social media how toHave you noticed the changes to LinkedIn recently?

Although changes to LinkedIn are less frequent than on Facebook, they can have significant marketing implications.

Read further to find out how the recent changes to LinkedIn impact your social media marketing.

What’s New With LinkedIn?

Recently the LinkedIn Homepage had a significant makeover. It’s now more sleek and modern. It also feels faster with an almost instantly updated user interface.

linkedin home page

LinkedIn has made a few key design changes to make it easier to discover and discuss what matters most.

As LinkedIn says in their recent blog post, Introducing a Simpler Homepage:

“This is just the beginning of many more exciting, new features we plan to bring to the Homepage to offer more customization and functionality this year. We look forward to making the LinkedIn Homepage your go-to destination to discover and discuss what matters to you, your industry and your professionals network around the world.”

Mashable refers to the new LinkedIn Homepage as a mash-up between Facebook and Google+. I’d have to agree. There is something more appealing about it that makes you want to hang out for a while!

A Quick Overview of the LinkedIn Homepage Layout

On your new homepage, you will first notice a blue box to click that will show you the most recent updates from your network.

top part home page

The top part of the new LinkedIn Homepage.

From there, underneath your status update box, you will see “LinkedIn Today recommends this news for you,” along with three recommended stories.

The news stories in this area are consistent with the industry you work in or publications that you have indicated an interest in following on LinkedIn Today.

If you click through one of these news stories, you’ll be taken to the LinkedIn Today aggregate news page, where you can view and comment on additional relevant news stories (more on the changes to LinkedIn Today shortly).

linkedin today

LinkedIn Today delivers the day's top headlines that matter to people in your industry. Follow the industry and sources you care about.

Follow the Updates From Your Network

Moving beyond the latest news section, you’ll see updates from your network of connections and companies that you follow on LinkedIn. (If you haven’t done so yet, make sure to create a LinkedIn company page for your business so that you can start acquiring followers!)

The updates you see are based on who and what LinkedIn believes to be the most relevant for you.

Don’t forget to engage with your connections directly from your homepage!

You can typically like, comment, send a message or share to effectively engage. This will also help you to be viewed as someone who is “plugged in” and listening to your connections.

like comment share

Engage with your network via your LinkedIn homepage.

LinkedIn allows you to filter your update stream and customize your view.

For example, I like to filter my stream by “Shares” to see what content my network connections are sharing. This filter takes away some of the clutter.


Filter your homepage updates with these options.

Overall, the Updates section of the new homepage is simply more social. The stream of activity is cleaner and easier to follow.

LinkedIn Homepage Images Are Bigger

Images are also more prominent within the updates from your network. When posting your own updates, use an image if possible to capture attention!

bigger images

Images are now bigger within LinkedIn status updates.

Take Advantage of the New LinkedIn Homepage Features

Remember that anytime LinkedIn members visit the site, they typically start from the homepage.

Being active on LinkedIn can help you show up on the homepages of your connections.

Showing up consistently can lead to more profile views, and ultimately LinkedIn profile views can turn into website or blog traffic.

3 Tips to Make the New LinkedIn Homepage Work for You

#1: Update Your Status Frequently and Consistently

Strive to update your status or participate in some sort of LinkedIn activity 3-5 times per day, throughout the day.

This includes regular status updates from your own homepage, participating in group discussions, leaving comments, making new connections, answering questions, etc.

In order to gain traction with marketing your brand and building influence on LinkedIn, you need to be consistently visible and valuable.

If you have a company page on LinkedIn, make sure to update your status there as well. Typically 1-2 company updates per day are sufficient.

If you want to stand out among your connections, make your updates engaging. Ask a question, ask for feedback or even consider running a poll. Also, comments are a great way to spark dialogue with your connections.

#2: Use Images in Your Status Updates

I mentioned previously in the article that LinkedIn has made the sizes of images included with status updates larger and more prominent.

Therefore it makes sense to use images in your status updates whenever possible in order to attract attention from your network.

In the screenshot below, which status update stands out the most?

use images

Use images whenever possible to make your LinkedIn status updates stand out.

#3: Get Active on LinkedIn Today

LinkedIn Today has also been given a couple of awesome new features recently to make the news site more social!

First, you can now click on “Trending in Your Network” on LinkedIn today to view specific news stories that have been shared by your connections.

trending news

Click on "Trending in Your Network" to view articles shared by your connections.

Second, you can like, comment, share and save news stories on LinkedIn Today.

