social media how toDo you want more traffic coming to your blog?

Getting lots of pins from your blog posts can increase engagement and drive traffic.

It can also help boost your performance on search engines because pins to your post are ‘do-follow’ links.

Pinterest’s recent growth has been unstoppable. According to comScore, Pinterest has grown by 4377% since May 2011. Many blogs are using Pinterest effectively to increase traffic and build engagement.

Below you will find 4 tips to get more traffic to your blog from Pinterest.

#1: Share a Lot of Content

One of the best ways to promote your blog is to pin a lot of images onto your boards.

You need to share both your own content and content from other people.

Aim to create content-rich boards where people come searching for articles on your particular topic.

If you have good boards that are followed by people who regularly view and share your pins, you can boost your blog traffic by pinning posts from your own blog.

Make sure you pin content from your blog and other blogs together on the same board so your pins will seem more credible and clickable.

A blog with a great Pinterest brand page is The Next Web.

Their brand page has several boards onto which a lot of content is pinned. And the boards are mainly on topics like technology, social media, mobile, etc.—the subjects The Next Web publishes articles on.

the next web

Pin a lot of content from your blog and other blogs.

An example is the board Tech & Design, where as the title mentions, they pin articles on the subjects of technology and design. If you look closely, you’ll notice they mix content from their blog and content from other websites.

tech and design

When people follow this board, they know what to expect.

And this works for The Next Web too. When they pin images of their posts, they can expect likes, repins and increases in traffic.

Another great board is TNW team, where they pin images of writers, staff, editors and contributors who play a big role in creating all of the wonderful content.

tnw team pinterest board

Pinning pictures of your writers can improve work culture and boost morale.

This works well as it brings their authors and their fans together and will help them connect as a part of The Next Web. Doing this not only helps them build a good work culture, but it also helps their regular readers get to know their favorite writers better.

#2: Create Taller Images

In a recent post, I wrote about how infographics can get you more pins and repins on Pinterest. In a recent study, Dan Zarrella shows that taller images get more pins and repins.

dan zarrella infographic

Study shows that taller images get more pins and repins.

So if you want the images on your blog to be shared more on Pinterest, focus on creating taller images. This doesn’t mean that you need to create more long infographics, but that you need to create taller images in general.

Think of ways in which images can be elongated, either when you combine several images or stretch images wherever possible.

An example is the image on the post Make Your Own Cake Flowers on the Wedding Chicks website.

make your own cake flowers

This massive image is a combination of many images.

If you take a look at the image, you can see that this is actually a combination of images. This single long image is very pinnable and repinnable. If you want proof, look at the image below and you’ll find that it’s been pinned more than 49,000 times.

mr make your own cake flowers pin it button 1

This tall image has been pinned more than 49,000 times.

Yes, that’s right. The image above has been pinned more than 49,000 times!

So before you publish that post, take a look at your images and try to figure out if it’s possible to put all of your images together and create one long image.

#3: Add Images to Every Post

A blog post can be pinned onto a board on Pinterest only if it has at least one image on it. This image should also be a minimum size of 110 x 100 pixels.

If there are no images on your blog post or if the images aren’t big enough, you won’t be able to pin the post. So try to add at least one image to every post.

A great blog with beautiful images in every post is Live Well For Less run by Sainsbury’s.

Sainsbury’s is a chain of grocery stores located all over the UK. On their blog, they post recipes of food made out of affordable ingredients. On the top of their recipes, they have an attractive and big-enough photo of the end product. This makes the recipe pinnable.

For example, take a look at the photo of their Eton Mess recipe. There’s a large and beautiful photo, which is quite prominent. If you click the Pin It button, you’re asked if you want to pin this image and you’ll want to pin it because it looks so good.

sainsbury eton mess

A photo of the end product of the recipe.

So make sure you add images or photos to your post so that people can pin them.

If you want to take it a step further, you could add several images to your post instead of just one.

You can learn more about the advantages of this by reading 6 Ways to Drive More Pinterest Engagement, where I wrote about how Ree Drummond of Pioneer Woman adds many images to her posts.

