social media how toWhen Michael Stelzner started using social media to market his business, he focused exclusively on Twitter. “My first attempt at using Facebook for business was a big flop. I was pretty convinced I could just use Twitter for business.”

Stelzner is a well-known white paper writer, author of the book Writing White Papers: How to Capture Readers and Keep Them Engaged and founder of Social Media Examiner.

But he literally had to be dragged kicking and screaming onto Facebook.

“I thought it was just for college kids,” Stelzner says. Then a friend he respected invited him to join, so he did.

But within a short period of time, he stopped updating his Facebook page. “I spent a lot of time on Facebook and frankly accomplished little. At least on Twitter I knew I could strictly talk business.”

So he just fed his Twitter updates into his Facebook profile and fan page. “All along I was treating my Facebook page like Twitter. I thought that by simply posting updates I would build a loyal following.”

Things changed when Mari Smith showed him the right way to use Facebook.

Watch the above video to learn more about Stelzner’s Facebook story.

Create a Facebook Page

Armed with that knowledge, he created the Social Media Examiner Facebook page in March 2010. By July of the same year, the page broke the 12,000-fan mark.

“And these folks are active,” he says. “They post questions, support each other, reply to our questions and promote our articles. A vibrant community was building right before my eyes. Almost overnight, Facebook quickly became the number-one source of traffic on Social Media Examiner.”

You may have heard that Facebook is one of the most cost-effective ways of advertising on social media. “Nowhere else can you target users as surgically as you can on Facebook [and] you can do it for a fraction of the cost of the same targeting on other Internet properties and offline outlets,” write Mari Smith and Chris Treadaway in their book, Facebook Marketing an Hour a Day.

Build a Community on Facebook

But according to Stelzner, Facebook marketing isn’t just about placing ads on people’s pages. He compares Facebook to the Social Media Examiner site. People can comment on the articles, others can respond to those comments and everyone who goes to the site can see all these comments. “FaceBook is like the comment section of our blog taken to an extreme.”

“Facebook has 500 million users,” he says. “That means that your customers are already on Facebook – a huge percentage of them. And they’re on there almost every day. I’ve heard that 250 million people are on Facebook every single day.”

And a recent Nielsen study found that those 500 million people are spending an average of 7 hours a month on Facebook. But they only spend 2 hours a month on Google, Yahoo, AOL, and MSN.

“If people are already on Facebook and they’re already spending an enormous amount of time there,” Stelzner says, “then how can you get them to notice you? That’s where the marketing comes in.”

And that’s why Stelzner created Facebook Success Summit 2010.

16 Facebook Lessons From 22 Top Experts

Facebook Success Summit 2010Scheduled throughout the entire month of October 2010, the summit was designed to give you all the tips and techniques you need to master Facebook for business use. You will receive 16 hours of training from 22 Facebook experts. They’ll cover everything from setting up Facebook pages to growing an active fan base.

And because this conference is online, you can attend the sessions in the privacy of your home or office. For a fraction of the cost of a traditional conference. No airports, rental cars, hotel rooms or expensive restaurants. All you need is a computer, computer speakers, and a high-speed Internet connection.

When you register, you’ll receive an email with a link to a website and your login information. At the appropriate times, just go to the website and login. That’s it!

Just look at some of the speakers you will hear:

  • Mari Smith and Chris Treadaway, authors of Facebook Marketing: An Hour a Day
  • Brian Solis, author of Engage!
  • Paul Dunay and Richard Krueger, authors of Facebook Marketing for Dummies
  • Jesse Stay, author of I’m on Facebook, Now What? and FBML Essentials
  • Justin Smith, founder of Inside Facebook and author of Facebook Marketing Bible

You will also hear how companies are implementing their Facebook marketing campaigns, including Microsoft Xbox, Intel, SAP, Cisco and the Washington Redskins.

These social media pros—the world’s leading Facebook experts—will be your personal trainers during October 2010. They will teach you everything you need to know to successfully market your business on Facebook. You’ll learn how to:

  • Develop a Facebook marketing strategy
  • Customize your Facebook page
  • Start a Facebook advertising campaign
  • Create a community around your product or service
  • Optimize your News Feed to take advantage of viral marketing
  • Use Facebook analytics and apps

“The marketer’s job has changed from creating and pushing messages to one that requires listening, engaging, and reacting to potential and current customer needs,” says Erik Qualman in his book Socialnomics. “Consumers are looking to peers for recommendations on products, services, health issues, and more via social media. Today, 76% rely on what others say, while 15% rely on advertising.”

And Facebook is the biggest social network in the world.

So are you ready to dump traditional, interruptive, “in-your-face” advertising in favor of social media marketing? And can we please stop calling it an “advertising campaign” and start calling it “customer engagement”?

Your customers and competitors are on Facebook – isn’t it time you joined them?  Click here for summit details.

