressed. I know you guys worked hard on the product but everything apart from the app itself matters, too. I’ll email y’a.

  • Anneke van der Voort

    An amazing tool, however pricing wise it is a lot of money for small entrepreneurs. The basic package starts with USD 55 per month. It might be worth it, but then you need to be sure to use LinkedIn consistently in all ways all the time.

  • Thanks Trent. I enjoyed your review of this product.

    However, since you posted this, Linkedin has announced they will be making some changes to their Open API. No more scheduling posts to Groups.

    From LinkedIn:
    “Starting on May 12, 2015, we will be limiting the open APIs to only support the following uses:

    -Allowing members to represent their professional identity via their LinkedIn profile using our Profile API.
    -Enabling members to post certifications directly to their LinkedIn profile with our Add to Profile tools.
    -Enabling members to share professional content to their LinkedIn network from across the Web leveraging our Share API.
    -Enabling companies to share professional content to LinkedIn with our Company API.

    All other APIs will require developers to become a member of one of our partnership programs.”

    I did a bit of sleuthing and Oktopost is nowhere to be found on their list of certified partners, so I’m concerned about the future of this service’s usefulness/affordabability (if they do join the partner program).

    Have you heard about the Trent? Any thoughts?

  • I think LinkedIn noticed this problem too. They’re eliminating their open API for Groups. I posted a more detailed comment about it below.

  • This is the first I’ve heard of it, and I would have to agree with you that this doesn’t bode well for their future. I would suggest you reach out to Oktopost directly with your question.