The comments don’t appear to be threaded conversations; however, your commentary on a trending news story will appear on the homepages of all of your connections!

If you comment on a few news stories each day through LinkedIn Today, you will keep your status active, create potential engagement with your network and also receive the benefit of having an image inserted into your status update!

google mail search results

Share your unique commentary on trending news topics on LinkedIn Today.

LinkedIn is getting more social. Be sure to tweak your LinkedIn marketing to leverage these new social features.

And if you haven’t already got a LinkedIn marketing plan in place, it might be time to consider implementing one.

The ongoing improvements to LinkedIn continue to make it a compelling network for business professionals, business owners and anyone looking to improve their career or job opportunities.

What do you think? Have you seen the new LinkedIn homepage? Do you like or dislike it? Will you implement some of these ideas to grow your visibility? Are there any features I’ve missed? Please share your comments below.

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  • Great post Stephanie.
    Always good to keep everyone updated about the new changes.  I’ve got to say I quite like the new look of LinkedIn, so I’m happy!  I didn’t realise you could sort your updates by ‘share’, this could be rather useful for me!

    On the topic of LinkedIn,  I wrote a post, 3 Ways To Use LinkedIn for Lead Generation, I hope you can spare afew minutes to have a read.



  •  Stephanie,
    Thanks for your great review of the new LinkedIn and how to leverage it for business. Some of us are used to using these types of steps on Facebook and other social media, but now we see they are affective with LInkedIn as well. Great stuff!

  • Thanks Tom I’ll check it out!

  • You’re welcome Jerry!

  • Stephanie, thanks for writing this insightful article about LinkedIn. I have noticed the new homepage and didn’t think much about it until reading your article. I find it interesting that comments on a trending story appear on all our connections’ homepage. I have not been utilizing LinkedIn but will start now thanks to your story. Suzanne Muusers 

  • Nice post Stephanie!

    LinkedIn is becoming a more progressive social platform. As you mentioned, providing updates consistently is a great way to generate traffic. Don’t forget to join groups that are related to your business. 

    Posting on LinkedIn is a good way to get backlinks to your website or blog.

  • I had noticed this change, and now I am glad to fully understand it.  Thank you so much Stephanie, I am going to implement immediately!

  • Matthew Ody

    Is the LinkedIN company page feature available to basic members or do you need to be a subscriber?

  • Donna Marth-Brown

    I guess I have been missing a great opportunity by not participating in LinkedIn.  I’m going to start today!  Thanks for the info.

  • You are welcome John

  • As long as you have a personal profile and a company email address that corresponds to the company page you are trying to create you should be able to do so.

  • Chris Picanzo

    Great post Stephanie, I try to drive this home to my clients as well and explain how important it is. Although I’m guilty myself for not using it as often as I should I have an excuse lol I run my business part time while working a full time job 🙂 but as a marketing specialist I can’t express enough how important it is for any business to make themselves known on Linkedin. Just like all social media it takes time! Lot’s of people give up on any platform because they assume they are supposed to see immediate results. This is the biggest mistake I see from business owners of all shapes and sizes. My additional advise would be to use social media outlets consistently even if you think nobody is listening. Eventually your message will reach someone that cares and that one person could be an important someone that will help you reach your goals and or bring in more business. So never give up and keep on keepin on! 

  • Great! I believe if you are interesting in connecting with the working population for business or career advancement it’s critical to be there!

  • Wddcpa1

    I am not liking the new profile format. Would you please comment on the changes to the profile page?

  • Deborah Gray

    I have found LinkedIn to be a valuable resource for myself, an opportunity to help others, and a source of consulting clients who have apparently liked what they read in my comments. I cannot endorse strongly enough those points Stephanie has raised and recommended. With LinkedIn, you definitely get out what you put into it.

  • Anri Nersisyan

    Before this post I didn’t even think about LinkedIn, but now I think I’m changing my mind! Thanks for information.

  • Great advice Chris I totally agree. It is so important to be consistent and stick with your efforts!

  • Sure. The LinkedIn profile view has also changed as well (very recently). In my opinion it places more emphasis on your “Summary”. Your contact details are now hidden and require clicking on the “Contact Info” button as well. 

    The bad news is that people are going to be less inclined to take that additional step of clicking “Contact Info” and then clicking out to learn more about you on your blog or website. (too many steps) I assume this helps keep members on the site. 