If you don’t agree, read these articles on Social Media Examiner:

If you DO agree, grab your place in line for this first-ever online Facebook marketing conference. Their online venue holds 2,500 attendees (and their last event sold out)!

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  • I so agree that Twitter is very different from Facebook and requires a very different approach!

  • Absolutely Carla

  • Stickler

    “Stelzner is a well-known white paper writer…”
    Just because you’re white doesn’t make you a good paper writer…
    A Stickler for Good Grammar

  • I love Facbook and Twitter and while one is more social than the other I really utilize both… and slowly but surely I am bringing my sales team on board.. but it has not been an easy sale… I get the value 100%… obviously my brain works a little different…I’ll be there for October’s 2010 event!! whistlerheather

  • Hey Stickler,I write white papers, not just any papers…

  • Heather – Looking forward to having you!

  • Tfreligh

    I usually like the articles posted on Social Media Examiner, but felt a little ripped off by this one. The headline promised 16 ways to master Facebook marketing, but really turned out to just be a lengthy sales pitch for a summit that will contain this information and for which you will have to drop $300 to $600 on to get access to these 16 tips. Not cool.

  • Dana

    I’m stunned savvy Social Media Examiner used the never ending stream of copy to get to the point of the offer. The October event peeked my interest but you lost me whilst scrolling endless pages of a thousand different ways to pitch the same event. I’ve received countless online offers the past year in this format where so much time elapses between the initial “looks interesting, click, scroll, scroll, scroll…what, when and how much…can’t find it…” You’ve lost me before I read the details of the sales pitch where a decision would have been made. Please, your readers are more savvy than that.

  • I remember hearing about the other event. I like that it’s online- really cuts down on travel costs.

  • I really enjoyed this article. Thanks.

  • Hey T – So the 16 tips will be achieved by attending the summit. I understand your thoughts. I have redone the title. – Mike

  • Hey Dana – Thanks for your comments. As a long form copywriter by trade, I am of strong belief that you need to make a case before you make a pitch and that is what that page was designed to do. I do understand it does not appeal to all. – Mike

  • Ruth Shipley


    Thank you for your comment.

    I have seen many landing pages that were MUCH longer than my article. And I feel the same way you do when I read them. I feel like grabbing the writer by the collar and saying, “Get to the point, for gosh sakes!”

    But this event costs several hundred dollars. That’s a fairly big investment. So you might need a little more convincing than a 30-second radio ad might provide. That’s why white papers were invented!

  • Ruth Shipley


    White papers and landing pages are lengthy sales pitches too. When you want someone to pay several hundred dollars on an event, you may have to make a lengthy sales pitch to convince them to do so. This was our attempt to do that.

  • harly00

    The average Facebook user uses Facebook not for business but for personal communications. I am one of those users. In fact, I explain my Facebook usage by stating that if you want to follow me in a professional capacity, you can use one of my two fan pages. Simply stated, for a business, you should create a Fan Page.

  • Harly, the question is not whether the average user is there for personal reasons, it is if businesses can benefit. Most people watch tv and read the newspaper for personal reasons, yet businesses still benefit by marketing to them.

  • I think harly00 should reread the name. Social networking by defenition it is about creating business within an informal social medium. Thus it is more about the personal connections that lead to professional or business connections. One should utilize both forms of pages on face book.

  • CJ Stott

    I am such a sucker. I thought I was going to learn the 16 ways. No, it’s an ad for a seminar.

  • Ruth Shipley


    Actually, it’s more like an advertorial for a seminar. An advertorial is a cross between an ad and an editorial. It’s a full-page ad that gives much more information about the product or service than a traditional ad. It’s usually found in magazines. This is an ezine, so there’s really no reason why we can’t include advertorials.

    Mike is the one who put this seminar together, so why shouldn’t he market the seminar in his own ezine? An ezine devoted to social media?

    Perhaps those of you who were offended by this advertorial were just upset because we didn’t clearly label it as a marketing communication. We may certainly consider doing so in the future.

  • Nice read Ruth! The event is really a great step in creating awareness! Its not just like the old times, when Marketing was to only advertise.Now its a whole different story. Its an era of Social Media in which either you rule or you flop, both happen due to the influence of Social Networking! Facebook is the no1 social network and doing advertising on the no1 social network requires a lot of hard work. And that would become more easy by the help of these 22 splendid Social Media Geniuses! A great event will surely look forward to it!


  • Stickler


    I know…I just couldn’t resist. BTW, you ARE a talented writer of white papers!

  • Cavziel

    this is excellent, I found information about marketing on facebook, I think it is a book by Jonathan Volk is apparently a pioneering social media marketing. Also found in the same place other internet marketing articles quite interesting.

    It can be found in

  • Gail

    I just tried to sign up for the Summit — no luck. Is it full?

  • Great post Michael! I really love to read your post! It is really informative and I totally agree that Twitter and Facebook has different approach… Thanks for sharing this post… Looking forward for more tips from you…

  • Facebook is great for sharing your family and twitter is best for the promotion of your business

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