#4: Add Default Images to the Entire Blog

Another option would be to add default images to your blog that will be visible on every page and post.

This way if your post doesn’t have an image or if you forget to add the image, you can always be sure that one image on your posts can always be pinned. This image could be on your blog sidebar, header or footer.

ching ya blue bird

The image of this blue bird can be seen on every page and every blog post of Ching Ya's blog.

You can see a default image on the header of Ching Ya’s blog Social @ Blogging Tracker where there’s a cute little blue bird on the top.

If you visit every page and every post, you’ll notice that the image of this bird is always present and you can pin it. Click the Pin It button and try it for yourself.

This image is very pinnable and fits perfectly into her blog as it resembles the Twitter bird, which is relevant to the topics they post here on social media. So even though it’s very general, her readers should relate this image to most of the posts.

Don’t just create a default image; create a relevant default image that suits your posts.

These are 4 ways to get your blog to thrive on Pinterest. Follow them all if you want to get the most out of your blog through Pinterest.

What do you think? How do you promote your blog with Pinterest? Are there any other tips you would like to share with us? Please leave your comments in the comments box below.

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  • Hi Mitt! 

    This post of yours is great timing, since I want to make my Pinterest account more interesting. Most of my pins are links of blogs and Podcasts, and I am not sure how I would be able to gain more followers since Pinterest seemed to be working better for those people pinning interesting photos.Also, how necessary is it to gain followers on Pinterest and what must I do to gain them?Thanks a lot in advance!

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  • Niveen Salem

    Hi Mitt,

    Thank you for sharing this great post. I added it to my Pinterest folder. I’ve been wanting to work on generating traffic from pinterest but it seems a little artistic for me. I just learned about pixlr yesterday to use for images but the advanced version if pretty complicated. Any other “easier to use” platforms that you know of?

    Thanks again!

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  • LTuffin

    I wish Pinterest would find a way to work better with a Flash player once you add multiple photos. Sometimes you simply cannot Pin and it is frustrating.

  • Good post, thanks.  I made my first infographic last week specifically designed for Pinterest and learned the hard way that headlines cannot be placed on top 🙂

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  • Gretchen

    Would love to know of a (free) program that will allow me to combine photos to make for a taller pin.  Any suggestions?

  • I kept reading that Pinterest switched to no follow links in the spring — has that changed?

  • Giovanna

    How do you make those taller images and infographics?

  • Hi @JohnLeeDumas:disqus ! You’re welcome. Thank you for your comment. 
    Yes it’s important to increase your follower count. If you have more followers you will get more repins, likes, comments and it will increase your pins’ – click through rate. 

    You can gain more followers by pinning regularly, pinning creative images relevant to your topic, displaying the ‘Follow me on Pinterest’ button on your blog, etc. 


  • You’re welcome @65a819186bac50f6ea75418ff011ef7a:disqus ! 

    A couple of other similar software are Gimp and Inkscape. Another option would be to use a good screenshot software like Awesome Screenshot or Snagit. 

    Thank you


  • You’re welcome Anita! Do you mean the description by the headline? – Mitt

  • Hi @14ffbefe52b6e24bf4ba954c94f530c7:disqus ! Thank you for your comment. I think you should be able to do it with Adobe. 


  • Hi @twitter-17237461:disqus ! It’s actually more that just links that can improve your search results. According to the new Google search updates getting several social media shares will improve search engine results too. So if you get more pins and repins it can have the same affect too. 


  • Hi @84e5c015a3401bef19e888795b3d4e35:disqus You can create taller images and infographics by using a good image creation software or hiring a good designer or illustrator who can do it for you. 


  • No, I meant when creating images or infographics for Pinterest, you have to have some margin on top to allow for the “repin, like and comment” links that appear on mouse-over.  Doesn’t usually matter when pinning single images but does interfere with combined images or complex infographics. 

  • Still just getting into Pinterest. We have an intern who has been posting about it and I have been learning from her. Very interesting. Thanks for the post!

  • Tine

    Try out it’s free. Choose the collage form they have and select on your left side.