    The good news is there is more emphasis on your profile “Summary”.  I would recommend making sure that this area of your profile is concise and informative, and it might even be worth putting contact info in there even though you won’t be able to utilize hyperlinks. 

    My two cents!

  • Thanks for your feedback Deborah. I appreciate it!

  • Great article @stephsammons:disqus , I love the depth and detail. Business owners/marketers also have to remember that recommendations will get much more “air time” through this new format, so beef up your Products/Services pages!!

    I wrote an article on recommendations to show exactly what happens when someone recommends a company service, and the points are similar to what you have. Hope you don’t mind my posting it here as a follow-up read (note: the screenshots might be a little different since this was written but the sharing/story generation is the same):

  •  I truly like Linkedin very much and I beleive it’s a site for real professionals. Thank you for the Linkedin updates ,Stephanie! I have to admit I love the new look as well. However, I’m not as active as I should be with  commentating, sharing….etc. I need to start implementing your tips! Thanks again.

  • Very useful information – Thank you.  I was not aware of the new “Trending in your network” feature.  I love it.

  • I see one issue with all the commenting,
    Seems like this will be spammed since more is better….

  • OBVAVirtualAssistant

    to see a quality performance of LinkedIn. I did see the changes and was looking for some more clarity, thanks to this article now I know it in details. Fantastic informative article.

  • Really great post Stephanie, thanks a lot. LinkedIn is indeed a
    great service – it helps me a lot. With the new Profile view putting an
    emphasis on your summary will make it for other much easier to get a better
    idea and opinion about you. I just think that people will need to ensure that they
    are truthful and veracious on their profiles, because many people just don’t
    realize that employers will rather hire a person who has no references on their
    profiles than a person that has a closed/private account. What it means that
    you are trying to hide information about you? If you have something to hide,
    employers might be cautious about what it is.

  • LinkedIn went over so many changes and development in the last 2 years, actually this is my favorite social network that always bring the highest quality traffic compared to others and as well the best business connections. 

  • Thanks for the info! This is a great overview of the new LinkedIn interface. 
    The goal of the new interface is to be more social like Facebook (and Facebook didn’t get so successful by accident) ….so modeling their well researched interface is  smart. The only problem I see is they are purposely trying to keep people hanging out on LinkedIn. I use LinkedIn for business and if they are hiding the way off LinkedIn to outside sites under several clicks that doesn’t help businesses connect which was suppose to be the goal…But that one bad point being said the rest of the new interface is very nice, smooth & functional.

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  • I like the new changes of LinkedIn, infect you described the effectiveness about the new change. 
    Thanks Stephanie

  • Jinan

    hello stephanie, 
    thanks for your review. 
    What I miss is the “hide” functionality with the new LI. Every time I do hide someone’s feed, it is not permanent and they reappear on the next visit. Is that the new LI intention or just a glitch that needs to be flagged?
    jinan (@jinanalrawi)

  • Jennifer Sheehan

    You have given me new information that I need.  I will check the new site out. Jen

  • Good information well presented. I immediately revised my summary to include my toll-free number to make potential contact easier.

    I do not ‘see’ the “Contact Info” button as a barrier – in fact it represents a short-cut to me. The regular profile contact information is present at the base of the profile still – so it is accessible by scrolling to the bottom of a profile. Unless I’m misinterpreting @0e880c917d0252e18d63c0f02c2caaa8:disqus

    Perhaps the problem is that the user base needs to be educated on the changes to the interface – much as this excellent article does.

  • Hi, I am not able to see this new look in my account which is created 1.4 years back.can you tell how to change this old look into new?

  • Carmit Yadin

    thanks for the info. Carmit Yadin

  • Stephanie, very neatly presented.

    A question on LinkedIn Status Updates. In the new change, LinkedIn is throwing the most relevant updates, because of which the timeline looks unchanged most of the times; unless we select “recent” instead of “top” .

    This has impacted our “LinkedIn Company Page” Status updates in terms of impressions. Since most LinkedIn users are not superusers, this default condition of “Top” under updates is giving us no chance to improve, as by default the updates aren’t being priotized for the Company Page followers.

    Your view !



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  • Victoria Ipri

    Stephanie, if LI users posted as frequently as you suggest, we might as well call it Facebook and go home! (Reference I appreciated your other points though. You didn’t mention it, but I believe status updates can no longer be posted from the profile page…only the home page and Company page. I kind of miss it:)

  • Thanks for sharing. You are referring to Company Page product/service recommendations correct?

  • Thank you for your comment!

