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Do you use SlideShare as a marketing tool?

Are you looking for creative ways to use SlideShare for your business?

SlideShare is a great place to promote attractive, useful presentations to get the visibility you need.

In this article you’ll discover how SlideShare can generate free exposure for your business.

Why SlideShare for Your Business?

Most social media marketers are focused on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. But are they missing the boat? Out of all of the social platforms out there, SlideShare is the most overlooked and underutilized.

Since few marketers consistently upload content to SlideShare, there’s much less competition than on the other social channels. In fact, SlideShare is the only major content marketing platform left where you can generate some nice content exposure from day one.

Read on for seven ways you can use SlideShare to get your content in front of more people.

#1: Draw People in With Well-Designed Slides

SlideShare’s audience expects high-quality presentations and rewards them with clicks and views. Right now, the demand for attractive, valuable content isn’t being met.

SlideShare has over 60 million unique visitors a month, generating over 215 million page views. With that kind of traffic, the issue of supply and demand isn’t lack of content—it’s lack of well-designed and useful content.

That represents a great opportunity for small business owners like you. Even if you’re not a designer, you can supply the attractive content the audience expects. The slideshow below has some tips to inspire you.

If you choose a popular topic related to your business and design an appealing (and useful) presentation to upload to SlideShare, you’re very likely to see a few hundred views immediately, even if you don’t promote your slides.

Unless you or your brand is already well-known, that’s likely a few hundred more views than a new Twitter, YouTube or Facebook account would get you.

#2: Rank Higher With Keywords and Phrases

How you use keywords and phrases in your slides can impact your success on SlideShare. As on any other site, users search for what they’re looking for. Make sure they can find you.

While it’s not hard to optimize your slides, many people overlook a few basic tweaks that could help them rank higher overall.

One easy change you can make is to use your keyword as a filename. For example, in order to upload your presentation to SlideShare, you have to save it as a PDF. When you save the PDF, use your keyword as the filename.

Also include your keyword or phrase in the title and description of your presentation, as well as the tags. Make your keyword the first tag for the presentation, and then choose closely related tags to follow.

keyword optimization

Use your keyword in the Title, Description and Tags sections.

If you don’t already know how to do keyword research, the video below can help you get started.

SlideShare presentations also tend to rank well in Google, making keywords even more important to your efforts.

#3: Appeal to Readers With How-To Guides

Visual content is hot and it’s not going away. SlideShare is an obvious fit for visual content.

People learn best when they can see what they’re supposed to be doing. Slides make it easy for viewers to see how to complete steps, go at their own pace and jump back and forth as needed.

The presentation below is an example of how one company uses a SlideShare presentation to walk their users through creating a business profile.

A how-to guide on SlideShare lets you avoid overwhelming viewers by giving them information one slide at a time. If viewers get bored, they can quickly flip forward to the part that interests them.

If you’d like, you can upgrade your SlideShare account to include video in your presentation as well.

#4: Grab Attention With List Titles

Readers love lists. If you visit any popular website, you’ll see more than a few headlines that include a list. That’s because they work. The same is true on SlideShare.

In addition to lists, people like to keep up with the influencers in their niche and any changes in who’s considered an influencer.

Take advantage of those two surefire ways of attracting readers: Create a presentation listing the Top 10 People Leading (Your Industry). Or consider taking a new tack and listing the up-and-comers.

With just one list presentation, you can lure readers in and get on the radar of the people who matter in your space. If you’re lucky, they’ll share the presentation with their followers.

For every 10 emails industry influencers get telling them they’ve been listed in a blog post, I bet they don’t even get one telling them they’ve been listed in a SlideShare presentation. Pique their interest by offering something different.

#5: Share Useful Industry Information

White papers put marketers between a rock and a hard place. If your white paper isn’t packed with information, readers don’t think it’s special. If it’s too long, you lose their attention.

Meet readers in the middle with a SlideShare summary. Create slides that include links to relevant sections of your industry white paper so your audience can focus on the areas they’re most interested in.

linked slide in a presentation

Use SlideShare to summarize long content.