  • You’re welcome @hubzeceo:disqus ! Thank you for your comment. – Mitt

  • Oh Okay. I understand now. – Mitt

  • Ann

    Quite useful post. Don’t normally maximise the use of pinsterest but will certainly pay more attention

  • Hi Mitt, thank you very much for writing this post. As it happens, the time you wrote this article is most opportune, since I’m currently working on establishing a good Pinterest profile that will be as much engaging and will drive as much traffic as possible. These tips should significantly help me achieving that goal. Thanks again.

  • Thank you @d1fb8855a80d12d9c24398433114a714:disqus ! – Mitt

  • very useful post! you say we should pin a lot of images, but how much? how often? with other platforms I know the right amount of content I should post, but with pinterest I have no idea…

  • Amanda

    Great tips, but where is your “pinnable” image with the title of your post (and blog name)?  I’ve found that when you take the extra time to create an image that is visually interesting and includes the post title, the posts are much more popular…the inclusion of your blog name (or url) ensures that your blog receives the credit it deserves.

  • Dana Lorton

    What a nice read that also includes some very valuable tips and insight. I was just discussing the use of “taller” images and was going to research it further. No need to now! Thanks for info. I’ll be back.

  • Kathy

    I think all the suggestions here are very good.  I am a person that needs step by step instructions and once I’ve followed the instructions I’m good to go.  Where is the best place for me to start to drive numerous amounts of traffic to my site?  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  I don’t like facebook but I’m open to any other suggestions or ideas.  Thank You. 

  • You’re welcome @9d841aed8bb56935ad5f2e4684dd6939:disqus ! Like you mentioned hopefully it will help you establish a good presence on Pinterest. – Mitt

  • Thank you @twitter-25363000:disqus ! I think posting one every one or two hours should do. This way you will have a steady stream of new pins without overcrowding your followers stream. – Mitt

  • Hi @b7f4d5345e51eaa04d5acb13b2a29811:disqus ! I think the best way to generate traffic is by starting a blog, if you haven’t already got one. You could post new articles daily and promote them via various social networks. This could increase traffic. Other options would be to get some SEO done and do several guest posts. 

    Also make sure you make the best of this traffic, by using newsletters to capture leads. Also make sure you have the RSS feed to encourage people to visit your blog again. – Mitt

  • Thank you @76987411bac756a41d39f615aef75036:disqus ! That sounds like a great tip. Thanks for sharing it. The next time I write a post I will keep this in mind. – Mitt

  • Yeah, it definitely can! Just curious about the actual nofollow/dofollow status.

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  • Sounds interesting. Im kind a new in this so my next step would be to sign up for pinterest and see what it is.

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  • I think for Pinterest the key is being active and posting quality content. 

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  • Tips are really amazing and useful
    I personally noticed who shared taller images on Pinterest have get more repins and likes
    Thanks for sharing

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  • Great info mate, got into this pinterest thing from the girlfriend, not sure if I like it but I’ll give it a try.

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  • Social Media is really powerful nowadays and this one is surely among them. Actually I’m already starting to use Pinterest for my blog and other social media like Facebook and Twitter. So far, I don’t have followers yet.

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  • I am fairly new to pinterest, so I am glad to find this site explaining how to better use it.  I think another suggestion, by commenting on pins and follow people.  They will see your name and could get followers.

  • Tony Sale

    Just signed up to Pinterest a couple of days ago and looking for ways to make it work for my site. These tips are mega helpful, many thanks!

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  • Thank’s for post. i also open new account just. 

  • I have not had very good success with Pinterest so hopefully these tips will work. Pinterest is quickly growing to be the most popular sharing site and to have your content on the site now would really benefit you in the future

  •  Quite useful post.You have shared such nice ways to get traffic from pinterest.Thanks for the great post.

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  • great article and great points. I especially like your point about sharing other people’s content and not just your own.  This will definitely help you attract people if they know that you are not just about yourself. Great post!

  • Hi Mitt,
    I have around 1k followers on pinterest since from 1st day I never get even a single click from pinterest… any reason…?

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    Hi Mitt,

    Nice, impressive suggestions for Pinterest traffic for a blog. I will surely try for the recommendations. Thanks for sharing the post.

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