  • Maybe but hasn’t been an issue so far.

  • Thanks Angie I like that feature as well

  • It’s not that hard to get to, but it’s just not front and center now on the profile view. However, I recommend to put a link or two on where to find you in the summary section as well.

  • Haven’t noticed that but we should definitely let them know. I’ll send an email to customer support.

  • Good points David. It’s mainly that the links to your website and Twitter account are behind the click. Great point though about educating the membership base. Once people figure that out it probably won’t be a barrier to learn more. I think LinkedIn is trying to make smart use of the “above the fold” real estate.

  • I don’t think it has been rolled out to everyone yet…but it is probably coming your way soon!

  • Yes I know. This seems to be the path of most of the social networks…the algorithm that holds the key to visibility! We’ll have to study to determine how to get visibility. Thanks for bringing this up in the comments!  I’ll spend some time on it.

  •  Yep, but the same thing happens with regular recommendations. The key with the company page ones is that you can add an eye-catching graphic to the product/service being recommended which shows up in the news feed.

  • Janet Rossi

    The fact that your website links are hidden is a problem. Many of us are looking for the links to peoples websites. I think LinkedIn purposely buried them. You can move up those links to sit at the top of your area so your links look they did (kind of) with the old profile. Just click on that area and literally drag it up to the top. There you go! your links are back at the top. Well, this also means all your group logos are there and that is pretty annoying – so go ahead and change it so those logos are not visible. It’s an easy change and will help people find you and your social media links and websites.

  •  Thanks a lot for your response. Anticipating for this new look.

  • Stephanie – here’s another tip for your readers.

    We all have the ability to rearrange the order of the sections in our profiles. You can change the default Linkedin presentation order to make it exactly the way you want.

    1) Select “edit profile” mode.
    2) Click-and-hold on the title area of the section (“Recommendations” for example) – it will turn blue – drag up or down – (it is a bit jaggy, just keep at it) and the entire section will move.
    3) You can drop it the order your prefer. If it isn’t where you want it – click-and-hold – then drag again.

    In keeping with this posts’ content and discussion, try this profile order:
    -personal information (contact)
    -the rest of it

    I hope this tip helps your reader-base customize their Linkedin profiles to present their professional details in the order they want for maximum reader impact.

    Edit: just read Jan’s comment – did not mean to jump the line-she mentioned dragging sections 1st.

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  • I have ignored Linkedin until recently, and I am finding that it is a great Social Media tool to promote and Market my business through the networking channels.  Especially through the Alumni groups that I am part of.
    Great post!

  • Apparently I’m the outlier here. I do know of several individuals and companies (and individuals representing companies) that post 4-5x daily, and while I concede your points on visibility, I think the converse applies as well. I’ve reached saturation and automatically skip past their posts–I’m approaching ‘filter’ action with these chatterers.

    What might be added to your recommendation is a sense of balance (as in, don’t overdo it) and value (post when it’s genuinely useful information).

  • Eileen

    This information is great in addition to Jan Wallens book “Mastering LinkeddIn in 7 days or Less!”

  • Agreed MaggieC! The LinkedIn Professional Community is not one that applauds frequent updates. Once a day, certainly no more than twice is recommended by the top professionals immersed in LinkedIn. Other activity (posting in groups, liking a company page, updating your profile, connecting with others) will also show in network updates further bringing you “top of mind”. For the majority of professionals, who are connected with less than 500 people, multiple updates from a few people gives the perception that the offender is “playing around” rather than doing their job. In this community as in any other, perception is everything.

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  •  This is one of the few positive reviews I’ve seen of the new LinkedIn interface and I can’t say I agree with it.

    Faster and instantly updated? No way, don’t make me laugh,  the new home page is slower, clunky and takes ages to update. I guess Linkedin’s developers didn’t take into account not everyone’s on superfast and reliable broadband. I’m on a fast connection and the new layout still lags badly.

    As for the new blue box, doesn’t exist. I just double checked and it doesn’t exist even though I have new updates.

    Which leads me to my next gripe. The new layout doesn’t automatically show me new updates, it shows me the Top updates, which is not what I want.

    I could go on but Linkedin is already coping a lot of flak for how it’s destroyed the core utility of the service with this makeover.

    Hopefully they’ll own up to their screw up and fix the mess they’ve made of things.

  • Thanks for the resource Victoria. With only 20% of LinkedIn users being “very active”, it presents a tremendous opportunity to stand out. The way to stand out is to post frequently. Posting 3 to 5 times a day to LinkedIn doesn’t take much time at all. I’ve seen direct business results that tie back to my level of activity.