When you make it easy for viewers to find the information that best pertains to them, they’re more likely to view your presentation and click through to your related content.

#6: Post Presentations to LinkedIn

LinkedIn is fast becoming the go-to spot for business professionals to educate themselves on industry-related topics. That makes it a great place to promote your well-designed, professional SlideShare content.

Anytime you post a presentation on LinkedIn, share it as a status update in both your personal profile and company page.

linkedin update with slideshare presentation

An example of a SlideShare presentation I shared via a LinkedIn profile.

You can also add your SlideShare content to your LinkedIn profile’s Summary page. Just click Edit on your profile, then click the box with a plus sign beside it and add a link to your slides.

add slideshare to linkedin summary

Add slides to your LinkedIn profile summary.

Once you add the link to your presentation, you have an attractive way to stand out from other profiles and encourage people to click through for your content.

slideshare decks in linkedin summary

Your SlideShare gives your LinkedIn summary extra interest.

Don’t stop with LinkedIn. While you’re sharing your slides, go ahead and hit your other social media channels like Facebook and Twitter.

#7: Get Featured on the SlideShare Homepage

Each day, SlideShare hand-selects around a dozen presentations to feature on their homepage.

slideshare homepage featured section

The Featured section of the SlideShare homepage.

As you’d expect, being featured on SlideShare’s homepage results in a lot of additional exposure for your presentation. And guess what? It’s not as hard to get featured as you might imagine.

As I mentioned earlier, SlideShare staff hand-picks which presentations they put on the homepage. There’s no way to game the system. If you follow SlideShare’s guidelines (in the presentation below), you’ll dramatically increase your chances of being noticed.

Editors tend to pick new presentations to feature on the homepage. With this in mind, make sure you post new content early in the day so it has a full day to be seen by viewers and SlideShare’s editors.

Try it Out

Unlike other social platforms that are saturated with competition, SlideShare is still relatively open. With SlideShare you can reach a new audience from the very first day you start using it.

Create an attractive, useful presentation and optimize it for your target audience. Watch the response, then try out some of the other tips in this article to see how they affect your success. As always, use what works.

What do you think? Are you using SlideShare as a marketing tactic? Do you have advice for others who need SlideShare visibility? We want to hear about your experiences. Leave them, along with questions and comments, below.

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  • Yvette La-Garde

    Thanks for the helpful article. We have two audiences – consumers and plastic surgeons. We haven’t been getting as much success as I’d like on social media but I think we’re missing the boat by just focusing on consumers with SEO. I think the combo of targeting plastics on LInkedIn and SlideShare may be a way to help build our social presence. Good tips.

  • Guest

    Hi Yvette. Thanks for the comment! I agree. This sounds like an area where using slideshare to educate your audience and then targeting them directly with LinkedIn ads might work really well. Happy to answer any questions you have about how to get started.

  • Hi Yvette. I agree. This sounds like a situation where using slideshare to educate your audience and then targeting them directly with LinkedIn ads might work really. well. Happy to answer any questions you have about how to get started.

  • Hi David, thanks for sharing the different ways to use SlideShare, but I would be interested to learn your reasons for using SlideShare. Other than just to be found in a less-crowded channel, there should be purpose behind the tool. One reason is credibility and authority.

  • Hi Jay, Good question. All the content we publish is designed to help us build credibility, authority, and trust within the small business community. You are right if you don’t have that or some other value proposition for the audience it doesn’t matter if they find you or not.

  • Hedda Bird

    Hi David – really interesting post. I put a couple of presentations on slideshare two years ago – went back and looked at them earlier this year and was amazed to see one had over 500 views. It was a pretty esoteric subject too. SInce then we have worked harder at slideshare, and it is definitely paying off. We often send presentation to attendees at our webinars, now we just direct them to slideshare. This means they also see our other presentations ( we pay a bit for our own page). Do you think the paid options are worth having?

  • Thanks Hedda, glad to hear that slideshare is paying off for you. Regarding wether or not the paid options are worth having, it really comes down to how big the ticket price is of the item that you are selling and what your margin is. If you are using the lead capture capabilities, and can afford to pay the few dollars that each lead ends up costing you, then yes I think the paid options are definitely worth it. Hope that helps. Let me know if there are any other questions I can help with.

  • Neal Taparia

    Hey David, great article! We updated to slideshare pro to capture leads. At first, we positioned the lead capture as a direct call to action for our product. When we changed it so the reader would get more information about trends in our space, we were able to capture more leads.

    I also noticed that because we had the lead capture in the middle of the presentation, the leads ended up being more qualified.

  • Thanks David to share importance of SlideShare with us. Recently, I started to use slideshare for promotion but I am little bit confuse among file submission format.

    Doc file, PDF file or presentation file which one will be more useful in

  • Thanks Neal. Good intel on the lead capture. I agree that it’s generally better to use the first touch on places like slideshare to get people to opt in to get more free value before going for any type of sale.

  • Sure thing Kristina. PDF files work best for slideshare. Generally people will create their presentation in a program like power point or keynote and then export the presentation to PDF, and then upload that file to slideshare. Hope that helps. If you have any other questions let me know!

  • Thanks David to solve my doubts.

    I am using SlideShare for increasing traffic and SERP ranking. Some visitors are coming from SlideShare website but there is no improvement in ranking. I tried to search in Google but most of the experts say place optimized title, keywords and description. I have done these all and these things are helping to increase traffic.

    How can I optimize pdf file to place link or for backlinks?
    Please share your expertise regarding this.

  • Thanks for this wonderful article, David. As you’re discussing PDF files I have a question in mind. If I am doing it in PowerPoint what size do you suggest the slides should be? They will likely be Landscape not Portrait but any tips on dimensions?

  • Sure thing Kristina. If you are not already make sure that you are naming the file name of the PDF the same as the keyword you want to rank for. The more embeds your presentation gets on other sites the more likely it is to rank as well. To put a link in your presentation in power point follow the instructions found here:

    If you are using keynote, just highlight the text that you want to turn into a link and right click. Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions!

  • Thanks for the comment Partha. The best size for slideshare is 800X600. If you have any other questions let me know!

  • Thanks for this glorious article.. thanks for the same …

  • Sure thing Shreya thanks for the comment!

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  • Thank you for sharing. Kikaboni is a new healthy pita chips sold in amazon. Do you think step by step recipes on deep could work? With pictures!

  • Gretchen Fri

    I’ve been searching the internet for a way to link Slideshare with our company LinkedIn profile, not my personal profile, but no luck. Is there a way to do this?

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  • Kristen O

    Great article, David.

    As you may already know, SlideShare stopped offering SlideShare PRO accounts a couple months ago. Do you (or anyone here in the comments section) have insight into the rationale for doing this or when they will be offered again? I’ve searched around and submitted questions to their help desk, but have been unsuccessful in getting real answers.

    Thanks in advance

  • eric

    Check out Group8A on Slideshare. We posted a dozen decks and all but two ended up getting featured by slideshare and we never had one lead from it all. Over 200k views. It’s a great platform and a lot of fun. Don’t expect sales from it or credibility. Many people I tell have no idea what it is. We stopped posting.

  • Hi David,

    Thank you very much for this informative tips of Slideshare for business ! It will be very helpful whenever i make slideshare strategy for my client !

    Thanks again !

  • welcome david waring

  • Very helpful, thank you! We’re a counseling center / academy and very new to Slideshare. Surprised by how many views only a few days after posting. This will help us get better at it.

  • David Palmer

    Same here, Gretchen! This would be huge for a brand’s content marketing strategy. Can’t believe this option exists only for individuals, not company LinkedIn pages.

  • Slalom

    It would be great to see an updated version of this article! Looks like some of the items are outdated.
    (Additionally, this content is potentially quite useful and even though it is two years old, it is still returned in Search results.) That being said, a line or two about how to actually create/initiate a business account via LinkedIn would be very helpful.
    Colleen R