  • Good point Jan, I’m just not so sure you wouldn’t want to showcase some other areas of your profile first. The listing of groups takes up so much real estate in that section. I think over time people will learn to simply click the “contact info” to find your website links. 

  • For those who have few connections I’m sure seeing 3 to 5 updates from someone can get annoying, but I’m willing to take that chance rather than hoping I’m not being overly visible. This is where the value comes in and making sure that everything you share is value-added to your network. Remember how crowded the stream was when people were pushing Twitter updates through? Now, I see it as a real opportunity to stand out. Don’t be afraid to do that.

  • I agree it’s annoying, and spent a few minutes yesterday tinkering with the idea of removing group visibility. But then I realized that as a user, I like to see if the person I’m checking out shares a group or two with me. I’m with @stephsammons:disqus in that eventually people will just get used to clicking the “Contact info” link (which could be a teensy weensy bit larger, just saying…)

  • It doesn’t take much time at all to visit the network a few times a day and share a post, participate in a group discussion, leave a comment, or answer a question. Spending a few minutes a day on the network does not constitute playing around. If you only post once a day, you can’t be sure that your connections see any of your updates. If you want to build influence, it’s important to be consistently sharing value. 

  • Change is inevitable with any social network!

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  • Debbie Saviano

    Hi Stephanie,
    Loved the Article and actually had a Training Class Yesterday where I talked of the Updates (I agree much more cleaner look)
    Remember, when in Plano, Call I will buy You a Drink (or 2) 🙂 Debbie

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  • Really enjoyed the insight. I like the simplicity of how you explained the simplicity of LinkedIn’s new look.

  • Thanks, Stephanie, for this great summary of the features of the new LinkedIn homepage & ideas on how to grow our visibility on this ever more important social media platform for business.

  • Janet Rossi

    I don’t think I can personally break myself of the habit of going right to their website, and if I don’t see it….I might bounce off….I dunno – time will tell!

  • No it doesn’t take much time at all. The issue is the perception of your reader. I was greatly relieved when Twitter broke the Link with LinkedIn. I had several people call me asking for help to get out of hot water for overly sharing on LinkedIn. One woman had received a written reprimand because a client saw all her posts, called her boss and ask if she was working on their account or spending all her time online. Who is to decide what’s too much? Your clients. I’m not saying don’t do it, I’m saying updating your status once or twice a day at most is enough. Your connections will also see you activity updates if you haven’t turned off the feed… “Lori is now connected to…” “Lori commented on this discussion….” “Lori posted in this group…” “Lori answered this question…” 

    Perception is the dominant force of what’s appropriate in the online world of social.

  • Liz

    as a newbie…I find the content invaluable…thx

  • Different points of view are what make the world go around! I can appreciate your view and thanks for taking the time to share.

  • THANKS, Lori…you expressed it so much better than I did!

    : )

  • Michelle

    Thank you for this valuable information Stephanie! I am working on updating my profile now so it is perfect timing to make sure I take full advantage of all the new features! Now if I can just figure out a way to easily clean up my nearly 10,0000 contacts to stop all the daily spam, etc. all my problems will be solved! I would love to see you write a post on that if you know a trick or know of an app that will make that task easier! Twitter has amazing apps that sort by many criteria to help you do that quickly and easily but I can’t find anything for Linkedin. Thank you again for your post!

  • I was surprised a few days ago when I went to LinkedIn to add my latest blog post as an update and the place to make that update was no longer there. I went to the LinkedIn Facebook Page and there was no message about a change on their wall. I finally got an answer there that LinkedIn had temporarily removed share from my Profile page and I needed to share through the Home page. I asked, wouldn’t you want to let me know about a UI change like that?

    I now see they did make an announcement of changes being made on their blog in July. Although I would think that is a significant enough change to send out to users in an email announcement.

    Thanks to you, Stephanie, I have now discovered the LinkedIn blog and did see an interesting post on Aug 15 about Connect from business women.

  • Heather Pienaar

     I totally agree with you Maggie! I would rather update because I have something of value to add than keep an unwelcome/intrusive presence.

    Other than that, a great post Stephanie.

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  • Great! I love using Linkedin to connect it still is the dark horse I feel of social media but a great place to form real relationships with people a little bit easier then twitter at times to do so. The last few months I have really tried to be more active in Linked and i love the new layout

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